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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the September 2008 Archive Page

Sept. 28th: I've been sick for the past few days but in a way I guess it was a good thing.
I haven't had any energy so I worked on completing my new project getting it ready to go. AND.... It's not perfect but close enough for the big reveal! This will be a work in progress. There is a lot of potential and I see it growing and growing over time.

I would like to introduce...

Tickle Me

Just click on the photo above to go to

Yep, You've got it. I've started another website called Tickle Me Beads. I've been wanting to grow the supplies and kits section at Glassbeadle but my website just isn't set up to handle something larger. I like the boutique feel of Glass Beadle so it will remain with all the lampwork beads and jewelry and then all the supplies and kits etc will eventually get moved over to Tickle Me Beads.

So what is the difference between the two sites? Tickle Me Beads will be all education based. Lots of tools, supplies, kits, on-line downloadable classes, etc. It is more of a store front setting.

So for right now, the on-line classes are downloadable pdf documents that can be viewed right after they are purchased. There are lots of new kits and loads of supplies and tools.

Everything right now is centered around wire work and stamping. This is a newer area in jewelry design that is very popular and there is so much untapped potential. My plan is to also focus on fine silver fusing and even metal smithing to make rings, bezels, etc in a class form. And of course, there has to be a touch of lampwork beads in the designs!

I think one of the coolest things you are going to find is that the kits and on-line classes focus on interchangable designs!! This is way cool! There are screw sets that make all the designs interchangeable. Use different beads in the same jewelry!!

Anyway... not to bore you with all these words. Just go check out the site. Look around, shop, CHECK OUT THE FREE PAGE that I plan to grow over time. There is a new blog link on the home page that will feature cool pics and finds on Tickle Me. So make sure to take note of it too:-)


Sept 23: Wanna see a new kit I'm making? I had to make a demo for photos so of course I used my kids names. I LOVE it! It's my new every day necklace that I can just leave on all the time. Even sleep in it! It's funny because I am not a big jewelry person. I have to stop and force myself to put jewels on. Part of that is just this time in my life. It is so crazy busy with 3 kids and doing beads and managing a house that putting jewelry on isn't in the forefront of my mind. That is until I get in the car and realize that I wanted to put something on but I walked out again empty handed!

I am amazed at how many comments I've gotten on it. I can see people trying to talk to me but they keep eyeballing the necklace without saying anything. Isn't that funny?!

It should be available next week.

And.... wait until you see the kits I'm creating with a single cone bead from the other necklace below. I want to eat it because it is so dog gone yummy! Just wait, in the next week or so I will have all sorts of new kits for you! I can't wait to share!

Lastly... I got my part of the Zoo Challenge done on Parallel Crossings. Go check it out.

Sept. 21: Okay, so it wasn't tomorrow! But I'm back today! I'm really intrigued by these cone shape beads. I think they would look cool hanging on the bottom as a pendant. They are fun to make! I'll have to make a few to sell and let you guys see what you come up with. In the mean time, I created a far out not practical for every day wear necklace with the beads in the photo below. I entered it into the Saul Bell contest. The competition is VERY steep and the chances of the necklace making the finals is slim to none but a gal can dream right?! The style is kind of fun though. I ordered some thinner gauge wire to play and see if a more simple design would make some cute everyday jewels.

Things are still crazy busy behind the scenes. BUT.... I'm getting closer to doing my big reveal. Maybe a week or so. In the mean time, I've been the bad mother that forgot to be the tooth fairy on Thursday night and my poor middle child woke up to find that his tooth and note were untouched under his pillow! Isn't that terrible!? I felt so bad but made a super fast recovery. I guess once I had left a cheap set of checkers with some money under Connor's pillow. He remembered this and asked in a note to keep his tooth and if he could have a stuffed parakeet. (Connor has been obsessed with parakeets for at least a month. He draws pictures of them, reads books about them, tells me trivia about them, asks for one for his birthday etc....) So I tell Connor that the tooth fairy must have left to see if she could get him a stuffed parakeet and that he should try again the next night. Whew! That answer worked and life was good. He didn't get a stuffed parakeet but got a Star Wars toy he had been wanting and a note with a picture saying that Webkinz is having a parakeet come out in Nov. and she will give him money for one when his next loose tooth comes out. TADA! I did it.. all was well.... I don't think Connor will last much longer in the believing section. He did ask me if I was the tooth fairy. Keegan figured out the santa thing last year so I expect Connor to this year. Always a sad thing from a mother's perspective!

So.... in the mean time, hubby took the boys to the pet store yesterday and they came home with 2 cute parakeets. Why birds? I don't know. I have never had a bird before. Hubby did growing up so he is used to them. I must say they are very cute. They aren't hand trained yet but I did get the green one to sit on my finger. I guess it takes a few weeks to get them trained. Nothing like a little spice in our lives right?

So here is a pic of little Caiden playing McDonalds and holding up a chicken nugget for you guys to see while sitting next to the birds. I killed 2 birds with one stone on the photo thing. ha! No pun intended!

Check out these fun beads! Wanna see what I made with them? Come back tomorrow!

Sept. 15: Hey! Guess what... Kerry made her creations with the Zoo beads theme that I mailed her. It turned out fantasitc! Parallel Crossings. Go check it out.

Sept. 14th: I promise to be more chatty here soon. I got my stickers back on Friday. I'm thrilled! They turned out great and the quality is wonderful.

I've been busy behind the scenes working on new kits. They are starting to come together. I'm really excited about them. Here is another example of the interchangable cuff rings. I'm jumping up and down over these. They are so cute and VERY easy to make. You will love them!

Sept. 9: Oh the joys of being 40! I got to get a mammogram today. How fun is that? not! But it is done and the sun is shining and life is good. Except for this cold that is coming on and a huge to do list that I never seem to make a dent in. I'm sorry I haven't been very chatty. Not because I don't want to. Just so much is going on. Between the kids busy schedule, hubby's work schedule, my bead schedule and whatever else I find time to do, there just isn't enough time in the day!

I have been having lots of fun behind the scenes working on my new project. I'm poor now and better get my act together to get it all launched! I'm guessing in the next 3 weeks give or take, I'll be able to share.

In the mean time, I forgot to mention that I think Kerry and I are getting back on a laid back schedule for our joint Parallel Crossings Blog Adventure. We are working on the zoo theme. We have sent our beads to each other and the photos are posted on the site. (Click the name in the previous sentence to go there.) The next step is to create with them.

Since I haven't been posting many pics lately, I'll share a photo of what I sent her. These hollow beads are HUGE. I've been into making big honkin hollows lately. No I havent' shared photos have I? Sorry about that! I'm working on it! The set is colors that I don't normallly work with. Oranges and browns just seem like a zoo theme though and with Fall coming, it seems perfect. I really need to offer up a similar set for lampwork orders. I'll add that to my big to do list! ha!

Sept. 3: I finally ordered those darn stickers tonight. I ended up keeping the outer circle brown instead of white but centered my name and put the flower in between my name and kept the black outlines around the small inner circles. I had my mother look at the options and that was her favorite choice. As all you girls know, "Mom knows best!" and that was how the final decision was made.

I've been busy writing up the directions for the new kits I'm working on. That always takes so much more time than expected. I still have a few more to write. I want to launch them all at the same time.

I was sad to see the pools close last weekend. It was hot and sunny weather and we did the pool every day! Between that and then an activity every evening, I was exhausted come Tuesday. It is hard work having fun! Connor's soccer started up a few weekends ago and we have been working around that and Keegan had his third gymnastics class a few nights ago. I switched him over to the tumbling class where they do flips and backflips, handstands etc and he just loves it.

I don't have a lot of new photos to share so thought I would include something I made a while back.