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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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Sticky note: March. 4th 2007

I've added the shopping carts back to the bead galleries. Expect a 2 week start time from when the order is placed for all custom beads. All supplies and kit orders will ship within a day or two of order placement.

Its Here!! My new Lampworking lessons DVDs are finally ready! This two DVD set is now available on my supply page in the Kits & Video section. Nearly two hours of lampworking lessons, close-ups and narrative. This is really cool. Everyone from beginners to seasoned lampworkers should find something of value as I demonstrate a variety of beads. Beads pictured on the DVD cover are among those I demonstrate. Click on the cover picture below for more info.

Lampworking Lessons

March 27th
For those of you wondering what was going to be cooked up with that bead kabob here ya go. A yummy custom order necklace! It will be hard to mail this one because it looks very good on my neck!

I hate doing sculpting work but I had a tickle still after seeing the Horton movie and thought I would play around. I didn't put a lot of time into them since I have no clue what I will do with them. Maybe have them be desk buddies but it was fun to do. The purple one is my favorite!

March 25: Isn't this photo great?! Keegan in his true glory. Simple pleasures! These snow flakes were just huge!

March 23: Okay... the original head pins are back in stock and ready for shipping. No word on the extra shiny ones. I'll post here on the news page when I learn something.

I'm exhausted. What a busy weekend. Yesterday was Caiden's birthday party. Then today Easter. There is way too much candy in the house. Not good for a chocoholic. I'm going to have to have the kids hide it from me. It's everywhere! Then to top it off, we had snow most of the day today. We woke up to big snow flakes. It snowed off and on all day. Thankfully the ground is warm enough that it didn't stay long. When we were leaving my parents house late this afternoon it is was snowing really hard in these big huge flakes. It was incredible and so magical. It felt so weird to stand in the middle of it. I felt like I was in a snow globe. Hubby took pictures with his camera. I'll have to see if any of them turned out good.

March 21: Bead Kabobs! Look what my mascot chef has cooked up... They look yummy and have no calories! Unlike the malted eggs I've been eating out of the kids easter candy stash. I'm just going to have to throw the darn bag away. I had no business buying them. They are my total downfall. I bought a bag of the extra large ones and have been eating 2-3 of them at one time about 4 times this day alone. Well, tonight I finally looked at the bag out of curiosity to see how many calories they have. That was a mistake. Good grief, 5 of them have 190 calories! That is so depressing!

Poor Connor! He came down with Strep throat on his spring break. It started Wednesday night with a fever. He woke up Thursday with a fever and sore throat. I took him in that morning just to make sure he didn't have strep. I was just certain the doctor was going to tell me it was a virus. But with that symptom combo I never mess around. Sure enough, he tested positive. I was so relieved that I took him in right away instead of waiting an extra day. So by this afternoon he was feeling much better and spent the afternoon outside playing.

March 19th: We took the boys to see Horton Hears a Who yesterday. It was an excellent movie. The graphics and animation were incredible. If I were to do a do over, I would go back to school and learn how to be a computer animator. I think that would be so cool.

So in the mean time, I came home and made the "clover" that the speck (which was Who town) lived on. I loved this clover. It was my favorite colors pink and green! I knew when I was making the stem that it was too thick and needed to be thinner but I didn't want to start over. I should have used the good pink for the top of the flower but I didn't want to waste my good glass. So anyway... I know I could remake this a lot better but I was just playing. Something fun to do. But I rarely use that other shade of green. I love these two greens together and I do think I need to incorporate this combo into a bead design.

March 17th: The original head pins are in my hands. I just need a few days to get them sorted!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. My hubby is all Irish. What do you expect with kids named...Keegan, Connor, and Caiden! Speaking of my kids, goof ball Keegan comes home today from my parent's house with 3 St. Pat's tatoos all over his face! He told me his goal was to have them stay good until he goes back to school next Monday! So not going to happen!

The kiddies are on Spring Break this week. Hubby is taking off a few days to play. And I'm realizing that my baby is turning 4 years old next week. That just totally blows my mind.

I promise to get the silver rings posted in the boutique these next few days. Scroll down to Feb 21 for the photo reminder or see the photos in the December Archives for more pics. I made a new batch last week of the bases. I have a size 7 soldered and ready for a bead. The rest will need a day or two to make the silver band. I can do whole or half sizes. As I mentioned before... These have an interchangable screw. But I can also replace the screw and just rivet the bead permanently to the ring base. Your choice!

March 13: I have the new pink and chocolate bracelet kit "Sweet Treats" ready to go and posted in the supply section.

Ugh... okay so no extra shiny head pins yet. I got another story today of why they aren't ready yet. It's like pulling teeth! I'll keep you updated but this is a set back. So.... I will have the regular head pins some time next week. They were shipped out today and I will need a few days to get them sorted. I'll post here on the news page when they are good to go.

March 11: The seconds just seem to tick by so fast that I can't keep up! I try so hard but I'm never satisfied with what I did or did not get accomplished during the day. But I did get in most of American Idol! You guys following this season? I never watch prime time tv shows. I couldn't tell you one thing about any series but I do enjoy watching American Idol and make sure to tune into it. Small simple pleasures in life!

I had a custom order for some western theme beads to be modeled after the Muckle Mud bead set but in browns, reds, and blues. This is a very fun set!! I love it. I actually have the makings of a kit in these colors that has been sitting here for 4 months. I even have all the dangle beads wrapped. Speaking of kits...I have everything ready to go for the pink and brown kit. I just need to get it listed on my supply page. I'll try to get that done tomorrow evening.

So the four larger round beads up top on the photo are hollow beads. They are totally killer!

March 6: Brrrrrr.... it's still freezing here! For those of you who don't get snow... here is your fix. This is a photo from our front porch on Tuesday. There is a street right there but you can't see it! The snow came down so hard and fast that it wasn't until late afternoon that they finally got a chance to plow our street.

I just added a new necklace to the boutique. The pendant is soooo cool. It was a royal pain to make. Well, it wouldn't have been difficult but that blue filligrana on the outside edge loves to get a white film on it and that was the major pain making sure there was no fizzy film. I love the shape and plan to make others in different colors.

March 4th: Boy did we get snow! 10" in a few short hours. Can you believe we had low 70's temps on Sunday?

Well, I'm one step closer to getting the new pink and brown bracelet kit ready. I just got done writing the dirctions. I have all the beads pulled. Now they just need to get sorted into kit packets. Won't be long now. Here is a sneak preview. The cost will be on target with my other kits $72.

March 3rd: Here comes the snow! Well at least we are supposed to get 6-8" tomorrow. So much for that warm sunny Sunday yesterday. It's another cranky day and I thought a nice soak in the hot tub was exactly what I needed. But so much for that idea, we had freezing rain today and the clips on the hot tub's lid are frozen shut. Sigh....

Look at these YUMMY beads!! Does't it make you want some!?

Or how about the beads made into a bracelet?

March 2: Wow! It's supposed to be 68 degrees in St. Louis today. It's windy but sunny and BEAUTIFUL out!! It won't last long as tomorrow it's supposed to rain with freezing rain in the evening and then snow on Tuesday. Bummer!!

I 'm just working on items here and there. I posted a necklace for sale that has been sitting here patiently waiting to get listed! It's in the boutique page.

March 1: Well I'm not really sorry to see February go... March is closer to Spring! We have actually had some sunshine and temps in the 50's this weekend. I was so excited! Although Monday is supposed to be back to mixed rain and snow.

We had a fun night on Friday. Our friend had a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband at a roller skating rink. Great idea! I haven't worn roller skates since I was 12 years old. It's kind of like riding a bike. It comes right back to you. The boys had a ball and it was a fun party.

I finally got the necklace completed that matches the My Fairy Tale bracelet below. It is so pretty in person. It will be quite stunning on.