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This is the archive for the month of MAY.

As each month progresses I will move aging posts to this page until they are archived. The MAY Archive. Since there are a number of pictures it may not load the fastest.

Friday, May 27

Good morning on this beautiful day! I just listed a set of hang tag beads in the boutique. These will be my last offerings for 10 days or so. I'm taking time off to relax and play. Having said that....I don't think I will have e-mail access. My hubby will be here but he doesn't check my e-mails. So.....if you send me a message and I don't reply right away....It's not that I don't want to talk to's because I haven't read your note yet. I don't know if I will be able to survive without email! Whatever will I do? I have been can start shopping and ordering beads on Monday, June 6.

I haven't posted a pic of my baby that just turned 14 months. We always call him baby Caiden. Guess he isn't really a baby anymore but he will probably have that nickname even when he is 5. I'm sure he will be thrilled about that!

Ta ta for now and see you in a few days!

May 26: Anybody hungry? How about some bead bowl soup? Doesn't it look yummy? Very low in calories! This is my working bowl where I work on beads in progress. The brown and chocolate beads are for a bracelet that I'm making. I better get busy! Carol and Janice are picking it up tonight!

I got carried away on a hang tag bead order and made some will be a set of the hang tag beads in the boutique fresh out of the kiln tomorrow.

May 25: Where does the time go? I can't believe it is already Wednesday! Today was Keegan's last day of kindergarten. Summer has started. YEA! I'm so ready. It will be so nice not having to drive him and Connor to different schools. It seems like I always have to wake up Caiden from a nap to either get them to school or pick them up. You know that it is no fun waking up a sleeping baby!

Just a reminder for those of you interested.....the Beads Behaving Badly auction ends tomorrow afternoon. To find a link to the auction...scroll down to the May 19th chat.

Off to go watch American Idol!

May 21: All righty.....I just got done adding a few bead sets to the boutique today. Get them while they are hot! Fresh out of the kiln.....Delicious!

I'm off to get ready to take Keegan to school. They are having a kindergarten ceremony in the gym today. Not quite sure what to expect. They are supposed to bring a stuffed animal..... hmmmmm....can't wait to find out.

May 22: Wow! Where did the weekend go? I don't even remember what we did! Isn't that terrible! ? Hubby is taking the big boys to get ice cream and I'm getting ready to go make beads! Just wanted to check in and let you know that I will have a few bead goodies to put in the boutique. Including some more hang tag beads. I'm guessing tomorrow if I get the pics taken.

AND......I'm going to finish up with all my bead orders this coming week and then I'm going to take a few days off to relax. So..... you can start placing your custom bead orders and go shopping on Monday, June 6. YIPPEE!!!!! I know.... I know.... that seems like a long time away. I agree! That will just give you some time to plot out what you want. Like the Heinz ketchup commercial....Anticipation.... (actually I think they stole that from a song but you get the idea). I'm afraid one of two things will happen on June 6...I will get no orders because everyone has gotten tired of waiting for me and gone somewhere else or I will get lots of orders and be back where I was with a 2-3 week turnaround time. I can't wait to see what happens! In the mean time....check back with me later...I'll let you know when I get the new beads posted in the boutique tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. TTFN!

May 19: Well.....I finally got that darn Beads Behaving Badly auction ready to go on Ebay. It will start today at 3:30 central time. It might take a tad longer to show up in the system. seller's name is keegan2. Or you can click here on the lucky number 7: OR...just type in the search box TGB Beads (for the glass beadle). The strand is about 4 1/2 feet long. Lots of fun stuff.

In the mean time, I can't wait for my hubby to come home tonight. He has been in California since early Sat. morning. It makes for a long time of taking care of 3 kids. My Mom watched all 3 boys on Tuesday for me and that was helpful. I can't crank out the beads very well with my hubby not here to help so of course, that hasn't helped me catch up as fast as I wanted to. Oh well.... BTW....everyone seems to really love the hang tag charms. I promise to make more and put some up on the boutique in the next few days:-)

May 18th: Good afternoon everyone! It looks like a beautiful day today! Today is Connor's last day of preschool. He is pretty excited about going to kindergarten next year. He is going to have the same teacher as Keegan does this year. Keegan's teacher is awesome. I am so amazed at how much the kids adore her and what an excellent teacher she is. She already knows Connor and I'm sure he will feel pretty special come this Fall.

As I promised yesterday. I am listing in the boutique some of the mini hang tag beads. They are so cute as a hang tag hanging off jewelry at the clasp or I have a bracelet in progress that I have been using them as a charm bead. I showed my Mom yesterday and I thought she was going to steal it. She probably would have but it's not completed yet!

May 17th: My torch is on and I'm just taking a quick break. looks like tomorrow will be the day for the Ebay auction and the hang tags getting listed in the boutique. I'm running out of time today. I wanted to share a photo of some custom beads I completed for an order. It is a large order of the Basket Full of Posies beads. I fell in love with them. I will have to make more for the boutique!

May 16: I'm still working on getting caught up on orders. My goal is to be pretty much caught up on everything by the end of this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm guessing that I will start taking orders on Friday or Saturday. YEA!

I had some extra beads from a Sugar Plum Fairies set I was working on. I made them into a bracelet. Haven't decided if I will list it on the boutique or keep it for me. The base of the beads is black and it has wonderful Summer colors. I love to wear black in the Summer so this is a nice combination. I also think I might have a handful of the mini hang tag beads for sale in the boutique tomorrow or the next day. I have a bracelet in progress with them on it as charms and it looks so cute.

I strung my "Beads Behaving Badly" set this morning. The strand is almost 4 1/2 feet long and then I also have some loose flower beads to add to the set. I think there are almost 140 beads. I will try to get those listed on Ebay tomorrow or the next day. I'll give you all the auction scoop when it's listed. Have a great night. Off to go bead:-) No not bed.....bead:-)

May 15: Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. They go by way too fast! Just wanted to let everyone know that I spent a few hours updating photos in my bead gallery. The page 6 link now has new bead photos and I updated pictures of beads throughout the pages 1-5. Lets see if any of you with a text book memory (like you Christy F. !!) notice which photos have changed!

I'm going to make all you mothers with just girls very jealous (or probably very happy you have only girls!) I just got done reading my 5 and 6 year old a few chapters of Captain Underpants. What is up with boys and how they eat this stuff up?! We got to learn tonight how to do the "Underpants Dance" In the book, the dance was so annoying that it made the Robo-boogers very angry. Of course as I am reading...Keegan says..."What is the Underpants Dance?" I'm like... I have no clue (who really cares is going through my mind:-) Low and behold....on the following pages, it tells you how to do the dance! How did they know the kids really want to know that stuff? There is the wedgie wiggle, the waistband watusi dance steps and get the picture. How am I supposed to get the kids to bed when they are all wound up from dancing?! Of course, my 6 year old thinks he is very funny and likes to make his friends laugh. So as I am tucking him into bed, I give the parent talk about how Captain Underpants is just for bedtime. Don't you be doin that dance at school and showing all your friends! Your daddy finds out that you are doing the underpants dance at school and he won't read you anymore of those books! I'm sitting here thinking sure glad there are only 8 school days left!

May 14: Happy Saturday! It is cool and supposed to be raining all day today. It's only 9:45 am and I'm already thinking it is a good day for a nap! I'm still working on getting all these back orders filled. I'm guessing that the end of this coming week I will start taking orders again. In the mean time....I have a whole big bowl of "Beads Behaving Badly" that I will try to list on Ebay sometime this week. Last time I counted there were over 100 of them. Most of them are just that....beads behaving badly...they aren't the right size or some flaw of some sort...or some just didn't match the sets I was making at the time. This is one of my better lots of beads behaving badly. So I will give you an update when I get them listed and how to find the auction. Here is a picture of my son Connor holding the pottery bowl where I plop them after they are cleaned.

May 10: Well Well Well.....It is my good friend Joan's birthday today. Happy birthday Joan!!!!! How exciting. Joan lives close to the Chicago area and I'm so excited....I'm flying up to meet her in June to go to the Bead and Button show with her. We are going to have so much fun and I'm sure I will come home with lots of new and fun beads. Anyway! Happy Birthday my dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day. BTW....Joan makes the best jewelry...Go check out her web site....( I still don't know how to do links)

May 9: Hey everybody.......Just wanted to say hi on this beautiful warm sunny evening. I'm procrastinating about going downstairs to work. The baby is in bed for the night and the hubby and kids are off doing Tae Kwon Do. I have the house to myself for a short while. YEA!

I'm going to have a small $40 bead set on the boutique page here shortly. It is in the pink poodle puff style. Not the same beads but similar . I have the pics taken and uploaded but I gotta go work. I'm behind schedule today. Ran out of propane. Speaking of which....I wonder if my hubby hooked up the new tank before he left. I couldn't get to to work.....hmmm...maybe that new set will be listed tonight!

May 7th: Just wanted to wish all you mothers a Happy Mothers Day tomorrow. I went to my 5 yr olds preschool class for a tea party yesterday. It was actually pretty sweet. The class went all out. Connor made a picture of me out of construction paper, yarn, and jewels. He was so proud. Thought I would let you take a peek. Except he made me have black hair. Hey! I pay good money for these highlights! The red part of the paper says that...My mother looks prettiest when "I have green clothes on or wear pink sparkles." My mother's job is to "make beads" :-) My mother cooks "turkey hot dogs and steak". My mother's favorite restaruant is Chevy's. My mother is special to me because "she takes me places like birthday parties." Enjoy your day tomorrow!

May 5: Okay ya guys! You are killing me...Well, not really but I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. I am so thankful to everyone who has placed orders. You are all so patient and understanding. Between the incoming orders and me falling behind because of sick kids and my darling hubby being out of town all week, I have fallen further behind than I would like to be. So if ya all don't mind....I'm going to hold off on accepting new orders for a week. That will hopefully give me a chance to only be running at a 7 day turn around time. I can't believe I am actually trying to slow down business. What a great position to be in. I feel guilty doing it. But it is only for a short amount of time. I will keep you updated and try to post dumb and fun things to talk about so keep checking back and feel free to drop me a line to say hi or ask any questions. I'm not going anywhere.

My hubby just got home about 20 min. ago and brought me 38 baby red roses. They smell so good!

May 5: HEADS UP on those planning to place an order....The turnaround time is 2 weeks. So sorry for that! It might take less time but I need to have a tiny window to work with:-)

Man am I tired! It has been such a long week. The kids are finally all well and my dear hubby finally comes home late tonight from being out of town all week. Needless to say, being cooped up in the house with 3 sick boys has not been a pleasure! Especially when you get to hear about all the great seafood and lobster dinners my hubby is eating every night when I'm eating Mac and Cheese or the big night out last night at Chucke Cheeses! I know it is hard on him to travel but when you hear about all that yummy food, it is hard to have too much sympathy!

I did get a new hair do yesterday! I guess long bangs are back in style according to my hair dresser. I'm sure I'm ready to walk down the runway now. NOT! The only runway I walk down is the driveway to get the mail everyday.

For those of you interested, the flower bead auction I have listed on Ebay closes today. Not sure on how to post a link but my sellers name is keegan2 or just type in the search box TGB. Here is one I made the other day with pink and orange colors. Very yummy! It should make a great bead ring. Well friends, have a great day. I got behind on orders this week so I had to up the turnaround time. Sorry about that. Hope to be back on track next week, Have a great day!

May 3: Well, it's actually 10:30 p.m May 2. I'm just getting a head start for tomorrow! I have the boutique updated. There is a new bead set and the new poodle puffs bracelet kit I was talking about. Here is your chance to get a Cassie design made by you with your special touch at a less expensive cost. There is something nice about being able to say I made the bracelet myself! I also made a matching pair of earrings that are in the boutique. Here is a picture of what your bracelet will look like completed. The bracelet I made was a 7" size. I also included 2 black spacer beads to put on the ends if you need a longer length.

Remember, as I mentioned, this is not a kit for beginners. I have not included detailed step by step directions. You will get a photo of the bracelet and a general idea of how I put it together. It is assumed you know how to do the basics like wire wrap the dangle beads etc. If this shows a lot of interest, then I will put together a better kit with detailed directions. I just don't want to take the time to do this if it's something people are not interested in. Let me know what your thoughts are:-)

Here are the matching earrings in the boutique.

May 2: I am up to my head in germs! All 3 kids have been sick. Connor on Wednesday night, then baby Caiden got the high fever on Saturday, and now Keegan got the same horrible high fever yesterday. I'm operating on little sleep:-( I keep waiting to come down with the same thing. Hopefully it won't happen but I seem to have bad luck on those things!

Anyway, I wanted to get all these beads made over the weekend but that didn't happen. Those of you who have orders, thank you again for being so patient. I really appreciate it!