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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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This is the December 2008 Archive Page

Dec. 28th: I just listed a few goodies on Etsy. I have a few more lampwork beads to list but I still need to take pics of them. I'm not sure why there is so much space between the photos and my previous posts. Sorry about that. You will need to scroll down to see previous chats.

Dec. 27th: Well another Christmas gone by. I'm thrilled to say that everyone was well and it was a fantastic Christmas with lots of wonderful memories created. The boys had a perfect day and got lots of wonderful gifts and had a great time at our house till noon and then we headed over to my parents house to celebrate with my brother and his family and my grandmother. We were all exhausted when we got home but the boys kept saying it was the best Christmas ever and Connor my 9 year old middle child told me on his way to bed that it was the best day of his life. I guess all the hard work and 2 days of wrapping presents all paid off! Having said that, I'm glad it is all over and we can start to get back to normal. The kids are off school all this coming week so I guess we are still kind of in the party mode but the biggest thing I have to think about now is what food to bring for a New Year's Eve party.

So as I mentioned in year's past, my friend Ann introduced me to the Christmas Elf that comes to visit from the North Pole and stays for a week or so until Christmas Eve. It is a mischievous elf that does all sorts of fun and ornery tricks or adventures. But with me being sick for 5 days, he didn't get to come until a few days before Christmas. Which made my job much easier but still fun for the kids.

So the first night he arrived in a big box all wrapped up with a note and cake mix and icing to make cupcakes to celebrate his return. There was red crepe paper draped to help make the room look festive.

The second night Dudley the Elf had treats that he had put on string and then hung them way up high in the front hall entrance so that the boys would not be able to reach them. We had to get a ladder to get them down! I think there were about 10 chocolate Santas and the big boys claimed that Caiden ate them all as each and every one was gone by that afternoon! You can see Dudly on the left side of the photo up high on the ledge.

I didn't get pictures of the other adventures. One was a scavenger hunt. Which is always a big hit with the boys and then the final one was Dudley made the boys breakfast before he left that morning. I wish I would have gotten a photo of the plates. As it was an interesting combination of cooked noodles with chocolate syrup, crushed Oreo cookies, marshmellows, pickles, craisens, pretzels and a few dog treats all pleasantly placed on top of the noodles! A plate was made for each child! Yum!

So Connor is holding the pickle elf in his hand on this photo. I hide the elf and then whichever kiddo finds it first gets to open the first present on Christmas morning. We give Caiden a 5-10 second head start. Connor found it first this year.

Now, onto bead stuff. Not a lot going on in this area. I do have a handful of beads that I want to list. My guess is that I will post them on Etsy as it is always so much faster and easier to do it over there. I'll post on this page when I get them listed with the link. I have had no creative juices flowing this past month or so. I'm missing that creative feeling. So I'm working on some pending orders and then will try to create some new and fun things. Maybe I'll strike up some big ideas over these next few weeks as there aren't any in my head right now!

I did get the best Christmas gift from hubby this year but it is also very overwhelming! I am loaded up with about 5 new Adobe programs. I've been dieing for an updated Adobe Illustrator program for graphic design as the one I have been using is soooooooooooo outdated! Now I've got the CS3 and he also got me the new CS3 Adobe photoshop. That one was also way outdated. I'm going to have to order books so I can figure out all the new improvements! I'm very excited! I've been begging for the new illustrator so that was a wonderful surprise!

Dec. 23: So we are all still struggling to get well in the house. I'm beginning to think there is a seperate stomach virus going around here that is not the same as the stomach flu one. I just want to make sure everyone gets well fast!

In the mean time, last Sat. night we had tickets to The St. Louis Symphony's Christmas special that we had been planning for 6 weeks. We drug our crummy selves out of the house to go. I'm sooooooo glad we went. It was just incredible. They had the St. Louis Children's Choir there and a guy from Broadway that had this wonderful base voice and sang along on some of the songs. He was really funny and kept us all entertained. It was a wonderful evening and I think it will have to become a yearly tradition. It is good to expose the boys to classical music. Since Connor has been taking violin lessons and Keegan piano they seemed to really enjoy it.

If any of you remember from my previous years writing at Christmas time, Dudley our Christmas Elf came back again this year. With me being sick, he has only gotten to come for a few days. I'll write more about those fun adventures later.

In the mean time, I wish everyone well and to stay safe and healthy!

Dec. 20: This has been a so not fun few days. Connor and I both came down with Caiden's stomach flu 2 days ago. The boys all had flu mists and they were only down about 1 1/2 days. I didn't have anything and here it is the 3rd morning and I still feel very crummy. Which isn't good considering that we have tickets to go see a Christmas Symphony tonight and I'm not working on orders for Christmas. Such is life I guess. The only good thing out of being sick is that you always come away losing a few pounds. HA!

So I'm way behind on answering emails these past few days. Be patient and I'll get caught up over the weekend. And oh yea... having a puppy sucks in the morning! No more sleeping in. I have to get up to let him out in the morning and then he is fiesty and needs my attention for an hour and a half before he is ready for his morning nap! Will it always be like this? I won't get to sleep in ever again? That is so not a good thing!

Dec.19: Oh My... it is already Dec 17th? Wow that has gone by fast! It has been a really really long week though. Hubby finally got back into town last last night. He had been gone for 6 long days. It never seems to fail that when he travels in the winter, all the fun stuff happens, we had a gentle ice storm that gave the kids a snow day. Then Caiden deicided to get the stomach flu and was doing his thing every 15 min in the middle of the night and morning. He is finally starting to feel better but in the mean time, I started getting a cold yesterday and I'm the biggest baby when it comes to colds. They just knock me out!

And... we must not forget the puppy that is a lot of work. UGH! For a puppy he is really doing very well and starting to get the potty thing down but when he is out of his crate I still have to watch him like a hawk or he'll have an accident. So that means trips outside in the snow and ice every 30 min. when he isn't sleeping. What was I thinking? Hubby reminded me this morning that I wasn't really thinking when we trotted off to go get him. I had to agree. But he's really cute and I'm sure it will all work out.

So I have had permission to speak about this for 1 week but I haven't even had the chance to talk about anything fun on my website. Do you remember this summer when I asked ya all to go vote on the Beading website as they were having a jewelry contest. I had submitted a necklace and bracelet for judging and they both made it into the finalist categories. That was pretty exciting. I hadn't made anything really special and submitted what I had on hand. So I was thrilled when I found out that over 1,000 entries that both of my submissions made the final cut. Then Beading Daily readers voted on the top ones for nine different categories. Each category had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 honorable mentions. The 45 winners would then be published in the first ever Bead Star Magazine. My bracelet in the hearts category won an honorable mention. Not overly exciting but not a poke in the eye either. The good thing is that it is featured in the magazine with step by step directions on how to make the bracelet.

Which means that I have posted in the boutique the loose beads and the silver findings for purchase if you are interested in making this bracelet. Thanks to all who took the time to vote. I really appreicate it! The Bead Star magazine should be available at all major book stores and craft stores.

Dec. 9th So I have a confession.... this is so not like me or "us". It totally came out of left field. It was not planned or deeply discussed until the conversation turned to puppies while in the car on Sunday afternoon. We had been to the pet store on Friday night (where there were no dogs) and just kind of looked around at the birds, hamsters, etc.

So before you know it, hubby says do a search on Craig's list on your Blackberry for Boston Terriers. I said ok and and that is how the whole story started. We read the ads and moved on and came home. Well by this time Connor is suggesting that we just go look at them. The kids weren't sure what the Boston Terriers looked like so we came home and pulled up photos on the internet. So on a whim I called the ad that was just placed and had 4 male puppies. And before you know it, we were in the car for a long car ride to pick out a new puppy!

So yes, we are the proud owners of a 7 week old little Boston Terrier. We named him Dobby because he reminds us of Dobby the house elf on Harry Potter. It was either that or Yoda from Star Wars. So now I really have an additional excuse to be busy behind the scenes as now I'm trying to potty train a puppy! I've never had a dog growing up, haven't been exposed much to them and have no clue what I've gotten myself into. That is probably a good thing as people seem to groan when they hear the words "I have a new puppy!". But he has a wonderful personality, he is so cute AND all 3 boys are in heaven with this sweet little pup. Connor has wanted a dog forever. Once he grows up a bit more the boys are going to have so much fun with him. For that alone it will be worth it all. It just seems like puppies and little boys belong in the same sentence.

Dec. 1st: YEP! It is Cyber Monday and the 10% off beads and jewelry sale is still good today until midnight here at Glass Beadle. Then the 15% off sale with the code name "turkey" should still be good at If for some reason the code stops working today at Tickle Me, I'll go in and process the 15% discount manually. Happy Shopping! Read Nov. 25th to the get the store wide sale info on Glass Beadle and Tickle me Beads!

I just have a few minutes before I need to leave to pick up Caiden from preschool. Just got back from breakfast with a very fun group of girls. There are about 6 of us 4th grade moms that get together about once a month to hang out and chat. It is always so much fun. We woke up to snow on the ground yesterday morning and it is just COLD outside here in St. Louis.

We broke down and bought our Christmas tree last night. We figured that we better go early to get the best selection of live trees. As usual, we are cursed and that darn tree has not drank any water overnight! Which means by Christmas day it will just be one tall tree with on needles! Figures! But they smell sooooooooooooooo good and it is just a tradition that I can't give up yet!