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Bronze Seed Beads: smaller Size 11
8 grams $3.50
Cranberry Pink over white flat shape ovals - 12mm x 14mm
10 count for $4.50.
Crystal over purple ovals - 12mm x 14mm
- 10 count for $4.00
Crystal over sky blue flat shape ovals
large 12x14mm
- 10 count for $4.00
Teal blue over white flat tear drop shape.
Large 12mm x 18mm
10 count for $4.50.
Blue and Clear Sloped coins - 6mm x 6mm
25 ct. $3.00
Faceted& Frosted Round Aqua Blue - 10mm
25 count for $4.00
8mm Dark Chocolate Chunks Faceted Rounds
25 count for $4.00
10mm Deep Purple (almost black)
Faceted and frosted
round beads
25ct for $4.00
Red and Amber clear bicone beads - 8x8mm
25 for $3.25
Dusty Rose donut shape 9x6mm 20 ct for $4.25
6mm Crystal Pink Faceted Rounds
-25 ct $3.75
Purple Gemstone Donut Beads
9 x 6mm -20 count for $4.25
6mm Chartreuse yellow green faceted rounds
25 ct for $3.75
Black faceted Czech beads
- 25 count for $2.50
Aqua 6mm faceted Czech beads
- 25 count for $2.75
6mm Crystal Green Faceted Round Beads
sold out 25 count for $3.75
8mm Crystal Green Faceted Czech beads
- SOLD OUT 15 count for $3.50
8mm Clear Purple Faceted Round Beads
15 ct. for $3.50
8mm Yellow Orange Round Druk Beads

25 count for $3.00
8mm Minty Green Round Druk Beads

SALE 25 count for $1.50
8mm Red Druk Round Beads
- 25 ct $3.00
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