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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the October 2009 Archive Page

Oct. 30th: Wow, I dropped the blogging ball this week. There has been so much rain this week that I floated away! This is just getting out of control. I'm so tired of rain. Tomorrow is Halloween and I just realized that we haven't carved the big pumpkin yet. The boys are off school today so that will be a good project. I guess the dark dreary days are good for sleeping in as it is 8:30 and all 3 boys are still sleeping. The calm before the chaos I always call it.

I still haven't taken any photos. I haven't been working on anything dramatic. Just trying to stay on top of orders. I still have some goodies that I want to play with and experiment on but haven't had the opportunity yet. Oops... here comes my oldest son sneaking down the steps. comes the middle child. Just waiting for Caiden and now within 10 seconds they are already arguing about one waking the other one up and now here is Caiden. Guess I will sign off and take care of these boys.

Oct. 26: Yep, the rain is back and has been again for a few days! I'm sorry for taking a break on blogging. I was beginning to think that quantity (a post every day) was not the same as quality and I felt like I was just starting to babble. To be honest, I'm really quite a private person (which you probably wouldn't guess from my news page!) but I felt like I was just starting to babble about me and the family vs. beads, family, and whatever and it was getting to be "too much about me" and that is so not what I want. So, I took a few days off. I do have new things to share though but now it is after 10 pm and I still have emails and photos to edit and I'm tired... so I'll post the new things tomorrow. Well, at least I will promise to try. This is going to be a crazy week with a field trip and class parties on Thursday and then the kids have Friday off. Why? I have zero clue!

Oct 21: Wow! We have had a wonderful few days of nice weather but the rain is coming back tomorrow with 1-2 inches expected.

So I've made a few new earrings to list on Etsy. I think I'll add these to the boutique page too. They are worthy enough to land on this page;-)

Oct. 19th: Happy 10th birthday Connor! Yep, I've 2 boys in double digits now. Keegan is 11 and Connor turns 10 today. It was a busy birthday weekend and I think Connor had a great sleep over party. The boys were all very well behaved and we went to Six Flags Fright night. It was freezing cold and we were thinking that it wouldn't be too crowded because of the cold weather. Boy were we wrong. It was packed. But we all dressed warm and had a really nice time. So just a bit more birthday celebrating tonight and then things will be back to normal.

I did post a few small bead sets in my Etsy store last night. Go check them out by clicking here!

Oct. 16th: Yes, it is still dreary and rainy here and COLD. Sunday they are calling for sunshine. Sure hope that is true. We are getting ready for two birthdays this weekend. Our Boston Terrier turns 1 year old tomorrow and the boys insist that he gets presents! So I bought him some rubber toys as he has a major stuffed animal fetish but tears them up and rips out the stuffing in a matter of minutes! This dog toy I bought for him lasted maybe 7 min! So we have that going on and then my middle child Connor turns 10 years old on Monday. So he is just having a couple of boys spend the night. Nothing big like what his older brother likes to do. But I'm not complaining because it is less work on my part. He wants to got to Six Flags Fright Fest but it is supposed to be cold. So if we all go, we will have to get all bundled up. I did buy some hand warmers at Walgreens today hoping that might help!

Oct. 15th: Seriously, I think I'm going to have to buy a boat if it doesn't stop raining. This is getting ridiculous. I'm sitting here eating comfort food. Sloppy joes and some very crunchy Claussen pickles. I've never bought them before because they are more expensive and are in the special cold section but they were on sale today and on a whim I bought a jar. Wow! They are GOOD!

But I did go to the gym today so I figure that I could eat a sloppy joe right? I think I've finally gotten myself into a routine where I look forward to going to the gym vs. dragging my sorry bum there. I've been off and on since school started but made a commitement to myself a few weeks ago that I just need to get my 40 year old body in there! I've been making myself do the treadmill and then weights (since i can't go outside because of all the rain!)

Are you guys familiar with the Nike running shoes that have the little thing that you put inside the shoe and then it connects itself to an ipod? I bought one of those but then learned that my itouch is a first generation so it won't work on my touch. So they came out with a Nike wrist band that does the same thing. It is the coolest thing ever. It hooks into your USB drive and automatically uploads the data and you can track your results over many weeks. The Nike website is awesome and you can set goals, do challenges etc. I figured it was just a novelty when I bought it, but I have wanted one for a long time and finally decided to get me one as a treat. So glad I did. On the past 8 workouts (and one was just during a step aeorbics class where we stepped 1.3 miles:-) I've logged a bit over 24 miles and 2200 calories.

I gotta get off the computer and go make some beads but also wanted to give you a heads up that I will be listing later today/tonight one of my silver bezels with a lampwork cab on the inside. It is in the Muckle Mud colors and very yummy!

Oct. 14th: It is stillllllllll raining! The kids are having a half day of school today with friends coming over and it would have been great to be able to send them outside to play. We live on a my street with about 12 homes and have 2 culdedsacs on the street which makes it a great place for the kids to run around and get crazy.

I know that the stores are getting ramped up starting to get us in the buying mood for the holidays but I just have to sigh at my neighbor. Every year she does this and this year is no different. Yesterday all of the Christmas lights were all hung outside on her bushes and when I drove down the street last night, there they were shining brightly. No, they weren't orange or black for Halloween. All white. And this morning when I took the dog outside, yep... her Christmas tree is up and in the front window with all the lights shining brightly in this dark dreary morning. Now, don't get me wrong. Christmas and the holiday season is my very most favorite but I just want to build up to the anticipation and not have to look at it before Halloween and Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy those holidays too. sigh....

Oct. 13th: Yuck, why do smoke alarm batteries have to start beeping in the middle of the night? I've been up since 5 a.m. because I couldn't fall back asleep after the alarm was beeping in Keegan's room. Randy had to go get the ladder out of the garage and change it. Why don't they do this during the day. Hubby and I said this morning that it probably would have been better if it went off at 1 -2 a.m. as then you have more time to fall into a deep sleep again. Oh well...

I am very excited as I finally get to get my hair cut today. I don't think I've had it cut for 6 months!! I can't believe it has been that long. I had started to let my hair grow out almost 2 years ago. Before then I got a trim every 6 weeks. Then I started getting it cut every 3 months. I had missed my appt. and I didn't reschedule so here I am. Let's just say I'm very excited!

My is this strange weather the US is having. We had such a mild summer this year in St. Louis and I'm beginning to think that winter is not going to be fun as so far it seems to be raining almost every day and it is just plain cold. Off to go wake the kids up. They aren't going to be excited about getting up. It is still kind of dark outside.

Oct. 12th: When is the rain gonna stop? Everything is so saturated. Even though it got very cold this weekend, it did stop raining and we had sun on Saturday which was perfect because the boys had a cub scout family camp out this weekend. Which was pretty dog gone fun if I do say so myself. I'm not sure if Randy would whole heartedly agree with me as I left the camp and came home to sleep in a nice warm bed while he and the 3 boys slept there! I think Caiden did the best out of all of them on sleeping and went out like a light and never made a peep. I was planning on bringing him home with me that night but he was insistent that he was going to sleep there.

So I didn't make any beads this weekend but I did make some carmel apples last night. Which I guess I need some advice on because when I woke up this morning, all of the carmel and ran down to the bottom and is sitting in a pile on the wax paper leaving just traces on the apple. I did just what the directions on the carmel package said.

And Connor has been asking for a week to carve these tiny pumpkins that my mom had given them when she was in Michigan a few weeks ago. They are so cute. I finally agreed last night to give it a go as I really did not think I would be able to carve them. Then Caiden wanted his done and his pumpkin is very squat and had less room to work with. But look at how cute they turned out! And they had loads of seeds in them which totally surprised me and I baked up the seeds. Caiden says he is going to bring his to school for show and tell!

Oct. 8th: Hmmmmm... I feel like I have nothing to talk about today! This posting every days makes me start to realize that my daily routine life can be kind of boring. Well okay, I already knew that as I always joke and say that the highlight of my week might be a trip to Target! Hubby has been traveling all this week but will be home tonight. Whenever he is gone, things seem to get more hectic as I'm the one running the kids around and doing homework. That is a full time job by itself! Maybe tomorrow I will have more exciting stuff to write:-)

Oct. 7: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. I have no clue why I typed that except it has been playing in my mind way too much. Caiden's class has been doing nursery rhymes and we have been working on memorizing them. Except we've been changing it to his brothers's names or the pet names such as Humpty Connor sat on a wall. He seems to think that is so funny and goes around inserting everyone's name.

I haven't been working on a lot of new things. Just trying to get caught up on orders. I do have some new metalsmithing things i want to do and have even bought supplies a week ago but I haven't had the chance to play yet. I do have a few small bead sets but my evenings have been spent doing emails and making jewelry for orders which takes away from my posting of jewelry and beads. All in due time right. I'm just amazed at how fast the days just fly by.

So here is a pic of my silly hubby using an Elmo umbrella. Yes, he walked around in public with that thing. Even though I had 4 regular ones he could have used! When we went to the BBQ cook off it was raining. He did get some fun comments from some of the guys in the booths like. "Wow, I really like your umbrella. It is very manly!".

Oct. 6th: Oops.. I had updated the news page but forgot to transfer the info over. All is looking good at the Donlen household. Connor's eye is healing great and he went to school today without having any eye issues. We are done with swim now and that frees up Monday and Tuesday nights and I can't express how happy that makes me! We still have scouts on those nights every few weeks but not having a commitment every single night of the week feels fantastic!

Isn't this photo funny? When we were at the Cardinals game, I was holding the camera out and trying to take Caiden's and my picture. He wasn't cooperating and was pouting. He kept trying to scoot down low in his seat so he wouldn't be in the photo. So Randy joined in on the fun and this is the photo I snapped. I totally cracked up when I saw how it turned out.

Oct. 5th: Just a quick update. Connor seemed much better this morning. His vision is still blurry but not as bad as last night and he woke up feeling relieved for the improvment. The eye doctor said that he has traumatic Iritis. Which basically means there has been damage to the iris and she game him some steroid drops which will hopefully help improve his blurry vision. We go back on Friday for a follow up. I was reading about this on the internet and there have been people that posted about having the same thing happen and have had vision loss and or damage. I'm so glad I didn't read that last night. I would have been a mess.

Oct. 4th: I think tomorrow is going to be pretty busy so I'm gonna do a quick post tonight. It was a fun weekend and today was my 12th wedding anniversary. Whoo HOO!

Keegan's 5th grade class was invited to sing at the 7th inning stretch today at the Cardinals Baseball game. The school bought a big block of tickets and we all went to the game today. It was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful. Keegan was so excited and my parents came with us and it was a great way to spend a special day.

That is until we got home. We weren't home 15 min before the boys decided to play catch with a baseball. Connor got nailed in the eye with a baseball and according to my hubby (I was inside and Keegan threw the pitch:-) he got hit really hard. So after 30 min of ice and very blurry vision, I left hubby with the other kids and took Connor to the urgent care center. The nurse had Connor cover his good eye and read the eye chart. You know that sick feeling you get in your stomach when something really bad happens? That pit came on hard as Connor was not able to read any letters correctly anywhere on the chart. They put dye in his eye and used the UV light to see that he has 2 big scratches on his pupil. Whew, so I think he will be okay and that after a few days his vision will be better. We have to go to the eye doctor tomorrow to make sure there is no pressure that has developed. Not a good way to end the day. I'm tired and ready for bed so I'm signing off. I really need to honker down on working on orders this week so not sure if I will be true to my one posting a day on Etsy.

Oh, before I forget... I did get the bottle cap bracelet kit posted and ready to go over in the kits section at I will have to make the beads for the kits so count on a few days turn around time before it is mailed out.

Here is a pic of Keegan and some of his classmates on the big jumbo tron (or whatever they call it:-) while they were singing.

Oct. 2: Hmmmm.... it is still too early to see which if any kiddes will go back to school today. It hasn't been a bad sickness so not really a big deal in the grand scheme but when they start getting bored midafternoon, I'm thinking it is time to go back to school! ha!

Not a lot of bead stuff going on. I did sort through my bottle caps and have enough to get the kits ready to go. Now I just need to post it over at Tickle Me. I'll jot a note here when it is for sure ready to go. And... I think I'm going to post a chunk of these vintage caps all by themselves on Tickle Me too. I need to slow down enough to do some updating over there. I still have a lot of supplies that I purchased to add to the site and they are still sitting here. All in due time right?

October 1: One Left Standing

Yep, I've got two kids home from school and my dear sweet Keegan made the lone trip all by himself. He looked so handsome this morning that I just had to take his pic. I am so jealous of his blonde thick hair. We always have to have the hair dresser thin it out and it is still so thick.

I don't think the sick boys have the flu. Connor has a fever and a bad headache but no other flu symptoms. So I'm just in a kind of wait and see mode. Makes my job much easier but I am so stocked up on hand sanitizer. Which is another thing that surprises me. I couldn't find it anywhere in Target. You would think with the cold and flu season hitting that they would have a big honkin display of the stuff as soon as you walk in the doors. But no, I had to ask and it was tucked away with the hand soap and they had the most pitiful selection that I thought they should be ashamed of themselves!

Sept 30th: Good grief, is the area where you live doing the same thing? There are news reports that St.Louis hospitals are setting up tents in the parking lot to accomodate the ER over flow for swine flu patients! Yikes, that sounds scary. I think they are saying it is just precautionary but MO isn't one of the states that they list in the US that has wide spread swine flu. It looks like it is coming though as I'm hearing more and more about so and so having the swine flu. The boys had swim tonight at the YMCA. We have been taking Caiden up there to play in the kids area that he loves while we work out, but tonight I stayed home with Caiden as we figure the germs are there and less likely of a chance for him to get sick if he doesn't go. I hate this time of year and having to worry about getting sick. I know this year is worse than previous years but it still is no fun. I miss the pool and the lazy river!

So are you guys surprised that I've been true to my word and posting every day? I know I am. Just hope I don't run out of things to talk about! ha! I doubt that though as there is always something in this world that just needs to be discussed! Make sure to keep checking out Etsy as I've been doing good there too and listing at least one item every day.