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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the March 2012 Archive Page

March 27 ,2012... The Day After

Spring Break was great and it was wonderful to sneak away to Florida to visit my parents on their winter trip there. It is always pure chaos getting packed and unpacked but the in between time is fabulous and makes it worth it all. We did this

And this. But Univesal was not on our list of things to do but Connor and I are die hard Harry Potter fans and it was just too tempting!

And a one day trip to Magic Kingdom that was so much fun. I still haven't uploaded my photos from my camera yet. But this a pic of a store in Downtown Disney called trends that caters to the gals. They have the coolest Disney items and this was a pic of part of their ceiling that had all chandeliers. So so cool.

The day after we got home, my baby turned 8. Blows my mind. I see him as that forever 3 month old baby that brought so much pure joy to our lives. I remember his middle of the night feedings and how much I enjoyed that quiet time together and didn't even complain abouto the missed hours of sleep. He was the third baby that I needed to sway my hubby to have. Not that any swaying was needed when the third baby boy entered our lives.

He has the funniest personality. He is very quick witted and can focus in on one thing to the detrement of everything else. For example right now, he really really wants a Rainbow dragon on this iTouch dragon game. Well, that darn dragon will set you back $100 real hard cash. (yes, I do believe the game makers are taking full advantage of people asking that much money for a virtual pet). There is no way, nada chance that he will ever get one of those. Even if we won the lottery or a distant rich uncle dies and leaves us millions would I ever give the game makers that much money for a stupid dragon. But believe me, Caiden has been working us hard for almost 2 weeks to get that darn thing. Even when blowing out his candles on his cake last night he said he didn't want to make a wish cause there was nothing to wish for. I jokingly said to wish for a Rainbow Dragon. His reply is that wish would never come true. Yep, I had to agree with him on that one but happy birthday all the same sweetie.

I listed a few things on Etsy that had been sitting patiently on my beading table. I have a few more custom orders to finish up and then am going to try and restock the etsy store as it is low on in stock goodies.

March 14,2012

Just a heads up that I'll be closing everything down for Spring Break starting on Friday, March 16th. I'll be back in business starting on Sunday or Monday March 25th. No orders will be processed or shipped during this time frame. Sorry for the inconvenince.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Bead Soup Blog hop. It was a lot of fun and I hate to admit but I still have some blogs to visit.

Hubby spelled it out to me last night why I always feel like we are going at full speed and there is zero down time. We have 3 kids that are way too active. Caiden does indoor soccer and cub scouts. Keegan and Connor are in the swim club so they practice 3-4 times a week and we take them to the YMCA most other days to do weights or speed drills and then Connor is also doing Boy Scouts, indoor soccer, and baseball just started this week. Caiden will start swim lessons soon and he is begging to start taking lessons to play the picollo which I've talked him into the flute but when am I going to squeeze that in? Randy seems to travel constantly now which leaves it all in my hands and the big boys get out of school at 2:20. I go to the gym in the mornings and that leaves me very little time.

I should be thrilled I get done what I do but the problem is that there is so so much I want to do and there are so many fun things out there to do. I want to do it all. Life is always so exciting and there are so many great activities to participate in. I keep thinking I need to figure out how to do it all. I guess that is a great place to be that there are so many possibilites and choices out there and that you want to suck life all in.

I did finish up a custom order for this necklace. It is a true labor of love and involves many hours to make.

I also made these enamel flowers for a custom order. After spring break, I'll start to make these available on my Etsy store.

March 3rd ,2012

Welcome to Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Hop. I'm so glad you came. I love the reveal days.

Just to let you know, my blog is all html which means that I do not have a comments section. I know right? I have mixed emotions about switching over to a blogger platform as I am comfortable with my set up. Except for times like this.

So if you would like to post a comment and please don't feel obligated. I totally get the extra hassle and don't mind but if you so desire, my Glassbeadle Facebook page is open to everyone and you can hop over there to post a comment under the Bead Soup post on my wall. Just click on the FB logo right here to transport yourself over there.

So to just give a quick refresher... I was paired with the Fabulous Deryn Mentock Our styles are so different, but I have to admit I adore her style and her designs and want to eat it all up. Sometimes it is fun to get out of the bright and whimsical designs and try something different. I Loved absolutely everything she sent me and could tell that there were way too many possibilites on how to use her great stash. Here is a reminder of what she mailed. I ened up making a necklace and a bracelet out of the pretties.

I had to let these beads sit and fester on my table for a few weeks and all the while I would glance at them, fondle them, love them. Slowly ideas started to simmer. Of course Deryn's cemetary photo resin pendant would have to be the focal of the design. It is large at 2 1/2" tall. I usually don't work with pendants that large. I finally remembered a design that I had created for another necklace that I haven't posted about yet cuz I wanted to really explore and develop the design more, but I thought it would be perfect for my Bead Soup Creation.

So look closely at the pendant area. Do you see it? I made 3 hooks out of sterling silver to hold pendants. Which also make them interchangable. So you can move pendants around. Add more, remove, swap it out, whatever you mood desires.

Here are a few photos of the entire necklace.

Deryn included some awesome gemstones in these dark rich colors. I didn't really feel the need to add a lot of my lampwork beads into the design but did want to add a few to help make it more personal. So you will see some of my lampwork beads on the focal hooks and then I just added a few tiny lampwork disc beads in the dangle sections with the pearls. I also added some small sections of coin chain.

I have never really worked with rhinestones but I love anything shiny and glamorous. They have always appealed to me but didn't seem to go with my brightly colored lampwork beads. So I was thrilled to be able to work with the bling. Her vintage rhinestone clasp is beautiful also. I wanted to add more bling to the design and I've had these diamond like czech beads for a year now just hanging out waiting for me to "choose them". The time had arrived. I couldn't resist adorning them around the gemstone beads.

Deryn also included some vintage satin and I wanted to incorporate it into the design. I tried to use just about everything she included. The clasp threw me for a short detour because it is a double strand clasp and I was only working with a one strand design. So I used some of Deryn's jade and black crystal beads and made 2 long wire wrapped loops and connected them to the single strand. It seemed like a really easy solution after I thought about it.

So if you remember, Deryn also included this small box that when opend revealed beautiful tiny dried rose buds. I couldn't let these go unused so I wire wrapped up the ends and made it so that they could slide onto the focal hooks. I also added one of my wire wrapped pink lampwork bead head pins to balance out the color. Of course pink is my favorite color so I had no qualms about adding its beauty into the design!

Then I know I wanted to make a bracelet but couldn't decide what to do. I've been wanting something that felt hip and trendy and had leather on my mind. The left over gemstones' holes are way too small for leather cord so I wasn't sure what to do. I ended up creating a layered look and made 3 bracelets to be worn at the same time. I must admit that I love this design and I've been wearing them everyday this week. The black leather cord just has some of my basic lampwork beads on it. Then I made a simple bracelet out of dangle coin chain. The third bracelet is my favorite. It incorporates the remaining beads Deryn had sent with a few extras added in, and then I followed the same pattern of adorning the gemstones with bling.

These bracelets inspired me to make the bracelet below and I've turned it into a kit. It is available now to order on my Etsy Store. It has been a while since I've released a new kit and it feels really good.

Finally, to see the list of the 200 participants and to blog hop to see all of the other creations, then you can visit Lori Anderson's Pretty Things Blog to see all of the links. OR..... there is a new set up called Linkys that Lori has set up. I hope it will work as another option to blog hop to all of the participants.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

March 1st,2012

I'm such a dork and live in my own little world and have a 20 second memory. I had it in seared in my mind that March 1st was the Bead Soup Blog hop reveal day. Nope... I was off by a few days. So I had my post all ready to go but now at least I have it all written out and I don't have to worry about writing it all up. Totally since I'm a procastinator and always wait to the last minute.

I'm amazed and kind of happy that it is already March. I'm kind of bummed that we didn't get one good snow this year though. The kids never got to play in the snow one time this year. That just doesn't seem right. Now it's too late and I don't want a big snow fall now as it will mess up with all the flowers and trees starting to bloom. There is always next year.

So I've just been the normal busy behind the scenes. Doing the kids 400 activities that seem to happen all at the same time and making beads and jewels. I finally broke down yesterday and got about 4" cut off my hair and highlights again. It feels really good to change it up a tad. And, I found myself some all blinged out sequined Converse shoes. I love these and have never had a pair and I'm surprised at how comfortable they are.

Here is what I made this week as a custom necklace that I made to match a bracelet.