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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the June 2010 Archive Page

June 28th: Wow, I can't believe the kids have been out of school for 1 month today. The days are just flying by. Last week was such a crazy busy week. Hubby went to Honk Kong and China for work all last week. He was a busy busy bee but I think it was a really good trip for him and a lot of wonderful new experiences. There is a 13 hour time difference from where we live and it was strange when we would be going to bed, he would be waking up. We didn't get to speak much because it is pretty expensive but I did get great stories when he got home Saturday night around 11:30 p.m. He brought lots of fun little treats for everyone. I'm so happy to have him back. Life isn't the same without him but I knew he was in good hands and that he was having a grand experience.

I think the vertical photo is in Hong Kong and the photo of him is at the harbor in Hong Kong. The other nighttime foggy photo is in Shanghi. I think he really really liked Shanghi. He traveled somewhere else in China but now I don't remember the name.

This was one of his meals. Look closely... do you see what is on the plate?

He said everyone hangs out laundry to dry outside.

He has loads of probably better pics but these were taken with his phone and were just emailed to us throughout his trip. So I thought I would just share some of the pics that I already had on my computer.

June 24th: Did I ever mention that I have the best grandmother? She is now 85 years old and spry as ever. She is one of those grandmothers that fits along your childhood imagination of what a grandma should be like. I have some of the warmest and most fuzzy memories of spending time with her, my grandfather, and my great grandparents "in the county". Which is about 1 hour and 45 min away from our house. And... it is way down in the county with rock roads, loads of creeks, and cows everywhere.

I think it is important for my kids to have some of the same experiences that I was so blessed to have at their age. So I packed them up and adventured down to grandma's for a few days. We stopped and bought some fire works, chose to drive the rock roads that zip around to get to my grandmother's house. Along the way we always drive by my grandfather's old school house that he attended when he was a small child. This is the photo at the bottom of the collection below. The old building never ceases to amaze me as I imagine my grandfather as a young zippy boy walking in 6 feet of snow (as he always told us!) to get to school. Sadly, he passed away only a few weeks after Keegan was born.

So we came home tonight with 2 more HUGE tadpoles and 2 teeny tiny oh so cute catfish. One tadpole has all 4 legs and the other tadpole has 2 legs. I'm hoping they will teach the other tadpole that we brought home last August to grow legs as we have had that crazy thing for 10 months and there isn't even an inkling of any legs forming. It is just crazy!

My cousin Angie packed up her 4 kids and drove down this morning to spend the day with us also. The kids had soooo much fun playing together. It was a beautiful day and wonderful memories were created and the boys will sleep well with many happy thoughts and memories to inspire them throughout the night.

June 20th: So have you guys seen Toy Story 3 yet? Hubby took the day off on Friday and we went in the morning to see it. Oh the anticipation as we sat in our chairs, munching on popcorn, sipping our Cokes, and being bombared with commercials that we are now forced to watch while waiting for the show to begin (actually I took my iPad in the theater and tuned it all out while doing emails before the show began. There is never enough minutes in the day to do e-mails. They tend to pile up at the blink of an eye). The lights dimmed, we settled in our chairs, and with a gleeful look dived into the movie with our full attention.

Without being a spoiler, all I want to say is that the movie did not disappoint. The story line was fresh and very entertaining with all of the anticipated adult humor spattered throughout the movie. What I was not expecting was to get teary eyed in the end. I could not believe it but my eyes were welling up with tears. You know that feeling you get when you feel like a dork for crying in the movie theater so you try your best to blink fast, look up in the air, anything to avoid dabbing your eyes and making it obvious that you are all teary eyed. I glanced at Keegan next to me and was so happy to see that he had pools of tears in his eyes too! Whew, that made me feel better and while Keegan and I are trying not to cry, hubby and Connor are poking at us and giggling.

So Keegan had another track meet this past Saturday morning. It was a hot sunny day and the golf umbrellas well appreciated shade made it comfortable to sit and watch the action.

June 19th: Wow, I had no idea that these toggles would be so popular. It's very exciting and they are still in the begging stages of development and I really want to play some more on the design ideas. Here is another style of toggle I've made. I'll try to get them available this coming week. I did list a few more toggles and have a few more new ones to still list over at my Etsy store.

It is strange but I had a huge weight lifted off on my shoulders on Thursday morning. I couldn't believe how relived and happy I felt when our contractor decided to bail and not complete the job. We had the "come to Jesus" talk with him and basically said that we weren't happy that he painted all of the walls before the dry wall mud and tape part was finished properly. We gave him the option of fixing all of the mistakes before anymore payment was made or to just walk away. He chose to walk away. Silly me, I was thinking that I would have the basement done and ready to set all up in a few weeks. I should have known better.

Not sure what our next steps will be but at this point I don't care! It is summer and I was going crazy not being able to go places and do things with the kids because I had to be stuck at home. The happy dance is what I did after they walked out the door. I'M FREE!

June 16th: I just posted more toggles on Etsy. These are just duplicates of the ones that already sold. I do have other fun beads to use in other designs. So I will work on those shortly.

This entire basement thing is just driving me INSANE. I thought we were getting closer but sadly tonight we realized this is not the case. I looked in shock and disbelief at what a crappy job he had done with not finishing up the mud properly on the dry wall and the horrid paint job that he slapped on the walls. This was supposed to be a 1 week job but it is coming up on 3 weeks and our summer is being wasted because I'm grounded at home every bloomin day not knowing when he is coming or leaving. I'm pulling my hair out. So tomorrow is one of those "come to Jesus days" where there is going to be a confrontation. I want my workshop back, I want a clean house again, I want the lazy river again, I want, I want, I want....

Tuesday night Keegan had a track meet. Earlier in the day, we wondered if there would be a meet as we had two thunderstorms race through the area. But around 4:00 the sun came out and started to dry up all the rain. Leave it to boys though, my other 2 kiddos and their buddy Kyle found a large rain puddle that captivated their attention for the two full hours of the meet. They had a ball. I had to give kudos to my good friend Ilyse as Kyle had just gotten new shoes the week before and she didn't yell at him for getting them saturated in the water puddle. She is a better woman than I am.

June 15th: Qtlry tax day and I'm in procrationation mode as sitting here in front of me for 2 long days is the statement and envelope. I guess I better write out the check now before I forget and miss the 15th deadline. The government frowns upon tardiness.

We've got a nice strong rain shower going on and I wonder if Keegan will get to participate in his track meet tonight. I'm still grounded at home waiting for the contractor to finish the basement. He beats to his own drum and I never know when he is coming (like at 10:30 this morning) or leaving like at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. I just want the basement done. It is a mess and there is so much white dust from all the sanding that you walk down there and come up looking like a snowman. My workbenches and tools are covered in a white dust regardless that they are protected by plastic sheeting.

We saw Ronald McDonald today and Caiden just asked how he takes his shoes off.

So... I'm getting ready to post toggles on Etsy. There are two choices of the round part of the toggle. Choose one with swirls or just dots.

Cassie's Etsy Store

June 13th:

I'm back from Bead and Button. There are more photos that I uploaded on Face Book if you want to see more. Another fantastic year of shopping and hanging out with one of my best buds. I was supposed to arrive in Chicago from St. Louis around 12:30 but there were storms and O'hare closed the airport to incoming flights and our plane had to go land in Peoria, IL for a while. Sigh... so I didn't end up getting into Chicago until about 3:30. So by the time we drove to the show, it was 6:00 and we only got 2 hours of shopping time in on Friday before they closed.

We had a plan and went to the few booths that were the most important to us right away. We did shop all day on Saturday and felt like we covered everything for the most part. I always feel like you need a few days break to play with what you bought because I always say to myself that I wish I would have bought this or a lot more of that. And then I always seem to buy stuff that I never use. I keep everything I buy at Bead and Button in one of those plastic bins. I have loads of stuff from the last 2 years each in their own bin that I have never touched. So I tried to be more conservative this year and just buy things that I for sure think I will use.

It is funny how your taste changes over the years. I did end up buying a few seed bead kits this year. I never really play with seed beads and the most I've really done is taken a class with Kate McKinnon on making one of her square stitch bracelets but I have never ever finished it and did not pick it up again to even work on after taking her class. So I'm hoping to work on these kits.

I often feel like I'm just a collector of beads. I bought about $30 worth of sequins from Gail Grossman Moore. Why? I don't know. I guess to add to the $25 worth that I bought last year from her. They are just sooooo cool. And when you see them, you can't help but want to hoard them. So I've made a challenge to myself to do something with them.

A lot of the booths this year were doing demos to lure you in. Those were pretty cool and I must admit worked on us for we ended up buying a stringing tool that we would have never bought otherwise.

And a fun unexpected treat was meeting a customer of mine, Kathy, from England. We had spoken by email before she left for the show and just left it up in the air if we would see each other. I was to keep my eyes open for 2 girls with English accents and she was to look for me and Joan with black hair. Within 30 min of being at the show, Kathy found us. I couldn't belive it. She was having a ball and did a lot of buying. I think she mentioned about 200 pounds of pearls will be going home with her. Then we ran into her and her sister at dinner. Their photo is in the pics above. That was a nice surprise.

It was a great trip and my one time a year to spend the weekend with Joan. We laugh and giggle and catch up on everything. She loaded me up with the cutest belt buckles and 3 awesome belts she makes. I felt so guilty taking them all.

I'll try to take pics of my buys to share with you. Right now, I'm hanging out of the bed with 6 year old Caiden and hubby and watching Toy Story 2 on ABC Family and getting excited for Toy Story 3 to come out on Friday!

June 10th: I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow morning to head out to Bead and Button. My friend Joan is picking me up at the Chicago airport and we are driving straight onto shopping. I can't believe it has been an entire year since I've seen Joan. Way too long and we are going to have a grand time together. I'm like a little girl brimming with excitement.

I plan to post photos on the Glassbeadle Facebook page so stay tuned over there. And... if you saw those really cool toggles that I posted on Facebook then I have 6 of them ready to sell. I just need to take photos. I'm hoping to get that going in the next 30 min but I'm busy doing laundry, cleaning, and taking care of a six year old that apparently has strep throat as of this morning. Thank goodness it was that and not the flu like I was worried about. The thought of getting this close to Bead and Button and then coming down with the Flu right before it starts does not sound like fun.

June 5th: What a lovely time I've been having sitting in the gazebo on our front porch. I don't spend enough time here. It is warm and humid with a delightful breeze. Exactly the way I love it. I wonder if I should mention that sitting a foot from me in a red bucket is a small ring snake that Keegan found and wanted to observe before letting it back into the wild or the fact that my hubby informed me that the other stack of chairs that we haven't taken apart but I've been sitting on top of even a few hours ago has 3 wasps nests right under the bum area. Good thing I didn't get stung earlier!

But I did just see that are huge hydanga bushes are loaded with blooms and they are starting to turn colors. This is the first year that we have half of them in various shades of lilac to a deeper purple. As your eye follows down the line, they end up gradually going from purple to pink. We haven't done anything different with the soil so not sure why the color change but I'm not complaining. It is quite a pretty sight.

While sitting here, I did add a few pairs of earrings on Etsy. I guess not having a torch for a week is letting me get a few things added but I still keep finding myself getting distracted. We are getting ready to meet some friends that we haven't seen in a year for a late afternoon and evening at Six Flags. Can't wait.

Oh btw... these earrings are so cool. The beads on the silver hoops are removable so you can shake things up and wear all the beads or just one of the beads. Once my torch is back up, I plan to make lots more!

June 4th: I've been stuck at home all week while the contractor is finishing up the basement. I keep wondering why we didn't do this while the kids were still in school as being home all week with kids off school is no fun.

I'm guessing most of next week work will consist of being home for the contractor too. Sigh.. It is worth it to get the basement done so I'm trying not to whine loudly but I also cannot work as my station is all taken down.

Kerry had asked to see a pic of it in progress so this is what it looks like now. The bench is usually against the wall and you can see my ventilation unit. Kind of makes for an eye sore:-).

My kiln and oxy concentrators and all of my glass is stuck in this room. This is a tiny little room that hubby keeps calling his workshop but I keep trying to steal it. Actually, I've been trying to convince him to just set up my vent unit in here and let me make this my little workshop and then my old work area won't be an eye sore and it can just become part of the finished basement. Then we don't have to worry about flooring and all the glass and burn marks that I'm sure to drop and destroy. A concrete floor makes you careless:-)

I listed these on Etsy today. Just another somethin somethin I have been playing with. The silver disc is actually quite cool in person. I really like the tiny lampwork beads on it. Just click on the photo to go Etsy. And... I'm getting ready to list a few bags (on etsy) of reject stainless steel head pins. There are probably about 1,000 in each bag but most of them are bent. 85 -90% are still usable. I just don't like putting them in with the regular stainless steel bags that I sell. I've been colleting them for awhile and thought someone would like to have these at a reduced price!

June 1: Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. It was a fun busy weekend. Had a garage sale on Saturday (and am thinking this morning that we still have way too much stuff and more needs to go!) and I finally got my time at the pool and the lazy river. It felt devine and I was in heaven. As a matter of fact, we spent 2 days at the pool this weekend. I would be there again today but we have a guy finishing up the drywall for the basement. So I will be grounded at home all of this week. I am so ready for the basement to be done so I'm trying not to whine about being home all week.

We had to take down my torch and kiln and move my workbench away from the wall so it could be finished up. I'm not sure how many days I will be without a torch. I'm hoping just a few days but it could be all week.

This will give me a chance I'm hoping to get things updated on Tickle Me. I have new items that have never gotten listed and I do have a few small bead sets that I plan to post on Etsy this afternoon. So make sure to check out my etsy store in a few hours. other thing that I wanted to share and see if you guys are interested in voting is for Bead Star 2010. The finalist have been chosen and my bracelet made it into the "hearts" category. Please go vote for me if ya don't mind:-). My bracelet is located on the "hearts" page at the very top column the 3rd on the right hand side. It is a dangle bracelet (Jack's Magic Beans) in the lavender, purples, greens, and blue colors.