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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

This is the archive for the month of Sept.

The September Archive. Dial up users beware, Since there are a number of pictures it may not load very fast.

September 25 Happy Sunday all. I haven't posted much but I've been quietly working away the last few days on everyone's orders. Priorities.... My hubby Randy did get some more items added to the Supply page today and we will get a few more out there this evening. Stay with us and watch it grow.

I did get to have some different fun yesterday. The boys (their Dad included) participated in a martial arts tournament. That was a long day. They had to be up there early and it lasted all day. I went up around lunchtime and got to watch them all do their breaking and sparring matches. They took home five trophies:
Keegan - 3rd in Sparring
Connor - 3rd in Breaking
Their Dad, Randy - 1st in Breaking, 1st in Sparring, and 2nd in Forms

There was some stiff competition there so they were pretty pleased to bring a few trophies home. It was exciting to watch too. Keegan and Connor really did well in sparring, especially after taking time off for Disney, and then Keegan getting sick...they only had a couple of days to get prepared. Randy took first in the breaking with some really cool kicks. He did a jumping backward spinning heel kick for the first break followed by a combo break where he leaped horizontal in the air and broke boards with his feet and fist at the same time.
Randy Donlen

Cool picture of Keegan attacking with a well executed side kick: Keegan

Tired warriors:

September 21 I tell ya, it has been slow getting back into the groove. Keegan ended up having Strep Throat and stayed home Monday and yesterday. I didn't get many beads made with him being sick so today I will be more on track. I 'm just playing with Caiden waiting for him to go down for his nap so that I can go make beads.

I got the best treat from my hubby yesterday. The last few times we've gone to Disney, the boys have gotten into the pin trading. Last week was no exception. Disney is making a killing out of all these pins they sell but it creates such fun memories and is a good learning experience for the kids. They put the pins on their lanyards and trade with all the cast members. There are certain pins that are limited editions or only available if a cast member gives them to you. You get wrapped up in the goal of finding the cast member pins and completing a set. The pins usually have about 4 - 8 different pins in a set. I was cracking up because my mom figured out that her and dad alone spent about $304 on pins last week! Epcot had a special Pin Trading show that we went to on Sunday. They had the coolest TInkerbell (my favorite) figurine that was sitting inside a party hat and she came with 3 special trading pins. She is a limited edition of 300 and they only had 2 left when we were at the show. I really wanted her but she was $95 and I had trouble justifying spending that much money. Well, the FedEx guy came yesterday with a big box from Disney. Somehow my hubby snuck around me and bought Tinkerbell and had her shipped home as a surprise. It was so great to get it and I found myself thinking about it often wishing I would have bought it. Huge Score and I was feeling pretty special. I so love treats!

I do have a bead set to put on the boutique. I was saving them to make a bracelet but I don't see that happening anytime soon. The bead colors are turquoise and brown and includes a heart. Probably sometime this evening I will get it posted.

Sept. 19: I'm back. Kind of sorta at least. I'm physically here:-) We had a fantastic time in Walt Disney World. It was so much fun and the kids had a great time. They didn't want to come home of course. I don't know what it was about this trip but we are all just exhausted. I'm sure it will take us a few days to get back in the swing of things. My poor hubby....Keegan left a gift of a black crayon in one of his short pockets. Randy started doing laundry and when I went to get the white clothes out of the dryer...there was black everywhere. I mean everywhere. Randy spent I don't know how long cleaning the black melted crayon out of the dryer and then soaking the clothes and washing the same load 3 times to get most of it out. Then the story gets worse... He did another load with all his good shirts and shorts, went to take those out of the dryer and guessed it....they were all black too! It was terrible...somehow that same black crayon got back into the dryer and we had an even bigger mess on more important clothes. They still aren't fixed! Poor Keegan, I think we wore him out so much that he came down with a fever last night and I'm off to take him to the doctor today to make sure he doesn't have strep throat. Lots of fun around here.

Let's I will start on all the orders that were placed before we left. Thank you all for being so patient. I need to sit down and look at the orders but we are probably looking at a 3 week turnaround on any new orders placed today. What a bummer. I really dislike having you guys have to wait so long but with a 1 year old, it is really hard to torch as long as I would like during the day.

I will chat more later but wanted to check in and say hello.

Friday, Sept 9
Well....I guess this is my last update for a few days. Just wanted to let everyone know that I won't have email access until Sept. 19. So sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

I'm so excited. I got some great beads for my supplies page in the mail today. I can't wait to get them posted for everyone. It seems that as jewelry designers, we are always searching for "the perfect beads". It is such a pain trying to find good beads. It seems like I am always looking every where I go for good beads. I'm hoping that the beads on my supply page will help in your quest to find cool and different beads. These are all beads that work well with the dangle style that I so love to use in my bracelets.

I have a helpful hint for the day. If you have any loose silver beads sitting around that have lots of tarnish, then you will love this hint. The problem is that you have to have a rock tumbler. I bought one to use for PMC silver. Kate Mckinnon taught us to use it because it helps burnish the silver and hardens it to make it stronger. The most popular brand is a Loratone. I think that is how you spell it. I can't remember. fill it with stainless steel shot, fill it with water about 2/3 full and then add a few drops of Dawn dish detergent. I had some bali silver beads and a silver necklace chain that were just gross. They were so tarnished. I just put them in the tumbler and left them in there for about 1 1/2 hours. They came out sparkling clean. Looked brand spanking new. The tumblers cost about $65-$70 so it isn't cheap but a nice way to get your silver spotless.

Well...not much else to report for the night. I was a mad woman today cleaning and packing beads to ship. Have a safe and happy week and I'll check in with everyone soon!

September 5th

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I was a bead making woman. Got a lot done but still have a lot to do. The supply page has been a big hit. Thanks to all that have ordered. My goal is to have it grow over time with lots of fun options. There are still many great beads to come. Be patient as I have my hubby add them all. He changed the format so that it will be easier for you all to view and eventually, he will break it down into catagories like a page for leaves and flowers. I have more yummy leaves coming in a few other colors. Kind of excited about that.

Do you remember me talking about the tabatha loo bracelet on my boutique page and how I couldn't decide if I liked the design? Well.... I have a new favorite. I did decide to remake it and jazz it up a bit. I made a few round beads to go with the set and put in square silver beads vs the silver circle beads. I love love love it! Plus, very soon you will be able to order the pink and green dagger beads, the pink and green flower beads and the silver square beads on my supply page. The clasp and the zebra beads, and funky J's are already listed.

Sept 2, Friday:
I'm sure I'm like a lot of you and sitting here glued to the TV. My heart is just breaking for everyone that is suffering and feeling so lost. It is so painful to watch the images on TV. I must admit that I was getting very frustrated last night that our government wasn't better prepared to deal with the issues. I have been saying many prayers for those affected.

On a lighter note, we did something spontaneous on Wednesday night. My hubby took a new job last December and now has to commute much further to get to work. Yes, we had one of those gas-hungry enviromental enemy SUVs. It was a great car and served us well but with the price of gas getting higher and the wear and tear on a car that is just being used as a long shuttle for one person didn't seem very wise. We said we would sit down this weekend and do the math and see if it would be economical and feasible to sell our SUV and getting something smaller like an Accord. Randy got on the internet and started reading about the Toyota Prius and it looked like the Prius was the best car in its class, the most environmentally friendly hybrid in production. But there is a 6-10 month wait period to get these cars though. Out of curiosity, I called a nearby dealership to just see if they had any. By chance, they had one. One had arrived that morning and the deal fell through and it was available. They were calling down the wait list trying to get a hold of people to see if they wanted to take it but hadn't reached anyone. Randy dashed by after work and brought it home that night!

It is actually a really cool car and very roomy inside. Pretty much the same size as a Camry. It has a keyless entry and starting system that is pretty jazzy. You don't need a key to start it. You just have to have the remote in your pocket or purse. Just like my Dad's Mercedes : ) It is very futuristic inside and all the features are on a touch screen computer pad. Even the radio and ac/heat. The best part is that is gets 50mpg in the city and has very low emissions. It rides great and is very peppy. Randy and I have been laughing because everyone we tell about the car asks, "where do you plug it in?" You don't plug it in. Ever. It self charges during coast and braking. It runbs mainly electric until you get up to 20mph, then the gas engine helps out. Randy HATES rush hour traffic...stop go stop go...but he was telling me this morning that during the rush hour commute in the morning the first day where it is all stop and go traffic, he got about 4 mpg more than on the way home when the highways were pretty. He nomally leaves extra early to beat the congestion but this morning he purposely left 10 minutes later to try and hit worse traffic so he could get better gas mileage. He were laughing saying that stop and go traffic is great for this car.... You get better gas mileage and you charge your battery at the same time! He loves rush hour traffic now! Okay.....not really..maybe that's a stretch..

Aug. 30: I just posted a few lentil shape beads in the boutique. These were ones that I had sitting around and thought with Fall coming and everyone starting to think about dark colors, these just might fit the bill.

The SUPPLIES PAGE is open for business! Yes, I have a few items out there and in stock. More to come soon. I put my hubby in charge of adding all the items to the page and it does take more time than you would imagine to get things posted. The general idea behind this is that I occasionally get inquiries regarding various adornments, silver, leaves, flowers etc. that I use in my jewelry. Since a number of visitors have expressed an interest in having some of these various finds, I decided it would be a nice service to offer them when available. If they are listed on the Supply page, they are in stock and ready to ship. Shipping is $2 for orders up to $25 and the usual $4 for over $25.

I got a lot of work completed this weekend and am still groovin. I HATE the idea that I may be missing out on orders from new visitors so if this is your first time here, normally I have a few days turn around time. I just happened to have received a couple of fantastic orders and I really must make them a priority. I really appreciate everyone's patience.
Well, I must get back to the torch.

Aug 25, Thursday:Well, I'm working slow but sure. I just posted the plum and black color bracelet on the boutique. I still have the fuchsia and black one to add later today. I'm trying to keep a "to do" list and that really seems to help keep me on track. Something about being able to cross an item off just feels good! I just put Caiden down for a nap so I need to go take advantage of the time to make beads and try to stay on top of these orders. I would love to sit here and work on the web site. I have so many things to do to it but that will come soon. I have ordered a few more things for the supplies page and I think in the next few days I will have in stock everything I want to sell for the most part. I'm excited on what I have to post. Most of the goodies are beads that I use often for my dangles including the ever so yummy flowers! Here is a pic of the plum bracelet.