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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the August 2009 Archive Page

Aug. 28th: Well this has been my first full week with all 3 boys in school. I'm just now getting to the point where I feel like a routine can come and I'm slowly getting organized. I've been busy adding a lot of new items to the Tickle Me website. I really want to focus on the site and make it into a full fledged store.

I made a very simple and oh so cool bracelet and pendant a day ago. I still need to take pics and get it posted in the boutique. I love the design and want to make a few others in some other color combos. So make sure you come back to see the new jewels. In the mean time, I just got done lising one of my modge podge bead sets. For those of ya that have been around over the years, you already know that I list 1-2 times a year my extra beads when they start to flow over in my cup. These are all extras, experiments, less than perfects. The strand is 6 feet long. Loads to keep you busy! You can find the set (and all the scoop) over on my boutique page. Sorry, the set is sold.

Aug. 25th: Is it wrong for me to smile like a school girl after dropping my kids off at school for the day? I couldn't help myself! I'm getting ready to meet some girlfriends for lunch and then work in the afternoon. SWEET!

Aug: 23: Party! YES.... you heard right. It is time to party!!! Caiden made it back to school on Friday and we all escaped catching his flu so I've been doing the happy dance.

Anyway.... back to the PARTY. I thought we should celebrate having school getting ready to start and being able to have more free time to bead by passing along a sale over at So here is the deal.. I've posted an on-line coupon called "party" that gives 15% off your ENTIRE ORDER starting today and ending the end of this month August 31st. There are no restrictions and you can use the coupon code as many times as you like during this time frame. (As all the other big on-line stores say..."I'm sorry but this sale does not apply to previous purchases.")

So whatcha do is during the check out process... there is a box that says enter coupon code here. IN THIS BOX, type the word "party" (without the quotes) and life will turn from drab to SWELL! So come and do the happy dance with me and type the word party at check out!

I've added a few new tools there too. One is a texture hammer to put patterns into silver or copper. Then there are new copper hearts too!

AUG. 19th: Well that happy dance didn't last long! All was well all evening until 11:40 p.m. when Caiden comes downstairs crying. Yep, you guessed it... he has the stomach flu and it was everywhere as he needed to walk way too far to tell me he was sick vs. just staying in bed crying and let me come running to him. No, that would have been to clean and simple. So I kid you not, I have spent the entire day cleaning, doing laundry (still not done), degerming. I am almost done and tired since we were awake all night. I kid you not but 95% of the time when the kids get sick, Randy is out of town. Yep, he missed the big party last night. But in a way that was easier because I was able to keep him in my room and it was an easier job without having to worry about waking hubby up. Caiden will be home tomorrow again but I told myself I won't complain loudly if the rest of us can get by unharmed. I'm just on pins and needles for me as Caiden and I shared a nice cold Coke from the gas station after swim lessons last night. I should have known better!

So I haven't gotten any bead work done or those keys listed on Etsy. Maybe tonight or tomorrow:-)
Aug. 18th: There was a BIG party at Panara's Bead Company this morning! It was kind of funny how many mom's were hanging out at the Bead Co celebrating the first day of school. There is a group of us girls that meet once a month after we drop the kids off at school and the tradition is that is starts the first day of school. I must admit that I was really really glad we were meeting this morning as it was a nice transition after dropping Caiden off at school. The school has this new drop off routine and I didn't buck the system by walking Caiden into class. So I had Keegan walk him to his kindergarten class and said my good byes at the car. I must admit that I was a bit blue when I pulled out of the lot and was very thankful that I was meeting up with the girls, we laughed and chatted and had a nice visit. I worked the rest of the day and then took the entire night off without feeling guilty.

I'm getting ready to list these key beads over at my Etsy store probably tomorrow. (You can find the link on my boutique page or just do a search under my name). I guess these are kind of popular right now. I saw a few at the Ghost Cow Glassworks booth at the Bead and Button show. (They were pretty cool but her flattened nail beads with lampwork beads melted on them are really cool. She was wearing a necklace made from these nails that was incredible.) Anyway... A month or so ago I was over at and reading some of the posts. Now enough time has passed that I don't remember which artist posted an article about making these keys with beads on them. They were pretty darn cool and the article mentioned that there is a special mandrel tool created by Jelveh Designs specifically for making beads on these vintage keys. (the mandrel is only $12 and you can find it at her Etsy store: ).

So I bought one of these special mandrels and played around with it last month. The keys aren't really my style but I really do like them. I made sure to use shorter keys so that they weren't too big. When we were in Destin last week, one of the art galleries had jewelry and there was a few of the skeleton keys with the lampwork beads in the case. Instead of having the keys just dangle from the top like a pendant, that person attached a chain to each end and had it hanging as a necklace with the key sitting horizontally. That would be cute too.

August 17th: We are back in town and tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm VERY excited and VERY sad all at the same time. My baby is starting full day kindergarten and I will have one year where all 3 boys are at the same elementary school and on the same schedule. I will have my days free to work and now I can use my evenings more for family time than work time. I'm pretty excited about that.

We took an impulse trip to Destin, Fl last week. The trip was planned about 10 days before we left. Sometimes it is just plain fun to be spontaneous and this was one trip that went down as one of my all time favorites. I've never been to the Desin area or was exposed to a beach and ocean within the US that could be so breath taking. The first second I saw the ocean I turned to hubby and told him I wasn't coming home with them and he could just send me money because I am so not leaving! Sigh...yet... here I am back in St. Louis and really not happy about it! The water was exactly like a Corona commercial. If you are ever looking for a wonderful vacation with incredible views, then you have to put Destin (or any of the pensacola cities) on your must see list.

Here are me and the boys relaxing in the water. I could have stayed in this spot FOREVER!

Snorkling on Shell Island. This was paradise. We rented a boat to go over to this secluded area and were just about the only ones on the beach. I had died and gone to heaven!

Caiden's first boogie board experience!

Connor's turn to drive the boat.

Just look at this incredible water!

Sponge Bob came with us!

And a real dolphin swam right up to our boat. He is just a few feet away from us in this pic!

Okay.... I guess you got the point that it was a great trip!

August 5th: We had the best time at my grandmother's house. Ate lots of great food, played outside, and of course made a trip to the creek to play. And we came home with 3 more little pets. A crawdad, tad pole, and fuzzy caterpillar! So that is added to 2 parakeets, a dog, and a cat. You would never know that I'm not really a animal person. The things you do for your kids right?! Just a reminder.... the office is closed until Sunday, Aug 16th. All shipping will kind of start on Aug 17th as that is the last day before the kids start school on Aug. 18th. Summer break is just about over. Boo Hoo!

Here is a pic walking back from the creek. It's true county out here with corn fields all over. Caiden is watching his tadpole in his bucket!My grandmother is 84 years old. You would NEVER guess it!

Aug. 3th: I'm heading down to the county for the night to vist my grandmother. YIPPEE... I've been meaning to go visit with the boys all summer and just kept being too busy. So now I'm running out of time and am going to just have to go with the 2 boys while Connor is out of town. Bummer because I really wanted him to go but there is no time left. Sigh... I have the best memories as a child spending time at my grandparents and great grandparents and I want my kids to experience some of the same fun. I won't have internet service and iffy cell phone service so I will be MIA till tomorrow night.

In the mean time, I listed a few items in the Etsy store this morning. Including this lampwork bead set. You can just do a search under my name on find the link to my Etsy store on the boutique page of this website. TTFN!

August 2nd: Count down to the end of summer before school has started. YIKES! This is basically the last leisure week we have and it isn't even very leisure as there is something that I'm trying to cram in every day! Just a reminder that both Tickle Me and Glassbeadle will be closed for a week from Aug. 8th - Aug 15th. If you need anything, please order early:-)

We are missing Connor this week. He went on his 10 year old trip with my parents for the week. My parents decided that when each of their grandkids turn 10, they would take them by themselves on a special trip of the child's choosing. So Connnor simi followed in the steps of Keegan and chose to do a fun trip that started off going to Stone Mountain in Georgia. The boys are into knights and castles and went to a dinner program that had knights, jousting, and horses for a medieval show. (That was last night and my mother said it was a fantastic show.) Today is a transition day that inclues a trip to the Lego outlet and then they are going gemstone mining for emearalds, and rubys them off to see the Smoky Mountains. It is such a great idea. Mom has the kids write in their journal each night and then she takes lots of photos and video and makes each child their own photo album that has scrapbooked photos and knick nacks from the adventure.