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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the February 2009 Archive Page

Feb 27th: Isn't that a fun surprise. My Bloomin Flower rings got a tiny corner of the cover of Bead and Button Magazine's April 2009 issue. It should be hitting the stands pretty soon.

The directions on how to make the rings are featured on page 84.

Plus.... for members of the Bead and Button community (it is free to register) you can watch an on-line video of the rings being made. It is produced by the staff of Bead and Button.I had nothing to do with the making of this video and haven't had a chance to view it yet. When I checked a few days ago it wasn't posted yet. But I just looked and the video is available now. I'm going to try to watch it after I get this posted.

And you know me on making the supplies available... PURCHASE A MINI KIT to make the rings exactly like the photos or order just the lampwork flowers over at

Click here to purchase the mini kit that has all the needed supplies (except the plastic ring mandrel and magazine)

Click here to purchase just the lampwork flower beads.

Whew... that was a lot of work! But I think I got it all covered now. Stay tuned for some photos of new designs I've been working on trying to get some inventory for the show. Nothing spectacular but I've been having fun playing.

Feb. 24th: Look what the mail gal brought to my door!! Isn't he soooooo cute?! A sock monkey!! I am pretty darn excited. This came from a wonderful beady friend across the river in Illinois. She makes stuffed animals to hand out to an organization for children. I sent her a copy of Connor's puppy dog pattern and here is the treat that came VERY unexpectedly. I must admit that I had been secretly wanting a sock monkey. My grandmother had made one and I was young enough that I don't remember if it went to my brother or if I got one also. I'll have to ask my mom! but I always remembered him and have thought that wouldn't it be great to have one now. I feel special!

I have a sick kiddo home with Strep throat AGAIN. He has a resistant strain and the Amoxil didn't get it all. Keegan always gets strep 1-2 times a year. I always get nervous that it will be a resistant strain that won't respond to meds. This happened to Connor when he was 3 and he had to have his tonsils removed. It almost happened to Keegan as the 3 round of meds he developed a horrible rash on and we had to stop the meds but it worked. So keeping my fingers crossed that the second time is a charm this time around.

In the mean time, I'm working up to making those cupcake pops that I mentioned when I made the brownie ones. I'm getting closer. They are just a lot more work so I met in the middle and made a cupcake version with only 1 kind of chocolate. So there is cake in the middle that was baked, crumbled up in tiny pieces, then mixed with cream cheese frosting, and rolled into small balls. They are then dipped into chocolate and have sticks in them to make them the pops. There was a Cub Scouts banquet last night that we were all supposed to go to last night but since Keegan was sick, just 2 out of the 5 of us went. These went too.

Feb. 20th: Here are some more bead choices for the Wonder Rings. You can use the more average size round beads. It looks pretty good but the ring will sit up higher on the finger and be a way more bold statement vs. something simple. I'll try to add the other bead options over at Tickle Me Beads.

Feb. 17th: Brrrrrrr..... it is cold outside! We've had such nice warm weather that I'm missing it already.

I was so excited when the UPS man came yesterday. I had designed and printed up some post cards and earring cards. They turned out fantastic.

I'm waiting for my kiln to warm up so I'll share the pics with ya. There is a great printing company on-line that does wonderful work and they are VERY economical. I've been thrilled with all the things I've had them make from my stickers, hang tags, post cards, business cards etc. They do fantastic work. I still have it in the back of my mind that I want to design some basic hang tags for people to order and I'll customize them for the order and then you guys could take the file over to print runner to have them printed up. Presentation is such a huge factor on how people perceive your work and having the added special touches really do make a difference.

So here is the post card which a lot of ya will get when I mail out orders. I have a huge box of them but it is always cost effective when printing to double your order because it only costs a few dollars more! I left the back side blank so I can just write notes on it. I don't have plans to mail these anywhere.

I just dug through my photo files and found pics in the color combo that I wanted with the pink background. Do you notice one of my friend's bead style on the photo on the left side? At the very top of the stacked bead set is a simple bead with a flat petal. Isn't it so cute? That comes from Kerry Bogert over at And yes, we have been negleting our parallel crossings blog sad to say but we both want to keep it going and need to work on that:-)

Then here is a photo of my earring cards. I just took a photo that I liked and had a lot of colors in the background and then put my detail info on top of the photo. I'm so excited about these as I have always made my own cards and it takes so much time!! So now you just take a push pin and poke holes for the earrings or a center hole for a pendant. The push pin's hole is small enough that it makes a nice tight fit for the earrings and they stay put perfectly!

I'm such a pink and purple girl aren't I? I just can't help it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors!

Feb. 14th:

Feb. 10th: I made a personal promise this year that I wasn't going to get into the winter blahs like I did last year. I'm not sure why but last winter was just horrible for me. I tried not to complain but it hit me hard. This year... so far so good... but I must say if we had weather all winter like we did this week.... there wouldn't be any reason to complain. It has been a wonderfully warm week. I think today it made it up to 70 degrees which says a lot from living in St. Louis. But we have had our super freezing cold spells too. I think the forcast is for the cold weather to move back in and have snow flurries on Sunday. But in just a few weeks, it will be March and spring will be right around the corner!

Not a lot to report here. Just busy behind the scenes. My oldest is recovering from Strep throat and a dog that is recovering from dysentery! Good grief! I had to take them both to the doctor/vet on Saturday. This dog thing is a lot of work. I just don't get how so many people in the population have dogs. They are a lot of work and effort. I never heard anyone complain about how much is involved with them. I never had a dog growing up and haven't really been exposed to them and I find it much eaiser to have a cat! But... I'm staying the course. My hubby keeps telling me that I told you dogs are a lot of work but I told him I needed detailed information. Just a general statement didn't sink in enough!

But the dog is cute and overall has a good personality but we have to work hard to keep him in the bottom of the pack. I didn't think we had dominance issues until I took him to the vet on Sat. I've bought all the books and watch the tv shows but having the vet spell it out for me really hit home. He has a great personality but I do see now he is trying to be the leader over little Caiden. So we are in the process of taking the vet's advice to make the dog submissive by having each child put the dog on it's back. Sigh... never had to worry about any of this with a cat!

Feb. 8th: Have you ever wanted to make your own head pins? How about fusing fine silver into rings? (I also posted this on the Tickle Me Blog but not sure how many of ya read that one.)
These are all very simple to do. Tickle Me now carries the butane torches just for this purpose. You will also need a heat resistant soldering board. Cassie made a video for Beading Daily readers on how to make fine silver head pins. These are so easy to make. The video is hosted on Youtube and doesn't have the best video quality but it has great information on setting up and using the torch along with making the head pins.

Hey.... I just added the .925 silver stamps onto Tickle Me Too.

Feb 6: When peer pressue is a good thing... My 4 year old Caiden is such a picky eater! He is 1,000 times better now but he had some major sensory issues even a year ago. He still has hang ups but these don't even compare to how he was when a baby and toddler is like night and day. (lots of therapy!) He will eat very few foods. It is tiring trying to find new foods for him. I'm sure a lot of you mother's totally relate with the food thing.

Anyway.. his preschool class has been doing a unit on food groups for the past few weeks and are working wonders on Caiden. Thanks to them, he will now eat apples, drink fruit smoothies, and as of yesterday, eat a toasted cheese sandwiches! I make toasted cheese sandwiches for the big boys at least once a week. It is a great way to get whole grain bread and calcium down them. Caiden will never even touch one of them! Go figure but I picked him up from school yesterday and he was raving about this sandwich they had made and how good it was and that he wants to make one at home! They even made up the directions at school and glued them on blue construction paper.

Yes, it was a toasted cheese sandwich! He ate the whole thing! This is when peer pressure is a grand thing!

Feb. 4th: And here I had been doing so good posting more often on my news page! I'm gonna try to get back on track. It seems like this is the first thing that gets negleted when things get crazy. I think those Wonder Rings are a big hit!!! I've been very busy packing up supplies and hopefully there will be lots of them floating around in the world:-)

In the mean time, I made up a new ad for the May June Issue of Step By Step Beads. Here is a draft of it. Isn't that bird cute? He doesn't really go with the beads theme, but I'm having a ball playing with illustrator and I couldn't help myself!

I wanted to let you know that yes, Connor got an A+ on his Pillow Pup project. He was so excited! I printed out all the kind emails that people had sent on comments about his pup and included them in the folder for Connor to show his teacher.

He also had to make a poster that was an advertisement for his pillow pup. We ended up using the fabric and pattern and glueing it on his poster. I was laughing because he said he wanted to appeal to the girls so he did lots of pinks and attached pink ribbon on the edges of the poster board. He had a definite image in his mind of what he wanted. Even down to the shape of the pup's eyes and nose.

Jan 29th: It has been a busy few days over here. The boys had 2 snow days without school and lots of orders to pack up over at Tickle Me for supplies to make the Wonder Rings. Life is good but crazy busy. I had the fun pleasure of going sledding with the boys. To be truthful though, if Caiden didn't need my help, I don't think I would have spent 2 hours sledding. I would be a happy by stander!

I can't believe I'm doing this but I signed up to be a vendor at a Ronald McDonald Fund Raiser event here in St. Louis. The theme is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The theme is around pampering yourself with lots of food (of course!) manicures, facials, hair styling, and shopping!

I have not done a show in almost 5 years. YIKES! This one sounds nice and simple though. They supply the table and skirting and I just bring my stuff. Hmmm..... stuff.... what stuff? I'm going to have to make stuff for the show as I have very little inventory. But the show isn't until April 3 so that will give me a few months to slip in jewels between orders. Whew! Any locals that want scoop on the event, let me know. There are a limited number of tickets and there is a price for the tickets. But it all goes to a great cause!