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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the June 2008 Archive Page

June 29th: It has been a fun weekend. We went to the pool on Saturday but it was kind of cool and cloudy so we packed up and headed to the movies to see the movie Walle. Pixar did a great job as usual and the little fun cartoons that they always do before the main feature was super duper funny. The movie was pretty good. Not of the same caliber as Cars or Toy Story but still very enjoyable with a very cute story line.
I got all my jewels posted on the Parallel Crossings blog. Go check it out! My favorite is the ring. I made a pink one also for me. Then I made a few beads in other colors for more ring samples. I'm going to offer these for sale on my website. They will be on the boutique page. I want to get a few more samples made before I post them. And.... I made the cutest dog gone ring today in another style. Wait till you see it! It is more dainty. I want to get a few more beads made for samples of it too before I post it. So stay tuned! Lots of good things in the works. That bracelet design is coming along wonderfully too! I just have one more sample that I want to make. I took it to the movies and worked on the wire wrapping while waiting for Walle to begin!

June 27: This has not been the week for me and posting. I've thought about it every day. Even opened up windows to edit some photos to post and then get distracted and haven't made it back. The kids have had vacation bible school all week and I've had a blissful time of actually working. I'm so backed up though that I feel like I haven't even made a dent. But.. I've set goals each day for what I wanted to accomplish bead wise and I've met them. So one day at a time vs. the big overwhelming picture!

Before I forget... it is going to be a few more days on the head pins. I was so bummed out. I opened the bags a few days ago and realized that they were all 1 1/2" in length vs. the 2". So.... I mailed them back and they have sent me the proper length. I don't have them in my hands yet but I'm guessing next week they will be good to go.

I still need more time to play! I have so many ideas that I'm wanting to try out but haven't had the opportunity. I will say that has been a good thing doing the parallel crossings blog with Kerry because I'm forced to create and I'm loving it. It is almost the end of the month so I need to put the final touches on the book beads. And... I started on my zoo theme beads a few days ago. I just made one bead to see if I liked it. Sometimes that is all it takes and then I stayed up late making more beads to match the set. I couldn't help myself. I love that feeling of just wanting to create something to see where it leads. Then while working on a different order, I thought those colors/style would look good in the zoo beads. So I stole those beads and added them to the zoo beads this morning. It wasn't very many so I'm getting ready to remake them right now. I still wasn't sure about the color combo and I showed my mom this morning while she picked the kids up for VBS. She fell in love with them. That intake of breath. I knew it was good then! So ahhhh... I have that one figured out because I had zero clue what I was going to do for a zoo theme. I guess I should post all this on the pc blog. I didn't realize that I was going to write so much about it! Anyway.... Since it is the end of the month almost, I'll be posting pics of my creations soon!

Okay...I was going to leave you with some good eye candy of a bracelet design I'm working on but I think I will keep it secret a few more days. I'm still working on a few more prototypes of it. So I'll just throw some love your way!

June 24th: I'm back and am slowing getting my act together. It was really hard to come home. The time away was wonderful. We had a great time in Charleston and the beach house was exactly what I needed. I think my email issues have all been solved now and missing emails should no longer be an issue.

I did the drawing for people whom sent me a note saying they voted on Bead Star. Dana O. won the drawing. I offered her the choice of a bead ring or the yellow/periwinkle color flower in the bead photo shown earlier. Thank you to all that took the time to vote. And... there is a confidentiality agreement I learned on Bead Star and the winners will not be revealed to the public until the magazine is released in December 2008.

My goal these next few weeks is to really get a handle on the big pile of pending orders. But with summer and the kids out of school, I'm not sure how much I will get be able to get ahead. But... I do know that I will be eating and breathing beads. I have a few new designs that I've been playing with here and there when I get a chance. Which I'm hoping will lead to a few new kits. And then I started designing with the beads that Kerry sent me for our Parallel Crossings exchange. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I keep going in different directions with the beads and can't decide which way to end up.

Finally, the 2" original head pins are in my hands. I need a few days to get them sorted and then they will be ready to go again.

Jume 19th: My emails are still not all getting through. It will probably take a few more days to get the problem corrected. Our email server yahoo is for some reason after 4 years, not letting my website server (which forwards all my glassbeadle email to our yahoo email) forward emails. So they have a ticket started to get the problem corrected and in the meantime, most of my emails are notting getting through. So.... please continue to send emails to GLASSBEADLE@GMAIL.COM If you have sent emails to me at the and have not heard back from me, just assume I didn't get the note and send it again. So sorry for all the issues.

Okay.... now to more fun things. Thanks to all that have sent emails saying they voted in the Bead Star Contest. I think the voting has closed. I need to take a count at the number of people whom notified me they voted but I'm guessing it is around 60-70 people. I'm not sure if I will do the drawing in the next day or two or after I get home on Sunday. We head out on Saturday. I'm so sad,there are only a few days left of our vaction. It goes by so fast!

Hubby and the big boys are out on the beach looking for shark teeth right now. There are lots of them out there. We have probably found about 30 of them. But it is kind of like looking for 4 leaf clovers, you really have to search. I didn't find any last year but this year, I've joined the club. I found 4 last night!

Yesterday was a really fun day. We visited the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and then took a boat ride over to Fort Sumter where the first shot of the Civil War was fired. There is so much history in this city.

June 16th: My emails are cursed! Once again.... not sure why this time..... I'm not getting any e-mails.... EVEN SPAM for the past 24-36 hours. I'm about ready to bag the info and email address and go to gmail. SO..... in the mean time.... PLEASE RESEND any emails you might have written on Saturday night up until today to GLASSBEADLE@GMAIL.COM. So sorry for the added hassle. I don't think it is a fire again at the server since my website loads but since they were on backup generators, there might still be some hiccups while they are getting it all sorted out.

If you are wondering about the voting and if I got your email, I've been sending an email back acknowledging that I received the note about voting. If you did not get a reply email, then I didn't get your note to add your name into the drawing. So please tell me again at

June 15th: Thanks to all that have sent emails saying you have voted. Read the earlier post to find out the scoop. You have until the 18th.

Life is perfect right now! We are doing our just about yearly trip to Charleston, SC.
For the past 4 years, we have been renting a beach house. It seems like life is so crazy anymore and this was the longest coldest winter in a long time and I couldn't wait for this time to come. Hubby is going to have to drag me home kicking and screaming. This beach house is perfect and has the most wonderful screened in porch. There are tide pools right in front of the house which Caiden loves.

We are having some great family time and it feels good just to rest and unwind with no worries. I only brought very simple bead things to work on so there is no pressure for big looming projects. That comes on the drive home when I know I need to get back into high gear and work on getting my orders made:-). Until that time, no worries!

June 12: Oh boy! I need your help! Beading Daily has a contest going on called Bead Stars. They were accepting jewelry entries in about 6-7 categories for a contest. The editors pick the top 20 and then they are having readers vote on the winners. The voting only lasts for a few days and ends on the 18th.

I submitted a necklace in the glass category and a bracelet in the hearts category. The top 5 winners in each category gets published in a special edition Bead Star magazine in December 2008. And there are some fun prizes.

Beading Daily is such a great resource and loads of fun. I want to support them by influencing some traffic and helping with a good voting turn out. So I'm running a drawing for everyone that votes. Voting for me is not required (but appreciated if you think my jewelry is worthy. :) So please follow the link Bead Star Contest.(click on the words) Then when you are on the page, click on the top banner that says "VOTE NOW". Then you just follow the pages and vote for your favorite in each categoy.

I would LOVE to have your vote. But don't feel obligated. You can vote for what you think is the best. SEND ME AN EMAIL AFTER YOU VOTE AND I WILL HAVE A DRAWING AND CHOOSE A LUCKY WINNER TO RECEIVE A FINE PRIZE! Not sure what the prize will be yet (since I'm in vacation mode) but it will be something good. Maybe a silver bead ring, one of my big flowers similiar to what I sent Kerry for our exchange or something else good.

Now they don't have names under the jewels. But I'm pretty confident if you know my style that you will be able to recognize my goodies. But just to make sure,

Under the "Glass" category... I'm number 4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the drop down menu to make a selection.

Under the "Hearts" category.... I'm number 17.

Here is the important part.... you will have to vote on all the categories until you get to the last page. Your vote won't count until you hit the "DONE" button. Then zip over and send me an email at and I'll put your name in the hat. Even if you didn't vote for me!

Reminder, the glassbeadle office will be closed until the 22nd. No shipping but emails will be answered on a slight delay.

June 10th: I just listed 2 very similiar bead sets on my boutique page. Here is one of them. I have no plans to replicate these beads. The first one to snag them gets them:-)

June 8: What a wonderful weekend! I had a ball at the Bead and Button show. Joan and I are like two peas in a pod and I don't think we could have had more fun. My flight got in around noon on Friday. We hopped in the car and was in the showroom shopping by 3 p.m. We shopped until 8pm and then came back on Saturday and shopped the entire day until they closed at 6 p.m. I didn't think we were going to get all the booths covered. It was nice having 2 good days to shop as we didn't feel as pressured and really took our time leisurely spending time at all the booths. Everyone is so kind and fun to speak with.

We were exposed to so many wonderful beads and creations. It really gets the creative juices flowing. The bad part is that it is sensory overload and I had to laugh as I told Joan that we have a lot of great ideas but we don't remember any of them! I took a few photos and a short video on my phone. I have no clue how to get the pics off. If I can figure it out, I share photos.

I know you are all curious as to what I bought. I'm not sure! I spent a lot of money and didn't really feel like I bought a lot of beads! I did buy some nice things just for me. Like another Gail Grossman kit. Love her stuff! I have 3 of her kits now (thanks for the earring ones Marilyn!) and I haven't done any of them. I LOVE her stuff and I walked away convinced that I have to go home and complete the felted kits!

Hmmm... lets see.... what else.... some tools for wire work. Screws and new ideas on my silver pmc rings that I'm still not happy with. I'm thinking that I just need to make them permanent vs. interchangeable. Lots of things to play with on them. Some beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon and some wonderful ideas on how to use it. Some beautiful silver chain that is big and thick and I'm just gonna wear it as necklace. That was my biggest splurge. It was $120. But it was so cool that I told myself I needed it! Oh... my other big splurge.... I was so attracted to these and paid $32 for a vial of platinum seed beads!!!!! Yes! Better than white gold! They have a matte finish and just look so dog gone cool. I'm excited to play with them. I know there are all sorts of other great finds but I'm having a brain freeze.

On another fun front, Kerry got my beads for the Parallel Crossings exchange and I was so excited to open her package today. I came home said hello to the family and ripped open the box! I love her beads and the book is darling. I'm so excited to play with them. So I will get photos taken tomorrow and update the parallel crossings blog tomorrow. Here are the beads I sent her for my book.

June 6: This getting up at 6:30 am for cub scouts camp is for the birds! I'm so not a morning person. But... tomorrow I leave for Bead and Button. I'm getting excited! Then just a head's up. The following Friday June 13 - June 22 the office will be closed. I will be answering emails but no shipping will take place. This is going to push back my schedule for lampwork bead orders. So expect a start time of 3-4 weeks on new orders.

I'll talk to ya after my big shopping trip!

June 2: Well hasn't this been an interesting few days with no website or email access! Did you guys think I shut down shop for good? My emails finally started coming in today and I did have someone ask me if I was no longer making beads and jewelry since my site wasn't loading. Nope, that isn't the case:-) But please... if you sent me an email and haven't gotten a response by tonight then I never received your note. Please try again:-)

It's so nice to finally have summer here! We had two nice days at the swimming pool this weekend. It felt so great to just soak up the sun. The big boys are doing cub scout camp this week. I helped out today. I was exhausted by the time we got home! I leave for Bead and Button show on Friday. I can't wait. It has been almost a year since I saw my friend Joan in person so it will be good to have some girl bonding time together. We have a routine down now to even which restaurant we go to after shopping.

I have a handful of things that I need to get listed in the boutique. I'll try to get some of that done over the next few days. I'm still really backed up on orders and am trying hard to get them completed. But making the beads isn't a fast process and with 3 boys out of school, I'm time challenged right now. Hubby has been great though and taking over in the evenings so I can work.

I think that about covers it all for now. I mailed Kerry my beads for our June exchange today so our Parallel Crossings blog will have some new postings soon. My hosting service is on back up generators right now, so if my site goes down... that means I don't have email access either. So remember to use the alternative email address of if my normal email address isn't working. Thanks so much!