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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the May 2009 Archive Page

May 20th: Sigh.... I know I have totally been MIA this past month or two. I'm so sorry. I just can't seem to get motivated and it seems like life is so busy that the news page is the first thing to get negleted. No, I take that back... a clean house is the first thing that goes!! I have just a few more crazy weeks and then life should slow back down. I leave for the Bead and Button Show next Friday. I'm just going to for the shopping experience! But, I have a small budget as money has all been taken up with the vacation fund and the big nasty tax bill due in a few weeks. But it will be lots of fun to go and see all the great beads.

The kids last day of school is tomorrow. I have total mixed emotions.

I'm so excited to be done with the crazy routine but then memories abound and the realization that your kids are growing up yet again! It will be hardest with Caidien graudating from preschool. He has been in the same class for the past 2 years with the most incredible team of ladies you would ever want your child to have. He had speech, sensory, and OT issues that if you compared him today with 2 years ago you would not recognize this child. All of the therapists always told me that he would be okay by the time he got to kindergarten and I thought they all must be smokin crack! But... YES! They were right.... my baby is great and will do wonderful in kindergarten. Plus, it helps that he will have the most awesome to die for teacher next year! My other boys had her when they were in kindergarten and to this day, she is still their favorite teacher! That says a lot!

So... I'm off to bed for now as I'm sporting a cold that decided to bless me today and I'll check in later as I do have a few bead things to discuss but now I'm out of steam and ready to call it a day. A big grand completed day. Off to the next one!

May 17th: I've been such a bad poster on this news page lately. I think I just ran myself ragged these past few months with the increased exposure from the 2 magazine articles at the same time. Things have finally started to slow back down again and now I'm wiped out and feel like I have zero creative juices flowing. So, I've just been enjoying some down time but it doesn't really feel like down time because things have seemed to speed up vs. slowing down and my house is in some serious needing of cleaning!

I made the biggest BUMMER mistake last week that had me so bummed out. I booked my flight to Chicago for the Bead and Button Show next month. (which is very exciting as it is my annual shopping trip with my wonderful friend Joan and we have so much fun together!). Well, just a head's up to you guys and gals that have an Expedia account with multinames on the account. Apparently, (because I don't even remember choosing a name) hit the drop down box and clicked on my 5 year old Caiden as the person that is taking the flight! I realized my mistake a few days later when I got an email from them. I called Expedia and they said the airlines don't allow name changes. He called United for me and told them the story and they basically told me I'm hosed. So, I lost the ticket as Caiden is not going with me to a Bead Show and if I cancel it, they will issue Caiden a voucher but they charge a rebooking fee that is higher than the cost of the ticket! GRRRRRRR

So.... I had to basically give United my own personal stimulus package as I had to buy another airline ticket! I refused to book on United again though and bought my ticket through American Airlines!

May10th: Happy Monster's Day Moms!

My boys were so excited. I cooked some brownies last night (for me, not the boys) and when I woke up this morning, this was stuck in the brownies so I would find it.
Its so cute, although I do wonder if it isn't some secret mixed emotion Connor, my little artist, has about me. Actually, he already wrote me a world's greatest mom tribute so I guess he can have his fun : ). Mother's Day

May 6th, 2009

Do you ever feel this way?

That has been me today! I have been so surly. Hubby has been traveling and I really feel the added pressue when he is gone. He is such a big help with the kids so that I can work in the evenings. I think what doesn't help is this weather. I am soooo tired of rain, clouds, and no sun! It is driving me crazy!

But I must say that my wonderful 10 year old son did me good tonight! He wrote me the sweetest kindest love note tonight just out of the blue and left it on the bed. It totally made my night and made me stop and think about how wonderful my kids are and that I need to stop sweating the small stuff that seems to suck up all my energy. When I went to his room to gush all over him and tell him how thankful I was for the note, I asked him why he wrote it. His reply was that I looked like I could use it! HA! I didn't argure with that! It is funny how something so simple as a few kind words from someone special can turn everything back around and on the right track again.

I hadn't played on illustrator for weeks. I pulled it out today to think about designing a new magazine ad and this is the drawing that I made. Guess I still need to work on that ad!

May 5th: I'm beginning to think that life will never slow down. It is never a dull moment around here and I guess that is a good thing as I really dislike not having something that needs to be done. It has been such cloudy dreary weather here. The sunshine poked out of the clouds a bit today finally. It seems like it has been about 10 days since we have had warm sunshine weather!

I've been saying that I was going to list my inventory of jewelry and haven't really done much. But I did finally list a few items. I posted them all over at my Etsy store as it takes a lot longer to get them listed on my site. These are all at reduced special prices and no duplicates will be made at the posted prices. If you need them for mothers day, I can do express shipping for an additional $10 shipping charge (which will be a total cost of $15 shipping). The check out process is like my site here and done through paypal. If for some reason, you feel uncomfortable checking out with etsy, just email me at of what you want and I can email you a paypal invoice or set up a private shopping cart on my website.