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This is the April 2012 Archive Page

April 11 ,2012... I'm in love with Rhinestones!

I've got a sick little boy home today with a fever but lucky for him, it is the good sick. He came home early yesterday and felt crummy when he went to bed but this morning he still had a low grade fever but doesn't feel terrible. Which means for kids, it's like a free day home from school!! He has been happliy surfing Amazon looking at his next Ninjago Lego he has to have, lounging on the couch, and watching TV. It is dark and raining here today and a perfect day for lounging.

So Pinterest has been full of the coolest rhinstone jewelry lately. Not sure if it is just now catching my eye and always been there or if jewelry design is heading in that direction more. I love the layered look of bracelets. In my procratination mode this morning I went and found my bag of costume jewelry that I had gotten from my grandmother. She has been collecting the stuff for YEARS. she has buckets and buckets of it. One day about 5 years ago, she let me dig through her jewels and I picked out a small collection that I often pull out and admire but then it gets plopped back inside the bag. There are lots of fun colorful pieces. Lots of clip on earrings before the days of piereced ears. Those orange round ones are pretty fun looking. They are made out of plastic flowers.

And here is a collection of rhinstone jewelry in bracelets, a necklace, earrings, and lots of brooches. The blue one and that grey and black one is stunning!

So still in my procrastinatin stage, I pulled out the 2 rhinstone bracelets and the square rhinstone brooch out of the above photo. Then I grabbed the leather cord bracelet with the black lampwork beads and pinned the brooch to two of the bracelets and in a matter of minutes, made a really cool layered bracelet. The black leather cord makes it more trendy and helps dress it down a tad. Hubby and I are going to an all white upscale party in a few weeks and I'm thinking this will look cool with my white dress. I think I might even wear the necklace that is in the above photo too.

Here is a pic of the bracelets spread a part. BTW, I am going to be offering the leather cord bracelet as a kit. I just need to sit down and write out the directions.

And I have some new rhinstone chain that I've been coveting but I am going to offer it for sale on my Etsy store. Give me a day or two to get it listed.