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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the November 2008 Archive Page

Nov. 28th: Whew, I'm tired. It was a fun shopping day. I left the house at 4:30 a.m. to meet up with my mom, brother and sister in law. I don't know about you guys but we were not impressed with the ads. We didn't have anything on our list that we just had to have. It was packed and long lines in all the stores so I guess there was a lot of people that found stuff they wanted. Having said that, we didn't have a problem spending money! I think I just about have my Christmas shopping done and now I can sit back and relax!

I just listed a new necklace in the boutique. and Yes, it qualifies for the 10% off sale until the end of Dec. 1. I can't stop working with this color combo. I just love these colors together! It is a great every day necklace that is perfect for casual wear.

Nov. 25th: OH BOY! A SALE!!!!!........Okay.. I put hubby on the job and we now have a coupon code for Tickle Me sale! The discount is 15% off everything on the entire Tickle Me Beads website. The sale is going on now until December 1st. During the check out process on the second page of the check out, there is a coupon/code box... inside this box type the word turkey And you will get 15% off your entire order before shipping. The sale is limited to stock on hand with no rain checks. Have fun shopping!!!

And.... I guess to really get into the groove, I will be offering a sale on my website here ( Everything (except the silver page in the supply section) is 10% off until Dec. 1st also. Yes, this means lampwork beads, jewelry, Kits, DVD's, supplies are 10% off. BUT.... if I get too overwhelmed with lampwork/jewelry orders.... I reserve the right to end the sale early so that I can keep on top of orders without pulling my hair out:-)

Now my glassbeadle shopping cart is not fancy.... so I will have to go in and manually give a refund for the 10% off before shipping. So I guess it is kind of like a rebate except you don't do anywork. After the order is received, I just go in and process the 10% discout as a refund. I think that covers it. Let me know if you have any questions!

Nov. 24th: Man this weekend flew by. Time seems to have a way of doing that doesn't it? I'm still holding out on the Christmas decorations and Caiden is still asking for us to get them out! I always have fun asking other kids what they want for Christmas. It is great to see what the hot items are. I try to buy the things that are really important to my kids early because otherwise they are all sold out.

I did make a big score yesterday!! Keegan's big gift that he wants is the new Ipod Nano in the color orange. (wouldn't be my first color choice but that is what he wants!) With all the time I spend on the torch, I'm a member of an audio book club that is basically like Netflix only for books. has a special going on until Dec. 1 that if you join their digital program for $14.95/month for 12 months, then they will give you a code to use at check out on for $100 towards an mp3 player. Well that works for me! I'm canceling my membership at the one book club and hopping over to and I got a new nano for $38.95! I don't get unlimited book exchange like the book club but I get 1 credit/month which equals 1 book and I own the mp3 book. To be honest, I was paying a lot of money to have 3 audio books at a time and was maybe using 1 book per month so I'm coming out way ahead! And... I bought the Gone With the Wind audio book off of Ebay and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on tape and that is going to keep me busy for a long time.

Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite book. I haven't read it in probably 8 years so I'm excited to get to get to listen to it. I think there are 36 cassettes! I have to say that I'm a big Harry Potter fan though and that series is runs a close second. I'm excited to get the new Tales of Beedle The Bard in the next week.

For the Black Friday sale, I'm going to do 10% off of purchases on Tickle Me I need to figure out how to set up a code you can enter at check out. So stay tuned for me to post the code here on the news page.

Nov. 21st: I just listed a new bead set in the boutique. I was going to make a necklace but haven't gotten the chance. If you need simple holiday gifts that are easy to make, unique, and trendy, then these are the beads for you! Just string on 2-3 of the big hole disc beads and then put a smaller disc bead on each side of a thin silver chain. They will be a big hit! I PROMISE!

If you use 2 big holes per a necklace (with 2 small discs), there is enough for 5 necklaces! If 3 big holes are used per necklace, then there is enough for at least 3 necklaces with left overs.

Nov. 20th: Well 4 yr old Caiden is getting excited..."It's almost Christmas.... I'm so excited!" It is going to take forever for Christmas to get here from his perspective since he is getting all siked up now! He asked this morning when I woke him up if it was Christmas! He wants to put the lights up on the house and get out the decorations! Scary thing is that next week is Thanksgiving and then an all out jolly season!

I'm gettting excited that black Friday is next week! It is just crazy to get up that early to go shopping but it is a tradition and so much fun to just get wound up in the energy. Last year it was me, my mom and my brother. We had a ball. Then we had breakfast at IHOP and we all said that it was the best food we had ever tasted!

I'm going to have some sort of sale on Tickle Me Beads and Glassbeadle for the Black Friday next week. I just need to figure out what. So stay tuned and get your internet shopping fingers ready to shop the day after Thanksgiving!

I'm off to music lessons for the kids, then an evening school program for Connor's class, and then off to catch up with some girlfriends at Chevy's mexican restarant afterwards. Can you say busy?!

Nov. 16 : I've been updating the site and posting a few new things in the boutique. You might need to hit the refresh page and if there was any jewelry that you had your eye on and is no longer there, it has been moved over to the jewelry gallery for custom orders.

Nov. 15th: Okay... I'm slowly been getting my act together! I have a new necklace that I will be posting soon. It is so cute and great for a Christmas gift. I'm going to list a new pink and grey set of beads that I've been hoarding!

And... I listed some new pewter book marks over at Tickle Me . I need to wire wrap up an example. Just take a long head pin, add your beads and wire wrap them onto the loop of the bookmark. These are so cute and are perfect for teacher's gifts for Christmas. When I used to do holiday shows, I would sell a boat load of these.

Just click on the photo below to go to bookmark listing on Tickle Me.

Tickle Me Beads- Book Mark

Nov. 11th : I'm still really boring and I had to reground myself from the news. I thought after the election all would be well but all this bail out stuff and money being spent left and right and the pointing of fingers is driving my insane. I feel myself getting surly.

People have been asking me what new things I'm working on. The answer is NOTHING... I can't seem to get my groove on. Kind of that winter is coming time to hibernate thing! Which means eat! I made yummy soup the other day and then my grandmother's receipe for Banana Nut Bread that is to die for today. Which means that I ate half of the big honkin loaf all by myself! I couldn't help myself. It was such yummy comfort food!

The parakeets are still doing well. They are pretty entertaining. They have bonded with each other and don't really need us but they will talk and sing to you and have cute personalities. Especially the blue one. Here are the boys with bad hair with no help from the birds! Connor (middle photo and child) has a hair cut now and looks 1000 times better!

Nov.4: Election Day! Yippee!! I'm so excited that the big day has finally come. I'm so ready for it to just be over with! Whew.... it was a tough long, annoying campaign. Thankfully my phones will not be ringing off the hook anymore with prerecorded phone calls. YEA! So the last part of the election is to go out and vote.

The weather has been incredible here in St. Louis. I didn't make beads for 3 days. Friday I was up at school for the afternoon and then off to do trick or treating with friends. They have an outdoor neighborhood party and we joined on the fun this year. It was lots of fun and good food. Then Sat morning, was soccer, then off to a good outdoor lunch for mexican, and then off to the Zoo for the rest of the day. Sunday was a trip to Six Flags, and then we dropped the kids off at my parents and hubby and I took off to the wineries for a few hours. It was wonderful. By the time Sunday night rolled around, we were pooped. That extra hour really helped out.

So I did the bead drawing on Sunday. I posted the winner on the blog.

These next few days are catching up on orders and then I have a few bead sets that I can't decide what I want to do with. Sell them or make jewelry.