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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the April 2011 Archive Page

April 30th: Rain Rain Go Away... Come again another day...I feel like all of the snow has been replaced with RAIN. That is all our weather has been for over a week. It is really really really starting to make me very surly.

I just posted the 4 bead sets over on Etsy. (link is at the top of this page under the header). I'll do the jewels later. I'm getting tired of sitting here and think I need to go get some beads made before the house floats away.

April 29th: I'm just sitting here editing photos and thought I would share. I'm getting ready to post a few things on Etsy. I have 4 bead sets and a couple more bracelets that need to be added. When my computer got that virus last week and I had to work on our desk top computer I realized in horror that the colors on my monitor on my lap top are so faded and blah. Which means.. I had been way over adjusting all of my photos. When I was done with them, they looked normal to me. Then I discovered that normal on other computers is way over saturated. I cringe just thinking about this. So, when I'm working on photos, I have hooked up an external monitor to my lap top. Which helps a lot and when I compare them side by side, the photos on my lap top are so dark and washed out. But... now I'm chained to an external monitor and I really want to take my computer and lounge in bed as the kids are all down and I'm officially off duty. I DVRed Deadliest Catch and I'm looking forward to watching it. So, I think I will just post this pic and go do exactly that:-)

April 28th: I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. The kids are home from school today and I've got 5 boys in the house on a rainy day. It seems like St. Louis has gotten national attention with the storms and tornados we had a few days ago. Just crazy crazy weather. We are all fine. There were 2 big storm sytems cutting through St. Louis Friday night and we happened to be sitting right in between both of them right on the outer edges. The sirens kept going off every 10 min. it seemed like and all the damage happened about 25 miles North of us. Although I jokingly told my hubby that it sure would be nice to have roof damage to get a new roof:-)

We spent a leisure day yesterday which of course included Easter baskets, egg hunts, church, and a swell brunch at Holihan's. It was a very nice day. For the past few years, my parents have been buying the kids tiny Steiff animals. This year they got the cutest little teddy bears that are around 3" tall.

The boys trying to figure out how to get an egg down from the doorbell. Connor finally grabbed a kite package to knock it down.

And the big boys showing Mimi Keegan's air soft gun. They even had her shoot a few rounds. I have no idea why Connor is wearing an easter basket on his head BTW.

April 17th: Well, I'm so glad I didn't write about my "something fun" last week as I was totally surprised to hear that it will no longer be happening. So it is the nature of life and things don't always pan out the way we expect.

To be honest, I really did not plan to apply for any teaching opportunities this year. I had a blast at Bead Fest Wire 2010 but it was a lot of hard work and I just couldn't see myself doing it again anytime soon. Granted, that was partly my fault from being inexperienced and taking on 5 classes in a 3 day period was just one of those "are you crazy?" things. So when I got an unexpected email asking if I would be interested in teaching at Wire Masters Baltimore, I was totally caught off guard. There had been a cancellation and thus an opportunity was born. I gave it some serious thought and got really excited about it and said "heck ya". But I had to come up with some new classes and get everything written up and submitted as registration was supposed to start tomorrow. I got my part all done and emailed everything Thursday night while letting off a great sigh of relief.

In the mean time when all of this was going on, my hubby was out of town and my darn computer got a virus. I thought my hard drive had failed and I was trying to figure out how much I was willing to pay to see if I could have a company retrieve all of my data off my hard drive as it hadn't been backed up since December. I had all the photos I had taken for four classes on my computer and I was devastated to think that I would have to start over. I ran it up to Best Buy and the Geek Squad guy realized that it was just a virus. And for $200 they would remove the virus for me. My hubby is a computer geek and I hated the thought of spending $200. So instead I spent $100 for them to put all of my files on an external hard drive so I could at least have all the photos I needed. Hubby came home Thursday night and after an hour, gave me a bill telling me I owed him $200 for fixing my computer:-)

Friday morning I got an email saying that this particular event was going to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

"What?...No Way..." I thought. I just spent all of this time getting everything together and now that I was mentally committed, I was getting excited about teaching again. But that is just the way things go in the business world and I totally understand it. So, I thought I would at least post pics of 2 of the projects I was planning on teaching. I had made up different color combos for the students to choose from.

Would it be in poor taste if I mentioned that I LOVE these bracelets? They are so cool, and I would have NEVER created them if I hadn't thought I needed some new projects and for that I am thankful.

The bracelets below involve my first time of really creating with copper instead of silver. The flower and domed discs are silver but everything else is copper. It is a totally different look and as much as I LOVE the look of silver, I discovered that I am quite pleased with copper. Especially when it is given a patina finish.

April 12: Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Things have been really crazy here both personally and professionally.

I came upon an unexpected intensive dead line that I'm anxious to share. So I've been trying hard to get it done and work on orders that I feel like should have been completed yesterday. I'm feeling the pressure. If I can get my act together over this coming weekend, I'll share the fun news. If not, it will be official on Monday and I will let you know then:-) That means ya gotta come back. Hopefully? Maybe? Pretty Please?

In the mean time, to give your eyes something to feast upon, I thought I would share a funny photo I took at a tourist trap in Orlando, FL a few weeks ago. Hubby and my oldest thought these were so funny. As if you would expect anything less from a gal that lives with 4 boys. No princess goop in my house. I look at this photo and am amazed to believe that my oldest will be 13 this summer. That sweet big boy was born at 4lbs and 4oz. How did this happen? Although truth be told, he has always been "a farting machine". He just takes great pride in it now.

April 2: April Fools day is a fun day for the boys in the Donlen household. We all have fun coming up with simple jokes. Even Caiden joins in on the fun and is trying to convince Randy that he bought him a Viper car in his favorite color red and it is sitting in the garage right now. Randy played along and acted all upset when he had been April fooled.

Our big fun joke came upon Connor as all week he has been begging (driving me crazy begging) for one of the new Nintendo 3DS 3D video game systems that came out last Sunday. So I figured if I sold his old DS and a few other things that have been needing on go on Ebay that we could get the new 3DS.

Randy came up with the idea to make a fake one out of cardboard and paper and then put it in the real box and we could April Fools him when he opened the box. He even put batteries inside the box to make it heavy.

Connor was convinced that there is no way he would ever get one and that it would be 4-5 years if he did get one. So he was VERY skeptical when we gave him the real Nintendo box. Connor opened the box but was not expecting there to really be a game inside. So, when he opened the box and pulled out the handmade one. He just shook his head and nodded that he was right and wasn't fooled in the least. Randy was standing behind Connor and holding up the real 3DS over his head. Caiden was laughing that Randy was doing this and Connor was getting frustrated with Caiden because his laugh was really delayed and the joke was over. Finally Caiden told him to look above his head and Connor got a huge grin on his face. It was really cute.

By the way, Connor got a hair cut today about 10 min. after this photo was taken. Sometimes I think my sons are sheep dogs.

Although, after the fun was over and Caiden realized that Connor just got this really cool gift for doing so well in school and "why doesn't he get anything because he has had some really good papers at school lately and that just isn't fair." Mind you we got all of this on video and it as so funny. So then we bought Caiden some gold coins for his stupid pirate game on the iTouch and he was a happy camper and life was swell again!

Connor is the middle child and really does suffer from the middle child syndrome. So whenever we can do things that make him stand out from his brothers and make him feel special, I feel really happy as a parent. Speaking of which, last weekend we went to do see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid that just came out. If you have kids in this middle school age group, the movie is awesome. It was way better than the first and we were all laughing out loud a lot. Randy and Keegan decided that I was just like the mother in the movie. And I would smile sheepishly because when it came to the part where Greg's mother found out that he liked a girl, she acted just like me and that is not a good thing from a 12 year old's perspective!