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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

This is the archive for the month of July.

The July Archive. Dial up users beware, Since there are a number of pictures it may not load very fast.

Sun. evening, July 31th

Well...I put a new bead set and bracelet in the boutique today before we left for the swimming pool and didn't have a chance to update the news section. I'm so lucky that I have gals that know me and did a double check to see if there was anything new in the boutique. Thank you so much!

I have a few fun pictures to show you here shortly that you will crack up on. I hope you don't get tired of hearing about my family life. It can be quite entertaining with 3 boys (or 4 if you count my hubby!) They decided to have a camp out in our back yard last night. I have to say this is something that I thought when we were dating that I would never see my hubby do. Even if it's only in our back yard. They went and bought a tent and built a camp fire (in my garden. ) I decided to take Caiden and go to the mall while they were roasting hot dogs and marshmellows. Actually, it started out with the all of them cooking their dogs, then Connor decided the fire was too warm, then the smoke was bothering Keegan's eyes, and well...thay left Randy holding the three sticks. When I got home from the mall Randy was mowing the yard and the kids had taken off to play at a neighbor... such is the rough outdoor life.

Lets just say that I slept great and the cat slept great (he was on Randy's side of the bed!) Yet, they did make it the whole night in the tent! I thought for sure that I would see them coming in the house around 2 am. Randy said at 4 am the roosters at a house a block away started yelling and woke him up. (Yes, we still have roosters out here on the suburban fringe, but they will someday be replaced by a subdivision no doubt.) Anyway, he said it was getting real damp and kind of cool and he tried to talk to boys to coming inside but they just rolled over and went back to sleep.

July 29: Keegan had a spectacular birthday. When he woke up yesterday morning, he said he felt like he was a foot taller since he turned 7 years old overnight. He got lots of presents and had a really fun day at the City Museum. I think he went to bed that night pretty pleased with how much fun he had.

I will post the new chocolate beads and new bracelet in the boutique tomorrow. TTFN

July 28: Well...just 3 more hours until Keegan turns 7 years old! He is so excited. Kept saying all day he couldn't wait until tomorrow. Connor says he can't wait until Keegan's birthday too. No...not because he is a loving supportive brother but because he always gets small gifts on Keegan's birthday. Typical way a child's mind works. This week has just flown by. I haven't stopped moving at all. I took the boys to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other day. It was a great movie. Had some good adult humor in it and the boys loved it. I ended up making some chocolate beads for the boutique. I won't get them posted until most likely this weekend though. I did also make a new bracelet for the boutique. I think it is my new favorite! I love love love it. It will probably be posted this weekend too.

The heat wave has finally passed and these past 2 days have been wonderful. It was so nice yesterday that we snuck out to Six Flags for the afternoon and the boys got to see a crocodile show and got to hold a small croc and get their picture taken with it. Then of course Connor keeps talking about how he needs one for a pet. For those of you who love a good deal. Go check out your Target store. They are having tons of toys at 75% off. It was amazing. I bought lots of Christmas presents, birthday presents, and giving tree presents. The deals were so good that I called my Mom while at the store and 15 min later she is up there in the toy isle with me. Wish I would've had a camera. You would crack up. Both of our carts were filled to the top and about to overflow. I'm serious! This is how bad it was...I had to check out, take all my packages to the car and then go back and fill up my cart with all the things that I originally came to buy. I love shopping trips like that!

I guess tomorrow will be a long fun day. We are going to the City Museum and then the birthday party in the evening. Happy Birthday Keegan!

July 23: Do you know how hot it was here in St. Louis today? Good grief! 103 degrees with a heat index of 125. We went for a bite to eat tonight and while in the car around 5:00 p.m. it was registering 105 degrees. The humidity is so high. Yuck! Although...I'd take it any day over cold weather. If my parents didn't live here in town, I can say for sure we would be living coastal somewhere. I'm trying to convince my hubby that we need to put a swimming pool in our back yard. He just told me to get busy making beads! That is a lot of beads. Maybe I just better be happy with the local city pool. It is pretty amazing. Almost better than the water parks. There is a lazy river with the inner tubes, 2 pools perfect for the young kids with slides and buckets of water that dump out and a big pool area that spins like a whirlpool where there are about 40 kids going in circles, and a perfect about 4 inch deep with tiny fountains pool for the babies. Then there is the big pool with the diving boards and even a fake tree that has a rope swing over the water. The boys really like that one. My hubby loves the water as much as the boys and it was fun to watch him and the boys do the diving boards and the tree swings together. hubby can be crazy. He does all these crazy dives and spins and flips and twirls. I started to cringe when I heard him say..."hey....I wonder if I can still do this flip. Haven't done it in years." He is complaining about how expensive it is for all of us to go to the pool and I'm thinking ya...and here comes a $35 chiropractor fee for your back getting all messed up after this one! But to my really was an incredible dive and he pulled it off perfect!

Where was I....? Oh ya....I got distracted over the weather.....Anyway....just wanted to let you know that I updated the bracelet gallery and added a few new designs on the last 2 pages. I guess that's all the excitement for now. Hard to believe the kids start school in about 3 weeks. I think I will be more productive then at least. Summer has just flown by and I'm trying to make sure I take the time to enjoy having the kids around and do fun things with them. Time is going by way too sweet baby Keegan is going to turn 7 years old this Friday!

July 23: I think I have turned the boys into fish. Swimming at the pool is all that we have seemed to be doing. It is too hot to do anything else. Except you come home and you are so tired from being out in the sun all day. Anyway.....just wanted to let you guys know that I listed the hang tag beads in the boutique. I might keep them unsold and make replica sets to mail out on Monday so that more than a few people have the option to grab them. Enjoy your Saturday night!

July 22: Man is it hot outside! This is going to be a quicky. I just realized that I didn't water the plants on the porch yesterday and they are probably dieing of thirst. Sorry it has been slim pickings in the boutique. I just haven't been able to crank out a lot of beads this week. It seems to hot to do anything. I'm finishing up a few orders. I did make a set of hang tag beads for the boutique. If I am real productive before the pool opens today....I will get them posted. I really need to make some bead sets for ya too. I'm getting torn between the Summer and Fall colors. Can't decide which way I want to go. I did finally buy the new Harry Potter book on audio so that will probably entice me to make lots of beads so I can listen to it. I think it lasts about 23 hours.

July 18th: I now have a lot more space in my closet! The truck just came from the charity clothing pick up. I finally got rid of clothes that I had been holding onto in hopes of wearing again. I made myself just take them all off the rack. It's funny how you develop an emtional attachment to them. I guess I was in one of those moods. Get rid of all of it. Now I can go shopping again!

Keegan has been all into butterflies here lately so I took them to the Butterfly House yesterday. It was so cool. 1,000's of butterflies all over the place. Very tempting to want to catch them!

Here is some eye candy for the day. A simple necklace. It is one of those that really shows off the beads and can be worn casual.

July 16: You'll crack up at this one. All Summer the boys have been wanting to find a turtle. The weirdest thing happened yesterday morning. It was early and I was up with baby Caiden and everyone was still asleep. I looked out our backdoor and low and behold....I had to do a double take. There was a turtle sitting a few feet out from our deck. The funny part is that he had a number 1 painted on his back! He was a race turtle! How funny is that? I was totally cracking up. I got Caiden's plastic pool out and put him in there until the boys woke up. They were so excited. They played with him all day yesterday and today. We let him go in the woods this evening. But not before Randy put our e-mail address with the boys names and the date on his shell. Good life the saying goes....sometimes you are looking all over for that something special when all was in your backyard!

I have a fair amount of new photos to add to the jewelry gallery. I think I had about 40 pieces of jewerly to make for the Hoypoloi galleries on this last order. The good thing is that I get to play and come up with new designs. The bad part is that it feels like I never have the time to update the galleries. Hopefully in the next week or so I will get to do that.

Anyone read the new Harry Potter book yet? I can't wait to read it but I guess I better go to the store to buy a copy first. I keep holding off because I have a fair amount of orders to fill and I'm afraid if I buy one will see me for a few days while I read it!

July 13: Howdy everyone. Just thought I would pop in and say hi. Not a lot of new things to report today. I still have a bead set in the island hopping colors to post but haven't gotten pics yet. Although...I will probably break it up into 2 smaller sets. Other than that... I'm very boring today. I'm taking Caiden to get his 12 month shots today. Think I'm a tad behind considering he is 15 months old! I just hate going to the peds office. It seems like the place is full of germs and I bring the kids in healthy and the next day....they are sick. Especially in the winter time. I wish they had a seperate sick area but they don't. I keep saying I'm going to find a different peds office but still haven't done it yet.

Here is a pic of my friend Joan's girls and my older boys at the pool. This was the first time they met since Joan lives in North Chicago area. Aren't they cute?

July 11: Fresh Beads Today. Hot Out of the kiln..... It looks like we are finally going to get some rain today. We really need it. I feel like Summer is almost over and it just started. I love this time of year and the thought of going back to cold weather and no leaves on the trees makes my heart sink. The kids start school on August 17. That is just too soon. We have been having fun and doing lots of trips to the pool. We still have a month before school starts but you all know how fast time flys when you are having fun.

Speaking of fun....I did post a few bead sets in the boutique last night. I think I still have one more set to post. I still have to take pictures so it probably won't be until tomorrow. I did get a great e-mail from Valerie who bought some breast cancer awareness beads from me. Go check out her page. It is going to a great cause and she does fantastic work. Just click on the pink ribbon bead.

July 8: Good Morning. Hope everyone is doing swell. As usual, it has been a busy week. I really need to update the boutique and add a few things but I haven't been as productive as I would like to be. So...I will make next week as my goal to have some items out on the boutique. People have been buying the fun Thai Silver J's I listed in the boutique. I also have the log shape spacer beads to add to the boutique. My goal is to have a seperate page of fun and unusual jewelry supplies. Since these are not glass beads, I don't have a problem mailing them in a padded envelope for $1.50 shipping. The paypal shopping cart is set up for a flat $4 pri mail shipping so you will need to e-mail me direct to get the cheaper shipping method for the silver beads. Let's see, what else is going on? Oh... I made my friend Vanda some flower beads. I'll post a picture of them. The picture quality is poor but it will give you an idea of what they look like. These are the beads that are in the Island Fruits Set. I first made this style of flower probably 2 1/2 years ago but they weren't overly popular then. It seems like now everyone is into flowers. I love flowers so that suits me just fine:-) They are $12 each to custom order.

July 3: Funny, when my dear friend Joan and I were up at the big Bead & Button Milwaukee thing, we were hangin out in front of Arrow Springs and had a reporter from the Chicago Tribune interview us. Pretty cool, they said that beads have become America's #1 fastest growing hobby. (I don't like the word hobby, my son Keegan collects rocks...that's a hobby : ) The article came out a few days ago and can be least for the moment, at the following link: