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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

This is the archive for the month of April.

The APRIL Archive.
April 30:

Good Grief! What a day yesterday! Do you ever just have "one of those days". I had a good one yesterday. I think I am losing my mind. I was in a groove making a few beads in the morning while the baby was napping and the older boys were playing. I stopped early (after only 5 beads) made lunch, rushed around getting the kids dressed for afternoon kindergarten, got them in the car, went and woke up a sleeping baby and off to school we drove. We came home and I started getting the babe lunch and my mom calls asking if I need help taking the kids to school. I told her she was too late. Connor has been sick so he isn't going to school and I just dropped Keegan off. She told me I was an hour early. I drop everything! Pack the kids back up in the car, run up to school and Keegan is sitting in the office coloring. Can you belive I did that!!!!!?????????? Gee Whiz! So I take Keegan home repack everyone back up and drive him to school at the proper time. Then Connor tells me his throat is sore so I take the babe to my parents house for an afternoon nap, drive to the doctor for Connor. No strep. Just viral thank goodness, back to pick up the kids, and by this is 5:30 in the evening. My day is shot!!!! The evening went well though. The baby went to bed for the night and my wonderful hubby took the boys shopping and I had the whole QUIET house to myself. It was a dream! Today will be just as busy. Afraid no beads today. We have birthday parites, school carnival, and a date night with my hubby that I'm thrilled about.

But...I do have somthing fun to show you today. I have had these square mandrels for a long time. They got lost in the move but I found them again and started playing with them. My wonderful and funny customer Jennifer gave me some great ideas on using the square so this one is being sent to her as a thank you! I was thinking it would make a cute zipper pull. My hubby says a pendant. The square is about 1" in size and also has one of my new favorite mini hang tags. I need to make some more PMC head pins. My stash is very low. I will make some for the boutique here very soon. My goal is to have a few boutique beads on Monday or Tuesday. Yippee.

April 28th: p.m. Update...I just relisted the flower auction. We shall see what happens. There were more fun things I would rather have talked about today but I don't want to bore you with a maybe tomorrow. IN THE MEAN TIME.....HEADS UP on those planning to place an order....The turnaround time is at 10-12 days. So sorry for that! It might take less time but I need to have a tiny window to work with:-)

Well, I feel like a criminal! (Not really but it is kind of interesting!) For those of you who have been bidding and/or watching my Ebay auction for the flower beads that are perfect to use to make those rings in the April issue of Bead and Button, you might have wondered where did the auction go? Am I losing my mind? It used to be there. No, you have not lost your mind....the Ebay police came and pulled it! Someone had sent an email asking me if I have a web site. I replied with my site address. I replied using the option to answer the question so that everyone who views the auction my see the question and answer. I guess Ebay doesn't appreciate people giving out links to other sites so they erased all traces of my auction. That happened before we went to bed last night. My wonderful hubby told me this morning before he left for work that the Ebay police went and erased all traces of the other closed auction for flower beads I had a few weeks ago because I did the same question and answer thing. I guess they can't stand the potential that someone will go find a different web site other than theirs to spend $ at. I wonder if they will refund my listing fees since they erased me from history. Probably not. We've been an Ebay member since 1998 and this is our first canceled auction. How exciting in the Donlen household! I know I need a life away from beads!

So anyway.....I am going to relist the auction sometime today and will make sure not to mention anything that includes my web site address! Once again, I don't know how to post a link. My sellers name is Keegan2 or you can type in the search box TGB Beads and find me this way. If you scroll down a few days, you will see a pic of the flower beads. They make the cutest rings. Makes you want to eat them up! BTW, this is why I don't do Ebay. I used to only sell on Ebay but it is too emotional for me. I like doing custom orders and living in my own little world. A lot less stress this way.

April 27: Hey there! Still cranking out the beads! Go Go Cassie! I'm thinking that I might make weekends the time to make boutique sets in between orders so....count on having some new boutique offerings on Monday or Tuesday. I'm thinking a Pink Poodle Puffs bead set will be in the offering. The Hoypoloi Art Galleries at Downtown Disney and Disneyland are wanting an handful of Pink Poodle Puff Bracelets so why not make a few more for you guys to make your own Pink Poodle bracelet? The bad part is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE FOR ME! I haven't had the time to make one yet but I will soon:-)

Here is a photo of some breast cancer awareness lentil beads I made for Mona in Californina. She is an awesome person who is a two time breast cancer survivor. She designs wonderful bracelets and donates the profits to research. Her jewelry has quite a demand. Isn't that awesome?! (The cost is $8 per bead if anyone else is interested in ordering some.)

April 26: Note: I will begin archiving my news/update postings by month. This News page will represent the current month and old postings and news will be on the archive page. (see link at left)...Also, I actually put some fun things on the "Beads/Things" page finally, like Talulu The Lamb...along with some old experiments.

All righty then....some yummy things happening in Cassie's bead world! I got the Ebay auction listed for the new flower beads to make those cool Bead and Button rings or clasps. Here is a pic of the auction. I don't know how to post an auction link so my seller's name is keegan2 or you can type in the search box TGB Beads and find me this way. Thanks once again to Jeannette Coons for sharing the technique in the April issue of Bead And Button!

I just listed 3 new bead sets for the boutique. YEA! Get them while they are hot! If the weather isn't going to heat up then at least lets get some beads fresh out of the hot kiln!

For those of you who found the new bead sets on the Boutique already sold and you are really wanting them.....I just added them to page 1 of my bead gallery. Just click on the "View Full Image" and there is a shopping cart to order a set. Just a heads up....I'm running at a 7-10 day turn around time on custom orders. Thanks!

April 23: Update... I'm going to have some more flower beads for rings to list on Ebay. They should be ready tomorrow but not sure if I will list the auction Sunday or what yet.. AND....I'm going to take this weekend to make a few bead sets for the boutique. So, those should be posted on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. What to do first?! I've also expanded my bead gallery with a page 6 and 7, and bracelet gallery with two new additional pages, but so far they are just copies of another page until I edit them with new items. I have the photos, I just need the time.

I still need everyone to know that I'm running at an 7 day turnaround time on custom orders.

Here is a picture of a pendant I made for a custom order. It is so cute in person. I'll have to add it to the gallery for purchasing a replica.

On another note...My dear hubby and I realized last night that for people who have their computer monitor resolutions set at 600 x 800, the item descriptions and paypal shopping cart button is overlapping on some of the bead photos (when you click on the "full image view" link from the galleries) This site is best viewed in 1024 x 768. It looks perfect with this setting. So we are throwing around ideas on how to accomodate all resolutions. I'm not overly thrilled with what ideas we have come up with plus it will be a lot of work to go back and fix every photo. (or should I say a lot of work for my hubby!) We were bummed out about this discocery since it makes the site look less professional. So, in the mean time, change your monitor setting if you have trouble reading the words. It looks like the problem is just when you click on the "full image view".

April 19: Good Morning! Still working on getting caught up with orders. It looks like there is about a 8 day turn around time right now. I thought I would throw out a picture of the bracelet I made using the beads I swiped on the April 8 news. It is fun and simple. Perfect for shorts or jeans. This one is available at Hoypoloi in Downtown Disney World. I love the little hang tag heart bead. It is so cute and tiny. I'm going to have to start adding this bead in with my boutique bead sets. It adds a perfect finishing touch.

April 17: Hello everyone. I've been busy making some fun beads but they are all custom orders and nothing fun to add to the boutique. Anyone planning on placing an order, just a heads up that there is still about a 10 day turn around time.

I keep promising to add some new boutique beads. Hopefully soon!

I do have some fun news. I just got the Sugar Plum Necklace shown on my boutique page back from Bead and Button Magazine. It is going to be published in the "Your Work" section in the February 2006 issue. Very exciting for me. It seems like February is so far away. I'm just starting to enjoy Spring. I don't want to think about Winter again.

April 12

Good Morning! Wow, it looks like it has been a few days since I posted. I've been busy making beads trying to keep up with orders:-) I'm getting there but I'm still further behind than I would like. Anyone planning on placing an order, just a heads up that there is still about a 10 day turn around time.

Let's see...What else is going on? I made some PMC toggles yesterday. Now I have to find the time to free up 2 hours of kiln time to fire them. This is my first time playing with PMC since Kate Mckinnon's class. If is wasn't so expensive, I could see myself getting addicted to PMC! April 8: Afternoon update: The orders are coming faster than I can keep up. Yea! But to let everyone know that is planning on placing an order....There is a 10 day turn around time right now. It might take less than that but I don't want to make promises I can't keep. I will try to sneak in some small boutique bead sets next week in between orders.

Another fine sunny morning. I love these Spring days! I'm still catching up on some orders so don't have any thing fun to post in the boutique. I made this bead set that I talked about on April 5 and I can't wait to make a bracelet out of it. It is going to Hoypoli in Chicago but I love the bead colors. They have this orange coral color that I don't use that often. I decided that I love it and can't wait to make more beads using it. Do you want to see the photo with Baby Caiden trying to swipe the beads or the one where you can acually see the beads?!

April 6: Not a lot new to report here. I'm working on a custom order and making jewelry for Hoypoloi so there won't be any new bead offerings for a bit. I did put those flower beads for rings or clasps on Ebay yesterday. I don't know how to post a link so read the April 5 notes for the scoop. I finally got around to making something with the PMC squares, clasp, and head pins I made in class with Kate McKinnon a few weeks ago. I'm pretty excited about it. Since the squares are special to me, I will actually keep it for me. You will think I'm crazy but I think this is the only bracelet (besides my Stephanie Sersich style bracelets) that I have just for me.

I'm off to take my 6 yr old to the dentist to have a few baby teeth pulled. His new ones are coming in and the baby ones are barely loose. We kept trying to tell him to wiggle them around to make them loose so they don't have to be pulled. He decided that it would just be easier to have the dentist pull them! Let's just see if he feels the same way in a few short hours!

April 5: Good Morning! I thought I was going to have a small bead set for the boutique today but I'm going to swipe it. It turned out pretty fun and whimsical. I promise to make another one to list in a few days. I love making the fun bright color beads for Spring and Summer way more than the darker colors for Winter.

On another note though. I do have something else I'm excited about. I made a ring following the directions by Jeannette Coons in the April issue of Bead and Button. Can I just say..."Oh my gosh...I love it!" I made about 7 flower beads just for this purpose and I think I am going to list them on Ebay today. I don't normally list on Ebay so you might get a better deal than you would on my boutique page. Just type in the search box TGB Beads and you will find me. My sellers name is keegan2. Here is a picture of one I have posted on my boutique page.

April 4: Good Morning. Oh what another pretty day. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We sure did. The weather was awesome and the kids lived outside. Hubby worked in the yard all weekend and I have to say that it looks fantastic. This is our first Spring in our house and I'm just loving it here. The front porch is the most wonderful thing. Just give me a lapful of beads and I could sit there all day!

My Shag Carpet of Pearls class with Kate Mckinnon was so much fun. I was kidding myself when I thought I would come home the bracelet finished. I think I only got about 2" done! But oh, it is so cool. My friend Vanda came into town from Indiana and we had so much fun. She has been buying beads from me and a few other lampworkers and I got to see all the jewelry she has created. I must admit that I was drooling! She has a wonderful sense of style.

I got to just have fun and play on the torch yesterday. I'm all caught up on orders and it felt so good just to play and do whatever I wanted. I came up with a few new bead styles that I'm pretty excited about. I have some new flowers with cool multicolored petals that really rock and then a new bead style that is fun and funky. I made one for my Max and Me ring and then I thought how cool they would be on jewelry too so I'm going to have fun and make some more of them.

Recently added photos: Check out the Studio page in the About Cassie area too see how lampwork is made.