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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The March 07 Archive.

March 29: Yea! Most of the Thai Silver is back in stock on the supply page. Nothing too new to report here. I've been stuck inside a germy house with Caiden who has the croup. He is CRANKY! Watching Dora the Explorer is the only thing that makes him happy right now. Needless to say I'm getting kind of tired of Dora!

There are a few new dagger beads in the supply page. Keep your eyes open and over the next few days there will be new beads added to the supply page. TTFN:-)

March 25: Heads up all the out of stock silver should be available again on Thursday or Friday of this coming week. And... there is a new color choice for the ring kits. Pink and Black! Sweet..... and another shopping cart option for the ring kits. It's the mini kit. Which means if the original kit has been purchased, but you want to make additional rings like the photo then this is the kit for you. It includes everything to make a ring like the photo (including the dangle beads) but excludes the printed directions, ring mandrel, and 1 strand of wire.

March 24th: What a whirlwind day. It consisted of beads and taxes. What a mess but at least the taxes are done now. Hubby's hands are losing their orange color (ha!) and Tarzan (my Dad) is home recovering very very slowly. Life is good! Check out the door knobs I made. They are BIG. I really want to put them on our kitchen cabinets but the thought of how many that would take is overwhelming plus the colors don't really match. So I just sit and hold them:-) Caiden has his birthday all planned out. He doesn't get the concept that he is turning 3 but does know all about presents. He wants presents!! Of course the tv commercials are influencing him and he really really wants those My Little Ponys! Which is funny because the only thing he really shows interest in is trucks, cars and trains.

March 22: Look what I got in the mail today!!! Lots of beads!! All for the supply page. Half are just restocks and the other half is new beads. I got some cool new daggers. You know those yummy pink and clear ones that cost $8 on my site. Total score... I found them in the normal dagger size. They are sweet and will be much cheaper! Yippee!!

My silly husband. He calls me on the phone today telling me he is worried. "My hands are all yellow and orange. It looks like I have been eating Cheetos." He says to me. "I hope it isn't serious like Jaundice. I got on the internet and did a search on yellow hands. I looked at my eyes and the bottom of my feet at the gym today and they both look normal. I just don't know what is causing this." I had no clue what was wrong but told him not to worry. He put chemicals on the yard yesterday and I figured they got stained from that. When he came home tonight I looked at his hands and YES! They were very orange. Wow! That is really strange I say. It looks almost like self tanning lotion gone really really bad. Ha!!! It hit me. When I bought some hand lotion there was a free sample of their new Vaseline Healthy Glow Lotion that is basically a self tanner. I asked if he had used a small bottle of lotion on the countertop and he said yes last night and this morning. HA!!!! Mystery solved. I was totally cracking up. He was so worried something was wrong with him. I told him he was going to have to live with orange hands for a few days until it wears off. It looks really bad! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

March 20: Well I'm back home. It was a sad few days and it really all sets in how much you will miss a loved one when they are no longer there. My Dad came home from the hospital today and my mom is happy but stressed out! There is a hospital bed right in the middle of the living room by his big tv! Ha! He won't be able to go upstairs for about 3 months and the whole living arrangment will be a pain.

I'm just happy to be home again and hoping things will slowly get back into the hectic normal everyday life. The kids are on spring break this week. AND.... I need to be planning a birthday party this week. I'm excited (and very sad) to no longer be the mother of a terrible two! Baby Caiden is turning 3 years old in 6 days. It really hit home this past weekend at Randy's parents house how fast time goes by. We were going through old photos and there were tons of pics of our boys at all ages growing up. It brought back so many fond memories. I found a school picture of Randy with his front tooth missing. Connor had his front tooth loose and hanging for a few weeks. We were riding in the limo to the cemetery and his tooth fell out. He was so excited and was pretty proud that his first tooth fell out on his first limo ride. He was so cute.

March 16th: Well the inevitable finally happened. My mother in law passed away very late on Wednesday night. She was a wonderful mother in law. I will really miss her. She loved reading this news page and I would often try to put in tid bits of fun that I knew she would love to read. Due to funeral arrangements....Today Friday is the last day of shipping for a few days. Shipping will resume again on Wednesday March 21st.

Hey some fun bead info. Interweave Press that publishes some awesome beading magazines is starting a new beading community website called Beading Daily. It looks like it is going to be a wonerful place for us beaders to hang out and share our passion together. The home page is up and there are some free jewelry patterns available. Sandi the editor of this new community is so nice and fun. You will love her. I'm sure she will make the web site an excellent resource, a great way to share and meet other people, and have just a good time talking about our bead obsessions! I can't remember how to make a direct link so you will need to copy and paste the site address... Join their mailing list!

March 14: Quick update...Things are still very hectic and stressful here. Dad was discharged to a step down unit from the ICU but he now has a blood clot they are watching in his arm that came from the IV we think. My poor mom can't catch a break. I thought for sure we were out of the clear and could just get him on the road to recovery but that is not to be. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Randy's mom is still a fighter. We keep saying any day but her personality is shining through and she is still a fiesty woman!

If I don't reply to e-mails, please be patient.... I'm still here. I'll give updates and I'm still shipping items but it might take a few days vs. the same day/next day shipping.

March 5: Say a prayer for my father. Ugh! He fell about 12-15 feet off of a ladder trimming tree limbs from the ice storms last month. He will eventually be okay but has a broken pelvis, 4-5 broken ribs, and a brusied lung with a small puncture in it. He is a very lucky man. He could have landed on his head or broken his back. This darn tree has large roots that stick out of the ground and that is what he landed on. They just got back from spending the month in Florida and he groaned that he wished he would have stayed there. I had to agree with him! We aren't for sure of the total damage until the specialist team comes to the hospital to look at the x-rays. It looks like it will be a long recovery. My heart breaks for him.

March 4: p.m. update: Whew! I did it. The Bloomin flower pendants are listed and available in the supply section under "kits".

Happy Birthday my friend Marian!!! I hope you have a special day!!

Saturday March 3 : I promise! The bloomin flower pendant kits are coming. I needed to make them in all the color choices. The last thing to do is take pics and get them posted on the supply's kit page. They will be there by tomorrow night. I took a few photos today but the sun isn't shining and I think I can get a better pic tomorrow. So stay tuned:-)

In the mean time, how about some eye candy. Here is a custom order from one of my UK friends. These beads are BEAUTIFUL! They are lined with sparkly goldstone. Of course the photo doesn't show this. I'll post the pic in the bead galllery to order a set. Give me a few days. I'm not moving too fast. My mind is swarming with things I want to do and create. I have all sorts of ideas I want to try, new kits to make, and I just can't seem to get it all done yesterday like I want. I'm not a patient gal!

March 1: afternoon update: My first update on the ring kits. I've been worried that the directions would be difficult to follow. I'm still worried but the first feedback has been positive. Here is what I received..."LOVE THE RING!!! the directions were awesome, easy to understand. I wore it today and had 3 ladies almost snatch it off my finger! I need to make more! Is it ok with you if I sell them? thanks so much!"..... Whew! That is music to my ears and of course sell the rings, call them your own!! You go girls!!!

Silly hubby!! Yes, I admit I did Lysol all around him! I don't have time to get the flu and I certainly don't have time for the kiddos to get sick! I think it worked. We are all still perfectly well! ha!

Heads up... I have discovered that I haven't been getting all my e-mails. I'm hoping the problem is resolved but if not.... please e-mail me again if you don't hear back from me within 24 hours. Sorry about that!