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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the Feb 2010 Archive Page

So between my breakfast with the girls tomorrow, trips to the gym every morning, a field trip this week, IEP meeting for Caiden's speech and OT therapy...and now martial arts 2-3 nights a week, piano lessons, Boy Scouts camp out, no wonder I feel like I don't have anytime to work:-) It all gets done in due time. Now that the distractions of the Olympics are about over, that will help a lot.

Feb 20th: I finally just sat down and uploaded some Disney photos. There are so many fun ones but I thought I would share some from the cruise ship to give an idea of a Disney cruise. I loved looking through the photos and watching a few video clips that I had taken on my camera. I really miss the trip and wish we could hit replay and do everything over!

This pic is of the party they had right after we left Port Canaveral. They have all of the parties in this location and they cover up the deep swimming pool with a wooden floor. The cruise was fully booked with 2,000 people on board. That big jumbo tron is awesome. They show movies and cartoons on it also that you can watch while swimming.

There are 3 swimming pools on board. This Mickey pool with the slide isn't very deep and good for the younger kids. Then they had an adults only swimming pool area that had 2 hot tubs on each end. It was rarely crowded and I took a dip in the adults hot tub while Randy watched the kids as the 2 kiddo hot tubs had about 8 tweens and teenagers in each one and I was the only one in the adults section. Nice and relaxing!

Just another view from the 10th deck of hubby and Connor. My camera didn't get any pics of it but the very front of the ship had a soccer area and basketball area that had netting all around it. I think my 2 big boys lived in this area. It is nice having them a tad older because they were kind of able to wander and come and go.

The afternoon we set sail was Superbowl Sunday and Connor and my niece went into the kids area which is incredible and the kids can check in and out as they want and they have loads of great activities. Randy and Keegan watched it on the jumbo tron outside while Sophie and Connor hung out in the kids area and made foam helmets and banners. They had a blast.

They had a pirate party one night and the boys dressed up for dinner before the party. This pic is right outside the Animator's Palace where we had dinner. It was my favorite restaurant as far as decor goes.

This is the inside of the restaurant. Here are my wonderful parents (who gave us this wonderful trip) and my brother and sister in law and their kids. My oldest son Keegan is right up front and Caiden is at the very back with the black skeleton shirt on. Randy and Connor are sitting behind the camera.

Just more views of the ship with Keegan.

This is where we docked in Nassau.

Disney has their own island they purchased called Castaway Cay. This is the view from our stateroom's veranda that we awoke too. Isn't it beautiful? That is the actual Flying Dutchman ship they used in the movie Pirates of the Carribean. It was really cool and we have a lot of beach photos with it in the background.

Keegan took a sand castle building class while at Castaway Cay and learned how to make a sand octopus. He was pretty proud of himself. This was the beginning of it.

I forgot to take a photo of the stateroom until right when we were ready to get off the ship. As you can see in the photos. The kids are so not happy about leaving. For a cruise ship, our room was really large and slept 5. There was a pull down bed in the wall too. But we just had one of the boys sleep in my parent's cabin every night so we didn't use it. They had a seperate room for the shower and another room for the sink and toilet in our stateroom. That was a really nice feature.

Anyway, that is a brief recap of the trip. We also did a fun kind of like pinewood derby races that each family made out of vegetables, took a class on how to make towel animals, did pin trading, visted with all the Disney characters, watched 2 movies in their theater, saw an awesome live Disney show, did some great shopping. Oh did I forgot to mention it was all you could eat food and everywhere you turned there were places to get food. We had an incredible trip and I could not have asked for a better trip. Thanks Mom and Dad. You totally rock!

Feb. 17th: Just a quick note to check in. We got back around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night. And it has been a whirlwind week and there are still unpacked suitcases sitting in the front room! We went on a special trip of a life time that my mother started planning about 2 years ago. That is a long time to wait but there were certain factors in play that made it planned so far out in advance. Anyway, my parents took my family and my brother's family on a Disney Cruise and then we spent a few days at Disney World too. All I can say is WOW. The cruise was just incredible. My mom did her homework and got us the perfect state rooms and position on the cruise ship and Disney of course is top notch. I can't say enough about the Disney cruise. If you are ever thinking about doing it, jump at the chance. Some of the most fabulous memories were created and I'm so thankful that we had the opportunity to experience it.

Being gone for 12 days has its down sides through and I've been playing catch up like crazy trying to get back on top of things. I feel a tad better today but still overwhelmed. The bad thing is that something had to give and unpacking and laundry was cut down to bare minimum. Those chores will still be here but everyone that placed orders while I was away have already been waiting almost 2 weeks for their goodies and I figure filling orders is way more important.

So that is what is going on here. I haven't even had the chance to upload photos from my camera yet and there are some great pics. So next week should be a tad better and I will post some pics of our trip and be a bit more chatty.

FYI: I'm teaching at Bead Fest Wire in PA in April of 2010. Go check it out or read 11/17's post.

Monday Feb. 4th: Scroll down for the Bead Soup Reveal!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Glassbeadle and Tickle Me Beads will be closed on Thursday, Feb. 4th until Tuesday, Feb. 16th. Email's will be sporatic during this time frame and nothing will be shipped or beads made until Feb. 16th. So sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Since I will be out of the office on Feb 10th which is the big Bead Soup Swap reveal day, I'm going to have to post my reveal a tad early. I gave Lori a head's up so that she knows I'm slightly breaking the rules.

Anyway... if you scroll down to Jan. 25th posting, it will show you a photo of all the beads that I received from Melissa. (and if you click on that photo it will take you to her blog). Anyway... this was a really fun challenge for me. I tried to stay true to the beads she sent and not make many lampwork beads to compliement the set. So I ended up making a lampwork cab and then the 3 shiny disc beads. All of the remaining beads came from the excellent selection that she gave me.

I'm a total bright colors gal that loves pink and purple. So these earth tone colors are something that I would not have naturally gravitated towards. Which was a nice change to enlighten and challenge my normal work into using new colors and bead types. It was a lot of fun. I took the ceramic donut that Melissa sent me and instantly knew it would look awesome in a silver bezel. But then those pearls were calling me and they looked so cute stuck in the middle. So I left them on the strand and just epoxyed them inside the hole for a fun 3D look. Then I went ahead and made 2 more silver bezels to balance out the bracelet.

I always like that darkened look to silver but can never seem to make myself not make the silver bright and shiny on my own designs. But with these darker more earthy colors, the darkened silver just seem to blend perfectly and I for once took advantage of that look in the design.

The clasp is really pretty and great for a bracelet as it has a simple hook on each end. I just added a small stamped silver circle on the opposite end of the bracelet and the clasp's hook just attaches right on the circle.

Hope you enjoy it! I'm sorry but my blog is just hosted on my own html website so there isn't a section for comments if you are wondering:-)

FYI: I'm teaching at Bead Fest Wire in PA in April of 2010. Go check it out or read 11/17's post.