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The June Archive. Dial up users beware, Since there are a number of pictures it may not load very fast.

Wednesday, JUNE 29th

It has been an interesting morning for my web site. The story is so long that I'm not even going to go into it but I want to say thank you to those who have been so supportive. It is a good thing that my hubby ordered my boys life size Darth Vader and R2D2. I think the force will be with me or at least that is what Darth Vader says when you walk by his motion detector. Nope my husband says he is saying, "The force is not with you," He says about 6 different sayings and R2D2 makes his cute beeping noises.

I have had lots of people inquire about the silver J shapes I use in my jewelry designs. Aren't those so cool? I plan to starting offering small amounts on my boutique but haven't had the chance to post pictures yet. The J's are $1 each and I have 2 different types. I will post photos and get all that started sometime in the next week or so. Oh yea, I will also have some of the thai silver spacer log beads. Check in with you later. Enjoy your day!

June 28: Good Morning! Where does the time go? I just can't figure it out? I'm sure you can relate to how there always seems to be so many activities going on. Summer is going to be gone before I know it and we've only been to the pool one time!Hopefully we can get there one day this week. My parents are taking the bigger boys to the creek today to play in the water and find rocks. For some reason, they are so into collecting rocks. Keegan says he is going to have a rock museum when he gets older where people can come to look at and buy rocks. There are piles of them on our side walk. My friend Joan said that her daughter might want to help with the rock museum but said it would probably be a conflict of interest because her plans are to drive an ice cream truck when she grows up. I think that is the cutest thing ever!

I know you guys are wondering if I will ever get any new beads or jewelry on my boutique. I really have grand plans to do this. I will at least try to have a bead set for you towards the end of this week. I've been so busy trying to fill the jewelry order for 2 of the Hoy Poloi galleries. They ordered a big chunk of jewelry. While we were in Kansas City this past weekend, I made a lot of jewelry and the boys played in the water. Here is a pic of their grandma spraying them with the hose. I'm also attaching a fun pic of a necklace I have been making. It is a square bead that I assembled with a hang tag bead dangling in the middle of it. Fun and casual. Anyway.... I'll check in later and give you a heads up for coming beads in the boutique:-)

June 23: Man it is a hot today. Supposed to be in the mid 90's. The poor boys have soccer camp this week and they are going to feel the heat today. I thought I would have more time to bead this Summer because I wouldn't be driving the kids to and from school twice a day. Boy, was I wrong. Everyday we are doing something that seems to eat up the whole day except one hour here and there. After camp yesterday, I took them to see Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Keegan was telling his dad yesterday morning, "Just call me Shark Boy". The kids loved it but I have to admit that it wasn't a very good movie. Mildly entertaining. No adult humor. But, as my hubby says....the movie wasn't made for women in their mid 30's!!

I do have some hang tag beads for the boutique. Great bright fun colors with a few of them having some purple in them which I haven't done before. There are 7 of them for a total of $56. If anyone wants to play surprise goodie bag and want to swipe them before I take a picture and get them on the boutique, you are welcome them. Shipping is $4. Not sure if I will get them posted today or not. I will try. In the mean time, I'm posting a picture of a flower bracelet I made for Hoy Poloi gallery. I didn't really love it that much until I put the second strand of seed beads on it. That really made it stand out and it looks so pretty on the wrist. I will eventually get this added to the jewelry section so it can be custom ordered. Or...hey....just take a trip to Walt Disney World and go buy it there. That is a good reason to go on vacation isn't?

June 20: Happy Monday everyone. I made it back from Bead and Button yesterday. I had so much fun. You can't even imagine! My friend Joan and I got there about 1 hour before they opened and were one of the first ones to enter. We went straight to the Eclectica site. I think they had rented out 12 booth spaces and we got all our great flowers beads we like to use in the bracelets. Their prices are pretty expensive but they have first rate stuff and it's worth the extra price. Then we kind of zig zagged for a few hours hitting a few other booths we know we wanted visit and then we finally started going up and down the isles. I'm telling ya, it is a bead lovers dream. The show on Sat. went from 10-6 and it worked out perfect. We finished up in just the knick of time. By around 3:00 our eyes were glazed over and our feet hurt so bad. Of course, I spent more money than I wanted to but that was partly because I bought a whole bunch of glass rods from Frantz and some lampworking tools from Arrow Springs. I carried about 7 pounds of glass as carry on with me on the airplane. I brought my camera and forgot to take pictures. I didn't even get any of Joan and I or her wonderful family darn it. There were just rows and rows of booths. The only thing I thought I might see more of and didn't was silver. There was a fair amount but somehow I figured there would be more. I did find some great silver claps that I really love. Wish I would have bought more of those. On the flight home on Sunday, I was looking through the program guide and wishing I would have paid attention to a few more booths I saw in the program. was a fabulous weekend that I spent with a fabulous friend. Thank you to Joan's hubby and my hubby for giving up part of their Father's Day to let us enjoy ourselves.

I have some orders to finish filling but will try to sneak some beads in between orders for the boutique this week. I'll probably do some more hang tags. I'm addicted to making those! I had promised some jewelry for the boutique this week but Hoy Poloi called and placed an order for their Downtown Disney location in Orlando so I will probably send those to them. Maybe next week for the boutique.

Friday, June 17: Well, I 'm getting ready to pull out the suit case and pack for my flight to Chicago. I have a surprise boutique listing today. I am putting out 2 sets of hang tag bead charms. I did finally get my charm bracelet done but haven't taken any photo's of it yet. I think it is one of my favorite bracelets although I only have 3 that I call my own. Isn't that terrible? Anyway....I'm attaching repeat pictures so you can see how fun the charm beads can be. Heads Up.... I may not get them mailed until Monday when I get back from Bead and Button though. Depends on when you buy them and if I have left for the airport yet. Talk to you when I get back:-)

Thursday, June 16: Good Morning....Nothing new in the way of beads today. I have been making some items for the boutique though. A few new bracelets, earrings, and a really cool sqare bead pendant that has the hang tag bead charm in the middle. I also have made some hang tag beads for the boutique. But I need to take photos and do all that so they probably won't be posted until next week after I get back from Bead and Button. There is a page 2 now for earrings in my jewelry gallery. I think that is it for web updates.

I will be gone all weekend so those of you planning to place an order, I will be able to start on the beads when I get back in town. I can't wait to get back and tell you how wonderful Bead and Button was. Not sure if they let camera inside but if they do....I'll try to take a few pics to post:-) Talk to you when I get back!

June 14: Hello everyone. Well Summer is sure here. It is hot and humid. It's so nice having the boys out of school. I was getting really tired of driving them to and from school everyday. This is a nice break.

I'm getting excited....Bead and Button is starting in a few days. I'm flying up on Friday and hooking up with my good friend Joan. We are going on Sat. I can't wait to see everything. I hear it is overwhelming and that you want to go crazy buying everything. I've started making a list of things I know I want. People say to start with a budget and try to stick with it. So that is what I will try to do. I''m a bad impulse buyer and I'm sure Joan and I will egg each other on. So I can see myself holding out a sign begging you guys to order lots of beads so I'm not in the poor house:-) I know you guys know what I mean when it seems like you work for beads. This addiction is expensive but so much fun! I also get to meet a good customer, Hi Kim! That will be working Heather Trimlett's booth. Looking forward to that too.

So a head's up for those planning to place an order. Since I will be gone all weekend, I won't be able to start on any new orders until Monday when I get back. I really want to get the boutique updated with new jewelry and more bead sets. I'm working on a really cute bracelet right now for it and have a few pairs of earrings. I hope to post all those next week. Wish I had some photos to share or something but I don't. The hermit crabs are still alive so that should be a celebration.

June 9: Update....good grief! Did you know that hermit crabs can drive a school bus? They can if you have a 5 yr old and a Fisher Price Little People school bus!

All righty.... I feel like Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I'm turning on the "Hot Beads Now" sign. I just listed 2 new bead sets in the boutique. Get them while they are are hot. Fresh out of the kiln. I didn't get around to making any hang tag bead charms. Next week I'll have some of those.

I am going to have a new product for you in a few years. Keegan (my 6 yr old) told me in the car the other day that when he gets big, he is going to build a money maker. I had to listen a bit more to figure what he was talking about. He is going to build a machine that will make money! It will make $14,000 at a time. He is going to make me a purple one (purple is my favorite color) and Connor a green one and he will make one for lots of people. Then we can buy whatever we want. Then Connor, my 5 yr. old chimed in and said he would build me one that is half pink and half purple with sparkles because pink is also my favorite color. Hmmmm...I wonder how much he will sell the machines for? Not that he would need any money from them since he will have his own machine to make money. I love simple thoughts at that age!

Our family has recently grown....No.... no more kids for me. 3 boys is just perfect! BUT after our trip to the beach.... I promised the kids I would get them a hermit crab. They are probably boys too. We even have a boy cat! I'm the only girl (princess) in the house! Let's see how long they stay alive. Right now they are building cages for them out of baby Caiden's building blocks! Oops! Caiden just knocked the blocks over. Keegan just called him a "double bad boy"! I guess that is really bad. Now there is the...Mom! Keep this big giant baby away from my blocks. How fun. Super Mom to the rescue!

- Wed. June 8: Good Morning everyone. I think I am getting back into the groove of things. It feels like all I have been doing is laundry and unpacking. is hard to unpack and clean when all I am really wanting to do is make beads:-) Thank you to all who have waited patiently and have started to place orders. I really appreciate it. How about if you check back on Friday afternoon and I will have a few bead sets in the boutique? Are you guys getting tired of the hang tag beads yet? Let me know and I just might make a set of them for the boutique too.

Vacation was awesome! We rented a beach house in Charleston, SC for the week. It was a lot of fun. The weather could have been a tad better but it didn't stop us from enjoying the beach. Keegan and Connor loved riding the waves, going for walks with their Dad (so much so that their feet were so sore they could hardly walk the next day!) and we also had lots of fun crabbing at low tide. Keegan found a blue crab that had lost its pinchers and that was his buddy for the day. He carried it all over and the poor thing would just wiggle his legs.

When I made him return it to the ocean he was pretty bummed out about it. Trying to convince me the crab thought he was his dad and that he wanted to stay with us. It was really cute. My hubby is just as big of kid as the boys. We only had 2 boogie boards and the 3 of them would fight over them. One day I saw him holding the boogie board up in the air with Connor laying on top of the board and then he would plop him down when a good wave came. That seemed to thrill Connor. I love Charleston and we go there just about every year. Baby Caiden we learned does not like texture. It was so cute to see him crawling around in the sand. He would hold his fingers up in the air and just try to crawl with his palms. He was afraid of the waves but loved the tide pools. Enough remembering all the fun we had. I guess this afternoon I will take the kids to the pool. I filled up the baby pool for them yesterday in the back yard and it just didn't seem to have the same effect:-) BTW...I know I'm a dork with those dumb sunglasses. I swiped them from the boys because I couldn't find mine. Serves me right!

Monday, June 6th.

OK!!!!!!!!! I'm BAAACK, I'm caught up, and ready to hit the torch! Send orders at will. (and thanks for your patience.)