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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The September 06 Archive.

Sept. 30th: Wow! Time if flying! It is almost October. Connor is getting excited for his 7th birthday in a few weeks. He has been begging for a dirt bike and I'm starting to think hubby is going to grant his wish. He got an electric one for Christmas. That was a waste of money. The battery stopped working after only a few months and of course the warrenty doesn't cover battery replacement and I just priced the batteries and it will cost $130! Good grief... I think the whole bike only cost a few more bucks than that! I think hubby wants to get the boys bikes so then he can have the excuse that he has to have one too so they can all go places to ride them. Clever man!

Have you ever wondered what a 2 year old would look like sporting a chocolate pudding goatee? Well here is your chance!
chocolate pudding!

Sept. 28: Well, I'm slowly playing catch up and getting closer. I think I'm at the point that I can start taking orders again. I'm still working on pending orders so count on about a 10 day turn around time right now. It might be a few days less or a few days more. I'm trying to slow down a bit and work at a slower pace. There is just so much going on with all of Caiden's therapy that I just don't have the time that I once did.

I have the most beautiful incredible beads sitting here that my dear friend Joan ordered. All my favorite colors and about 4 big hole beads that are so cute! I'll have to post pics of the big hole ones after I get them cleaned.

I'm going to make it a priority to get the extra bead photos ready for the Ebay auction. There are some pretty beads in this batch. Lots to keep you busy!

Sept. 23: Side note: There is going to be a small delay on getting the silver items that are out of stock available. I'm having trouble getting my order finalized with the coup going on in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm hoping to have a shipment by the end of this coming week.

It took the whole week to get back into the groove of things! The kids are still begging to go back to Disney! This is our 4th year in a row going. Sept. seems the best time to go. The average wait time for rides is 5 minutes! We also did their special Halloween party on the Friday before we left. It is so much fun. They close the park and open it for this party that you have to buy seperate tickets for but it is worth it. They have trick or treating stations all over Magic Kingdom. Then they have great Halloween decorations and a wonderful Halloween parade. Lots of people dressed up and I brought the kids costumes but it was so hot that we didn't have them wear them. We had 5 big FULL bags of candy that we carried on the airplane home and yes... it was heavy! Caiden and the other boys too just love the Cars movie. At MGM they have Lightning McQueen and Towmater real cars. They use them for the parade but at certain times, they bring them out for people to see, touch and get photos with. We are at the back of mater. Randy is touching Mater's hook! How cool is that!?

Family next to Towmater!

Mickey and Donald

Sept 17: We are back from the wonderful world of Disney! We are tired, every one of the kids and Randy was suffering from some sort of illness or another during the trip, there is a ton of laundry to do, and Mickey Mouse is much richer, but we're back. We really did have a great time though! As soon as I have time to do some updates we'll tell you about the fun. We've all decided to quit our jobs and move to Orlando and work at Disney. Randy is going to be an actor and dress up like a pirate and do the Pirates of the Carribean skit every other hour. Connor wants to be a monorail driver, Keegan is going to drive the Safari ride trucks, and I want to be one of those bag checkers at the entrance that probes through everyone's personal belongings and makes them open every friggin zipper!

Sept 7th
Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to place supply orders and have them shipped the same day. All other orders and emails will be shipped and answered on Monday, Sept. 18.

For those of you who have been wondering about the extra beads I plan to post on Ebay, sorry it didn't happen in the time frame I thought. With me being sick and Caiden getting the yucky stomach flu earlier this week, there wasn't any time to work on them. So plan for the end of Sept. for me to get them all ready to post. I'll keep you updated.

Oh yea, I finally got the bank and the mortgage thing all figured out. At least I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It isn't finalized yet but on the right track. Hmmm... lets see..... what else am I supposed to tell my hubby's mom. I know there is something but I'm having a brain freeze. (great way to communicate with family right?:-)

Sept. 6: You gotta love it. My husband was converting some of last year's minidv tapes to DVD and came across the cutest clip from our trip to DisneyWorld last year. Keegan and Connor took a Pirate adventure lunch cruise out to an island by the Grand Floridian, They were pretty excited when they got back. You can view it by clicking on the following link. The file is a 1.5MB mpg so it will load pretty quick unless you have the dial-up phone modem.

If your browser isn't set to autoplay, you can always right click and save it to play.
(Link Taken Down)

Sept 4th
Been working like crazy all weekend folks, well except for half a day yesterday that I spent clearing up a small decimal point error in a mortgage payment. Yes, in paying our last monthly payment I accidently added an extra 0. You can imagine what that did to the checking account. OUCH! I thought for sure Randy would freak out, but he just laughed.

I've got the big road trip coming up starting next weekend starting the 9th and I will be traveling for a week, so I won't be able to process any orders. So far I've spent most of the weekend at the torch while Randy has been entertaining the kids. There is a big air show with lots of jets and stunt planes at a nearby airport so they've been hanging out there having fun....(and providing me some focus time.)