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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the June 2009 Archive Page

June 26th: It has just been HOT HOT HOT. We have gone to the pool almost everyday this week and I'm pretty sure we are gonna head back again today!

It has been a slow week getting back into beading time again. But I need to get my act together and get working again. I got a small amount of beading time last night. Slow but sure.

June 24th: Better late than never I guess. I've finally slowed down since returning. It has been extremely hot and humid here and we have spent the last 3 days at the pool and then the evenings have been booked up with activities too. I'm finally staying home today and trying to get organized and back in the swing of work.

So I still need to take some more photos of the jewelry I am getting ready to list in the boutique but I wanted to share some background info on where the inspiration came from. When I was at the Bead and Button show a few weeks ago, Swarovski crystals had a huge beautiful booth. There was only 30 min. left of shopping time when we came upon their booth. There was this cute gal there standing at a small table teaching how to make the most eye striking necklaces. I was so torn because I really wanted to keep on shopping but I couldn't pull away and spent about 5 min at the table while she was teaching how to make the necklaces in the photo below.

I'm sooooo glad I stayed those few minutes. I am so hooked! That purple necklace in the photo below was just making me drool. I REALLY REALLY wanted to make one. The technique is so easy and I walked away with the info I needed to make the purple necklace.

The necklaces are all made with fishing line, swarvarski crystals, seed beads, and pearls if desired. One of her samples had all 3 elements, one had just the seed beads and crystals, and one was just all crystals. So with a long car ride and leisure time on the beach, I ended up making the purple necklace identical to the photo, and a topaz and brown necklace that is also beautiful. I have silver/black and pink crystals waiting for me to make a few more but I ran out of time while on vacation. These are not fast necklaces to make but the process is very simple. They have about 30 feet of fishing line in the design!

It took me about 30 min of seaching but I finally found the name of the gal that was at the booth teaching this method. I had taken a post card she was handing out but the website was from a store in Belgium. I couldn't read a lick of the Dutch language and was just clicking around until I was able to finally figure out her name. It is Un-Roen Manarata. She is in the background of the photo above. Her work is incredible and apparently she owns a fab store in Belgium that I would LOVE to visit. I didn't know it at the time but those few short moments were the highlight of inspiration for me. She was so cute and very kind to share her knowledge to anyone who walked up to her Swarovski table to see what she was doing.

So you remember those flower and disc beads that I posted and said I had big plans for them? Well I used Un-Roen's method to kind of make the design/pattern my own and did a few steps differently to create a whole new look with basically the very same method.

I was so excited to see how they turned out. They are very drool worthy. I ended up making 2 necklaces, 1 pendant, 2 pairs of earrings, and a pendant with my lampwork beads, loads of pearls, seed beads, and awesome sequins.

The bracelet, pendant, and earrings, were all made on the 15 hour car ride home. (ugh! we drove the whole way home)

Here is a pic of the bracelet. This sucker was such a pain to make and I have no plans to make another one. I was ready to throw it out the window but I had spent so many hours on it I couldn't bring myself to give up. I'm really glad I didn't because it turned out wonderful and I'm really really tempted to keep it! Those silver beads within the design are the coolest beads ever!

Here is the photo of the necklace. This was entirely made sitting in a beach chair looking out upon the ocean in a dream like state over a 2 day period! Sure to bring the wearer good karma!Find it in the boutique.

The earrings and the pendant are in the boutique too!

June 21st: Yea! Happy Father's Day and First Day of Summer! We had a great family outing to Charleston, SC. Rented a beach house for the week and could not have had a more perfect time! But now I'm back in St. Louis and up and running. Boy does it feel like typical ST. Louis summer here. High 90s and humidity that will soak you within a couple of minutes outside.

I got lots of beading time in with the long car rides and I sat in beach chairs and did a lot of beading on the beach. Now that was sweet! I used most of the beads that I had made in my projects and they turned out DEVINE!!! I'll share more about the jewels tomorrow but keep your eyes open as I will have a new incredible necklace, pendant necklace, earrings, and maybe a bracelet (still working out the kinks on that one.) But this new style is a real time stealer and now that I'm home, I probably won't make loads of jewelry in ths style. But it is something very different and I'll share all the details tomorrow.

In the mean time, here are a few beach pics. I haven't loaded the pics from my other camera so all I have are beach pics but that is where we spent 80% of our time!

It was a great shark teeth week. I think between Randy and the big boys, they found almost 200 shark teeth! I think I found maybe 9 of those but I sat in the beach chair lounging while they would go for long walks looking for them.

Sponge Bob found us at the beach!

June 11th:
Just thought I would share a few pics of what I bought at the show. I have to laugh because it doesn't look like much now but there are a lot of $$'s in that pile!

I have some good plans for all these beads and hope to make up some really new cool kits as those are way over due. And...there might be a few things that I post for sale on Tickle Me if I don't find a use for them.

I bought my friend Kerry a treat in this photo! Something that is perfect for what she is working on now! Hmmmm.. I might have to save it for our Watch Me Create Blog as a way to get us both motivated and back on track of doing that exchange!

Well I guess you have to be here to feel and touch them all. The colors of all those pearls and Czech beads in the center of the pile are to die for!!! And did you see those cool toogles?!! Those are headed for kits and there are some other rectangle shape silver beads, I have cool plans for those as kits too! And all those yummy silk cords?!

Loads of fun but now the challenge is to find time to play. Can't wait!!! But I've got some orders to kick out and complete before the office shuts down on Friday.

June 8th: What a FUN FUN Weekend!! Joan and I had a total ball at the Bead and Button Show. We laughed and joked and shopped and totally enjoyed ourselves! We shopped on Friday from around 2-8 pm and then the show opened at 10 am on Sat morning but we couldn't get our act together and by the time we left the hotel and got into the show, it was around 10:50 a.m. I wasn't worried because I thought we had plenty of time to get it all done! We almost did it all but at the last 10 min. we were running to a few booths that we had missed like crazy girls.

So I did a first this year and brought my camera. I took some photos to share with ya. But some of the booths are sensitive about photos. So I limited the pics to just the bulk beads. The room is so big but each isle has these tall cloth dividers, so it limits the view of getting a feel for how large the entire room is and you can only see small snipits. There are just piles and piles of beads.

I'm not sure what I'm going to design but I did buy a lot of beads that I really liked for a new dangle bracelet kit. The colors are all so bright and addicting!

This is a pic outside the convention center in downtown Milwaukee. You walk through the front doors, up the escalator and the show is right there.

This is seed bead heaven with Joan holding her tray of beads. This booth was huge. This is just one row of the seed beads. They have a center part that is partly taken up by the cash register and some tall stands of pearls, Czech beads, and crystals, and then the other side has 2 rows of seed beads just as long as this one! Joan and I think we have a seed bead fetish as I think we spent over an hour at this booth on Sat. and then a different seed bead booth on Friday we spent at least an hour too! We did the same last year too. I think I've just become a seed bead collector as I don't use loads of them but they are soooo addicting!

This is a pic of us after eating lunch. I held the camera at arm length and snapped a quick pic. They have tables for you to sit and eat and relax your legs!

Here is good sport Joan that I made get in all my pics showing the way down one of the isles. This photo is towards the end of an isle. It gives you a good idea of the booth set ups.

Here is Joan buying some of her seed beads on Friday. I think she spent $127 on seed beads at this booth alone! If you spent over $100, they gave you one of those blue bags for free. ha! I know she got the bag!

Anyway... I think that is a very short and sweet summary of my weekend. All my beads are still in bags. I'll try to pull some things out and take pics to share of what I bought. Oh... remember me complaining that I had to buy my plane ticket twice because I accidently booked it under my 5 year old's name? That ticket got me home 5 hours earlier! After I had just boarded my plane at noon and got all buckled up, they announced that the plane was out of service and we had to get off! Sigh!!! So they ended up cancelling that flight and did an automated rebooking of the full flight. I got an automated phone call saying I got rebooked on a 9:55 pm flight and Caiden got an automated phone call saying he got rebooked for a 5:55 pm flight! So I went to the counter and told them what happened and I got to take Caiden's spot on the earlier flight! So at least I got something out of that wasted $150!!! I was soooooo glad I didn't cancel his seat.

June 4th: I think I am finally starting to get my desire to start thinking about creating new and fun things. It always seems like once a year I just burn myself out and I need to coast and do bare minimum for a month or two in order to just regroup and take some much needed down time.

I had to laugh because I was finally getting on the news page to post about the Bead Star contest and to tell you to go vote for me! Guess I missed that boat too as I just looked on their website at and found out that I totally missed the open voting session. I didn't even get to tell one person like my parents or my hubby to go out and vote for me! That is just sad!

I submitted a necklace for the glass category that I guess didn't make the top 20 cut for inclusion but I did submit a bracelet that made the top 20 for the metals section. I don't have any hopes to have the bracelet get voted as one of the top 3 in the metals category especially since I didn't even post about it here and ask all you beady guys for help in voting! sigh... such is life and in the grand scheme of life, this is a no worries thing.

So tomorrow will be a very busy day of getting things wrapped up and packed to head off to Bead and Button show. Keegan is doing a football camp and wrestling camp all this week and I've been busy taking him to all the camps. Crazy weather this week. It only was around 63 degrees today and tomorrow is only supposed to be in the low 70's. It is usually in the 90's and humid and miserable by this time!