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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the May 2010 Archive Page

May 24th: Count down till the end of school is at 3 more days. YIKES! Count down till the pool is open 5 more days. YEA!

I started a Face Book Page under Glass Beadle. I figured it would be a more interactive way to chat it up with everyone. Here is the link to find the page on Face Book. It is open to everyone. Just click the "like" button to subcribe and become my Glass Beadle Friend.

And... I just posted on there something cool that I started working on last week. I want to play some more with the design but I wanted to throw out a cool teaser to draw you in to see the creation. It is something totally different!

All sorts of cool things going on. Hey, have you seen Interweave Press's new website called It it a top notch site that is loaded with information. Today's blog posted by Denise Peck (who is the Step By Step Wire Jewelry editor and the senior editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist) wrote about "Soldering and Fusing Made Simple". She posted a few photos of my work in the article. Sweet!

My 5th grade son went on a school trip to the Rocky Mountains. They left last Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. and will get home in a few hours. I can't wait to see him. There were 130 kids that went on 4 motor coach buses. It was a party atmosphere when we dropped him off. They had to sleep on the bus going there. With no cell phone reception, we haven't been able to speak to him but have gotten daily email updates from the science coordinator. It sounds like they are having a blast. All except the square dance part where we were told that the boys would rather have the flu for a week than touch a girl's hand! Although, the coordinator did say to not let the kids fool you. It is more cool to say they weren't having a good time square dancing but there was lots of smiles and laughing going on. They also did a lot of hiking, catching salamanders in the creek for observation, camp fires, and all sorts of educational experiences. This is an optional trip and we were kind of skeptical about letting him go but it gets such great reviews. They go somewhere different every grade year.I love our school district!

Here is a pic of Keegan and his buddies on Thursday before they left. He is in the middle.

So Keegan should be home in about 2 hours and I can't wait to see him and get all of the stories. We had a busy weekend without him which helped make the time go by fast. I had a garage sale on Saturday. My parents had the other boys do a sleep over so hubby and I had a great date night. Then Sunday afternoon we went to Six Flags for the first time this season. The weather is hot and it feels like summer now.

I do have more things to share but I don't want to overload you so come back later and I'll post some more:-)

May 18th: Whew, what a whirlwind day. I did not slow down until about 10 p.m. tonight. I was home for all of 30 min until about 8:30 tonight. So glad every night is not like that. I would go crazy. So my 2 big boys made the school track team this year and the track meet was today. It was a beautiful day and after 10 days of clouds and rain, we finally got the sun back. The meet was against 6 other elementary schools in the school district. I did not realize what a big deal and huge production the entire event is. It was a fun upbeat celebratory atmosphere and lasted until around 2 p.m. I was so glad I was able to go and soak up the sun and all the fun.

The kids school ended up taking the over all first place. There are some incredible super duper fast kids. It is mind blowing. Connor (my 4th grader) was in the 200 meter relay and then eneded up placing first place. Keegan (my 5th grader) was in the 400 meter relay and ended up placing 3rd.

Connor's 4th grade buddies

Keegan's 5th grade buddies.

May 8: A Happy Mother's Day indeed. Today was a great day jam packed. I even got my veggie garden planted today with all of my boys working on it. It is a good thing that Mother's Day comes during planting season because otherwise, I don't think I would have a garden. It's a lot of work getting it ready every year and I'm thankful that it is something that I don't have to do. I love flowers and veggies but just don't have the time to garden so it is fab that I have a husband that loves to plant flowers and tend to the yard.

We had a great dinner with my parents and my brother and his family at Chevy's. My brother and I had dueling iPads and it was fun to show each other the different apps that we have bought. I learned of a few new ones that I need to add to mine. Hubby is having "i" issues and keeps calling his Droid Incredible phone the "iDroid". Makes for a good laugh.

This week is one of those crazy weeks. Actually, now that I think about it, so is the following week and the week after that until school is out. I'm sure everyone is feeling the same way though. I'm just counting down the days till lazy river opens back up for my life in the land of leisure for a short amount of time!

May 6th: It is so nice to have spring in full swing. Things are starting to wind down at school which means that all of the end of year activities are ramping up fast.
Hubby is out tilling the garden right now so we can get some veggies planted. I've waited all winter for summer to be around the corner and now it is hard to believe it is almost here.

I've been busy ramping up the work outs getting ready for swimsuit season. My girlfriend and I have moved off of the treadmill in the gym and out to the awesome trails we have by our house. I find it very easy to slack off on the treadmill but that is hard to pull off when running outside with a partner. And my partner likes to run 6 miles! We are doing great pulling it off but it feels like I am forever pulling some sort of muscle in my legs. This week it is my calves, the other week it was my hamstrings, before that shin splints. Good grief... when will it end. I'm hoping by the end of next week I'll be used to the added stress on my body. I've never been a runner my entire life. To run 100 yards was hard. So I'm proud to be doing what I'm doing but I sure will be happy when my body agrees and stops complaining!

So still not much going on behind the scenes. The days just fly by and I feel like I get nothing done. But I did force myself to sit down and add a necklace over on the boutique page. I'll get it listed on Etsy too I guess. I feel like I've let my beady business really slow down and I need to get back on tract and get motivated. It seems like once a year I get like this. Hope it doesn't last much longer.

May 1: Well that stinks.... I just typed up an entire post and somehow lost the whole thing. Sigh... oh well.... I was just saying that sorry I haven't been around much. I think I had burnt myself out and just needed some down time. Now I need to find my beading mojo because it seems like it has disappeared. Life has been crazy busy with all of the kids activities but in one month, it should really slow down. Although... I must admit that I've grown to really love my days at home while the kids are at school. I'm not sure how it is going to go over having all 3 boys home all day everyday! I'll just keep them busy with lots of activities and the lazy river at the pool is calling me and I think I will just spend the entire summer floating on a innertube!

I did post a few new items on Etsy. Mother's Day is coming and I thought it would be a good time to have some gift options. I still have a decent amount of things to post. Just need to take more photos.

And... I let my inventory get kind of large on some of my steel design stamps over at So I just posted the entire section of design stamps and alphabet stamps on sale at 25% off. I think the sale runs until May 9th.

Hubby and I have been in tech heaven these past few days. My iPad 3g arrived yesterday. Can I just say that I'm in LOVE. This thing is incredible!!! I am so happy with it! When I heard that it was coming, I started saving all my nickels and dimes. It is worth every cent. I love having the 3g option and the pages load really fast when using the 3g service. When at home, it just uses the wifi. But being able to be connected all the time on something that is small enough to keep inside my purse but larger than my blackberry's tiny little screen is just devine.

I have a weakness. Gadgets... I love gadgets..When new things come out... I really really want one. I did good holding off on buying a Kindle. I wanted one really bad. But... you see.. I don't read books hardly at all anymore. There is no time. But... I do listen to audible books all of the time. I'm a member of and I just download the book and listen on my itouch. So I still get to listen to books. So, I never broke down and bought a Kindle because it would frankly just sit there most of the time. But, the ipad has a Kindle app and the IPad has iBooks app. So now I have BOTH!! What a dream.

Hubby just got the Droid Incredible. I have to admit that it is quite incredible. We really want an iphone but won't switch from Verizon. This phone was just released on Thursday. It is the closest thing to an iphone. Acts very similiar to it and Droids are getting lots of apps now too. I had been holding out for the iphone to come to Verizon but this is pretty sweet and I think I would be just as happy with it.

ok... I won't bore you with anymore ramblings. I promise to get my beady life back together and talk about fun stuff sometime in the near future:-)

Here is a pic of my new baby just seconds out of the box:-)