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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the July 2010 Archive Page

July 28, 2010

Dreamin Big

Um... like yea right! So not going to happen. Hubby and the 3 boys had been surfing the internet looking at hot rods. Crazy man was getting the kids all worked up. Even sent them my way saying, "Dad said he would sell his Harley if you will let him get a Viper." So of course I say no way. And Keegan's reply was "but Mom, he talked about it all the way home from piano lessons. I know he wants one really bad." How is that pulling on your heart strings? I guess it didn't tug much because I wan't biting. So then they get on the computer and start looking at cars and they stumble across these Lamborgini replica cars. And start bugging me about that. "But Mom..... they are soooo cool. Come look at these doors. They open up from the top." Yea, whatever. I don't like those doors I reply.

So off to bed they go. And in the morning when hubby is getting ready for work, he brings me in the following that was left on the computer table. How funny is that? This came from Connor our 10 year old.

So I just posted a few simple bead sets on my Etsy store.

And just eye candy of a custom made necklace in the ivory eleganza colors.

A last stroll in the hot tub for a few weeks as there is a leak and the guy drained it this morning to find out that a part needs to be ordered and the dude is going on vacation. So another $Cha Ching$ as he will have to come out for a 4th time in what I'm praying will be the final time to get it fixed. They must think that I have a money tree in the backyard and can just grab $100 bills at my whim.

July 23, 2010


A few weeks ago, we got a notice included in with Connor's Lego Club magazine that they are doing a 10 city tour to promote Lego's new board game series. They are setting up life size games of the board games for people to play. St. Louis happened to be one of the few locations. So being the good mother that I am, I promised Connor I would take him!

The event ended up being held in the downtown St.Louis area right next to the famous Soulard Farmer's Market. I hadn't been to this area for many many years. The heat index was about 104. It was HOT. But me and the 3 boys were on a mission. It ended up being an incredibly fun adventuresome day.

I had brought my good SLR camera and the boys were painfully subjected to posing for photos!

We got tired of waiting for Connor to stand in line for his turn to play a game so we walked across the street to some old brick buildings with beautiful doors and I made Keegan and Caiden do some posing for me.

After the lego games we walked a 100 feet over to the Farmer's Market. That was worth the trip all by itself. It is all open and was hot but the booths were loaded with fresh veggies, and fruit, and there were meat markets with the strangest cuts of meat. We loaded up on about 3 lemon lime slushies, 4 cokes, and 1 banana tootsie pop and walked the isles. The colors were incredible. The prices were devine. Fresh pinneapples for $1, red cherries for $2.50/lb, grapes for $1/lb. Carrot stalks that were about 12" long and 3" fat were only 10 cents each.

We live in the suburbs and it takes about 45 min. to drive downtown but it was worth every minute and I certainly have plans to go again.

One of the few pics where I happened upon chance to get all 3 boys with a pretty face!

Caiden has been into giving nose kisses and I got a lot at the Lego games. I let Keegan try his hand at photography. He is such a boy and went snap crazy taking about 20 photos with the shutter button pressed the entire time before I was able to stop him. I guess it is a good way to make sure I get a good photo!

Oh the joy, as soon as we walked inside the market, there was one of those industrial size fans. The boys had a ball sucking up the air and frolicking in it.

My sweet little baby Caiden who is now 6 years old and ready to hit 1st grade in a few weeks!

My beautiful big boy son Keegan who will be turning 12 in less than a week. Can you believe he had an indentical twin brother?

As I mentioned, Connor was busy playing a game so I didn't get any individual shots of him.

July 18th: A Day At the Pool

A perfect way to spend a sweltering hot day in St. Louis. I only grabbed the camera for a few photo opps. Caiden decided that he loved the slides. Which was a first for him and shaggy dog Connor was having fun playing with his hair making different silly hair arrangements.

July 17:

6 year old Caiden's testing for his green belt went great. The photo on the left is of him doing a hammer kick for his board break. I was so proud of him.

July 16th: It is a fine Friday. Hubby is back from being in California all week, the boys are done with camp, Connor is heading out on a cub scout camp out, Caiden is testing for his green belt in tae kwon do, Keegan is chillin, and I'm posting a new bracelet. Life is good and crazy as always! I even managed to sneak in trip to the movie theater to see Karate Kid. Loved it!

I just added the pink and black version of the memory wire bracelet over at Etsy. What do ya think?

July 15, 2010

Part II

I ran out of certain beads to keep replicating the new flower bracelet so here is part II which is basically the same except a few beads have been swapped out for other beads. You can find it over at my Etsy store for $40. I designed another one in pinks, black, and white. You will want to eat it up! I'll take pics tomorrow and get it ready to go.

July 13th: Hot tubs rock and old people drive slow (according to the mind of a 6 year old)

Kids are so funny and say the darndest things. The big boys are at the Behind the Scenes Six flags camp this week which leaves Caiden and I alone all day. He is such a crack up. I have no idea why but when we were in the car driving this morning, he was very interested in cars and how they work. So we talked about the breaks and the steering wheel and he wondered if he would be able to drive easy when he gets older. I told him that he would go to driving school to learn how to drive when he is old enough. He then proceeded to say that he doubted that he would need to do driving school because he could just look at it all and know what to do. And he wanted to know why old people drive slow. What? where did that one come from? Not that my mother is old. Just older but I guess he hasn't picked up on the fact that she has a lead foot and will put me to shame.

After being at camp all day, Keegan had to do track practice from 6-8 p.m. in this swealtering humid heat. Ilyse and I jogged and walked the track tonight while our kids did their thing. So by the time we got done. We were hot, sore, and tired. Keegan and I agreed that the hot tub was in order. I know it is hot and yes, the temp was 104 when we got in but it was a really good heat. Caiden asked to get in and he loved it. He was all excited when he said that this was the very first time he has gotten in the hot tub. I didn't realize that. He was sooo excited and loved it. He was the last one to get out. And now, he told me that I'm not allowed to get in the hot tub without telling him first so that he can say yes or no that he is going to get inside too!I just can't believe how big my baby is getting.

Speaking of how big our babies get, I got a special request to make a toggle that is going to be used for a mother's bracelet. Her baby is turning sweet 16 tomorrow! Happy birthday Meghan. I truly hope it is indeed a Sweet Sixteen.

July 12: Home Safe...

We got Keegan home safely from Boy Scout Camp early Saturday morning. He was exhausted. We drove almost 2 hours on Thursday night for the family night where you basically hang out with your kiddo for a few hours before making the long trek home. We weren't going to do it but just couldn't handle the thought of Keegan being all alone when other parents are there with their kids. When we pulled up and saw the huge smile on his face and the gleam in his eyes, I knew we had done the right thing and I was soooo happy to see him. He looked like he was a few years older. He was having a blast and chattered constantly about all the fun things he had been doing and wouldn't stop for a second. Not even when he paused for a break and we blurted out that we are going to Disney World on vacation did it make him pause. He just nodded and said, "ok, can I finish telling you about the high ropes?"

So over the weekend, we fit in two movies and saw Despicable Me. It was great. I really enjoyed it!! Went to the pool a few times and now the big boys are at a Behind the Scenes Six Flags camp all week. I can't wait to hear what they think about it. They were pretty pumped.

So, here is a necklace that I made from an extra link from another necklace that I made (which is really cool) but I didn't take a good photo of it, before it left my hands. Grrrr...

Anyway... it is over at my Etsy store. along with a few other recently added items.

July 7: Oops.. it got grabbed up fast. I'm going to make a duplicate in the next few days and list it again. The cost is $40. If anyone once to do an advance order. Just let me know. Here is another pic.

I took the boys to go see The Last Airbender yesterday. I had very very low expectations because the reviews were so bad but Connor kept begging to go see it. I had to admit that it was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it. Whew...

All of a sudden my stomach as started growling so I'll make this fast so I can go have some sort of satisfying delightful breakfast:-)

I made a very cute bracelet the other day that is very tempting! Just listed it over at my Etsy store.

July 5: So I never mentioned that all 3 kids and hubby caught a stomach virus that has been going around. Keegan got it on Monday of last week, then it trickled down to Connor who had it really bad, Caiden had a mild case, hubby has it really bad, and I'm still scott free and keeping my fingers crossed! Ever since I started working out regularly and taking vitamins since last Fall, I have not been sick at all. Not even a winter cold and I usually get about 3 of those a season. I really should be knocking on wood right now as I'm totally jinxing myself!

Anyhoo... the 4th was great and the kids had a blast. Hubby was sick and felt crummy but he and my brother shot off loads of fireworks for the kiddes. My brother brought this hula girl firework that was so cute. She just had flames shooting out of her arms and hat but coming from a girl perspective, it was too darn cute!

July 4th:

Just popped in to say Happy 4th to everyone. I hope you have a splendid day.

I'm gonna be sportin some love. Tucking some inside Keegan's pockets as we ship him off to Boy Scout Camp for the week. And livin, lovin, laugin, and smilin. I hope you do the same!

July 2: I'm trying to clean up my news page and get all of the top heavy stuff off the top and moved over to the side. I know my website needs lots of new photos and updates but honestly, it is a right pain to do because it is all in html. I know enough to play a tad and by trial and error what needs to be done but it can be slow tedious work. I need hubby for the big guns but by the time he gets home and the kids zap all of our attention, the last thing I want to do, is huddle around the computer jostling on how I want hubby to change things on my site. So here and there, I'll figure it out.

I've added a few odds and ends goodies over at Etsy. Including some bead mixes that include lots of Czech beads, pearls, pressed glass, etc. These are the beads that I use in my dangle bracelets. There should be at least 5 of each style of bead in the mix. The one with the bright colors is one that I custom made just for this listing. I bought some pretty expensive very premium glass beads at the Bead and Button show a few years ago and I've been hoarding them. (I know I'm a sad case). So I dipped into my special collection, added a few more of my favorites to the batch and came up with some yummy collections.

If you do any bead stringing, weaving, or like lots of wire wrapped dangle beads, then these are right up your alley. There is only 1 of the purple/blk collection and one of the red/blue/brown collection. The other two sets I have a few duplicates of.

Yes indeed there was a trip to the fireworks stand yesterday but it had to be delayed as it has become a dad's tradition to take the Donlen boys on their eagerly awaited trip. So the boys raided their piggy banks to add money to the pot and they all came home floating on air digging through their loot in exultation.

My oldest son Keegan is going to a one week Boy Scout camp starting on Sunday. He is very excited but we are a tad frustrated as it messes up our annual tradition of good eats and fireworks viewing over at my parents house with my brother and his family. We have been doing this ever since keegan was born. I remember when Keegan was a few years old and terrified of the firework sounds. I stood with him in my parent's bathtub looking out their large window gazing into the sky to watch the show. My how time flies.

This year, Keegan will be at camp and not part of the family celebration which makes us really sad and frustrated that Boy Scouts (that centers around God and Family) is hosting a camp on a family holiday. Grrrrrrrr.... So hubby let the boys light off a few early fireworks tonight so that Keegan could at least participate in the fun.

July 1: Happy July. Bring it on!! I love July. It is in the thick of summer break, 4th of July family gatherings, Keegan's birthday (whom will be turning 12 this month), loads of time at the swimming pool, summer movies, well you get the picture.

I got a fun treat in the mail a few days ago. It is the new Bead and Button's book called "Creative Beading Volume 5 The Best Projects from a year of Bead and Button Magazine" My Bloomin Flower Rings are in the book. Yippee.... So if you have a hankering to go make the rings, go grab the book. There are some incredible projects inside.

Now off to maybe go for a quick run and figure out what to do today while also trying to do beady stuff and entertaining the kids. I'm thinking a trip to the Fireworks Stand just might be in order!