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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the May 2012 Archive Page

May 20th,2012...Summer is so close

HEADS UP....I will be in vacation mode starting Friday, May 24th - Monday, June 4. There will be no shipping or email answering during this time frame. Any new custom orders for beads or jewelry from this day on will not be started on until after June 4th.

Wow, we are on count down now until school is out for the boys. This is the last week. Things have been in rampted up gear this past week with all of the end of year school activities. I'm excited for the lazy days of summer but not for the chaos that involves 3 boys at home. I'm gonna be eaten out of house and home, but I always enjoy summer so I'm not complaining too loudly yet!!!

I was doing some internet surfing and stumbled across Artful Gathering 2012 I guess this is their second year and is a combination of on-line workshops that you can take in either of two different date sessions. There are some fabulous class offerings and the Relic Frames by Riki Schumacher totally caught me eye and before I knew it, I had signed up for the class. So it starts on June 6 and I think goes for 6 weeks. There are some great class choices so make sure you check them out. It's a great way to have access to classes for those that can't travel or don't want to spend all the money it takes to travel a large distance to find the workshop that floats your fancy.

This is going to be a crazy roller coaster week and I'm not sure if I will have time to check back in before the shop closes so if not, I'll catch ya on the backside after June 4th. TTFN:-)

May 13th ,2012...Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there. Hope it is a fine day. This is the second day of the year that I take full advantage using this holiday for leverage!! Hubby has the boys out back in the garden cleaning it all out and using the tiller and planting veggies for my Mother's Day gift. We are a tad late this year but I don't mind. At least it is getting done:-)

All you beaders out there will appreciate the Mother's Day note that my 8 year old made for me in school. It totally cracked me up. As for my singing ability... I have none but I'm always humming some popular radio tune which in turn drives all the boys crazy. Right now it has been the Justin Bieber song Boyfriend which drives them mad. And I wish I had loads of diamonds and gold in my jewelry box!

Here are the photos of the copper and black stacked bracelets that I made. I'm going to get all of these posted on Etsy this coming week.

And then I thought I would share photos of a few works in progress that I was told looks like a "stick figure" with a red heart. LOL. I had the opportunity to hook up with a local metal/iron blacksmith artisan Stu Barrigan for a project that I think fell through the cracks. But he had made me a few steel crosses to slide beads on and then he could then ball the ends of the steel for me so the beads don't slide off. I didn't have much time to play and just created these few things. I didn't like the way the beads looked when I slid them on the wire. The intersecting lines didn't look right. So I just wire wrapped a heart on top. Sounded fast and easy. He didn't like either one. Said it looked like a stick figure which totally made me crack up and the other one didn't look like me cuz it didn't have any of my beads on it. That wire was too thick for me to trim down so I just left it like it was. I told him they looked better in person but not sure if he bought that line:-)

May 11 ,2012...Hello again

I know people find it frustrating to not be able to post comments here. It's because my blog is all HTML and not hosted by a blogging service but you are more than welcome to post comments on my GlassBeadle Facebook page. It is open to everyone and you can find the link at the top of this page on the left hand side (it's the big blue F photo). I would love to hear from ya!

I knew it had been a while since I've posted but not an entire month. It's one of those deals where it has been so long that there were so many things to chat about that the task seemed daunting and so I would put it off. Then the end of school has brought the normal crazy busy time of field trips, ceremonies, school projects and all the normal sports games and practices that my work time has seriously suffered for it. So what little work time I've had has been used to fill orders but I miss you guys!

So I will try my best to post more often to get caught up and not have an entire book posting for just one day.

But before I forget, I wanted to let all the local St. Louis residents know that I have put some of my jewelry in a local store here in the West County part of St. Louis in Wildwood. You can now find my jewelry at The Porch by Nettie White Interiors on 16957 Old Manchester Road, MO 63040. The store is incredible and it just sort of fell into place for me to sell my jewelry there. The inventory isn't at the level I would like it to be so over the coming weeks I will bump up the choices. I haven't done retail for many years so it will be fun to do. So if you are in the area, please stop by and check it out.

Here are a few items that are available at The Porch. The shop has a darker rich image so I didn't put loads of my brightly colored designs in the shop but I think I will slowly add some more color on the shelves. If you see anything you are hankering for and you aren't local, just email me and I can replicate them.

I've been additcted to making stacked bracelets lately. Haven't been able to make too many of them as I've had to slip them in between orders and my available time to work has been sorely missing but man these are fun. I have another one in dark rich copper colors that I will post soon. The pics are still on my camera and I've ran out of time that I allowed myself to post here. I really plan to list them on my site. The dark black one is up at The Porch and this colorful one I just made last night and I want to covet it for a few days before I make it available for sale.

You wouldn't think it would take long to write up a blog and I get frustrated when I see that I've spent one and a half hours and just have this to show for it. I guess it is all the photo editing. My files are so full of photo sessions and there are about 10-25 photos per an item so I can get all angles and it is a chore to dig through them. I do have a confession though.... I would say that 75% of my photos lately have been taken on the iPhone 4S. The camera on this phone just rocks. The aperature lets in so much light. I recently bought a new $900 camera and a few just as expensive lens that have a 1.8 aperature and the phone still gets lighter photos. (except on white backgrounds and then the expensive camera is the king). Plus now that I have a MAC computer and iCloud, I can just take photos and they magically show up on my computer!!! Dang simple pleasures sure can be swell. But I still find myself also taking photos of the jewelry with my digital camera which means that now I have double the amount of photos to scroll through but I like being able to have lots of choices and the digital can blur the background when I want it to and the iPhone has pretty decent depth of field but it is so nice to have a choice depending on what you want to do. But on cloudy days or on days when the sun isn't yet in the magical spot, the iPhone rocks and saves the day. The photos of the colorful stacked bracelet above were all iPhone pics as I still had two hours to wait for the perfect sun on my digital. I love my iPhone 4S and if any of you are debating about new cell phones and also photograph jewelry, then I hope this input might be helpful.