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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The April 07 Archive.

April 26: Yippee... we are getting close now for the new Beading Daily earring and bracelet kits. I have them posted in the supply link under "kits" for preorders. The bracelet kits will be available around May 5th and the earring kit will be available around May 1. I just made the earrings yesterday and they are SOOOOOOO.... cute on!! You will love them. I'm just waiting for the Step by Step instructions to be posted in the Beading Daily Newsletter. The earring directions should be coming in the next few days and the bracelet step by step directions will be available some time next week.

Just a refresher on the Beading Daily scoop. I donated lampwork beads and accent beads to be used in the June/July issue of Beadwork magazine section called "The Challenge". Editor Sandi Wiseheart designed a cuff bracelet with the beads and then also made a pair of earrings. These earrings will be a featured in a step by step project in the new Beading Daily on-line community AND.... Editor Melinda Barta designed a bracelet using identical beads. This bracelet will be featured in the same section of Beadwork magazine's "The Challenge" section. The bracelet was so cute that Sandi (who has been the editor of asked Melinda to do a step by step project for the Beading Daily Newsletter for the Flower Burst bracelet. I think I have this all straight. It can be confusing and I'm trying to make it very simple:-) Sandi and I briefly spoke about making kits available for these projects. Then I saw the photos and fell in love with their designs. Why didn't I think of that? ha! They are truely very unique and so dog gone cute!!! I made the earrings yesterday and LOVE them. Melinda is going to write up the step by step directions for the bracelet and they should be available sometime next week.

So, in the mean time... go sign up for the free Beading Daily Newsletter. It is free and honestly only takes 10 seconds to do it. Then you will have access to these projects and some other very cute free designs!
Click the Beading Daily logo to go to their web site. Below are small pics of the two kits. The earring kit costs $31 and the bracelet kit costs $64. You can see a large photo of the earring kit in my supplies page under the "kits" link. Just a head's up... I need to change a set of the green beads in the bracelet to a magenta purple because they were no longer available in that color. I'm getting ready to make the bracelet right now and will post a picture of it with these new colored beads.

April 24: Looks Iike I did a disappearing act! Man, I tell ya, time is just whizzing by and I'm in the back eating its dust! I can't keep up. I'm sure you all feel the same way! Dad had to go back into the hospital on Friday and got out yesterday. He has a blood clot in his leg now. So that makes 2 in the arms and 1 in the leg. He is on a roll! It is certainly a slow recovery. But he was told that in about 3 weeks, they will start letting him put a tad bit of weight on his leg. I just heard on the news today that Dick Cheney also has a blood clot in his leg. I also heard about a 35 year old man that was helping a friend on a ladder cut tree limbs with a chain saw. The limb hit a power line and killed him. We keep saying that my dad is so lucky and it could have been worse. He could not have survived the fall.

Those of you that buy beads from me might recognize my packing material all over the ground. Compliments of Caiden getting into my bag. See... this is why I can't keep up... I have to clean up after a 3 year old, a 7 year old, and an 8 year old! Plus I think I make more messes than them combined! Oh, it doesn't help having a cat tromping through it all too!

April 17: Oh I'm loving this weather. It is about time Spring has come back. I went to the nursery today and loaded up with lots of ferns for our front porch. We had people come up to our door last night asking if we were interested in selling our house. They wanted to buy it. No way man! I'm not moving. It is way too much work. We've been here 2 1/2 years and I still remember how much work that was.

I just added the flower bracelet I posted a pic of on April 12. I love this bracelet. So much I made one for me too!

April 14: I just added the this necklace to the boutique page. This is the one I wrote about saying that some of the charms will have stamped names on the back. Great mother's day gift or treat yourself!:-) They can be stamped with anything up to 7 letters.

April 13: Oh all sorts of fun things are going on! Where do I even begin? Oh I know.... go sign up for the free newsletter on the website I spoke about this site on the March 16th chat. It is run by Interweave Press which publishes lots of great magazines including Bead Work, Lapidary Journal, Step By Step Beads, Stringing, etc....

I donated beads to "The Challenge" section of the Beadwork magazine. (I e-mailed the editor about 1 1/2 years ago offering to donate beads for this department. It has taken this long before they had a slot open!) Have you guys seen these projects in the magazine? It is pretty fun. Four sets of identical beads are donated. Their caption reads "What happens when you give 3 people matching sets of materials to play with?" Three of the Beadwork editors design jewelry with the same beads and then the completed projects are published in the magazine. "The Challenge" will feature the beads I donated in this upcoming June/July issue of Beadwork Magazine. I'm so excited!! I haven't seen the final pieces yet. Those of you lucky enough to live in California can go to the Bead Expo this weekend and see the actual jewelry at their table! Plus, it gets better....

When you go to, you will see a photo of way too cute earrings and a bracelet. The earrings were designed by Sandi Wiseheart and Melinda Barta designed the bracelet. They were made with some of the extra beads I had donated for "The Challenge" section of Beadwork magazine. I can't wait to see a bigger photo of the bracelet! It looks so..... cute! If you sign up for the free newsletter (it only takes 5 seconds and it's free!) you will get step by step directions on how they created the earrings and bracelet plus free beading projects for the other great jewelry featured on the home page. The idea was tossed around about making kits available for the earrings and bracelet on my website. When I saw the photos (even though they are small:-) I wanted to buy a kit!! So I have scrounged around all day trying to come up with enough beads to offer kits for these projects. Whew! I think I did it. Some of the Beads I had donated for "The Challenge" came from my personal stash and as usual, you go back to buy more and they are no longer available. Ugh! That is so... frustrating... but I think I found enough beads to come up with a limited supply for the bracelet. The earrings are a tad easier to supply all the goodies but I bought the last of the green flowers that were available. I love those!

April 12: Okay... where did Spring go? It is just darn cold outside! I miss Spring!! Nothing really exciting going on. I still have the finishing touches of last week's cold. Both of my ears are clogged up and I go around saying "What?" a lot. I've been playing with stamping lately. I have all the stamping tools and silver to make all sorts of bracelets and everything else for the past few years but just don't take the time to play with them. I played with PMC and stamped my kids names in similar tags. I just need more time to do all I would like. When Caiden turned 3, he entered into the school district for speech services. He now goes 4 mornings a week. Which is excellent for him but bad for my schedule. He is doing great though and really talking up a storm. He still drops his end consonants and most of his middle consonants but every week he does better. He is so cute and funny! (usually... sometimes he drives me crazy! ha!)

I got off track:-) Anyway... I'm going to start offering jewelry with stamped names or words. The ones below in the photo show the front and back of the same style of tag. I have a necklace that would be perfect for mother's day to add to the boutique. It is the flower beads with silver charms on a omega chain. The bracelet below is very cute in person! It might be available soon in the boutique and if not, I'll add it the bracelet gallery for ordering. I've been begging hubby to add me another bead set page and bracelet page so I can add new stuff on the site. I put another plug in last night. Maybe he will read this and get another hint:-)

April 10: We have a winner for the free beads contest. Thanks so much to everyone for playing. I think there were a tad over 30 people that entered. I had Connor draw the lucky winner after school yesterday and I forgot to put the winner on the web site. The winner already knows who she is:-) I did let her know last night. Congratulations Lora B. the beads are headed your way today. I had a ball reading about everyone's favorite vacation spots.

April 8: Okay... I'm full... fat... and tired! The kids had a great day. Dork Keegan chowed down at 1 sitting 3/4 of a 12" tall chocolate bunny. I turned around and heard him say "I'm going to be sick" and there sitting on the table was just chocolate bunny feet!! Wonder what the caption should read for that one! Crazy kid!

Well I got the beads listed on the Ebay auction. Just click the top picture and it will take you to the link or do a search on Ebay under my name to find the auction. This time there are more focal beads than beads on the strand. Both photos include all the beads in the auction.

April 7th: Well it's close enough to April 7th! I'm a few hours away till midnight!!! That way it looks like I posted two days straight! ha! My friend Ann sent me this pic. I thought you guys might enjoy it:-) Remember... the free beads contest ends tomorrow night!

April 6: Well I now know why Caiden was so cranky when he was sick. I came down with what he had and it totally knocked me out for 3 days! I thought I was going to make it through the entire season without getting sick but I should have known better! I laid in bed and played on the computer a tad and that has been about all I have done for 3 days. I did get the photos all ready to go for the Ebay auction. My plan is to get it listed on Sunday evening. I'll keep you updated.

I've had a ball reading about everyone's favorite vacation spots. I think Hawaii is in the lead but for the most part... they have been all over the board. Alaska has gotten a few votes. (Which have you guys been watching the new season of Alaskin King Crab Fishing on the Discovery Channel? It started last week. We love that series!) Let's see what else has there been.... Branson, MO, sister's house overlooking Napa Valley (jealous!), lake cabin in Minnesota, moutains in West Virgina, Europe, Colorado, Chatham Ma, Jerome Arizona, Santorini Greece, Turks and Caicos (Had to Goggle that one. Way out of my price range!) North Point on Raquette Lake in New York, Oregon Coast, Cape Cod Massachusettes, and Lots of anything with a beach and Florida has gotten many votes. Actually when you combine the beaches listed in Florida, they beat out Hawaii!!!

April 1: Happy April Fool's Day! Where did the month of March go. I feel like it whizzed by! Things are starting to get back into a routine again. Thankfully! March was just way too hectic for me. I'm getting my orphan beads ready to list on Ebay over the next week. There are some great beads in this set. I'll let you know for sure when they are listed. They are all strung. I just need to take photos.

And.... now that things are back to hectic normal..... it is time for another free bead's contest!! Below is the photo of the free beads. I don't make frog beads very often anymore but he sure is cute! To enter, just e-mail me your name and your favorite vacation place. Mine is Disney World and followed VERY close with anything that has an ocean and a beach (a nice beach chair and margarita doesn't hurt either!) Let's have the contest go for 1 week and end on Sunday night, April 8. I'll have one of the kiddo's draw the lucky winner the following day.