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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The May 07 Archive.

May 29: Oh it feels good to not be rushing around in the morning to get ready for school! Although Caiden starts his speech class back up next week and that is 2 early mornings a week.
I'm in the process of making some new bracelet kits. I have 3 more designs that I've been working on but this Fizzy Juices kit is ready to order in the supply section under kits. I love the lampwork square pillow bead.

May 23: One more day of school for the kids! Yikes!! I think I'm ready for the break though. I've listed a super duper cute bead set in the boutique. These were beads that I had designed for the bracelet shown below. I love these colors and the bead designs and just kept on making more and more beads to see how the set would look.

May 17: New Bead Set in the boutique Page. Ivory Eleganza:-)

May 16: Okay.. forget the price of gas. Isn't anyone complaining about the new postal rates? This is has just thrown me for a loop. I can't believe the price increase. All the packages have to be measured now. Priority mail has gone up by 55 cents. First class mail where I use the padded envelopes used to cost 2 stamps and now cost $1.46!!! I'm going crazy. My hubby ordered a violin off of Ebay for Connor (he has been begging for one and that is his treat for going the entire school year with only losing his green card once. Which is the way the teachers control the kids. If you talk to much or act up in some manner you lose your green card:-)
It cost the gal with insurance $20 to mail the violin. The postal worker checked the box out of curiosity to see what it would cost now to mail it and the price went up by $14 to ship the same exact box!! I feel like we are being robbed! Why isn't the media complaining about this? They gave me some sing song excuse about how they have to pay so much to process the packages and that the size of the box is how the postal service pays the airlines. Okay fine but why does a padded evelope have to cost 68 cents more? Why did they need to raise pri mail by 55 cents when they just had a price increase about 1 year ago? I don't get it. You mean all of a sudden it cost them $14 more to ship a box than it did a month ago?

I made the cutest bracelet for a custom order. It is hard to see but the charms in the dangles are arms, boots, and a princess crown!!! I'm in love with these!!! I'm thinking about selling them on my web site. There are so many possibilities!! I'm actually making a bracelet kit with these colors and similiar style. Hmmmm.... I was going to just use the silver j's but maybe I should make the kit choice include the body parts. There are hands, legs, other cute crowns, all sorts of good stuff. I think I might just do that!! or at least make it an option between the body parts and the silver j's.

May 11: Wow.... I knew I had not posted for a few days but didn't realize it was this long. Where does time go? Nothing to new and exciting to post. The step by step directions are now available on Beading Daily for the Flower Burst Bracelet kit listed on my supply page. Which means the kits will ship out the day after they are purchased. This is just the cutest bracelet! I love it. I'm in the middle of making a second one and will post it in the boutique next week for those that don't want to have to make it. The instant gratification thing!

Hubby and I feel like we grew leaps and bounds this past week on the technology front. We bought new cell phones. Not really a big deal but our phones were at least 4 years old and our contract was so cheap that we never wanted to upgrade to new phones and loose our really good contract price. We bit the bullet and spent last Friday night researching phones and providers. We ended up going with Verizon. They had the best deal for what we were looking for and they had a really cool phone that I wanted. It isn't one of the larger Blackberry phones but has a lot of the same features. The phone opens in half and there is a really large keyboard. We got the internet service and now I can check e-mails and surf the web all the time!!! Oh boy! A dream come true. Plus, they have this Verizon Video cast where you can watch all sorts of video clips. From the weather, news, entertainment, even kid shows. I've handed the phone over to Caiden to watch a Dora the Explorer clip while in the car. It just blows my mind. They also now have TV phones where you can actually watch TV on your phone! I really wanted that but I didn't like the TV phone selection as well as the one I bought. I don't really watch a lot of TV now. But it would be fun to have for the kiddie factor on needing some quick entertainment. I feel like the first time when we got DSL. I couldn't believe we used to live without it! Life it good:-)

May 4th: It has been raining all week. I want the sunshine back! Hubby and I were laughing last night. I had the TV on last night and somehow ended up on the Style channel. There was a terrible show that we couldn't stop watching. Have you guys seen this show? I can't remember the exact title but it's something like Instant Beauty queen or Instant Beaty Pageant. This episode was filmed in LA and they go to a mall, randomly pick out 5 girls and talk them into being in a beauty pageant being held inside the mall in 4 hours. They give them $400 and they have to go buy an evening gown and a swimming suit and whatever they plan to use for the talent part of the show. It was like a bad train wreck that you couldn't stop watching! One gal used a red poster that said "50% off" that she got from a store for her evening gown! Then her talent was being a waitress and she handed out cold french fries to the audience. I will say the gal that one seemed the most normal and sincere. She won a free trip to Hawaii and a "jewel encrusted crown valued at $1,500". Oh boy!!!!

May 2: Oh my.... the kids are going to be on Summer break in a few weeks. That is going to shake things up. Although, it will be nice having leisure mornings instead of rushing around. I'm not a morning person in the least. As a matter of fact, my favorite time of the day is bedtime! Whew! I can finally relax! So American Idol was good tonight. Wonder who is going to win.
The bracelet kits are getting close to being ready. I'm just waiting for Beading Daily to post the step by step directions and then we are good to go. As I mentioned, I had to swap out colors on the green beads that Melinda used. I just couldn't find anymore in the green but replaced them with a very pretty magenta purple. To help balance out the colors, I also included 4 lampwork disc beads in the kits. Below is a photo of what the Melinda's bracelet design will look like with the color change. I'm also in the process of putting together new bracelet kits in pink and brown colors and a great purple/green combo. They will be sharp.

April 29: Isn't this just the cutest dragon fly? I have a customer that twice a year orders a special ornament for his wife. She has this really cool metal 18" tall tree and hangs the lampwork ornaments on them. Dragonflies are special to her and he requested one for her Mother's Day gift. I try to stay away from sculpting work but can't turn him down since it is a tradition:-) It's about 2 3/4" long.

April 27: Oh what fun. I finally got around to getting the mail tonight and inside the mailbox was the new issue of Beadwork magazine. Look on pages 90-91 to see The Challenge section that I have been talking about. All I have to say is Wow!!! Sandi, Melinda, and Jamie did a fantastic job with their designs using the beads I donated. My jaw dropped in awe when I saw their work. Quite inspiring and what a clever use of the big hole lampwork beads!!! I'm getting ready to assemble the bracelet kits this weekend. I'm going to stay up late and make me one tonight! There will be a slight color replacement for some of the green beads (couldn't get my hands on anymore of them) and I will post a photo of the bracelet with the new magenta purple replacement beads.

For my fellow lampworkers.... I recently wrote a step by step article and how to make these big hole beads featured in The Challenge. It will be in a future issue of Glass Line Magazine. I will let you know which issue when I find out. The article is in the editor's hands right now. You can subscribe to the magazine at