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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The January 07 Archive.

Jan. 25: What another cold week. It certainly feels like winter now. We have turned into a skiing family. The boys have gone 4 times in a week and I've gone 3. I forgot how much FUN it is! We are having a ball and the boys are turning into speed demons. But they have really good control and don't look like those skiers that you see flying straight down the hill flailing their arms. They have to follow Randy or I in a pattern to keep them on track and Keegan and Connor jockey each other for the 2nd place slot. It is funny seeing them try to pass each other up to get the front position!

I got another wonderful gift in the mail yesterday. I must admit that I'm getting quite spoiled with birthday treats!!! I have developed some of the most wonderful friendships through customers. It is really such a blessing. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. You guys are really the best. My wonderful surprise earrings came from my friend Ann. Check them out!!! Are they just not incredible!? Her wire wrapping is perfect. The photo doesn't do them justice. I LOVE THEM!! The pendant is a custom order that I had sitting here getting ready to mail. It matched the earrings so perfectly that I put it in the photo too. Sweet!!

Jan. 21: Drum Roll...... we have a winner in the free beads contest!!! There were 39 participants. And only 1 yellow and 1 orange for the favorite colors. No browns! I was surprised by that one. The winner is Danielle S. Yea!!! Thanks to all that played!! I'll try to make another big hole bead for the next contest. The photo is a pic of Keegan early this morning drawing the winner.

I had a fantastic day today! I love the month of Jan. because bead orders slow down and I don't feel guilty taking time off to play when I know I should be making beads. There is a great little ski resort (more like a really big hill:-) by our house and I took the big boys skiing today. I have not skied in 12 years!!!! I didn't know if I could still do it. I used to go skiing all the time with my family and had gotten pretty good but then life changes, kids come and trips to Colorado turn into trips to Disney World! We had so much fun. It all came back and brought back wonderful memories of skiing with my brother and all the fun we had on family trips. The boys started taking ski lessons last year and have gotten really good. Hubby took the boys yesterday and then they wanted to go again today so I took them. We had a great bonding time. I'm ready to go again tomorrow!

Jan. 19: One day left for the free beads contest. Pinks, greens, and purples are all the current rage!!!

Not much going on here. Just trying to stay warm. It is just darn cold outside!!! I feel really boring but I'm not complaining. That is good. We have had a lot of spice in our lives. Although... My mother-in-law is back in the hospital because of pain and my dear 86 year old grandfather passed away this morning, and my other grandmother was is a car accident this morning but unharmed which is surprising because my Dad told me that both cars were totaled. (I'm shaking my head as I write this thinking this still sounds like a lot. Maybe I'm just getting used to all the trials and tribulations. ) I have heard from a lot of wonderful people that know what we are going through with my aging parent-in-laws and are in similiar situations. I guess it is part of the life cycle. I always knew in the back of my mind this would start to happen but it is hard to accept when I keep thinking that I'm still 25 years old and will always be 25 years old!!! Ha! Fat chance and not even close but that is what I feel like. I have had older people tell me how mentally they feel so much younger and I totally get that now! I'm very thankful that my parents are still pretty young and very healthy.

I just put some simple Valentine jewelry on the boutique page. I'll be adding a few new jewelry items over the next few days.

Jan. 14: Well Greens, pinks, and purples are in the contest lead. I have new beads (as I always do) but still need to find time to add them to the supply pages. I also have updated lampwork photos that really need to be posted. I'm going to try to work a tad each tight to get updates started. It's hard being a one man band trying to juggle everything! Check out these cool earrings I just posted in the boutique section. Aren't they cute? They are darling on and the flower dangles and really catches your eye. I bought the silver flower charms at Bead and Button.

The poor trees are down everywhere and lots of people are without power. So far we have been very lucky. The power popped on and off a few times but that was it. The sounds of breaking tree limbs outside woke us up early this morning. It is just incredible to drive around and see trees down and limbs down everywhere. I think a third wave of ice is supposed to come through tonight. It has been raining all evening but the temps are right at 32 -33 degrees.

Jan. 13th: Wow! I just got home from the post office and there are trees and tree limbs down everywhere. We lost a tree on the side of our house. Lots of ice in St. Louis. We are supposed to have another round tonight and tomorrow. Just keeping my fingers crossed we don't lose power. So far there are about 16,000 in our section without power. The photo shows the trees on the side of our house.

Well.... the color green and purple are neck and neck. Pink is close behind. I must admit it is fun seeing what people say and even more fun hearing from those that I have spoken to for a while. Plus everyone has been so kind and really sent warm thoughts during this tough time for my husband's parents.

And I got the biggest birthday surprise and treat in the mail yesterday!!! My friend Frances sent me the most wonderful crocheted flowers. All the way from the UK!They are to die for. What's even more impressive is that she remembered my birthday!!! I have been obsessing over the felted flowers and purses. I think I have about 8 felted purses. These will felt up beautifully and then I'm going to put some on my felted slippers. I have bought all the yarn to knit a purse but I complained to Frances that I don't know how to crochet to make the flowers for my purse so now she made me the flowers and I just need to knit the purse! Score! The photo shows a small sample of them. Aren't they just too cute!!!?

Jan. 10th: Well so far the color green is taking the lead in the contest. I was expecting lots of pinks and purples but that is only because those are my favorite colors and I expect everyone to be just like me! ha!

January 9th... second posting:-)

All righty..... I feel like Dora the Explorer...."I did it. I did it. I did it." I got the photo taken today and we are set to go for the bead contest. As I said, this is a really simple contest, just send me an e-mail with your name and your favorite color. Now how easy is that? The winner will receive the big hole bead and accent beads in the photo. The big hole bead is a tad over 2" tall and a $50 value! If you aren't sure what to do with it, check out my necklace page in the jewelry section. They make super duper cool necklaces and all the accent beads and seed beads are included for your design. SWEET!
So lets have the contest open for around 10 days. So the deadline is midnight on Saturday, January 20. On Sunday, one of the kiddies will draw the winner's name out of a hat and I'll post who won. Good luck. Go forth and conquer!

Ugh! I know I have disappeared for a week. I just can't seem to get focused. Too many distractions. My hubby's folks are both ill and we have been consumed helping them and figuring out nursing and assisted care living for them. It is no fun growing old. We have always been somewhat healthy eaters but these past few months has really hit home dealing with his parents how we don't want to have all these medical issues when we grow older if we can help it. My father in law has Parkinson's Disease and hubby has been reading up on it and learning that certain vitamins like E and C can help prevent it and a few other things. Even trying to eat healthy and avoid hydrogenated oils and eating organic. It is more expensive but the good thing is that as consumer demand rises so do all the food choices. The boys are making the transition nicely. I haven't cut out all the bad junk food but have certainly replaced most of it with more healthy choices. The biggest change is all the sugar cereal the boys eat every day. I finally broke down (with hubby's pushing:-) and bought all the good organic cereal and I must admit it tastes wonderful and the boys are happy. Connor broke down and had Fruity Pebbles yesterday but that was the first time for sugar cereal in a few weeks. I must admit that I feel like a better parent knowing I'm making better food choices for them.

Now to fun bead stuff..... I haven't been doing much of fun bead stuff! But I think we have the biggest chunk of hubby's parents done and we won't be traveling out of town as often. I'm getting caught up on orders and turn around time for right now is around 1 week. Yippee.... haven't typed that in a long time.

And...... I'm getting ready to set up the next free beads contest. I'll take photos here shortly when the sun is shining better and get it all set up to go today or tomorrow at the latest. This contest will be very simple, just e-mail me your name and tell me your favorite color! If you don't get a confirmation from me, assume I didn't get your email and resend it:-) Photos of the bead to follow later today. Speaking of photos, I still have plans to make a DVD on how I take my bead and jewelry photos. It will be step by step and show exactly how I do it. So much I want to do and so little time!

January 2: Happy New Years! We just finished taking the lights and decorations down and tossing the tree out this evening. Its kinda of sad, on one hand I miss the festive decorations but all things considered I'm ready to get back to routine. The house is a bit of a wreck and toys are everywhere, and the Dudley the Elf.

Anyway, I'm getting all the jewelry and bead orders finished up here and will get everything shipped out shortly. Thanks everyone for your patience.