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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the July 2008 Archive Page

July 25th: Pucker Cuff rings make you happy! See? Take a peek at the photos!

This is the same ring band as the purple heart from yesterday. I just swapped out screws. Are you getting excited yet?!

I've given some more moments attention to the new kits I'm working on. Here is another photo of the cuff rings. I'm guessing in the next few weeks these will be ready to go. The bracelet with the dagger beads is even closer. I just need to order one more thing and then those will be ready most likley the end of next week. Wait till you see the cuff bracelets and the pendants I'm working on for kits. VERY exciting!!

July 24th: Another rainy day. Bummer.... I wanted to go to the pool. Guess we should have swapped days around and seen a movie today. If the kiddies would wake up, I'd take them to IHop for breakfast. I must be hungry!

So... would you like to see another kit I'm working on? It will be interchangable if desired with all styles of beads!

July 23: So... I've seen Space Chimps twice this week! Aren't you jealous? Once on Saturday we took Keegan before he left for his trip. Connor was at a birthday party so I had to take him today! Then we went over to my parents to check on my dad's garden. I totally scored. He has these fabulous blackberry bushes that are loaded down with berries. I picked a huge bowl of ripe berries that taste incredible! He also has some great flowers in his garden and I swiped some of those too!

Here is a photo of the other bangle bracelet I have to list in the boutique. The center of the flower is on a black base. Very yummy. I'll try to get it added in the boutique late tonight.

July 21: What a rainy day. We needed it but it was one of those big loud and bright storms that moved in the middle of the night waking us all up.

I know I move at a snail's pace but wait till you see the new kits that I've been designing. You are going to be so excited! It's time for us to move up to the next level past using stringing wire and doing more with silver wire. I have some big plans in the works. But it is going to involve hubby in the design process as he is my web designer. I'm in the middle of getting everything together that I need. So stay tuned as I try to get this jewelry listed to help finance my plans.

I listed the next flower bangle bracelet in the boutique. This is the same exact one that is shown in the photos when you scroll down the page. I also have another frosted purple flower one like the one shown way down this page, and the last one is a frosted pink one with black and hints or orange and green. Still gotta take pics of it though.

I had a few writing projects that I needed to finish up and now I can get back to working on the new bracelet kit with the dagger groupings. Wanna see a sneek peak of the design? This one has a lot more lampwork beads (including 2 hollow beads) than my other kits and no beading wire but it is a step towards the direction that my other new kit designs are taking on. Don't worry, everyone still loves all the dangle beads and I won't stop doing making those but we are just expanding and growing. I'm really quite excited!!

July 19th: I need to get my act together and get these jewels listed. I just listed this bangle bracelet on my boutique page. I have 2 other ones to list in different colors but I gotta take pics. So those will come maybe tomorrow night or the next day.

It has been a busy week. Thursday night I had Keegan's Boy Scout troup over to do a glass bead making demo. Then they made some boy bead necklaces on a rubber cord with lampwork disc beads. And then the yummy part came with homemade ice cream and brownies. Yum!

Then my sweetie pie oldest child is on an adventure. He is turning 10 years old in 10 days and my parents have decided to take each grandchild on a 10 year old birthday trip to somewhere special. We just dropped Keegan off at their house. We are going to miss him but he will have a wonderful time. They are going to North Carolina and going to gem mines to look for rubys and then another mine that has emeralds! (Keegan loves rocks and stones!) A rafting trip is on the schedule, a tour of the Biltmore House, and some overnights in cabins by a creek and a bed and breakfast. They will have a grand time! What wonderful memories they will create. I'm excited for him!

July 15th: It's 9:16 am and I've made beads for an hour, soldered a silver bezel, gotten the kids breakfast, had 3 neighbor boys already over, and Caiden sobbing because he isn't big enough to go with all the boys over to the other neighbor's house! What's left to do today?! We have another play date at the pool with some friends so it should be a fun day. That's why I got up early to try and get some work done.

I got the cutest flower chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids and stuck it down in my workshop. Anything to feel girly with all these boys around! But sigh... the basement isn't any closer to getting finished as it was this Spring. UGH! BTW, Caiden is still sobbing from being left behind!

July 14th: How is this for a great motto? I love it! When we toured the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier while in Charleston, SC this is the original sign that was on the entrance to the machine shop.

Yum... sweet and tart!! New flower earring designs on a silver post. Aren't they swell? I don't have time right now to post them in the boutique but they are both available for sale. Your choice of an orange center or a green center. $33 each. The 5 petal orange dots are slightly smaller at 1/2" wide. The 6 petals are a tad larger. They are soooooooooo cute on the ears!! Shipping is $2 first class. Just email me if you want a pair. First come first served:-)

July 11th: Look at this dainty vase I made! It is really tiny. I need to measure it but it's probably only a tad over 1" tall. I took a few flower stems out of the flower pot on the front porch. I didn't have plans to make a vase. I made the bead not knowing what I was going to do with it. I thought it might look cool with those dagger clusters sticking out the top. But I wasn't overly impressed. I don't know. Any other suggestions?

Oops... I forgot to mention that the steel head pins are back in stock. Sorry about that!

My middle son is having a friend sleep over for the first time. It's past midnight and I keep waiting for them to fall asleep! I'm going to have to go be the mean mom and make them go to bed. We will have a busy day tomorrow as we are going to the water park at Six Flags. Not a good bead day but summer is so short and I need to make sure the boys have a good time here and there. Plus it always feels so good to be outside soaking up the sunshine and being around water. It just seems to melt the stress away!

July 10: I've got Beads coming outta my ears! Sometimes I really feel like this! But they aren't all the good lampwork beads. Seed beads, chezc beads, you name it beads. They are everywhere. The kids are constantly saying, mom... I found a bead on the floor. It is usually a tiny seed bead. How do they find those?!

Boy did I score at Gap Kids yesterday. My big boys will only wear the Gap jeans because of the metal clasp that slips on and off vs. the button style on their jeans, pants, and shorts. Plus, they have slims and the straps inside to tighten the pants. So I like them too. Well, I got a flyer in the mail for $15 off any purchase. No purchase requirements. Just shop! I love free money!

So I went thinking I would buy a pair of cargo jeans for school. They usually cost around $32 each. Well... they are having a wonderful sale. Loads of mark downs and then 25% off the mark down price!! I bought 4 pairs of cargo jeans and 2 pairs of gym shorts for $30. Plus I had a return so I only had to give them $18!!! Now that is a good find!

July 9th: I'm getting closer on the new bracelet kit. I have all of the supplies. I took a photo of the bracelet but the sun was going down and it didn't turn out very good. I'll try to take another one today.

Take a look at these killer silver rings!! They rock! I'm getting ready to post them for sale/order on my boutique page (in the next day or two:-). They can come plain, stamped with a swirl pattern, or there is even enough room for 2-3 words/names!! The cost is $45 each. AND... there is more! I just finished writing the directions on how to make them for an upcoming beading magazine article. I'll give more details when everything is solid. As of right now, it looks like it will be a winter issue.

And.... I sent Kerry my Zoo theme beads for our parallel crossings blog. So there should be new updates in the next week or so.

July 7th: UGH! I have good intentions but the time just never seems to be there. There is so much I want to do and add to my site. First of all... keep a look out as I have to take loads of photos but I'm going to be listing some discounted SALE items. jewelry, 3 less than perfect darling silver lampwork bezels, and maybe a bead set for sale. These will be discouted! I will most likely list them on Etsy and just give everyone the link here on the news page as it takes so long to do all the html on my boutique page and I don't have to babysit the page and update sale items. But... I haven't even taken a single photo yet so maybe towards the end of the week or most likely next week. Just wanted to give you a chance to start saving money! ha!

Then... I will have the head pins ready probably tomorrow. And... wait till you see the new bracelet kit I designed with the dagger groupings, you're gonna love it!!! It is going to be a tad more pricy though because it is loaded with lampwork beads and all the supplies to make the entire thing. I started writing directions but I have to take some photos on how to make the dagger groupings yet and I gotta get a few more supplies on hand. But I'll do a show and tell photo of the bracelet when I get it photographed. Something else to save your pennies for!

July 4th: Happy 4th! Hope everyone has fun plans today. We are headed over to my parents for BBQ with the family and then will watch the city fireworks from their yard.

I'm in the process of creating a bracelet kit with the dagger clusters. Those dagger clusters have gotten some great positive feedback!

Okay... here is a pic of the bracelet. Isn't is cute? The daggers are actually soft and comfortable not stiff at all. I'll have some of the wire wrapped bracelets with the big flower focals for sale in the boutique soon also.

July 3: Next post at 1:15 p.m. Okay... I just made the most incredible bracelet. Not to sound braggy but it is just sinful! I've loaded you all up on photos today so I will just post a close up of the silver bezel part of it. Come back tomorrow and see the whole thing. I'm planning on posting it for sale but I don't know if I will be able to let it go!! I'm gonna have to make duplicates!

12 noon: My summer is flying by. It's almost July 4. St. Louis is usually very hot and muggy but it has been a cooler summer so far. Lots of storms and rain. But... we did manage to get a wonderful day in at the Six Flags water park with some friends. It felt so good to be outside to soak up the sun. 4 yr old Caiden has discovered lightening bugs and every night Randy takes him outside to catch some. He's so cute and at such a fun age. He tells me all the time that I'm his best friend! My oldest son is turning 10 the end of this month. Just blows my mind. How can a little boy that was born at 4lbs be so big now?

The 2" stainless steel headpins are in my hands. They just need to be sorted and packed. AND... I just received my shipment of the silver j's and logs so those are back in stock too!

Did you guys see Kerry's awesome bracelet with my flower focal that she posted on the Parallel Crossings blog? Remember in our introductions how we both said that we think along the same wave lengths and often create similiar things without having a clue that the other person is doing something similiar? Thus the name parallel and then adding the word crossings since we are crossing over and exchanging beads together. Well, we did it again!

Remember how I've been hinting on my website that I've been working on a new bracelet design that I'm really excited about? I wanted to get a handful of samples together before I posted photos. Well, Kerry sent me an email and attached a photo of the bracelet she made. I tell you what, I just had to start laughing because we did it again! We designed very similiar bracelets!!! She posted a pic of her design on the blog.

Here are a few pics of mine. How funny is that? I was holding off on sharing my photos because I was trying to decide what to do with them. I was thinking about turning them into a kit or submitting them for a step by step directions in a magazine article. Which is the best of both worlds. The instuctions on how to make them will be there and then I will sell the supplies and beads to make them.