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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the Feb 2012 Archive Page

February 8th,2012

So the winter days are lingering on and cloudy days seem to out number sunny days. The winter duldroms have set in and I'm wishing for spring. Deep down though, my heart still longs for one good snow. It has been slim pickings this year. The boys got new sleds, boots, and snowboards in preparation for the chidhood days spent outside enjoying the winter fluff. Also, the thought of a snow day that involves an early morning phone call that school is cancelled and the excitment that it brings is sorely missed this year. These were the first thoughts that went through my mind this morning as I was waking up the boys at 6:30 a.m. There was a light dusting. Maybe 1/2" of snow. Pretty and not even on the streets but not quite enough to do anything but admire.

On my way home from dropping the big boys off I snapped this photo at 7:15 a.m. at the front of our street. I texted it to hubby who is in California to let him see what he is missing.

This is the photo that he in return shared with me. Show off. He had to rub it in.

So I know a lot of people post Bead Table Wednesday. I've never done it before and thought that it might be fun. Except right now at this moment, my bead table is really bare and boring. But what the heck. I'm gonna squeeze some time to play with my bead soup beads. They are starting to call my name.

Got some beads here that are gonna be listed over at Etsy soon. I need better pics though as this is the only one that really took.

February 6th,2012

YIKES! I went to go see the Woman in Black this afternoon. No one would go see it with me except my mom. It is SCARY. Old school scary. Not blood and guts scary. It's rated PG-13 but I would never take me 13 year old to see it. He would totally be creeped out. I did enjoy it though. Daniel Radcliffe did a great job and as hard as I tried, you didn't think Harry Potter when watching the movie.

I just added some new earrings over on Etsy.

February 4th,2012

Shine on baby with these fine head pins. Over at my Cassie Donlen Etsy store.

Have you noticed that I've been trying to post more consistantly? Now that I say that I'll probably blow it and go back to my slower ways. Don't worry, I just knocked on wood so that makes it "ok".

This time last weekend, we were getting ready for the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby race. Caiden had a tough act to follow as last year he ended up first place in the the weeblos races, first place over all in the finals, and he got a trophy for a design award. So last year he came home with 3 trophies. This year we told him up front not to expect to do as well. He ended up 4th place in the finals. Which isn't a poke in the eye by any means. He was happy. And, his track record wasn't beat so his name will be up on the boards next year. He was happy about that one.

February 3rd,2012

Just sitting here on the computer and watching Harry Potter on the TV, warming up my feet by the heater while waiting for my kiln to heat up.

I just posted a few new toggles over on my Cassie Donlen Etsy store. I'm giving a handful to my Dad to post over on the Tickle Me Beads Etsy store too.

My handmade toggles and my glass head pins were lucky enough to be featured in the December January Issue 2012 of Step By Step Wire Jewelry's 2012 Special Annual Prouduct Review.

I'll list more of the exact toggle on this page available later today. A few of the glass head pins too.

February 2nd,2012 Finally had a chance to create a few new things. They are over at Etsy.

I've been working on nesting in my workshop. So as I've mentioned before, this has been a 3 year project in the making. Can you tell that I'm excited? Hubby built the entire thing and he is a fair weather work. Anytime it is nice outside, he refused to work in the basement. Can't say I blame him. So as you can see, he only worked a few months each year. It feels so good to have an area to work in that makes you happy. The basement was all concrete and drab with cobwebs all over before so this is a jump up and down change. Plus, it is so nice to have a place for the boys to hang out. It has already had several sleep overs and seen lots of action. Found myself this coolest chair for one of my corners. I fell in love with it and snagged it right away. Found the darn thing at Marshalls of all places. I went there looking for a bathroom wastebasket and walked out with this chair (it's even a Broyhill), the table, lamp, pillows, and a basket. It just brought the area together. My next step is wall art. I posted these on my Glass Beadle Facebook page but couldn't help sharing here too.

This is a small room to the right of my beading table. I swiped it from hubby. He wanted it for his workshop but then when he cleaned it out to hang drywall, I moved in while he was out of town. HA HA HA. It now holds my glass rods and there is another table with a chair that has my metalsmithing set up and where I do all of my hammering, sawing, messy stuff. And yes, it looks messy right now too.

There is a fun story behind the chair on the left. For Christmas, I had gotten the boys new gaming chairs and at the last minute, decided that Caiden needed his own chain too. I was thinking bean bag but of course, every store was out of stock. Connor and I were at the mall and we walked by Justice and saw this fuzzy chair in the window. I snagged it for Caiden and about fell over when I realized how comfortable it was. IT ROCKS! So I said, "I so gotta get me one of those." I waited until they had the 40% off sale and then bought one for me. They only had pink. I love pink but this is 10 year old pink and it doesn't go with my workshop but man, for just a jellin and relaxing in my cozy workshop is awesome with this chair. So, I bought a fun bright pillow and grabbed some extra fabric that I have and I'm going to make a cover for this chair to hide the pink. It isn't awesome but the chair is so comfy that who cares!

This is the viewpoint of the kids area. It hasn't been even touched for decorating yet but I'm hesitant to go all out because the boys wrestle and have sword fights constantly.

This is the kids area.

Life is good. I like to hang out and don't want to leave. Hmmm... when hubby travels, I might even sleep here. LOL

February 1st,2012

Lots of fun stuff going on and the days seems to fly by faster than I can even anticipate. I've had so much fun decorating my workshop and I found the coolest lime green chair the other day. So now I still need to put pics on the walls but you know things are coming together well when you like actually hanging out in your area.

So I got my portion of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup beads mailed to Deryn Mentock last week and she did the reveal on her site so it is safe to share what I mailed her here. I love her style and knew that it was so different from mine. I just felt like sending her my bright and colorful beads wasn't the right thing to do. I know we are supposed to "challenge" each other but I want her to enjoy what she received and feel connected to them also. Deryn mentioned that she liked metalics so I went for browns and golden colors. I must admit that I loved the collection and it was so hard to not grab the beads and start designing with them. I'm going to have to make some duplicates down the road to play with.

Here is a pic of everything I sent her.

Below, these are handmade focals I made using seed beads, copper discs, washers, and wire. Think I will write a tutorial on how to make them. They are so much fun!

Also... for those of you who follow Lori Anderson, already know that she is writing a book. It's a great topic and centers around the Bead Soup exchanges she has been hosting for the past few years. It is coming closer to completion and the photo of the cover of the book has been released. Along with all of the participants in the book Bead Soup exchange. There are some incredible contributors and with Lori's guidance, I'm sure the book is going to be fantastic. I am beyond thrilled to be able to be a participant in the book. I have only seen my completed project and I can't wait to see what everyone created.

You can read all about the book and see the list of contributors over at Lori's blog. Lori's blog is a great place to hang out. She is so kind and offers loads of inspiration. She is a gem.