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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the October 2008 Archive Page

Oct. 30th: Read Oct. 24th posting for the SIMPLE free beads contest that ends at midnight on OCT. 31...

4:30 pm update. I just got the big 4 foot long modge podge bead set listed on my boutique page. OOps.... they are sold now.

Okay, we have way too much candy in the house. The kids school had their trunk or treat last night. It was a lot of fun. We teamed up with our adult friends and parked together which made it way more enjoyable for us. Although.... we didn't get too much time to socialize as we had to stay put at our trunks.

I posted a few things in the Etsy store last night. I'm getting ready to run out the door to pick up Caiden from preschool and I can't find my html info in a quick manner to add the link. So for now, just head over to the boutique and the top listing on the left hand side that says "Beads Make Me Happy" will take you to my Etsy store.

I'm getting ready later today to post a big modge podge set of beads. I think the strand is around 4 feet long with some focal beads that aren't on the strand. I have the photos taken and edited. Just need to get it posted. I'll drop a note here on the news page when it is ready to go.

Hmmmm... what else.... not sure! Oh yea..... remember the free beads contest ends tomorrow night. You can email me directly at if you don't have or want to set up a blog account. I have a large handful of people who have done that.

I must say it has been fun to read the choices and it gives for a great chuckle!

Oct. 27th: Whew... I just added another bead set onto the boutique page. I forgot how much work it is rearranging all the photos and trying to slowly move boutique items over to the gallery. I'm so far behind on updating the gallery. It is really sad. But it takes so much time.

These beads are based off of the beads that I mailed Kerry from our Parallel Crossings Blog Exchange. Which I think we set Nov. 15th as our next deadline for "Art inspired Art" title. I'm really stuck on this one! I gotta get inspired! Cold weather is coming and it just wipes out all my creative drive. I just want to hibernate. I hate cold weather with a passion!

Oct. 26th: I'm on a roll.... I just listed the pink and gray necklace and bracelet in the boutique. Time to think about Christmas presents:-) Well, it might be a tad early but it makes for good excuse:-)

Oct. 25: I just posted this bead set in the boutique. I also have a large group a modge podge set of beads to post, a yummy browns, cream, orange, and hint of green beads similiar to our parallell crossings zoo theme swap, and a big hole flower, and a yummy necklace and bracelet made with the pink and grey and cream beads. We are having friends over for dinner tonight so that probably won't happen until tomorrow.

OCT. 24: Wow, where does the time go? I'm so far behind on emails and it seems like every minute something is going on.

Okay... I think I have the free beads contest ready to go. Here is the scoop... all the information is posted over at the blog page. Why? Because that blog has a comments section and if you want to play... you can just enter in the comments section. Way easier for me to keep track of entries and less emails for me to keep track of which I can't seem to do right now.

So... in order to play and have the chance to win this fine set of fun beads just click on the photo of the prize beads below and it will link you to the entry page where all the scoop is listed in detail. Remember, you will need to click on the comments section at the very bottom of the posting to enter. OR.... if it is just too much trouble... yes.... you can still email me directly to enter.

The contest ends at midnight on Friday, Oct. 31st.

Tickle Me

Just click on the photo above to go to

Oct. 23: Okay... I lied... You'll have to come back tomorrow for the contest. I just ran out of time today and tonight. Caiden had a school field trip in the rain and then doctor appointments, music lessons and the day was shot.

Oct. 22: still have a sick boy at home but I think today is the last day. Poor kid ended up missing 5 days of school! That is quite a lot considering there was a weekend in the mix.
Here is a photo of those square disc beads I mentioned. I made a necklace with them yesterday. Now I want to make a bracelet and a pair of earrings. The jewels will be posted soon for sale. But... I'm having a hard time letting go of the necklace!

I have one funky bead set to list and a big hole flower bead to list also. I'm just going to post all of it on Etsy. Way easier. But let me get a few more things together and I'll post them all at once.

So my goal today is to make some more disc cubes for the bracelet and earrings, and make some beads for the contest. The question will be very simple and kind of fun to answer. So come back tomorrow!

Oct. 21: Well, since I posted last, my darling middle child turned 9 years old. Yikes! So scary. And Keegan is still sick but with pneumonia now! Grrr..... poor kid is coughing up a storm. But.. I'm hoping we are finally on the road to recovery. Maybe? Pretty please? He was a premie and everything seems to knock him out worse and longer than my other kiddos.

You would be so proud of me. My mood is slowly getting better. I just about completely cut myself off from the news, cable news, sirrius Fox news, etc. I might turn it on for a few min. just to see if any thing major has happened in the world but as soon as I see the same ol campaign junk, I'm out of there. Whew! That feels so much better. Although I feel like I'm just burying my head in the sand and all the same issues and concerns are still out there. But I can't control them so it is just as well to pretend they don't exist. Maybe? Right? At least for now while I'm in the recovery mode!

Hmmmm.... what else is new... I haven't had as much torch time with Keegan being sick since last Wednesday but I have managed here and there to play. I'm still experimenting with that pink, gray, and cream colors. It is just so yummy! I've made some cube disc beads that are simple but really fun and eye catching. I was going to make a bracelet with them but then decided that a necklace might be in order. Or... maybe a matching set of necklace, bracelet, and even some earrings. Something I never do. Christmas is coming and I thought it might be fun to have a few extra jewels and beads on hand for presents.

So stay tuned, this week I should start posting some new items in the boutique and also on my Etsy page. I'll post here to let you know for sure when they are up and ready. And..... I was thinking that it is time for a contest for free beads. I haven't done one of those in a bit. I need to make a few beads and then we will play. It will be a good one so make sure you hang around.

Maybe tomorrow we will get the contest going. Ooops.... maybe not... I forgot that I have teacher conferences this afternoon for Caiden's preschool and then I'm doing a truck or treat tonight with the kids cub scouts. I got my decorations all ready last night!! So exciting! I signed up to do one with the kids school next week. That will be a busy one and I better make some beads to pay for some candy because they said to anticipate 400-500 kids! Yikes!

So maybe the next day as I've gotta make beads for it. In the mean time, I'll leave you with a photo of a custom bracelet that is done in the Muckle Mud Style but in black and white. Anyone wants to order a duplicate, the price is the same at $115.

Oct. 17: It was a busy week. Poor Keegan is sick with the croup. Of course it has to come when all the good things are happening and he it missing lots of fun things including a cub scouts camping trip this weekend. He is so bummed.

I've been trying these past few days to pull myself out of a pretty surly mood. I think it is all the doom and gloom news and all the politics. It's like a bad train wreck and I can't pull myself away from the news. It is just too easy to have one of the news channels on the tv while I torch which is a good chunk of time every day, or before I go to bed I like to watch tv which ends up being the cable news channels, and in the car I listen to Sirrus Fox News. I get all worked up over all the issues that I really have no control over. I'm grounded from the news!

I made a custom order ring last week. It is really a cool ring. I made me one too but I lost the darn thing! It is some where in this house but I can't find it anywhere. Isn't that terrible?! The ring is 10mm wide and stamped with 3 cute names. I just feel like I've been in a total bead funk this week too. I need to get back on track with Tickle Me Beads and all my grand plans. I just haven't been in the mood. I'm hoping next week to get some new things posted and some new ideas ready to go. I want to work on new videos and all that fun jazz!

Oct. 13: I just posted a new set of beads in the boutique. Something different from my normal style. I bought some new glass and it was kind of fun to play with. Nice for a change right? You can ready about them in the full page description.

Oct. 11: Well it is only Sat. night and it has been a busy weekend! Connor is turning 9 in a few days and he had a few friends over last night for a sleep over. We wore them out at Six Flags and then came home and had cake and ice cream at 9:30 p.m. They had a ball and it was a wonderful night. They even slept in till 7:30 am. I was expecting a 6:30 a.m. morning like Keegan's birthday party a few months ago so that was a good score!

So have you guys noticed that I started a new blog for Tickle Me You can find it on the home page. It won't be a chatty personal life, fun lampwork beads or jewels that I've been currently working on. The blog will concentrate on cool product finds, suggestions or how to's on certain items, or anything bead related I think might be interesting or helpful!

For instance, I just posted a blurb about how to make these stamped name tags on the blog page. Just click on the photo to go directly to the blog page.

stamped name tags

Oct. 7: Hey, I finally got around to getting that bead set listed. You can find it on the boutique page.
Not a lot to report here. Just still catching my breath and working on some orders. I have a few more items I need to get added to Tickle Me Beads and I need to finish up the few bracelet kits I have in the works.

All of a sudden I seem really boring. I don't have anything exciting to talk about. Hubby thinks he wants to do metal smithing now. He is funny. He has been asking me for a while to make him a hammered wide silver ring. Says it looks like a pirate! But he has very specific details in his mind about how the hammering should look. I finally made him a ring last night. I had another request for a really cool stamped name ring. I'll share photos of it later as it is super duper cool. But back to hubby's ring. So I soldered it up and got it all hammered but it didn't meet his standards! Not surprising! So he spent some time on my work bench hammering and filing away. He wouldn't show me his work until it was all done. Made me leave the work bench! He mentioned how fun this was and he wants to make lots of rings. I tell him I will teach him how to solder but he is like oh... I don't want to do that. I just want to hammer!

Oct. 1: Yea! Thanks to all that have checked out Tickle Me Tickle Me

I'm so excited to finally have it launched. All the stamping tools and steel stamps have been a big hit. So are the interchangeable screw sets. These are awesome for making the beads in jewelry interchangable. Makes it way more versatile and stands out from the crowd!

I've taken a few days to get some breathing room and nurse this darn cold and cough and relax a bit. I even went to bed at 9:30 last night with no laptop. That almost NEVER happens as I always seem to be doing something until the lights are out. But then I ended up watching TV till 11:30 so I didn't catch any extra Z's but it was great to veg out and watch mindless TV.

So I wanted to share a photo of one of the kits that I made with the cone shape beads in the necklace a few posts down. It's pretty cool. About 3" tall and can be found out Tickle Me Beads.

Then I was feeling the need to create something different. So I made the funnest bracelet today with a few beads I made yesterday. I had made a set of the ivory, grey, and cream beads called "Ivory Eleganza" for an order. (I love these beads.) I took them out of the kiln and I had made some of the pink pepper flowers for a different order. The pink looked just sinful next to the cream and grey beads. It was love! I haven't really done much with metal smithing lately so it felt great to play and make a silver bezel. This one is filled with small pieces of the actual glass rods that I used to make the beads.

I fell in love with the bezel setting and it looked super duper cool just sitting on top of my finger. A double is so going to be made into a ring. The bracelet will eventually make it to the boutique but I want to hold onto it for a bit longer. I do have a small set of beads to list in the boutique. The photo didn't turn out very good so I will retake those and get it listed. The beads are fun bright colors!

Sept. 28th: I've been sick for the past few days but in a way I guess it was a good thing.
I haven't had any energy so I worked on completing my new project getting it ready to go. AND.... It's not perfect but close enough for the big reveal! This will be a work in progress. There is a lot of potential and I see it growing and growing over time.

I would like to introduce...

Tickle Me

Just click on the photo above to go to

Yep, You've got it. I've started another website called Tickle Me Beads. I've been wanting to grow the supplies and kits section at Glassbeadle but my website just isn't set up to handle something larger. I like the boutique feel of Glass Beadle so it will remain with all the lampwork beads and jewelry and then all the supplies and kits etc will eventually get moved over to Tickle Me Beads.

So what is the difference between the two sites? Tickle Me Beads will be all education based. Lots of tools, supplies, kits, on-line downloadable classes, etc. It is more of a store front setting.

So for right now, the on-line classes are downloadable pdf documents that can be viewed right after they are purchased. There are lots of new kits and loads of supplies and tools.

Everything right now is centered around wire work and stamping. This is a newer area in jewelry design that is very popular and there is so much untapped potential. My plan is to also focus on fine silver fusing and even metal smithing to make rings, bezels, etc in a class form. And of course, there has to be a touch of lampwork beads in the designs!

I think one of the coolest things you are going to find is that the kits and on-line classes focus on interchangable designs!! This is way cool! There are screw sets that make all the designs interchangeable. Use different beads in the same jewelry!!

Anyway... not to bore you with all these words. Just go check out the site. Look around, shop, CHECK OUT THE FREE PAGE that I plan to grow over time. There is a new blog link on the home page that will feature cool pics and finds on Tickle Me. So make sure to take note of it too:-)