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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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The September Archive
Sept. 29: Just a heads up... it will probably be about 3 weeks before I start on any new lampwork orders. Maybe less but this is a good ball park estimate.

What a beautiful day! The sun was shining and the weather fantastic. Connor had a soccer game and I got to sit out in the sun relaxing and soaking up the great day!
I have been saying forever that I would get gift certificate option added to the web site. I finally did it tonight! It's in the boutique section. I've also added the brown Muckle Mud lampwork beads to the gallery for custom orders. They are on Page 4. Here is just a fun batch of mini hang tag beads with a really cool focal bead that I love!

Sept. 27: Shoes.... Ahhhhhh gotta love them! Especially when you get a great deal. I got the cutest sandals this morning! Dillards is having their 75% mark down sale with an additional 30% off. I got these fancy schmancy sandals with fantastic bling for $22!!! They were originally $170. I have no clue where I will wear them but I was thinking they would look cute with a simple black dress! Pardon my feet but aren't these just so cute!?

I have all sorts of bead show and tell pics and here I am showing my feet and shoes! Nothing like a great find! Hubby works for a shoe company and you should see the loads of shoes he has. They do employee shoe sales every quarter where they sell off all their sample shoes. He buys $100 shoes for $5-$10! I tell him to buy me shoes and he has done pretty well on them. I remember when he first started working there and went to the first sale, I would be joking if I said he came home with less than 40 pairs of shoes! A lot of them weren't my style and they were donated but it sure was fun!

I put the yummy Muckle Mud bracelet below in the boutique. It is spoken for but I can replicate it. I also made the cutest heart pendant to match it! I really want to play and design more beads in this style and colors but I need to keep on track and work on orders. This bead set is spoken for but the photo will go into the bead gallery soon for custom orders.

I also have added the handmade silver stamped rings to the supply page under the silver link. These are the silver rings that have been fused/soldered, hammered, stamped, given a patina finish, and polished! Whew! A lot of steps are involved to make these beauties!

I have lots of other ideas for the silver but have to find the time to play. Right now just the smaller size rings are listed in the supply page. I'll get a shopping cart going for the larger rings. The smaller rings are the ones used in the brown and blue bracelet below and are about 3/4" wide. The larger ones are used in the silver coconut dreams bracelet shown on my boutique page and those are about 1" wide. I've had a few people ask if I will be selling the silver lentils with the words on them. That was my plan when I bought the sample beads. I bought these about 4 months ago and have been saving them for the right project. Now that I've used them, oh yea... they are killer! So I will keep you updated here on the news page when they will be available.

I have lots of other beady things to share with ya but I won't bore you all in one day!

Sept. 23: Just a heads up... it will probably be about 3 weeks before I start on any new lampwork orders. Maybe less but this is a good ball park estimate.

Okay.... I gotta admit... I made a bracelet today that I just love! I've gone from hating the color brown to totally LOVING the color. This will make it's way into the boutique page soon.

Caiden has the croup so I've had a lot of down time this weekend taking care of him.

Sept. 21: Happy Friday! Whew... glad it's here. It has been a long week. I foget how much work is involved is getting your act together after being gone for 1 week. I finally uploaded some of our Disney pictures. I still need to get some off of Randy's camera.

We were really bad this year. I realized that we don't have one photo of all 5 of us! We didn't even take a family photo of everyone with my parents! We always do that. Not sure what happened. But here is a pic of at least 4 of us. Caiden was back at the hotel with my parents for this family photo. We were eating at the 50's diner in MGM and waiting to watch Fantasmic. But... UGH..... it got rained out!

A cute pic of connor in his halloween ears.

This is where I would really like to be!

Caiden and Mickey

Sept. 18: I'm here... at least physically! I decided last week that there needs to be 3 more hours during the day and 3 more hours at night for extra sleep. I really think then I could feel like I'm getting something done while feeling refreshed!

Well it was a great time last week. We went to Walt Disney World. The boys had no clue. We surprised them! They were totally caught off guard. We got in the car on Sat. morning and acted like we were going to this place called Fast Lane Cars that has all these incredible old time cars for sale. Then we said we were going to drive to Kansas City to see Randy's father. That totally bummed the kids out. They hate the 4 hour car drive. Keegan was whining walking to the car saying what a crummy day it was going to be.

Randy and I decided to make a video to play in the car to tell the kids where we were going. We started with about 7 min of the Mickey Mouse Club House DVD and then that cuts off and shows hubby and I talking. We were trying to decide what to do for the day. We made suggestions to each other like a Tae Kwon do tournament, float trip, Chucke Cheeses, etc. Then hubby says I know, lets give the kids some hints and see if they can figure it out. Then the video showed some vague family pictures of our previous trips to Walt Disney World. After about 4 pics the light bulb went on in their eyes.

They were so excited when we ended up at the airport! Keegan got teary eyed! It was a great surprise and one none of us will ever forget. It was a hard secret to keep. We had the trip planned since March! My parents flew on a different airline and were at the hotel when we arrived. That was another big surprise for the kids. Keegan kept on wondering what the next surprise was going to be!

The trip was great. Except is was so dog gone hot and humid. Caiden was so cute. He had a ball and loved it all. He is still missing Disney and talks about going back.

I'm slowly trying to get my act together and back in a routine. I was trying to hold off on updating my website until I uploaded pics from the trip but haven't even had a chance to do that yet. I'm guessing any new lampwork orders won't be started on for 2 1/2 - 3 weeks.

Sept. 3: I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. We had a nice relaxing one. I think I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still have a cough and use lots of tissues but I am starting to feel normal. Just need the rest of my energy level back and I will be all set! We spent the day at the pool. The last day it is open for the year. Boo hoo.... it was packed. Lots of people on this very hot day!

Yesterday we went to the St. Louis Fair and Air show. That was a lot of fun. We walked around and the kids got to go inside some of the aircraft on display. The big boys were in hog heaven! The Blue Angels performed and the boys got special treatment. Hubby's company has a corporate jet and he took the boys to watch the air show from their hanger. The Blue Angels were parked right in front of them. They got to see all the performing aircraft take off and land right in front of them.

It was interesting he said because they actually have a procession where the Blue Angel pilots are saluted and stand in formation getting into and out of the planes. Even though only a handful of people are there to witness it. I knew Caiden wouldn't be able to handle the noise so I took him home for a nap. It sounds like I really missed some good action. I got to watch a lot of it on video tape. The boys were floating on cloud 9. The lead Blue Angels pilot even waved at Randy while he was video taping him as he was entering the plane. Pretty cool!

Randy loaded pictures off his camera onto my computer and I saw this one of Caiden in these dorky joke glasses. I couldn't stop myself from laughing at him!

Sept.1: I just did the drawing! Better late than never. So sorry! I tell ya, I've just been dragging. I have no energy. I just want to sit and do nothing or sleep! I hate to whine but this cold just dragged me down. It was almost like I had the flu but with no fever. I'm getting better every day but just don't have much energy. Totally not like me!
Well drum roll please.... Judy C. won! Thanks so much for playing to everyone! We will play again soon!

Aug. 30: Well I totally disappeared for a few days!! It was a tough week. I think I'm finally starting to feel better. Around 75% tonight. I went down to make beads late this evening and I was out of propane. Figures! I've been operating on a bare minumum schedule this week. I think I still have some e-mails to answer. Sorry for the delay. I hope to start getting caught up this weekend. I was doing so good on working on orders and then this happened. Such is life. I watched a bit of the Sexy Cancer Show last night on the TLC channel. Things could always be worse!

Anyway.... thanks so much to all that shared some great book suggestions. This was a great idea! Wish I would have thought of it sooner. I think I have enough books to keep me going for over a year! BUT.... if you come across a new book that was FANTASTIC please share the Title with me in the future! I'm finishing up a Clive Cussler (spelling?) book right now. I stumbled across his book while at the airport looking for a book to read on the airplane. It was called The Polar Shift. I really enjoyed it so added some of his other books to my reading list.
So tomorrow I will put all the entries in a hat and draw the lucky winner. Thank you again for playing! I've taken my Nyquil and am going down for the count. Sweet Dreams!