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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The February 07 Archive.

Feb. 27th: My husband is strange. You girls know what I mean? He's been sick with the flu for two days and never wandered more than bedroom, the bathroom, and the TV. But he bought a new camera for himself off ebay and it arrived yesterday. So today, even though he is still sick he insists on driving to work so he could take pictures of rush hour traffic...along with pictures of his hands on the steering wheel, how fast he is going, oh, and his gas mileage. Plus I think he bugged his coworkers running around the office snapping pictures of everyone. I understand nobody wanted him close to them because he looks like cold toast.

Note hacked in by husband: You think I'm stange?! Everyone should see you following me around the house for two days spraying me and everything I touch with Lysol disinfectant. That stuff stinks. I get up from the sofa for ten seconds to get a drink of water and I hear: Pssst... Pssst... and you're sneaking in behind me spraying where I was sitting. Then you sprayed the bed...Then you changed your pillow case because I accidently grabbed it the other night, yea, I saw that.
Take this:

February 24th
Oh yea.... looks like I'm going to spend some time packing up kits to mail on Monday. I'm anxious to get feedback on them. I still have plans to add the pendant kit. Below is a photo of it. I want to make them up in a few other color choices. They should be posted early this week.

Ugh! Connor has been begging for cookies so I broke down and made some snickerdoodles. Bad move on my part. Talk about sugar overload. I'm sick to my stomach from eating so many!

Feb. 23: All righty! We are good to go. The flower ring kits and the bracelet kit are up and available on the supply page under the kits link. The photo is getting great feedback. I think everyone will love these. There is also an option to order more of the lampwork flowers and silver wire to make additional rings.

For those of you who want a ring but don't want to make it, these are available on the boutique page already made.

I also added very yummy looking pink and chocolate lampwork beads in boutique late tonight.

Feb. 21st: Oh what a beautiful day FINALLY! The sun is shining and it is 60 degrees outside! Caiden and I just got done taking a walk to see the horses at a farm down the road.

I have some new kits that I'm getting ready to add on the supply page. I LOVE these! The photos are below. I'm also making a matching pendant kit but don't have the photo ready yet. The rings are so fun and dog gone cute in person! You will love these! I hope to make them available this weekend. For the ring kit, you will choose which color of flower you want from the photo. The lampwork flowers will be available to order individually to make additional rings for your friends and customers. Everyone will want one!

Feb. 17th: P.M. update: Okay.... I just spent all evening weighing and packaging up the new head pins! Hubby took the boys to go watch Monster Trucks and I'm home with 2 yr old Caiden watching the Disney Cars movie for the second time in a row!

Yes, this is American culture at its finest. Originally I bought 5 tickets for Randy's birthday so we could all go but after reading up in the Monster Jams, learned that the noise might be too much for Caiden. So Randy took Keegan and Connor, and two of the boys' friends to see this phenomenon. Randy, and four 7-8 yr old boys, nachos, popcorn, mountain dew, hahaha, I think they had a great time.

The supply page is all updated with the new 1 1/2" extra shiny stainless steel head pins. Just go to the silver section and scroll to the very bottom of the page:-) Your gonna love them! ALTHOUGH..... don't expect them to be aligned all perfect and straight in the bag. To save time, some are going in different directions inside the package.

Oh Happy Days!!!! Guess what I got in stock! Extra Shiny 1 1/2" long stainless steel head pins!!! Can you believe it? I'm wishing I could have gotten the 2" long ones but just can't seem to get my hands on them. These 1 1/2" long ones feel and look exactly like the extra shiny ones I used to sell. They look exactly like silver but won't tarnish. They will great for most of the Czech beads on my supply page. A 10mm tall bead is no problem wire wrapping with your fingers. I've even used this length for top drill beads. If you use your flat nose pliers instead of your fingers to wrap the coils, you can even get a much taller bead on this length of head pin. I bought a lot of them so there should be ample stock for as least a few months. Now the bad news, they come in big bags and need to be weighed and sorted. My parents usually do this for me but they are out of town for a few weeks. Bad timing! It isn't a fast process and I can barely find time to answer e-mails and clean beads. I will try hard to get some of these packaged up and listed in the supply page on the silver section. If not, maybe I can sweet talk hubby into helping out:-)

Feb. 14th: Happy Valentines Day!

Not much going on here. Just snow and cold weather. The boys had a snow day yesterday but are thankfully back in school today for their parties!

I'm working on a few new kits that will be ready soon. They are so cute! I'll post a pic when I get them ready.

I think I might be getting in stock some of the stainless steel extra shiny head pins. They still aren't available in the 2" size so I ordered the 1 1/2" length. They should work fine for most of the Czech size beads. I'm hoping to have them in today or tomorrow but have a sneaky feeling that may not be the case. I can't find the charge on my credit card so I need to make some phone calls to find out the status. I'll keep you updated:-)

Feb. 8: I'm so tired of freezing weather. It is really getting old fast. I need spring weather! I've been busy making some new spring flower jewelry. I'm still playing with ideas and will get them posted soon. In the mean time, my orphan bead bowl is filling up fast and it won't be long before I list them on Ebay. And... I had been holding onto some beads that are basically the same beads I used in the prickly pears bracelet on the boutique page. I just listed them for sale in the boutique page. Here is a pic if you are interested in them, they are $40 for the set.

Hubby and I are battling for downstairs time. I usually make beads in the evening while he watches the kiddos but he is in the middle of finishing the basement and needs to work downstairs too. Ugh! So tonight he won the flip:-(

Feb. 3rd: Yikes! I've been locked out of the basement all day! Hubby is finishing our basement so the kids can have a bigger play area. But... the builders of this house were screwballed and installed the basement stairs all crooked. Seriously! They were horrible. It really puts you off balance trying to walk down them. We just couldn't believe that they would build them like that. So today he tore out the stairs and has been rebuilding them. I don't think I'm going to get any beads made today. He is still pounding away. It's pretty bad when you have to redo the builders work.
I did add a new item to the supply page. You will love these. They are called the "Bead Stopper". I've been using them for a few months now and LOVE them. They really do grab on tight to your beading wire without putting a crimp in it. I don't have to worry about beads slipping off now. They are also great for when you are in the creation stage and just want to hold up the jewelry on your wrist or neck to see what it looks like. I can't tell you the number of times I've done this for necklaces and my hand would slip and half my beads would fall off the wire. I sound like a commercial for these things but they are just too cool. I include them in all my kits now too.
You can find the Bead Stopper in my supply page under the silver section. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. A 6 pack cost $4.99.