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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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The November Archive

Nov. 30: SALE............. Starting today on my SUPPLY PAGES ONLY (EXCLUDING THE SILVER, CLASPS, AND HEAD PINS link, new Lampworking DVD, lampwork beads, and jewelry) ALL OTHER SUPPLIES WILL BE ON SALE AT 20% OFF THE LISTED PRICE. The discount also includes the kits and the bracelet DVD.

**********Please note that the shopping cart will not automatically calculate this. I will have to go in after the sale and manually refund back the 20% discount.

Remember.... the discount is for supplies only and does not include lampwork beads, jewelry, the new lampworking DVD, or the silver, clasps, or head pins. If you aren't sure, just shoot me an email and I will let you know for sure. The sale will end on Sunday, December 9.

Look at the cute Belt Buckles I made myself!!! I love these! They seem to be the latest rage!!! I've got 4 of them and you can interchange them with different belts. Own 4 buckles and you only need one belt since they can be easily swapped around. They are sooo much fun! If I had the time, I would make 400 of these.

But.....If you are interested in owning one of these super fine buckles and belts, then go to my other super duper girlfriend's website and she can set you up. Mine look just like hers! Quick note though, she mentioned today that she needs to upload new buckle photos because most of the ones featured on the page have sold. You might want to email her first if you want something identical to the photo to make sure she still has it in stock. The demand for these buckles has been incredible. Scoop yours up and look like you are on the leading edge of fashion! Go to

3 sick boys at home!! Oh happy happy joy joy! Better all at the same time than spread out. Although they each have something different wrong with them. So I guess there is still the potential for cross contamination. Just keeping my fingers crossed and degermed that I don't get any of it!

November 29: Happy Thursday! Looks like the Flu season has arrived. Poor Connor came down with the it yesterday. I know I know, as a mother... I'm sure you are all jealous of me right now! Actually it hasn't been bad. He is a very easy sick child.

I'm thinking the rings I have been working on will be available next week. I have the bases made. Then I will solder on the ring band to the ordered size after the order is placed. That way I won't have 20 sizes sitting around! Whole and half ring sizes will be available. Details will follow. I'm finishing up the written directions for the new necklace kit. This is the CUTEST design and looks great on. So I will try to have these ready to shortly. Although it is kind of holiday colors, I've found all sorts of outfits that it looks great with!

Hmmmmm...... what else.... there are all sorts of things to chat about that I wanted to share but now I'm drawing a mental blank!! I'm trying to stay focused and work on getting these 20 projects completed before I hop onto other ideas! Just too tempting to do!

November 22: Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day! My father in law is staying with us for the week. So far so good. We are going to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner later today for some good eats and then Mom and I will lay out all the store ads and figure out our plan of attack for a 5 am shopping excursion!

I know getting up that early is just plain crazy but it is fun and tradition! This year will be different though. Usually we spend every year in Kansas City over Thanksgiving and I get up and go shopping by myself and use the cell phone a lot to coordinate with my mother. But with the passing of my mother in law this year, things have changed. So I am looking forward to shopping in town but I really do miss my MIL. She had the best funny and feisty personality.
Hubby is about half done designing the lampworking DVD cover. I'm hoping to get these ready to sell next week. I'll keep you updated. Off to get the cinnamon rolls out of the oven!

Nov. 18th: Well.... the holiday season is almost upon us! Hard to believe in a few weeks there will be a Christmas tree in our house!
I added some new simple jewelry to the boutique tonight.
The DVD cover design didn't happen this weekend. It was a busy time of painting and stripping wallpaper. Soon! I promise!!!!
I will be on a limited work schedule this week. My father in law is coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

Nov. 16: Yea-haw!!! Can you tell I went to a square dance last night?! Well it was actually my third graders school program. They put on an hour long square dance performance. It was cute and they really learned a lot of moves. I was impressed. Keegan was so nervous and cute to watch. He was "A COWBOY" when he was 4 years old. He had his boots, chaps, cowboy hat, and the works and he wore it everywhere. Even to the doctor's office! It was quite funny seeing him this past week trying to fit into his old clothes. He wore his chaps to the dance. Even though they only went a tad past his knees!! He didn't care. He was happy so I was happy!

It's almost time! The new lampworking DVD is edited and completed. The labels have been designed. The final thing to do is to design the cover for the case. I hope to do that over the weekend. So next week they should be ready to go if all goes well. I'm going to work on getting the shopping cart set up so that preorders can be made.

The cost for the 2 DVD set which is 2 hours of lampworking is $48. I tried to cram in as much stuff as I could. The good part about the video is that even though I cover a certain amount of bead styles, the tips and tricks that you learn can be applied to all sorts of other bead designs. I really tried to think about this and make designs that would carry over to a larger variety of bead styles. I had a lot of those Ah ha... moments when first starting out (a few of those even came a few years after I had been lampworking) and I made sure to include these light bulb moments in the video.

I've going to post these silver rings that I made in the boutique tonight. No ifs ands or buts! Ha! I started on the html but Caiden is napping and this is the time I'm supposed to be making beads so I'm going to sneak down and work and then get these listed this evening. They are so much fun! One of them is a necklace. The other ones are sold as singles. So you can turn them into a similiar necklace, use them as a focal in a bracelet or whatever floats your fancy! I'll give size details and all that in the boutique listing. The gem stones aren't set you so you will have your color choice. These will eventually be able to be custom ordered with names/words but I want to order a smaller font set so that the letters will fit better.

Lastly... just some eye candy. I'm keeping this silver bezel necklace for me. I like it too much! My last metal smithing class is tomorrow. I just need more time to make everything that I want to make!!!

November 14: I give up. I was trying to list all the jewelry at one time but I can't find a time slot to do it. So the acorn jewelry has been posted and ready to go in the boutique. There is also a small lampwork set of Ivory and creams in the boutique.
I'm about ready to just start posting all my boutique things on It is so much faster to list items there then going through all the html on my website. I'll try to get some more jewelry posted in the boutique soon.
FYI: I won't be able to replicate the bracelet right away as I only have one of the toggles with words printed on it. It might be a week or two before I get more of the large silver toggles in stock to replicate the necklace so get these while they are hot:-)

Nov. 13th: Have ya ever been so excited you wanted to pee your pants!!!? That was me this morning! These rings are turning out fantastic!!! I played around and made some beads to interchange with them. I also worked on the ring band. Instead of the thinner wire, I'm going to use a wider band. I think the ring needs it to have better support. Plus it looks cooler!

I'm guessing I need about 1 week to get enough samples and extra beads made. Right now they have a shiny finish but I think I will oxidize one to see how that looks too. In the mean time, here are a few more photos. You can see the tiny screw that is used to secure the beads. I wish you could be here to touch and hold them! The photos just don't do them justice!!

I'm also in the works of making some bangles that are interchangable. Then you can swap them from ring to bangle bracelet!

Lastly.... I have a new necklace kit with brown greek leather cord designed. It's very cute!!!!! I need to write up the directions and assemble the kits so these should be ready late next week also. The idea came from the Rio holiday suppliment. It is the cutest design!!

November 11: I did it!!!!! Something that I have been playing with in my mind over the past few weeks has come to fruition! I made the rings I have been making so that they can have interchangable beads!!! I'm wearing one right now! Isn't that so cool and fun?! The rings will look basically the same as the photo above. Except the center will have a round silver bead that is attached to a screw. I made the screw and the ridges in the silver tube. I'll post pics later to show what I'm talking about. These are going to be so much fun!!

I still want to play with a few design ideas before I get them ready for sale.

Hubby is still editing the DVD. It shouldn't be long now. I need to get some packaging ready for them. Since it is a 2 DVD set, I need to order a special case holder.

I hope to get some new jewelry posted soon in the boutique. I've got photos taken so just need to get them all posted. Here is a pic of a custom order name pendant. Now that I think about it, these could be designed as being able to have interchangable beads too! Oh this is going to be so much fun!

Nov. 6: Yum...... good things to come.... I love these plumpy hearts. I've been calling them stand tall because they can stand all on their own! I need to take a photo of them standing on their own before I wire them up in jewelry.

November 6: I'm exhausted! Ready for bed!! I realized something tonight...lampworking is way more relaxing than doing silver work! When making beads, I get to just sit there and listen to a good book, watch a DVD, or TV while working.

I have all these projects just sitting here waiting for attention. It was driving me mad so I took tonight to work on them. Up down, over here. Sit at my table, saw...file... get up and solder, walk back over... pickle... go upstairs to wash and clean... go back downstairs... up.... down.... all night!!!

But darn it... I prevailed!! I did it!!! I'm pretty excited about what I worked on tonight. They still need to be turned into bracelets but now the only thing holding them back is me sitting down to design them. No more soldering.

I'm anxious to see them completed! The one I made to match the acorn beads is my favorite! I also wired up about 4 or 5 simple necklaces and have the start for a new kit necklace that I think will be popular. I don't have it made yet but it's a really cute design. Anyway.... I guess what I'm trying to say is to expect some new jewelry designs in the boutique here in the next week. I want to get a big chunk of them made and listed at the same time. Here is a photo of one that will be added to the boutique. I have matching earrings and 2 necklaces to go with it.

Isn't the bracelet cute? My class has been so much fun. We have been learning how to make bezels to hold cabs and then I just used the same methods for the lampwork beads. I think I've bought about 5 metalsmithing books but having a lesson really makes a difference. I think Alicia Alba really inspired me to add silver to my beads. Her creations are really cool. (so is her name!)

Speaking of lessons vs. a book..... YEA!!! We completed the filming tonight after the kids went to bed on the lampworking DVD. I feel really good about it and was able to squeeze in two more beads in the time that I had left on the tape. So that will give almost 2 hours over a 2 disc DVD set. I will give all the exact details over the next few days when I can think better. I'm ready to go dream about beads! Ha.... as if I haven't had enough of them during the day but it is so true!! I go to bed thinking about beads and wake up thinking about beads!

November 4: ACK! November just crept up. It's almost time for the holidays! At least the stores seem to think so!
I have so many irons in the pot. Way too many bead and jewelry projects. They are all sitting everywhere waiting for my attention. What do I do? I ignore them and start on something else! No wonder I feel torn in 20 directions! I just need to finish up what I'm working on. I get one idea and run with it, oh yea... that's gonna be cool... but what if I do this... and then I start running with another idea and then that one turns into another idea. I have about 10 ideas sitting here waiting for me to work on them!! I'm having a ball with all the new silver potential. Now if I can just complete one project! My metal smithing class is going well. There are only 2 sessions left and I think I will be able to get what I want out of them. Soooo exciting!

The first lampworking DVD is getting very close to being completed. I hope to film the final session today. Hubby has been working very hard on the editing. He is doing a spectacular job. It looks like to will be a two disc set. I'll give all the juicy details when I get the final session filmed and know exactly what will be on it. I think I only have left about 10-12 min to work with. That is why I want to make some other series so I can get down and dirty on certain bead styles.

We took the kids to go see The Bee movie Friday night. It was pretty cute. There was some good adult humor stuck in for us. The bees were so cute. They had real hair on their heads. It was so cute and totally cracked me up. I came home wondering if I could make a bee. It isn't as cute as the movie and hubby pointed out that is looks more like a hornet vs a cute fat bee! But, hey.... it was just for fun and I'm not doing it again. It takes awhile to make those butt layers! Plus, I'm such a dork! I took the photo on our kitchen table. I had to walk away a few times and when I would walk up to the table, for a brief second I would do a double take thinking there is a bug on the flowers!