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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The June 07 Archive.

June 19th: Wow, the modge podge sold quick. Technology develops so many funny habits and capabilities. I was actually out and about with the boys and checked email on my handy dandy phone and saw that I was paid a couple of times for it : ) Yikes, refund time. I quickly called my husband at work and asked him if he could get into the site and disable the payment buttons and mark the beads as sold.

Luckily he had his laptop with him, but the closest wireless internet signal is a coffee shop across the street from his office and he can't get the signal due to the building walls. He has this funky high powered tube antenna that looks like a Pringles can and it boosts signal reception. He uses it to grab the coffee shop signal sometimes by aiming out his window. But his employees look at him like he is a bit odd when does so he took his computer outside. So there he was, sitting outside his building on a landscaping wall, connected to a wireless signal from down the street, editing and uploading my website. Yeah that's much more normal. All you wireless junkies must be able to relate to that somehow.

As I posted above, I will be traveling and unavailable next week. We will not be filling orders from June 22nd through July 1st. I'll start back up packing and shipping the supplies and kits on July 2nd. But technology is wonderful, I'll be watching my emails and the website will still collect payments : P

June 18th
I love Summer! I'm doing something different today. I have a modge podge set of my extra lampwork beads. A full 5 foot long strand. Lots of beads to keep you busy. I usually list them on Ebay but I'm feeling lazy and just posted them here on my boutique page. It's $250 for over 180 beads. Get them while they're hot!

June 15: Happy Friday! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that any new lampwork orders placed won't be started until July 2. Supplies and kits will still be shipped. I'm trying to catch up on pending orders and then plan to take a few days off:-)

For my fellow lampworkers, I recently contributed a step by step tutorial with pictures to Glass Line magazine on how to make big hole flower pendants. You can find this article in the latest issue June/July 2007 Volume 21, Number 1. The website to order is Go check it out!

June 10: What a fun weekend. The time totally flew by. Joan and I had a ball shopping at Bead and Button. It is almost overwhelming to see all the booths. They were only open for 8 hours on Sat and I didn't think we were going to be able to see all the booths. The first booth we stumbled on was a seed beed booth and we spent over 30 min there. As expected, I spent way too much money on beads! I like everything I bought but didn't come home totally excited about any beads in particular. There was a lot of silver this year. Last year there were only a few booths that had silver. That was strange. And then tons of booths with gemstones. They were all so expensive but beautiful. I did buy a few. Have no clue what I'm going to do with them. I did find some of the large pink flowers for the supply page. I've been out of stock for them forever so that is good news. I also have some pretty bright green and aqua blue flowers to add. Then I also have some new cool silver toggles to add to the supply page. There are other beads to add also. So hopefully I can find the time here soon to get started on getting them updated.

Hey I added a bracelet to the boutique page. It was a custom order but silly me messed up made the wrong bracelet. I got all my names mixed up:-) So I'm offering it at a discount:-)

June 4: Happy Monday! Wish I had all these wonderful things to talk about. I feel really boring this week! I'm getting excited for the Bead and Button Show. I leave on Friday. My friend Joan is picking me up at the airport and then we are heading straight to the show to get a few hours of shopping in and then will shop there the entire day on Saturday. I don't really need anything but once I'm there, I'm sure I will find all sorts of things I can't live without! I'll try to pick up some fun beads for the supply pages too.

I've just about have the next new bracelet kit ready to go. I updated the pink poodle puffs bracelet and made it the same design as the Bloomin Flowers Bracelet. That style has been very popular. It is pretty dog gone cute if I do say so myself!

June 2: Yea! June is here! We've had such a rainy spring. No complaints though because the flowers and garden are doing great. Besides, it keeps me indoors and working on beads.

My husband, the computer geek, has been tracking my web traffic for quite awhile. He said May was my biggest traffic month ever with about 630,000 hits, and April and May combined for well over a million hits. No wonder things have been going crazy.