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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

This is the archive for the month of July.

The August Archive. Dial up users beware, Since there are a number of pictures it may not load very fast.

Aug. 30: I just posted a few lentil shape beads in the boutique. These were ones that I had sitting around and thought with Fall coming and everyone starting to think about dark colors, these just might fit the bill.

The SUPPLIES PAGE is open for business! Yes, I have a few items out there and in stock. More to come soon. I put my hubby in charge of adding all the items to the page and it does take more time than you would imagine to get things posted. The general idea behind this is that I occasionally get inquiries regarding various adornments, silver, leaves, flowers etc. that I use in my jewelry. Since a number of visitors have expressed an interest in having some of these various finds, I decided it would be a nice service to offer them when available. If they are listed on the Supply page, they are in stock and ready to ship. Shipping is $2 for orders up to $25 and the usual $4 for over $25.

I got a lot of work completed this weekend and am still groovin. I HATE the idea that I may be missing out on orders from new visitors so if this is your first time here, normally I have a few days turn around time. I just happened to have received a couple of fantastic orders and I really must make them a priority. I really appreciate everyone's patience.
Well, I must get back to the torch.

Aug 25, Thursday:Well, I'm working slow but sure. I just posted the plum and black color bracelet on the boutique. I still have the fuchsia and black one to add later today. I'm trying to keep a "to do" list and that really seems to help keep me on track. Something about being able to cross an item off just feels good! I just put Caiden down for a nap so I need to go take advantage of the time to make beads and try to stay on top of these orders. I would love to sit here and work on the web site. I have so many things to do to it but that will come soon. I have ordered a few more things for the supplies page and I think in the next few days I will have in stock everything I want to sell for the most part. I'm excited on what I have to post. Most of the goodies are beads that I use often for my dangles including the ever so yummy flowers! Here is a pic of the plum bracelet.

Aug. 23, Tuesday: Thought I would check in and say hi. I'm sorry I haven't had much to say lately. I'm still dealing with this cold but am starting to get better finally. It has been kind of crazy around here. Keegan got sick on Friday and had to miss school yesterday and now Connor is getting sick and I'm just waiting for Caiden to get sick. I know lucky me. You guys are all so jealous!:-)

I guess you have noticed my postings about holding off on placing orders. Sorry I had to do that. I just feel way overwhelmed if I get too far behind. I'm trying really hard to catch up. Now that the kids are in school, it is helping. Caiden takes a really nice 2-3 hour nap so I try to use every minute of that to make beads. Speaking of beads....I have people ask me why I don't have a lot of browns on my web site. I don't know what it is with brown but I'm just not a big fan of it and thus I don't like making brown beads. BUT....I had a special request for just 4 beads in brown and turquoise. I have to admit that I fell in love with these beads! I haven't felt this way since I made the pink poodle puff beads. I love the color combo and I really wanted to keep the beads for me. Of course the beads always look better in person but I wanted to share a pic of them. I promise to put a set in the boutique when I get a tad more caught up. I do have a few earthy looking lentil shape beads to list in the boutique. I will try to get them in the next few days along with those darn bracelets. I'm still digging that plum and black one. Soon!

NEWS ALERT! - 8/19 -

Wow! I'm buried with great orders. Thanks everyone! No complaints, but I'm buried for a couple of weeks. As of today, please contact me me for an estimated completion time before placing an order. I don't want to turn any orders away, but more important I don't want anyone getting current orders delayed. Everyone with orders as of today is scheduled in but I need to keep orders in check until Friday, September 2nd. I can probably squeeze in some jewelry and possibly a few additional bead sets, but please check in with me before placing an order so I can consider the time requirements. Also, the 10th through the 17th of September I will unavailable. Orders place just prior to, or during that week will not be worked on until Sept.18th. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Aug 18th - Thursday

Well, I gotta tell ya....the peace and quiet have been great since the kids started school. The boys had a spectacular first day. They were so excited they couldn't stop talking about it. Connor kept saying that he has been waiting years for this day to finally come where he would go to kindergarten. I'm so excited for them. Of course, now that school has started...ya gotta start worrying about everyone getting sick and the flu season will be here soon. I hate it, GERMS! Every winter the same thing...I won't let the boys out of the house if they have even the slightest sniffle. But it seem there are a few parents around here that couldn't care less if their kids have a low grade fever. Seriously, one mother casually told me last spring she sent there kid to school with a fever anyway just so THEY could have a inconsiderate! I can't believe parents send their kids to school with colds and flus. Drives me nuts, because inevitably my kids bring home the germs....and Lucky me (not)...I'm the one that has caught a cold. ALREADY! I'm such a baby, that's why I'm whining. Colds seem to knock me out.'s not going to happen this time. I have some really big bead orders that are going to keep me very busy.

I did finally get some pics of the new bracelets I have to list in the boutique. Now I just need to get them uploaded. So much to do so little time. No fun pics to post today. Gotta work on that too. Anyway....have a great day and I will check back in soon.

August 16: I'm still here. I feel like I have done a dissappearing act! The kids start school tomorrow and I have to admit that I am very ready for them to go. After all these weeks of is finally here. I think it is because I have been trying to do fun stuff with them these last few days and last week before school starts. I'm exhausted! We went to Kansas City to visit my wonderful in laws this weekend and I haven't slowed down in a few weeks. It is hard work having fun. We are off to Six Flags for our final day.

I have lots of stuff to update. I've been slowly working on my supplies I want to start offering. I have more things I want to order but just haven't had the chance yet. SOON! I promise. I'm guessing by the end of this week I will have a few things listed and then over the next few weeks...there will be some nice selections. I want to include fun czech beads that I use in my designs and some silver supplies. I won't sell anything that I don't use myself.

And....I have some new bracelets and earrings to add to the boutique. I must admit there is one that I 'm excited about. It looks like the plum color is going to be popular this year and I made a bracelet using just plum and black. I was kind of skeptical but then when I got it put together...I was quite excited! Anyway....we are off to yet again have more fun (well, least for the kids and that's what it is all about). My bead time has been seriously hindered with all that has been going on and I am excited about getting back in the groove again.

Aug 11: Do I have a cool find for you! If you are in the need of some awesome handcrafted boutique handbags to use while wearing your beads, then this is your day! I ordered the 2 bags in the photo (of course with my initial). I was so excited when I got them. They are so dog gone cute and they are made so well. DeDe pays attention to every detail. Even the insides are stylish. I'm telling ya that you will love these. I got the smaller brides maid size and it is perfect for me. Just click on the photo and it will take you to her Ebay store. I just love it when I find something unique and fun. I couldn't resist sharing!

I still have plans to add goodies to the supplies page. I just have to get the time to take photos and get it all listed. Hopefully next week. I have been busy filling orders all this week and haven't had the chance to make any items for the boutique. Hopfully that will come next week also. I will give you a heads up before I list them. TTFN:-)

August 8th: Just a quick second to check in and say Happy Monday! All of a sudden people have been busy ordering beads for jewelry. I made the bracelet with the tab beads yesterday. I think I might take it apart and make it different. I just can't decide. I love the silver round beads but they take up space and it was really hard to not want to make the bracelet at least 8" to make it more fun. I kept having to take out beads to get it down to a 7". I think I know what I want to do with it but if someone likes it this way (which is really cute and I used more beads than I normally do on the dangles) it is $145. I have another pink, black, and white bracelet to assemble but just need to find the time. Today is a play day at Six Flags and a date night with hubby tonight. Trying to get in lots of fun the last week of no school:-)

AUG. 7: Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I just saw on the news that those poor Russians trapped in the sub were rescued before they ran out of air. I don't know why but I just felt pins and needles with that one. We all tend to get numb with the regular doom and gloom in the news now days but I just felt so bad for those poor men. It is so wonderful to hear about something good happening when people work together. Hats off to our friends in the UK.

I spent most of last evening at the torch and had a really productive evening. I have some funky new style of beads that I'm so excited about and trying to figure out where I can use them first. HEY! I almost forgot! I was contacted by Bead & Button Magazine and they are going to profile one of my necklaces in the Your Work section of the upcoming February 06 issue. They had me send them the necklace sometime ago so they could do some photographs and I recently got it back. If anyone happened to notice that for quite awhile the Sugar Plum Necklace on the Boutique page has been listed as "Available soon" ...that's why. Now that I have it back I can't decide whether to keep it to wear or sell it. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

Here are some of the new square beads. The photo is going to be a necklace (after I get some more beads made). I think I might have to swipe it for me though. I have all the accent beads pulled and think I'm going to make a dangle bracelet with them. I must still be into pink because I made some other pink and black beads for another dangle bracelet. Can't wait to see how they will turn out. We are going to the pool today. I think I might take the beads with me and try to work on it while we are there. Caiden doesn't play in the water the whole time and we sit under the umbrella to play a lot. I'll post pics and get them listed in the boutique as soon as they are done. I'm thinking the one with these square beads is going to be awesome.

Aug 5th - Friday

Oh My! This summer is simply going by too quickly. Here we are into August already and the kids start back to school in a couple of weeks. It seems way too soon! I've been running a little behind updating my News page waiting for my web editor (husband) to archive the July postings.

However, it has been worth the wait because I have an exciting announcement!

Over the last year I have had many inquiries looking for the various extras and findings I use in my jewelry. Others have expressed an interest in making similar jewelry and have asked if I'd considered doing bracelet and neckwear kits with all the right parts. After considering the time involved and the shipping processing and stuff I thought oh what the heck. So, I've decided to add a jewelry Supplies page that will offer many of the cool finds I use and other neat things as I come across them. Please stay tuned as I build this part of my website and add items over time. I'll probably have the Supply page up shortly and will simply start out by moving the silver in my boutique over there. But more items will be added soon.

In the meantime, I'm going to squeeze in a little more fun before the summer slips away! Thanks, Cassie