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Welcome to my News page. This is my little place to share life....a journal of sorts...dedicated to ramblings, observations, discoveries and cool new things. Find past postings in the Archive link above.

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The August Archive Aug. 30: Well I totally disappeared for a few days!! It was a tough week. I think I'm finally starting to feel better. Around 75% tonight. I went down to make beads late this evening and I was out of propane. Figures! I've been operating on a bare minumum schedule this week. I think I still have some e-mails to answer. Sorry for the delay. I hope to start getting caught up this weekend. I was doing so good on working on orders and then this happened. Such is life. I watched a bit of the Sexy Cancer Show last night on the TLC channel. Things could always be worse!

Anyway.... thanks so much to all that shared some great book suggestions. This was a great idea! Wish I would have thought of it sooner. I think I have enough books to keep me going for over a year! BUT.... if you come across a new book that was FANTASTIC please share the Title with me in the future! I'm finishing up a Clive Cussler (spelling?) book right now. I stumbled across his book while at the airport looking for a book to read on the airplane. It was called The Polar Shift. I really enjoyed it so added some of his other books to my reading list.
So tomorrow I will put all the entries in a hat and draw the lucky winner. Thank you again for playing! I've taken my Nyquil and am going down for the count. Sweet Dreams!

AUG. 27: UGH! I'm sick! I hate this. You know it's bad when I finally turn on my computer at 10:30 am. I live on this darn thing. I took the kids to school and came home and crawled in bed. I'm still here. I've gotta leave in 30 min to pick up Caiden from school. We have all of these tv channels including all the movie channels free for one year and there is still nothing on to watch!
I made some beads that match The World Pendant. These colors are not my typical style. You would look at them and say so not Cassie but with Fall coming, darker colors are being called for. I'm actually quite smitten with them. It is hard to see in the photo but some of the stringer action is a gold sheen. Really quite stunning! I've made a few in the pink and brown shades too. I'll try to get those posted later today. I only made a few beads yesterday and I don't think I will be on the torch today. These are up for sale on the boutique page.

Aug. 25: It has been HOT and dry all week. Now that the weekend is here, it is cloudy and rainy. I was looking foward to going to the pool. Plus my letter "r" isn't working right on my keypad. I have to push it a few times hard. You don't realize how important "r" is until it won't type for you!
There is a new pendant I've been playing with in the boutique. I made a large silver ring and stamped the words "Love Makes The World Go Around" Then I sealed it to a blue and brown lampwork disc. Very different. I plan to make more of these. I love the colors. The disc was made with Bullseye glass. They have some awesome brown and blues and in incredible glass rod that turns shiny. This is the perfect blue jeans pendant! I made one for me and my mother swiped it off my neck as soon as she saw it!

Aug. 23: Oh what fun! I should have thought of this one sooner. I'm having a ball reading all the great book selections. This really helps. The audio club wants you to keep at least 20 books in your queue. They try to send the books in the order that you rank them but if they aren't available, they move on down the list. This will help keep my selection large. I'm listening to 13 Moons right now. I can't remember the author's name. It is a different book. Kind of a narrative on one man's life. It isn't a highly packed action book but interesting all the same. Last book I listened to was Widow of The South. That was a short one. I wouldn't call it my favorite but I did enjoy it. My cousin started to read it but couldn't make it through the book.

Anyway... keep the entries coming! I've gotten a few Harry Potter suggestions. I'm right there with ya on those. They would be my first recommendation!

I got a really nice e-mail tonight from someone who purchased the ring kit and DVD... "I just wanted to let you know I received my ring kit and Disc. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! Your beads, your packaging, your shipping. Really fantastic and I can't wait to get started. Thank You"

I love reading those! I'm all about packaging. Presentation makes all the difference in the world from something that looks okay to wow! That really rocks!

August 22: All righty.... the original 2" long head pins are back in stock. Yipee!!

Well I finally played some more with my new alphabet stamps. I love them. Worth every penny! Here is a cuff bracelet I made with my kids names on it. These are available for order on the boutique page.

And now it is time to do another free bead drawing. This drawing is for a lampwork sunflower pendant strung on a 16" leather cord. Your choice of black or brown cord. Leave it as it is, or incorporate the sunflower into your original necklace design. It's pretty cute. Darn the luck though and there is a air bubble in the design ( you can see it in the photo). So sorry for that but it doesn't distract from the design. Why a sunflower? My garden is full of sunflowers right now! I just love them! I would have had them all over the place but the darn bunnies ate all the seedlings.

So here's the deal... When I make beads, I love to listen to books on tape. I've got a membership to an audio book club. So to enter to win this necklace, e-mail me the name of a really good book you think I would enjoy. I like all sorts of books. I'm not as big on murder mystery stuff but have been known to read even those! For those of you who don't read or haven't read a good book in a long time, just e-mail me your name to enter.

The contest will go on for 1 week. So lets have it end on Thursday night Aug. 30 at midnight. The drawing will be the next day. Here is the photo of the necklace.

Aug. 21: Good News... The original 2" long head pins arrived today. I just need a few days to get them weighed, sorted, and packaged. I'll let you know when the shopping cart is working for them.

I listed another necklace in the boutique. I've gotten several requests for just selling the stamped silver rings that I've been making to use in my new bracelets and necklaces. I think that sounds like a grand idea. If I can find the time that is! Give me a few days and I will work on getting some ready to sell individually. They make really cute earrings too! I made up some last night with a tiny lampwork bead hanging in the middle. Way cute!!

I think it is about time to start another free give away drawing. Now that school is back in session and a routine is being formed again. I already have the item made and photos taken. I'll give the details in the next day or two. Below is the pic of the necklace is the boutique.

August 19th: I've added a new bracelet to the boutique page. It's pretty cute in person!! Cost is $92. I've also added the silver necklace below with the fuchsia flowers into the necklace gallery for custom orders. I still need to add the matching bracelet.

Aug. 17: Well, the kids are back in school and life is starting to be a routine for me again. Hopefully I can start to get caught up on orders. Caiden has really enjoyed his first few days of preschool. He is going for 3 hours 4 days a week. He has a teacher that has a wonderful reputation and is in very high demand. The good part is that he will also get speech therapy 4 days a week while in preschool. Huge score. That will save me from driving all over town just for 30 - 60 min speech sessions. He is doing great. Talks a lot and slowly but surely working on his pronunciation. He has made huge leaps this past year and I expect him to keep gaining ground.

The big kids both seem to have wonderful teachers. I think they are going to have a great year. It has been so hot here though. I was under the assumption that the school buses were air conditioned. Caiden still takes afternoon naps so I have the kids ride the school bus home. The first day of school was terrible. The routing was all messed up and they were on the bus for an hour with no air. The actual temp that day was 105 degrees. Just imagine how hot the inside of the school bus was. They came off the bus drenched. Needless to say we threw a big fit and a lot of phone calls were made. I'm now just waking Caiden up and picking the boys up from school until it cools down. The other day around 6 p.m. I was driving down the road and the car temp registered 111 degrees. I've never seen it go that high. It was crazy!

Well, I finally got my custom alphabet stamp on Tuesday of this week. They are incredible!! Wait till you see the new font! I had an order for 4 name tags and I took photos but they turned out terrible. You couldn't see the letters at all. I am going to start offering the silver cuff bracelets with names, words, or sayings. I need to make up a sample and those will be available soon. They are so cute! I'm in the middle of trying different background colors for the new silver jewelry I've been playing with. The white just doesn't work as well. I'm still not happy with the photo but here is a pic of the necklace I told you I was going to make to match the bracelet below. There is also a closeup photo. The silver links are soldered, stamped, given a patina finish, and then polished. These should be called spinner jewelry because the lampwork flowers can spin if you flick them!

August 13: Whew! We did it.... another successful and wonderful trip. The family reunion in Charleston was fantastic. It was wonderful to see all of my relatives and the ceremony for my grandfather was very nice. It was HOT HOT HOT though. Although, I think it was even warmer back in St. Louis. Randy did well and got all my workshop roughed in while I was away. I think he got most of the wiring done. So we are a big step in the right direction. I will be thrilled to have it all finished up and to have a much nicer working condition than just concrete walls.

My computer didn't make it on my trip so there are no new beads added to the supply page. They are all sitting here waiting patiently. I'm expecting a new silver shipment hopefully next week. And the steel head pins are temporarily out of stock. I've ordered twice over the past month and they still haven't come. I was told before I left they would ship right out but they still aren't here. Ugh... So I will make some phone calls today. As soon as I get my hands on them, I'll post in the news page that they are available again.

The kids have their meet the teacher this afternoon and another one this evening. Caiden gets to visit his classroom tomorrow afternoon and then school starts on Wednesday. The weather forecast for tomorrow is 104 and Wednesday is 102. Good grief! That is just way too hot! I need to take a look and get organized with my orders but I'm thinking there is a 21/2 -3 week turn around time on any new lampwork orders.

Aug. 2: Today is the last shipping day until I return on Monday Aug. 13. See you when I get back. I'm not sure if I will have good e-mail service. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my laptop will come today. It sure has been in the shop way too long! I'm off to my grandfather's memorial in Charleston, SC. This one is a family reunion and we have a few beach houses rented and it will be a lovely week. Except hubby has to stay behind because of a work commitment. So I will really miss him but by golly.... he better work on getting the basement finished! He needs to rough in my workshop and I would never let him disconnect my ventilation unit or move my torch and kiln so he has been stuck waiting for me. This is the perfect time since I will be gone. hint hint!