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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the March 2009 Archive Page

April 3: The sun is shining, the rain has ended for the night, and the tulips are starting to bloom! All my planting of bulbs this past Fall is starting to pay off. Yippee!!! Well, today is my kind of big day. Only because I have no clue how this will all go together. I'm totally winging it! I have no clue how my table is going to turn out. I just have an idea in my head but time will tell. I had invested in one of those custom made black steel rod stands/booths that has glass tops. I've never used it once! But, the venue is supplying the table so I'm thinking of taking off the top part of my booth that has the glass tops and setting it on the table. That way I will have 2 layers across the whole table to work with. I'll post pics after tonight. Speaking of which, guess I better charge the batteries in my camera!

In the mean time.. here is a custom bracelet that is heading to a very sweet person! The same style as the other one below with a silver backed button and 2 hollow beads but in quite fine colors if I do say so myself!

March 31: Well, it has been a busy few days. Although, it is always busy anymore so I don't even know why I bother to say that. Baby Caiden turned 5 years old. How did that happen? I have often referred to him as baby Caiden here on my news page because that is what he was at the time! He will be going to full day kindergarten next year! For one full year, I will have all 3 boys at the same grade school. That will be grand. I will have the whole day to work and then I'm hoping to have more time off in the evenings to spend with family vs. sneaking downstairs to work while hubby is home to watch the kids.

So.. in the mean time... my first show in 4-5 years is in a few days. Wow, I have a lot of jewels! I had no clue until I started tagging them last night. I've never had this much jewelry at one time ever! but I had a few months to prepare and I just kept throwing a few things together just about every day or two. I must say it has been fun creating. A lot of the goodies are simple less expensive items. Here is a pic of the necklace that matches the button bracelet I showed on an earlier post. The button doesn't lie flat enough for a necklace so I just replicated it into a pendant. Then I made another button bracelet with bright colors. It is really cute. I think I have made about 10 of these button beads loose for the show. So whatever doesn't sell, I'll post here for sale. They are so cute. I gotta take a pic for you guys to see them.

I keep meaning to email Kerry at because as usual we are on the same wave length at the same time. I think within days of each other and not having spoken for a bit, we both made these same types of buttons! Then I saw that we have one set of kids that have the same exact birthday and then our youngest kiddos are just a few days apart on their birthday. It is the strangest thing that always makes me smile!

Ah.... I was just putting the new photos in my news folder when I saw this photo of baby caiden when he dumped out a whole can of nuts. They grow up so fast!

March 24th: The kids are back in school again (they went kicking and screaming!) and life is trying to return to crazy busy normal. I had to laugh yesterday as Caiden was outside in the back yard playing with the dog and I was in the kitchen. He opens up the door and out of the blue says "Mom, can I have a guinea pig?" What? I say. A guiena pig? Where in the world did that come from. This comes from a little boy that had very few words at the age of 2 1/2 and has come so far to being a normal little boy and who is turning 5 years old this Thursday! But... getting back to the animal thing... good grief.... as if we don't have enough pets that I (YES, I) take care of! A cat, two parakeets, and a dog that I swore we would never have and now Caiden is wanting to add a guinea pig into the mix. I so don't think so!

So I've been working on getting samples of some personalized stamped jewelry ready for the show I'm doing in a few weeks. These are so cool and fun. The discs are big... about 1 1/2" tall. I made a sample for me with the boys names on them and then my mother...I guess will see her surprise as she is getting the other one that has all the grand kids names on them (perfect for Mother's Day!) with the green bead. I'll get these posted in the boutique for orders also.

March 20th: So the kids spent the night at my parent's house last night as part of their Spring Break adventures. Hubby and I took advantage of the time and went out for a date night. We crack ourselves up! Normally, when we go out alone we try to leave early so that we don't have to fight the heavy dinner crowds. Which means that by 7pm we are done with dinner, in a food and wine coma, and ready to go home and go to bed! Isn't that a sorry sight? We always talk about how when we were young, leaving the house at 9pm to go out for the evening seemed like a perfectly normal thing that didn't even get a second thought.

So being that it was on a Thursday night, there weren't really any dinner crowds to fight and hubby was taking Friday off. We were in no big hurry to rush out the door.

We love this cool little tapa's restaurant in Clayton. It is one of those hot places that has a great crowd more around the 30's age range. Whenever we get a night out, I'm always trying to convince hubby to take me there. We had heard great things about this other tapas restaurant in a really cool revived part of downtown St. Louis off of Washington Ave. We got there a bit after 7 pm and got a table right away. We learned that the brother of the first tapas place I like owns this one. They have more of a flavor infused menu. The atmosphere is more expensive which means the food is more expensive and smaller portions, but it was delicious! We decided to not go whole hog and that we would eat a few servings here and then pop around to some other places on this strip and try some other things.

So we walked down the block, walked into a sushi restaurant (the place was dead) and when walking through the door, I told hubby I wanted to go back to the tapas place in Clayton and we turned around and walked out. It was just dead in this area so we hopped in the car and drove west.

We had to laugh as the place we were going was PACKED at 9:30 pm. There was a 30 min wait for a table so we sauntered over to the bar and it was elbow to elbow packed. We eventually got 2 seats at the bar and decided to hang out there. So I guess I have good taste after all and my favorite restaurant in this area is where all the action is. Which makes for really good people watching.

We made some really good observations... everyone had their cell phones sitting out. People on dates were surfing/texting on their phones, a guy sitting by himself was surfing on this phone, etc... It was just really weird to see this sign of the times. I think we were the only married people in the bar area and it was quite entertaining. Randy had this couple sitting on his side that was very entertaining. It was a goofy guy with a blond gal that had a boob job. Hubby jokingly said that he must be a millionare to have the blond with him. It sounded like they were on a first date and I had to laugh as this guy was giving the gal behind the bar, hair styling tips! I told Randy he was a hair dresser! He was talking about all of his clients and how he is kind of a therapist. Then his blond date started talking about her therapist. Then when they were leaving, he paid the bill with cash, while she borrowed a pen from the bar tender and started writing a check which she gave to her date. How strange is that?! We both agreed that it was very entertaining to watch all the action but thank goodness we aren't single and have to do the dating thing anymore! I topped off the night with some very yummy bread pudding while sitting at the bar having a grand old time! Life is good!

March 19th: This week seems to be flying by! I'm not getting a lot of work done but the kids seem to be having fun so that is a good thing. It is much cooler today but the weather has been in the high 70's to low 80's. I just love it! The trees and spring flowers are starting to bloom.

The kids had a dental check up yesterday and I made this bracelet while waiting during their appointments. I haven't made a new dangle bracelet in a while so it was fun to do. I soldered a silver backing for the focal bead and there are a two hollow beads. I have a black based focal bead just like this one in the kiln from yesterday at the torch. I thought I would make another bracelet with black accents. Maybe I should get out of bed (one of the benefits finally of Spring Break! We've had something going on every morning.) and see what is in the kiln.

March 12th: Spring Break started for the kids today! Lucky them... they tagged along for a hair appointment this morning. But then we made a trip to Toys R Us and that made for a happy afternoon. My baby is turning 5 in a few weeks. How did that happen? I needed to get present ideas.

Here is a pic of the stamped names pendant that I was talking about earlier.

March 7th: Things are busy as usual. The boys signed up to do an egg drop at the Science Fair. They had to drop it 20 feet onto a target on the concrete ground. Both of the boys eggs did not break but Keegan's box landed on its corner and rolled a few feet. Connor's box hit right on the target but we don't know the results yet. The top 10 kids get a medal but I figured out that there were about 200 kids that participated from 10 schools.

Keegan is doing a camp out with his cub scout den tonight. It was supposed to be a "freeze out" campout where they earn a patch for camping in freezing weather but it was in the 70's today! Strange week. We had the 17 degree temps earlier in the week and yesterday I had the AC on and it got up in the 80's.

So I've been working on some new silver soldered beads. Here is a sample of one of them. These are 2 circles. I domed one of them and then soldered it to the larger flat silver circle. Wait to you see the other one, I stamped my kids names onto it and then did the same thing. Very cute! Just working on inventory for the show in a few weeks.

March 4th: Yes! Finally warm weather is supposed to be arriving. I'm so glad it is March. Move along Winter... I'm so done with you!

I've been playing with some fun designs. I need to take pics but here is one of a bracelet I've been playing with. It is made with 3 strands and features a 2 hole button flower as the focal. I must admit that even though it is simple, I'm loving it a lot. I'm going to make a necklace to match it. Won't that be cute!

Hubby comes home tonight from out of town again and again. He has been traveling so much lately. It makes it harder for me to keep all my juggling balls in the air as he is a huge help in the evenings. And... I'm so excited... the basement is making good progress. He is putting up the dry wall now. I've been told he is going to work in sections and complete the play area before doing my work section since I have so much stuff in the way and it will keep me from being without my torch for many weeks. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't lose steam by the time he gets to my area and says "Forget it. I'll work on your section later." If his later is like my later, then that means it never gets done! ha!