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The October Archive.

Oct. 30: Ahhh, I just love Sunday's, fall days and mild temps. I also like this extra hour today. The leaves are really at their peak around here right now. I spent most of the day at the torch but when I came up for a break my husband showed me a picture he had taken just 10 minutes earlier from our front porch.

It is almost time for trick or treat. This morning the kids and I were goofing around with a pumpkin and our cat decided to check it out. As you can tell by looking at him,he fits in well with the Halloween theme.

Friday night, October 28
Wow! It has been a week since I posted anything new. Here it is almost Halloween. The boys keep reminding me that we need to decorate. I guess a few eye ball stakes that light up in the front yard aren't good enough for them. I just dug out a few strands of orange lights and other odds and ends and we did carve one of our pumpkins yesterday. Hopefully that will be enough to keep them happy.

I've been busy dealing with Keegan and an allergic drug reaction. He is covered and I mean covered with a rash. We are on his third round of antibiotic for resistant step throat. The doctor said if this round doesn't work then it is off to an ENT and his tonsils removed. We went through the same thing with Connor 3 years ago. Getting tonsils removed isn't just laying on the couch eating ice cream for a week. It was such a painful and long recovery for Connor. It took about 3 months to get his full activity level back. It scares me to death to think that Keegan will have to go through the same thing. He got about 8 days of the medicine in him before his body decided it wasn't going to tolerate anymore. I just hope it was enough to work. In the next day or so he should be getting the symptoms back if the drug didn't work. Keep your fingers crossed for me:-) Keegan was so cute. His poor face was just all spotted. Even his lips and his ear lobes. He kept saying that his faced was ruined and that he isn't cute anymore. He looked much better this morning so that is good news.
I just went to my photos to dig up some eye candy. How about some lentils. Out of all the bead presses available, I love the lentil press the most:-)

Oct. 21: Well...I think we have recouped from the wild birthday day party. The house is still full of decorations. I kind of went overboard on the crepe paper and the thought of taking it all down sounds like a lot of work. Maybe I should listen to Connor and just leave it up all year until his next birthday.

I'm still a bead makin, whirlpool sauna kind of gal.... trying to keep on track but these few parties and multiple trips to the doctor's office (3 this week!) are disrupting my schedule. I did make a fun glass toggle the other day. I've always thought about doing one but never got around to making it until Marian asked me to make her one. I hope she doesn't mind. I've been show and telling a lot of her bead order lately.

Oct. 19: FINALLY!!!! As Connor would say. Happy 6th birthday Connor. It has been a fun day in the Donlen household. Lots of celebrating going on! The kids have a half day of school today so I'm getting ready to pick them up and take them to the pumpkin patch for mazes and hay rides and then we are going to his birthday party at Bounc U this evening. It will be quite the event. There will be 24 kids there! Gee Whiz! I'm tired thinking about it. Could you imagine that many kids in your house? No way...thankfully Bounce U has lots of room and the kids really love all the inflatable toys and slides.

Oct 15: The house is so quiet! I love it..... I'll tell ya why later but wanted to do some more show and tell on this beautiful day! Good news! I even have a bead set to list on the boutique today. I have already uploaded the pics so I will get it posted to the boutique sometime tonight. I'm callin them Cha Cha beads. They just look like a fun and funky set that makes ya want to cha cha. Okay.... I know that sounds dorky but what do you expect from someone who has been locked in the basement making beads and watching DVD's of Sex and the City?! is a link to a fantastic bracelet made by Lori Anderson. It is up for auction on Ebay and half of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Just click on the pink lentil bead and you will magically find your self at the auction. Bid is for a great cause!

I think I found a set of beads that I want to put on the next boutique. I will add some lentils from the planet plum bracelet but these are just too cute not to show. I love this color combo and the slider bead slides over 6mm czech beads. These beads are for my dear friend Marian, a rising jewelry star in the UK.

Oct. 13: Wow! What an incredible day here today. The weather was beautiful and in the low 70's. I wish I was more exciting. I know I should be playing up about the Cardinals big win last night and their game tonight. But alas...I'm no sports fan. My hair dresser looked at me yesterday like I was crazy when I asked if the Cardinals were still in the running. He had to explain that yes they have a big game tonight and if they win this play off series they will go to the World Series. Well...all the same....I wish them good luck. I did check to see if they won last night so I guess that is good? How do I have time to keep track of baseball when I'm too busy listening to my kids fight over a lollipop right now?! Good Grief! are a few pics of some beads I've been doing for an order. Thought you might like the slider beads. They are kind of fun and are big enough to slide over a 6mm bead. I'll have more show and tell later. Gotta keep ya coming back right?!

October 9: Every morning for the last 3 weeks I have been hearing from Connor, my 5 yr old, "how many days until my birthday Mom?" Isn't it so sweet when you are young and birthday's are an exciting event? least now it is getting down to "10 more days Connor". Yippee! Then I will hear the day after his birthday the same question and the huge dissappointment when he realizes he will have to wait 364 more days until his next one.

I'm just a bead making whirlpool sauna kind of gal right now! I have a killer set of black and white beads for show and tell and a few other color combo's that I've been working on for a custom order. I would love to upload the photos and share them right now, but not quite sure if I can. My hubby has been busy changing songs on his i-pod (something I know nothing about) except that it is connected where my camera goes and it says on the display do not disconnect. So I guess I won't:-) He has all 3 boys at the park today so I can make beads. Of course as he is walking out the door, he says...don't get in the hot tub! Shhhh.... don't tell..... I couldn't resist. It is a nice cool day and the house is quiet. It was too tempting and I had to hop in for a few short moments. I must say we are quite enjoying it. Even the boys. I'm sure the excitement will slow down and we won't use it as much but I am a bubble bath kind of gal so I know it will get used often by me. The bad thing is that it gets your hair wet so the dork that I am, I went and ordered a retro swim cap to keep my hair dry. Not sure if I will use it but it looked kind of fun! Wanna see? No that is not me. I hope I look that cute! I'll post bead pics soon.

Oct. 4: Today is my wedding anniversary. I have the most fantastic and loving husband. He spoils me rotten and makes cute babies! Time goes by way too fast and the older you get the faster it goes. I remember when I was young and around 8 years old how even someone who was 18 years old sounded so old. Anyone who was 50 must be about ready to die. We got a whirlpool sauna for our present to ourselves. I can't wait. It is being delivered tomorrow. So you will know where to find me over these next few days.

I still have more supplies to list. Hubby has been busy so we haven't gotten them all out there. Everyone seems to love the flowers. The tiny ones are a hit. I love them and just want to eat them up. I have tiny pink flowers to list but they haven't made it out there yet. I'm getting ready to play with an order that has a few other color combos that I don't usually use so hopefully we will really like them and you will have some more bead choices. I'm starting to get caught up and orders might be less than two weeks now but I need to pull them all out and see where I sit. I think the big Fall rush where everyone was ordering for shows has slowed down slightly so it has given me a chance to start getting caught up. That is until the hot tub arrives. ha! Just kidding.

Oct. 2 Hola! Things have been busy as usual. Not a whole lot going on besides making beads. Things are finally settling down back into a groove this week. The kids are caught up finally with school after taking a week off. I know a bunch of folks who are doing various jewelry, art, and craft festivals around their communities this weekend. I hope eveyone is having a great show with much success. I missed all my hopeful shows this year. Things got just to hectic in August and, and lots of orders. There was just not enough time to build any inventory for a show. Oh well. Otherwise, I do have more items for the supply page and will be putting them up over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

I'm so glad I have my husband around to explain things to the husband made a run to Walgreens the other night and took the boys with him. They were in the deodorant aisle and the boys were giggling over some bras that were hanging nearby. Keegan, the 7 year old, asked his Dad what they were. Dad tells him they are booby holders for girls. Naturally this gets the boys snickering. Then Keegan says, "Did you know Dad that girls don't have dots." Randy was like, what are talking about? What do mean dots? Keegan says, "You know dots, like us...girls don't have dots, these things." And he pulls up his shirt to point...and Dad figures it out and says, Ok, Ok, those dots, put your shirt down. Then he explains, actually Keegan, they do have dots. Just because they don't need booby holders doesn't mean they don't have dots. Every one is born with dots Keegan. Then Randy looks up and see a sales associate kind of smiling at him and gets Keegan to change the subject by shuffling them on to the Halloween goodies aisle.