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Sticky note: March. 4th 2007

I've added the shopping carts back to the bead galleries. Expect a 2 week start time from when the order is placed for all custom beads. All supplies and kit orders will ship within a day or two of order placement.

March 1: Well I'm not really sorry to see February go... March is closer to Spring! We have actually had some sunshine and temps in the 50's this weekend. I was so excited! Although Monday is supposed to be back to mixed rain and snow.

We had a fun night on Friday. Our friend had a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband at a roller skating rink. Great idea! I haven't worn roller skates since I was 12 years old. It's kind of like riding a bike. It comes right back to you. The boys had a ball and it was a fun party.

I finally got the necklace completed that matches the My Fairy Tale bracelet below. It is so pretty in person. It will be quite stunning on.

Feb. 28th: If I get any more surly no one is gong to want to talk to me!! I'm just asking for some bright sunshine and some warm weather! That isn't asking for too much is it? Ha... I just looked up the definition of surly... yep this is totally me right now!
"3: irritably sullen and churlish in mood or manner : crabbed "

But I do have...bite my tongue don't jinx it!.... news that I will have more of the extra shiny stainless steel head pins in the next 11/2 - 2 weeks. Can you believe it? No... I won't until I see it but I've got my hopes set high that all will go well. The price has gone up but not so much that it doesn't make it worth it and they will be the 2" long ones vs. the shorter 1 1/2" long ones I had last time. I ordered a lot so we will be good to go if they come. Keep your fingers crossed. With the high price of silver, the stainless steel is a wonderful alternative. I'll keep you updated here on the news page.

I have had some good news this week. You would think it would be enough to over compensate for my mood but I think sunshine is the only thing that's going to get it. I wrote a step by step article for Glass Line Magazine on how to make big hole flowers. Go to to get information on this wonderful magazine.

If you are curious about my article, it was published in the June/July 2007issue V21n1. I was informed by the editor that my article is going to be republished in the 3rd issue of LAMMAGA which is a Japanese glass/lampworking magazine. It will be translated into Japanese for reprinting. Now that is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

And things are looking on target for my article to be published in the Summer Peview Issue of Step By Step Wire Work magazine. It will cover the Coconut Grove bracelet on my boutique page including how to make the silver rings.

Speaking of the silver rings, I'm working on a few custom order bracelets where I'm stamping names onto these silver rings. The personalized jewelry is sooo popular right now and these fit right in. I'll have to make these an option for future orders. The bracelets are turning out cute. I'll have to post photos. The one I can't wait to see wire wrapped up is being made with the Craisens beads colors in my gallery. They have turned out very cool!

Feb 26th: It's cold and snowing here and all I can think about is warm weather! Here are a few new flower designs I've been playing with. They will make great clasps!!

I feel really boring right now. I'm the only one in the house without a cold. Caiden has stayed home from preschool both days this week which leads to not a lot getting done. I do have a new bracelet kit that I'm working on. It's very cute. Browns and pinks. I have it designed. So now I need to sit down to write out the directions and then assemble the kits. I have a cluster of orders that all came at the same time. So I'm trying to kick these out and hope to get the new kit ready in the next 8-10 days.

Feb. 23: Oh no.... Cringe... sinking feeling in your stomach... I had one of those today. I couldn't believe it. I just shook my head and didn't say a thing. I was listening to my ipod and the head phone cord got caught on my bead box which was sitting on the kitchen countertop. Not just any bead box but my most important one. The one that holds all of my coveted most favorite beads.

Yes... they crashed all over my kitchen floor. Beads were EVERYWhere! I was rounding them up into a pile and was thinking that this didn't look like as many as I had. Then I stood up and looked down. There in an empty trash can was the rest of my stash! I had just taken out the liner to replace the trash bag. I know I got lucky. What if it was the trash bag they had landed in? So all my beautiful beads that were all sorted by color and style are in a complete mess. I've been working here and there all day trying to get them back in order. I'm about 1/2 the way done. What a complete waste of time!

hey... I just listed a set of 5 flower beads in the boutique at a reduced price. Go snag them!

Feb. 22: Welp, another snow day for the kids. Although... I think they could have gone today. I feel like we had spring break this week only with snow and ice! While my parents are in Florida swimming. (I called them and that's what they were doing at the time with 87 degree weather!) I went over to their house to make sure all is well. I wasn't paying attention and my back tires went off their drive way. I was stuck with no traction thanks to the snow and ice! I had to have my 8 and 9 year old boys get out and push me. Whew! we did it.

I made the prettiest bracelet yesterday. It's for a custom order. I'm going to make a matching necklace. I can't wait to see how it turns out. These beads are from the My Fairy Tale bead set in the gallery. Too good to eat! Look close... do you see the pretty goldstone on the heart?

Feb. 21: Okay... I'm done. I've finished, kaput, ready to move on! I'm talking about the weather. I'm so tired of freezing cold weather, snow, ice, etc. It's another cold day and we have ice moving through. The kids are off school today and if these ice waves continue like they are supposed to, they will be off school tomorrow too. The neighbor friend just came over so that will help to keep them entertained. I love having the morning off and not having to rush around getting ready but I'm tired of this weather.

It never fails, this is the hardest part of the year for me. I know I get cranky and surly. The winter blahs are in full bloom!

I think I'm over compensating with beads. I have to laugh because if you scroll down the page, all my beads are the same exact colors and style. In between orders I take a few minutes to play and I can't help myself from grabbing the bright colors.

I thought I had scored and found a new glass brand that is pink. It is pricey and I ordered a decent amount of it but it's not my cup of tea. It's more of a dusty rose. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty but it doesn't match all the fun bright colors I like to work with. It will have it's place but not where I wanted to stick it!

So in the mean time, back to these darn rings that I keep taunting you with. I think I'm ready to get them ready to sell. I'm tempted to make the bead permanent vs. exchangeable. Silver is a soft metal and I'm not sure how long the silver screws will hold up. They are easy enough to make more. I've been wearing mine for many months now and it has held up fine with no issues. But I'm lazy and don't swap out beads very often. I'm thinking about having them cast and then using a stainless steel screw. But with the high cost of silver these days, I'm not sure if it will be cost effective. I'll have to do some research. So in the mean time, I'll just post another photo! This one was sent to my friend Christy. The bead matches the earrings. I love these colors together.

Feb. 19th: Just sitting here with Caiden watching American Idol waiting for hubby to get home from Cub Scouts meeting so I can sneak downstairs and work for a bit. In the mean time, check these earrings out. Aren't they sweet....? Gotta hand it to my friend Kerry Bogert for the inspiration. Thanks to our bead exchange she has helped spark all sorts of fun ideas! I can't decide if I want to keep them for me or stick them in the boutique. Hmmm... tough call. Guess I should make more.

Feb. 16th: Man I can't get motivated today. Just one of those days. I've listed this bracelet in the boutique page.

Feb. 14th: Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone had a good day. It was fun around here. I helped host the party in Keegan's class today. That was fun. Then we came home and it has been a Pokemon valentines night! Hubby informed me that my valentines present was spent on Pokemon cards for the kids! ha! We have never been big gift exchangers for this holiday. My "Love Language" is so not gifts. Gifts are fun but I don't need them to feel loved. I'm all about spending time with the ones I love and affection.

So we have had a really fun family night. The big boys are totally into Pokemon right now. So hubby bought a box of cards that has 36 packs in it. They were in hog heaven! I must admit that I could care less about Pokemon but I'm all about "the hunt" and the challenge. I totally relate with that. So the boys have been wanting some particular ex cards. We all sat around the kitchen table. The boys got 15 packs each, hubby got 3 packs, and I got 3 packs to open. Total score... I opened the best card. I can't even remember the right name. Lugia EX I think. Anyway, it's worth $50 -$75 on Ebay. Then they got 3 other really good EX cards.

It probably worked out best that I opened the card. This helped to keep the jealously at bay for the one that didn't get the card. We were going to flip a coin for who gets the good card. The loser, it was decided, would get a big stack of really good/decent cards. Connor won the flip but then decided that he would rather have the big stack of cards. You should have seen Keegan. He was so excited to get the good card that he was crying! Isn't that funny?! So now they have spent the whole night building new decks and I've sat here just surfing the web taking the night off. I must admit that this has been a wonderful family night.

Feb. 11: Well that was a fun little adventure. Glad it's over. My fingers are wrapped up with ointment and bandaids but they no longer hurt and I can type with both hands. So life is good again. I just can't imagine how much pain people have to be in that get get burns all over their body. Just a few marks made me miserable. The ice pack was fantastic. I had some numbing oitment and as long as my fingers were holding the ice pack, I was okay. So now it is back to business. I have to much to do that I'm not sure where I want to start. I've been trying to slow down on the weekends and not work as much which makes Monday's more hectic but that's okay. It is snowing and freezing here 17 degrees! Just plain cold!

Feb 10th: Eeek! I've been sitting for the past 3 hours with an ice pack on my fingers! One of those dumb moments. I was making a flower bead and the bead release broke. The flower started sliding down the mandrel and some how I dropped the mandrel and then realized I was going to lose my hard earned bead to thermal shock and I picked up the mandrel but only on the wrong end that had been in the flame! I have brown sear marks on 3 fingers like a hot dog on a grill! I've never done that before. It all happened so fast. Guess I will sleep with an ice pack. I can only type with one hand! ugh!

Feb. 8: Whew! I just spent it feels like many hours getting the bracelets ready to post in the boutique. I still have a few lampwork buttons to list but I've run out of steam. Maybe tomorrow. So anyway.... go get them on the boutique page while they're hot and ready for picking! Perfect for Valentines or anyday!!

Feb. 6: Hmmmmm.... no sunshine for two days!! I'm not totally happy with my bracelet photos so I'm going to hold off a day or two until I can get a better shot. One of the downfalls of using natural sunlight for your photos!!

Not much else to report. No news is good news right!! It is dreadfully dreay today with snow/rain falling.

Feb. 4: More strange weather! Today it was 76 degrees outside!! The snow is all gone. Although they are saying I think tomorrow or Wednesday we will have a mix of rain and snow. I wish every day was this nice though!

I have some new bracelets to post in the boutique probably tomorrow. I know the photos just aren't going to do these justice! I'm in love with them!! That is why I made 3. I couldn't stop myself! The beads have been sitting here waiting for my attention and I steal 30 min here and there to play with them. They are made with my new heart button beads that I showed you a few days ago. They are killer if I do say so myself!!!!

Want a sneek peak? These buttons are just way too cool. There is a divet in the glass and I made a silver shank that fits perfectly in the imprint. This is a good thing because it makes the bead sit more flush on the skin. It's going to be hard to let these babies go.

Feb. 1: SNOW DAY! Which means a nice lazy morning for me! We found out last night around 9pm that school was cancelled for today. Now this leisurely morning will come at a price. I have to take the kids up to school to go sledding. Which is fun for about 20 min and then I'm cold and ready to go inside. Plus... they don't have to spend 1 hour getting all the snow clothes together and getting all 3 boys and myself bundled up! Connor is doing a count down right now of how much longer before we go. I told them 11 am so that it could warm up a tad!

Bless my oldest son... I know he was being a dork but I had to laugh... Do you guys know that goofy song that says something like "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't you.... Don't you..." It's really pathetic and that is the only words we remember. It is just one of those goofy lyrics with a catchy tune that sticks in your head. I was getting the kids breakfast and Keegan was humming the tune and then started singing..."Don't you wish you mom was hot like my mom?" HA! I had to laugh....

Oh... I'll be adding back all the shopping carts to the bead galleries tonight or over the weekend. I never really did get that break I so wanted. Everyone just went and ordered lots of jewelry. It was the strangest thing. I've never had so many jewelry orders at one time. I've still got a fair amount to make and some bead sets... so count on a 2 week start date for new bead orders.

Jan. 30th: I've got my heart on you!