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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the April 2010 Archive Page

April 20th: What a crazy busy week. Everything seems to be going at full speed. I'm hoping to have a better handle on beady stuff in the next week. Right now there is so much on my plate that I've got that stressed out overwhelmed feeling going on. I've got half of the hurdle done after today but still have the other half to go.

Keep your eyes open for the August issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. I spent a good part of yesterday and today writing an article on soldering silver bezels using a micro butane torch. The editors are focusing a part of this issue on using the butane torches for metal smithing and I was asked to write a project article for the issue. I made a bezel that was a cross between a few classes that I taught at Bead Fest Wire. So if you took any of my soldering classes and want a refresher then make sure to look for the article. If you weren't able to take the classes but are curious about how to make the silver bezels, then here is your opportunity. I will say it was a new experience to try to photograph and solder all at the same time. It was kind of awkward to hold the camera in one hand and the torch in the other hand. But I got it all done and the pictures turned out nice.

A few days before I left for Bead Fest Wire, my hubby found this baby bunny in the middle of the street. Poor thing must have only been a few days old. Its eyes were still closed. We guessed that a cat or some sort of animal got a hold of it and dropped it for whatever reason in the street. The poor thing had a hurt foot. The kids were off school so we all got in the car and took it to the wildlife conservation. I called 24 hours after we brought it there and it was still alive. I need to call again this week to see how it is doing. I almost hate to call in case it didn't make it. Part of me doesn't want to know.

April 14th: I survived Bead Fest Wire! I had an incredible time and everyone was fantastic to work with and all of the people taking the classes were incredible. I think I ended up with 68 students spread out over 5 classes. I'm not sure if next time I would book myself the entire time. My body doesn't fuction like a 20 year old anymore and it was go go go from the time I arrived until late every night. It probably didn't help that Kerry Bogert and I (we shared a hotel room) stayed up till 12:30 a.m. - 1 a.m. chit chatting every night. But we would be so wound up at night that it felt so good just to talk and unwind. I think one of my favorite memories was Kerry and I each hanging out in our own bed with a glass of red wine while tossing bags of snacks back and forth because we were starving since there was not even anytime to eat during the day.

I was so happy when I got to my gate at the airport Sunday night and knew I had made my flight in the very short amount of time I had from the end of class until my flight home. The timing was tight but I pulled it off. You would have gotten a good laugh seeing the frazzled way I was tossing things into boxes and my suitcase for Kerry to ship to me. At that point, organization did not matter. Monday I told myself I wasn't going to do anything. I felt like a train had run over me and today I could tell I was still recovering. It seems like life is just as crazy once the kids come home from school and I'm still running around all over.

It was a great experience and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. But it was a lot of hard work getting there, getting the kids taken care of, and a busy teaching schedule. I'm glad it is over and the mental anticipation of knowing it is coming is behind me and I can move onto my next dead lines. Which I have quite a few of.

I made sure to charge my camera battery before I left and when I pulled it out of the case, it was dead. I was so bummed out. But Carrie came to the rescue and snapped a few photos on Friday for me to share with you guys. So these are photos from the Whimsical Bezel Class on Friday from 9-4. It was a great group and we had a lot of fun. Kerry came to the rescue A LOT and I honestly don't know how I could have done it without her. She was so helpful and I can not sing her praises loud enough. In a pinch, she is the gal you want on your side!

My teaching room was pretty small and when we did the wait listed classes, it was a cozy fit. It seemed to work out fine but a larger room would have been a tad nicer.

Monday, April 5th: Heads up... I will be leaving for Bead Fest Wire on this Thursday morning and the office will be closed from Wed. night until I get back on Sunday night.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. The kids were off school on both Friday and today. St. Louis weather has finally turned spring like and has actually been very warm. I love every second of it. Things have just been crazy busy here. Between getting ready for Bead Fest Wire this coming Friday and all of the kids many activites, there is no spare time. Life is good though. I have most of my supplies and all of the kits for the classes shipped. So now I'm just trying to finish up on making the remaining beads for the kits. The light is at the end of the tunnel though. I'll have to make sure to bring my camera so I can share photos with you guys.

Not sure what we will do today with our day off. I'm hoping the kids will be happy with just hanging out. It looks like it is going to rain today but the weather people say there is only a slight chance. Caiden and Connor have been on a Webkinz kick this past week. I have to admit that the "smoothie moves" arcade game is addicting! I can rarely only make it past the 5th level though. I never play video/computer games because they are such time zappers. And between that game and the plants vs. zombies game on my itouch has kept me occupied for a few weeks. No time to post on my blog page because I spent the time playing those dumb games! They sure are fun but nothing beneficial comes out of them.