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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the August 2010 Archive Page

August 30th: The bracelet below is sold but if you want a duplicate, just let me know. The cost is $115.

It's a rainy Monday and I can't believe that it is already 1:00 p.m. I feel like I've gotten nothing done. Sigh... it's amazing how fast the day goes by. Although... if you are a 6 year old in first grade then the "days take sooooo long." Yep, I heard that from my teary eyed darling son today. The school nurse called about an hour after school had been in session. Caiden was upset because he remembered that he didn't take his last does of medicine this morning. He told his teacher and the school nurse that he would die if he didn't take it.

Ummmmm... yea...that would be my fault for him saying those words. When driving home from the doctor's office last week Caiden was very upset that he had to take medicine and was giving me the "Mom, how could you do this to me?" and how mean I was to make him take medicine. My reponse was "How could I not do it to him. I love him so much and if he doesn't take his medicine then he could die from his strep throat and I certainly wasn't going to let him die because I couldn't live without him."

Apparently he took that conversation to heart and when the nurse put him on the phone with me this morning he was just sobbing and could barely speak. I hadn't forgotten his medicine but just decided I would give it to him once he got home since he only has to take it once a day. I didn't mention this to him and apparently I should have. So up I drove to school to give my sweetie pie his medicine, lots of hugs and kisses, and waved good bye to a very sad boy that is upset that school takes so long. Poor thing. Did I mention how much I love that little boy? He rocks my world.

Aug. 29th: Another sickie weekend. So Caiden was still sick over the weekend. Keegan woke up feeling crummy on Saturday and even missed his soccer game. He felt better today but I don't think he is out of the woods. I had some sort of lingering bug that didn't knock me out but made me function in the 70-90% range off and on for 4 days. So... now I'm thinking that we are done for the fall/winter season and we can just pack up the box of tissues and call it a year! (I know. Wishful thinking but a gal can dream)

I'll be listing this bracelet for sale on Etsy tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.

August 26th: p.m. update. Well I certainly have some sort of small bug. Hoping it doesn't last long. In the mean time. I've hung out in bed all evening and just posted these beads on Etsy. Wish me luck that tomorrow I will be back on track again.

A few new earrings on Etsy. and a 1st grader that is home with strep throat. So hmmmmm.... let's see.... there have been 8 days of school and Caiden has missed 3 of them. Not a good start of the year! And I'm in denial but I don't feel 100% either.

Aug 25th: Kind of mind boggling....

So have any of you guys seen the movie Inception? I met a girlfriend for lunch and a movie yesterday and this is what we ended up seeing. I had zero idea what the movie was about. It was so hard to figure out what was going on in the very beginning of the movie (I had to pull out my phone and google what the movie was about about 15 min into it!) But then, it got really really good. Still strange. It's one of those that requires you to think, pay attention to the loads of great action, but in the end... it had me walking away shaking my head and pondering the entire experience. I give the movie a thumbs up for sure.

I have a few pairs of earrings to list on Etsy. Here is one of the pairs.

A pic of Caiden playing with the bubble machine that makes me smile. Sigh...summer is almost over. Keeping my fingers crossed for a trip to the pool this weekend. I sure am going to miss the fun and the sun.

Aug. 20th: 9:00 p.m. post....
Here is a photo of the beads I just listed on my Etsy store. or you can buy them on my boutique page here on Glassbeadle. If you are thinking these are really pretty but just not sure what to do with them, check out my gallery page of bracelets and necklaces. You will find a yummy sample of each that will make you very excited!

Friday alas and the first week of school is almost complete. Keegan is still in hog heaven and is loving middle school. It is so fun to watch him enjoying this new experience and the new freedoms that it brings. Even with getting up at 6:30 since school starts at 7:30 a.m.

Connor is the 5th grader in elementary school and should be enjoying being the big man on the totem pole but is not happy that school has started. He has been moping all week. Even with a great teacher and a great group of his best buddies in his class. I think it was hard being on vacation and having a great time and then coming home to school. And...listening to Keegan speak in animated tones and excitement about the greatness of his school is not helping Connor.

Then little first grade Caiden has messed 2 days of school to being sick! So he is home again today with me and hopefully we will be back on track on Monday.
We are getting ready to have a big storm move through. It is lightening and thundering. It just made the dog bark and Caiden say "that freaked me out".

I just spent some time listing some lampwork cab beads on my Etsy store. These are perfect for making the silver bezels like I make. Remember, you can find the directions on how I make my bezels on the latest issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine.

Hubby knows that I love sunflowers and planted a handful in our garden. I took this photo about 15 min before it started raining. And now the poor thing is being flooded and blown to pieces. It is HUGE and at least 7 feet tall and just seemed to bloom over night. It even comes with a resident bee.

Stay tuned... I have a bead set with 4 flowers to get cleaned up and posted also.

Aug. 17th First Day of School

Wow...where did the summer go? Today the kids went back to school. Keegan started middle school this year and he was sooooo excited to go back to school. I must admit that I had dreaded the whole back to school thing but you know it is coming and you can't stop it and I did do a small happy dance after they were out of car. Then I drove myself to the local Panara's and met up with 9 other mom's to celebrate oops.. excuse me.. I mean to wallow in sadness that our babies are back in school.

Keegan survived being a middle schooler and I think he loved the entire experience. His first words were that it is chaotic. Because the hallways where all the lockers are located are loud, people are talking and you can walk where ever you want and don't have to stand in a line. Now this is a very big deal considering when coming from elementary school where you get a big trouble if you talk in the hallways, you have to walk single file in a line, and last year they even put up Stop Signs at the T crossings in the hallways where the kids have to stop before they can turn left or right (and oh yea... that is a big "oh brother" you are hearing in the tone of my voice.) So you can see why that felt like freedom to Keegan. I was pretty pumped for him.

So we took off to Disney World on vacation last week. We left a day early and met friends who have a large sail boat in the Pennsacola area and went sailing for the day. It was a great adventure. I think this is my favorite photo of Caiden. I snapped it when he was coming up the ladder from the cabin area. The boys loved hanging out at the front of the boat relaxing on the dingy boat.

Disney was awesome as always but we never go in the summer time so it was a new experience dealing with all of the crowds. But we've been there enough that we know how to work the system and got to do everything we wanted to do. The fast passes are the way to go and the early and late entry days are a must. When it is this crowded it is almost essential to get there about 20 min. before the parks open. Then you have about 2 good hours before the parks start to get crowded. By the time Friday night rolled around, we were exhausted. It was an incredible week though and I'm so glad we went. Lots of wonderful memories were created.

And check out these photos... that's my 12 year old Keegan surfing!!! Can you believe it? Hubby and Keegan took off one morning and drove to the beach while me and the other boys stayed behind. Then a few days later we were needing some rest time and we all drove over to Cocoa Beach for a few hours. Ron Jon's had a surfing day camp for kids that was being held right next to us and we were able to add Keegan into class for a few hours. He took to it like a fish in water. It was so incredible to watch. So then the next day, Randy took Keegan back to go surfing for a second day. He is so ready to move to CA or FL so he can surf.

So I'm playing catch up and getting organized for a few more days and then it is back to work on beady stuff and cranking out some goodies.

AUG 3: Head's up.... the Glass Beadle and Tickle Me Websites will be on summer break starting Thursday, August 5th - Monday August 15th. No shipping will be done during this time.

This is the last you will hear from me until Aug 16 give or take a day here or there. If you need anything shipped that does not need to be made, then tomorrow is the last shipping day till the 16th.

I'm sorry I keep throwing out pics of the kids and our daily amusings but I haven't been making any new designs lately. Just been filling orders and keeping the kids occupied which seems like a full time job. Speaking of occupied, we saw the Cats vs. Dogs Kitty Galore yesterday. The boys loved it and lets just say I was able to sit through and endure it while all the time thinking of 100 other things I could be doing with my time.

The cub scout pack had their annual Raingutter Regatta race and swim last night. It is kind of like the pinewood derby except with wooden boats that you fix up and decorate and then race in raingutters that are propped up on saw horses. Caiden will be joining cub scouts in a few weeks and was invited to participate. He was so cute. Caiden and Connor picked out their paint colors and came up with their design and got them all dolled up for the big event.

The race involves two raingutters that are set up side by side for a head on race of 2 people at a time. The contenders are only able to blow their boat to make it go. Whoever gets to the end first is the winner. There were a lot of cool looking boats.

Here is Connor doing his thing. He won his first round but then lost the 2nd round. Keegan is in boy scouts now and had to be happy sitting on the side lines cheering for his brothers.

This is a picture of Caiden after he won the first round. Lets just say there were tears involved when he lost his second round! Trophies were involved and he wanted one sooo bad.


We had a fun little unexpected adventure on Saturday. Randy and Connor went for a bike ride and rode by a friend's house. They had an old Huffy Daisy two seater bicycle from the early 70's that they just put out for the trash. It was so cool and hubby had to bring it home to play with it. It reminds us of the old orange crate spider bikes and banana seats. The seats still have some faded glitter in them and the original nylon Firestone Town and County whitewalls and all.

It was pure bliss and we had a ball hopping on the bike and giving it a go. Nothing else mattered around us. Just the nostalgia of riding on this bike and admiring the coolness of it.

After snapping some pics and watching the glow of the boys faces while giving it a go. I decided that I needed a turn also. Hubby said that it rides different with 2 people on it so to try it out first by myself. Those tall handle bars sure are a bit strange and I don't think I would want to ride it up a big hill but the joy of having a vintage toy to check out and play with was blissful. Makes me wish we lived in an old sea side cottage where we would hop on the bike and take a ride down to the local 5 and dime.

It seems like Keegan lived up to being a 12 year old over night. I made a comment to hubby how strange it is. He needed new tennis shoes so we went shoe shopping on Saturday night. We also popped into Hollister and bought him some clothes for school. There were all these little young teeney bopper girls hanging out inside. We got him some "cool" clothes and Connor picked out a few green shirts (his favorite color) and called it a night. As soon as we had gotten home, Keegan was modeling his shirts. Even changing shorts to match each shirt perfectly!

Over the weekend, we saw him hanging out in his room way more than normal listening to music. Oh...while wearing his new clothes. I think I forgot to mention that one is a sweatshirt. Even though it it hot outside, he puts on it as soon as we walk in the door. It is really quite comical and entertaining.

July 30th: If you are curious about using a micro torch for silver fusing or metalsmithing, then you will want to check out the August 2010 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. There is a well written technique article by Sharon Elaine Thompson on using these small torches. She interviewed me for the article and you will find my 2 cents on using these great torches (which btw, my 2 cents says that these small torches rock and I use it 99% of the time for all of my metal smithing).

Then, if your interest is peeked, flip the page and read the article I wrote on making silver bezels with a lampwork cab bead. This is a step by step article that shows exactly how I make my bezels. I have a handful of lampwork cabs to list on Etsy to use for making the bezels. Just gotta slow down enough to get them listed.

I officially am the proud mother of a 12 year old! Yep, Keegan had a birthday yesterday. And I might add it was an action packed birthday. started off with a day at the Nascar Speed Track about 40 min away from us that has lots of go cart tracks, bumper boats, putt putt golf etc. I bought the boys all day wrist bands. They had a blast playing while I had my handy dandy iPad in hand and surfed the internet and relaxed. Since Caiden is too small, he spent the day with my parents. I drug them away around 3:30 for part 2 of the birthday bash....

Then we picked up Caiden. Came home and cleaned up and then hopped back into the car to meet hubby and my parents at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Then it was back to my parents house for presents and teasing about gifts he may or may not get! Keegan was wanting "big boy toys" as he was calling them and wanted a Zippo lighter and a lock head knife for Boy Scouts. My mom did so good about having him guessing if he would get the Zippo. She kept claiming she didn't know what a Zippo lighter is. She claimed to think those were those pants with zippers on the knees that comes off. Then she let him open a early present of bic lighters. "No, Mimi" Keegan says. "These so won't work for Boy Scouts. I have to have a Zippo."