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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the July 2011 Archive Page

July 29, 2011: Today is a special day and a milestone in our family. Our oldest child turns 13 years old today. I can't help but sit here and reflect upon these past 13 years and how special and blessed our lives have been with him. Even in all of his sassy glory, he is an incredible child and I'm so proud of him. He is maturing so fast now and has changed so much this past year. I look at photos from last summer and he looks to have matured by 4-5 years instead of just one year. So today will be an all about Keegan day (even through I told him last night that the world does not stop moving even on his birthday as he complained about the floor people honing in on his big day).

We had an early celebration last night and I love his facial features.

Man was I kidding myself. Here I thought this week would be a week of leisure and down time without my torch. It is just as busy doing beady stuff that I had avoided trying to work on the torch and keeping the kids entertained and managing the floor people coming in and out. And... still not sure when the floors are going to be done. They've tried to come the last 2 days and put the top coat on but it hasn't dried all of the way yet from when they had to saturate the floors with water to remove the excess stain. I can't wait to see the final outcome. I think it is going to turn out stunning.

So mark in your calendars that August 1-3 is the sign ups with Lori Anderson over at for the Bead Soup Beading exchange. All of the details are over on her site but the premise is that she will pair you up with another jewelry designer and then you guys exchange bead packets that you personally create and then design a piece of jewelry out of it. Then on Sept 17th, you post what you created on your blog and everyone hops around to each other's blogs looking at all the pretty creations. It is just a fun acitivity that sparks some good inspiration and imagination. So join in on the fun.

Then there are a few other beading magazines that I've got projects in that I haven't had a chance to share. I have 6 projects in lastest issue of Easy Wire. I can't say enough good things about this issue. There are the most incredible designs scattered throughout the magazine. You will find yourself drooling on all of the pages. I'm serious! Find it at your local craft store on on Interweave Presses website. They also sell it as a digital downloadable copy which means you don't even have to hop in your car on a shopping mission to enjoy it right away.

Then there is another magazine issue on the stands right now called Bracelets 101. They included my bracelet that got first place in the Hearts Category of Bead Star 2010. It is on the stands right now also and also has some fanatastic projects. Total inspiration overload!

July 22nd: It's after 1 a.m. in the morning but wanted to let you know that I just got listed on my etsy store all of the enamel toggles I have on hand. Intro price of $10 each. Grab them while they are hot.

We went to go see the Harry Potter movie on IMAX 3D. It was awesome. I'm not a 3D fan and avoid seeing movies in 3D but had to try out our new IMAX theater. I actually liked it way better in 3D vs. 2D. Wish I would have seen the 3D the first time. Oh well.. I'm off to bed. Chat soon!

July 21st: I have loads to share and talk about. I guess that happens when you don't post very often. So I'm gonna try to cram a lot of in in now and then will probably have to come back and finish it all up so I don't bore you all in one post. BUT.. you do need to know that

After this weekend, I will not be on the torch or making beads or doing any metalsmithing work for 2 weeks. So any orders for beads that are placed from here on out will not be worked on until August 8th. I know right? (just had to sound like my almost 13 year old for a second.)

So you guys have heard me whine for the past few years about getting the basement finished. This process has dragged on FOREVER. But we are so close now. This is important for me as my workshop is down there and it is also in the area that is getting finished. We tossed back and forth over what to do with the floor in my area. As there are always bits of small glass all over and hot glass sometimes dropping on the floor. So we decided to go with the process of acid etched concrete. I love this look. We are going with the mahogany color which looks like a brownish red marble when complete. So...we've been waiting for the past 6 weeks for them to come and do the floors. Now the bad part is that you can't walk on the floors for 5-7 days as it has to cure. Thus, no beads will be made but supplies will still be shipped.

Then the following week, the office will be closed for vacation and nothing will shipped or processed until August 7th.

I feel like I have lots to update in the beading world too but want to point out a few magazine issues that I've been getting questions on.

.... oh man you have got to check this out. eMagazines (for electronic) are the next thing in the future. And I can see why. Interweave Press has just released their very first issue of Live Wire eMag. It is put together by the editor Denise Peck from Step By Step Wire magazine. I had no idea what to expect and just thought when I previewed it that it would be just a magazine that you read on the computer that is basically the same format but no hard copy. Boy, was I wrong. It is a totally interactive experience that features great new wired jewelry projects and has fabulous videos to watch on certain techniques scattered throughout the pages. The videos are nice and short and are very helpful. The colors are stunning and I can't think of a better way to spend only $9.97. And..there are hardly any advertisements that I saw but the one that stands out in my mind was helpful as it featured a video using a beading tool that I had never seen or used before.

I have a bracelet project that is featured in the eMag and you will find great projects from other well know artists including my beady friends Kerry Bogert and Cindy Wimmer.

Even watching the home page load is lots of fun. I won't spoil it but man, I can't brag enough about how cool this eMag is. To find it, head over to The Interweave Press Store to purchase for immediate download your first ever copy of Live Wire. That even has a super duper cool name!

So the latest issue Aug/Sept of Step By Step Wire features my Chain of Hearts Bracelet in it. Yippee! I love this bracelet and now you too can make your own. I have listed over on my Etsy store, options to purchase just the lampwork beads to make it, the toggle, and even the red heart. So saunter over that way if you want any of the beads needed to make this design. Oh, and for the silver chain, I did see the cheap base metal chain in this exact patten over at Michael's Craft store or JoAnn's. I can't remember for sure which store had it.

So I'll be back to post shortly about the latest sign ups for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup exchange that sign up start on August 1st for. I wanna give you some details on it and encourage you to participate.

And... I've got some new copper enameled toggles to post for sale and I've got more of the etched copper and brass toggles coming shortly too. I'll just tease you with a small photo. Since I only have a few days to torch before I'm shut down for 2 weeks, I probably won't post these until Monday or Tuesday. So stay tuned as I will give a shout over here when they are ready.

July 15th: Wow, talk about not posting on my blog. It has been 2 weeks and I had no idea! Don't get me wrong, I knew it had beeb a while. Just not that long. Lots has been going on behind the scences. The kids are keeping me beyond busy and it is really hard getting any beading time slotted in between the days. It seems like hubby has been traveling half the summer and that adds even more to my activity list. Now, granted... I love summer activity lists of going to the pool, the movies, Six Flags, play dates, swim team every morning and swim meets one evening a week, piano, swim lessons, and somewhere within all of that I've got to squeeze in work. I find that my problem is that I LOVE each and every activity and LOVE work too. And, in between all of this, Caiden got me hooked on Pocket Frog on the iPod. I LOVE that game. I laugh at myself though as all I want to do is collect pink and purple frogs and color changing frogs.

I'm having Harry Potter anxiety... I CAN'T WAIT to see the final movie. My mom took Connor and my niece to the midnight showing last night. They wore their Harry Potter capes and attire and brought their wands from Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. They got lots of attention and got interviewed and video taped from the local St. Louis Post Dispatch.

So in the beading world... I got listed some of the new chain that I've been using on my Etsy store. I'll soon have it posted on and you can also find it on my new Etsy store titled "Tickle Me Beads" too. Just go to Etsy, and type in TIckle Me Beads under the drop down "Shops" section and you will find it. This is fun and exciting for me. Do you remember me mentioning that my Dad was going to take over this store front for me when they got back from vacation. Well... take over he did. He is rocking it. I went over yesterday to give him some Etsy lessons and he took to it right away. He got all the items listed that I brought over to him. So, now I'll get ready to round up another batch for him. The slow part is getting the store to take off. That takes some time and there hasn't been any sales yet. But I always say that you need a good 6 months for a store to become succussful on Etsy. So to help my darling Dad (whom I lovingly call Dumplin) to feel like his new store is succussful, here is a coupon code for free shipping on the new Etsy store Tickle Me Beads. Upon check out, please enter the code "Grandopening" (it has no spaces) to get free domestic only shipping. This code is good for 3 days and will expire at noon time on July 18th. Plus, the new chain is also over there!

Here is a simple bracelet that I made with the large linked copper chain. This chain is so dreamy! The bracelet is posted for sale on my Etsy store.