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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The October 06 Archive.

October 30th: Happy Halloween! I'm going to have a house full of kids dressed up. Hubby has even decided to dress up at work. But... as he put it... "I want a costume that people don't know who I am!"So.... he grabbed Keegan's voice changer Darth Vader mask and the light saber. Then throw on some dark clothes, and a black cape on (which he is shopping for right now) and he is good to go! Me? I'm just the cinderella in rags!! ha! At least I usually whistle while I work....:-)

If any one needs any hints for the Frosty contest... just email me. I'm more than happy to help you out. I'm already thinking about and playing with the beads for the next contest!!! You have 6 more days!

October 26th: Okay it's settled.....We are going to have some fun!! Are you up for a contest? There is a great prize!! Free Lampwork Beads!!!!! It will be fun but require a small amount of work. Hey I gotta make it exciting and challenging for you! It involves a movie? What movie? Yes..... take a look at the photo of the beads below and you will get the idea..... It's movie triva from the 1969 animation film "Frosty The Snowman"

I loved this movie as a child. Remember the days before videos and cable when you would look forward to all the great Holiday shows on TV? It would be a big event where your Mom popped popcorn and the whole family gathered around the TV for the favorite Holiday cartoons? I miss those days. It doesn't feel as special when you can pop in a video anytime you want. Anyway..... here is the scoop..... There are 3 trivia questions that need to be answered. Email me (click the "contact us" beatle on the left side of this page) with your answers. The people with the right answers will be put into a random drawing that my kiddos will pick out. The contest will go for 10 days and end on Sunday night November the 5th. We'll draw the winner's name the following day.

If you haven't figured out the prize, you get all the beads in the photo including the snowman bead. A $46 value. The snowman's hole is vertical and makes a cute pendant or you can string it horizontally for a bracelet. I don't make themed beads very often. Thank my friend Christy for the idea!

Question 1: Who was the narrator or voice for the 1969 "Frosty The Snowman" animation? (I'm looking for a real person's name)

Question 2: Since the temperature was rising, where did Frosty need to go so he wouldn't melt?

Question 3: Who threw away the magic hat that brought Frosty to life and was the villan in the story? (I'm looking for the Character's name. He was a magician but also had a name in the story.)

I think I'm going to try to do something like this every month. It sounds like fun. I will respond back with a thanks to every submission just to let you know I got your entry. My filter sometimes works too good. If you put the word "beads" in the title, I should get your email with no problem:-) Good Luck! Remember the entry deadline is November 5.

Oct. 23: Good grief.... there goes time flying by again! Connor even celebrated his 7th birthday in between my postings and yes... he did get that dirt bike! Hubby spent the evening bonding with his parents on the telephone helping them get a nasty virus off their computer. He was quite proud of his mother for being able to walk through the steps. They couldn't even get on the internet. I on the other hand, spent the evening trying to get the house in order. It doesn't look like I did much though. Ugh!!! The house always seems to suffer the consequences of my beading. Such is life! In the mean time... I've been busy making jewelry (in between bead orders) for the boutique. Trying to get some items out for the Holidays. I still have more that I'm working on but I did post a few of them on the boutique. The Ponko berries bracelet is sold but I still have some lampwork beads left in this style and I think I might make a duplicate. I also made some new beads to add to the bead gallery. Once again I'm steping out in colors that I don't normally use. I actually love these!!! This bracelet is sold but a very similiar will also be headed over to the boutique shortly.

Oct. 16: May I help you? Yes, those are the words we use when playing with our McDonalds Drive Thru toy! I love this thing. Mom and I found it at a garage sale about 5 years ago. We bought it for $20 and out of curiosity checked Ebay and saw that they were selling for over $300!!!!! Hubby tried to talk me into selling it but the kids were loving it. I saved it in case we had another one and now Caiden is having a ball with it. We even have all the McDonalds play food including the Happy Meal, Big Macs, Chicken Nuggets, apple pies, pancakes, and even a McDonalds salad for when you want to eat healthy. I had to pay a small fortune for all this stuff on Ebay but it was worth it. Even found the green apron and the plastic hat with the microphone attached! Why don't they make fun toys like this anymore? The drive through window opens up, it has a cash register and you pull out a part that has a grill that sizzles and a deep fry to cook french fries! We have video of Keegan and Connor when they were 2 and 3 fighting and crying over possession of the window. I know you are all very jealous of my score and wish that you could have your very own McDonald's Drive Thru for when the Mac Attack is calling you!!!
Big Mac?

Speaking of Ebay.... don't forget about my orphan auction. It ends on Wednesday night the 18th. Scroll down to the big strand of beads photo for a direct link. I think I forgot to mention in the auction but there is just about 7 feet of beads all strung up and ready to go:-)

And...... the original steel head pins are out of stock for just a few days. I think they were shipped on last Friday. I'll have to give Mom some extra chocolate to get them all weighed and packaged for me in a timely manner! The silver is all back in stock AND I have added lots of new and different beads to the supply page. Especially in the flowers/leaves section and the rounds pages.

Oct. 13: Hey! I just realized it is Friday the 13th! But what I really just realized is that I'm tired! I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch for a few minutes before I go wake up Caiden from his nap and now I don't want to move the entire night. No such luck, hubby has an outing tonight so I promised the boys an exciting night out as Chucke Cheeses! Whoo Hoo!!!

I'm working on getting my act together and getting my supply page updated. I have a lot of things out of stock but they are being replinished as I type. I have all of the flowers back in stock and the silver is on its way and should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday. Bad news on the extra shiny head pins though. Still no luck in getting those back in stock. They keep saying maybe in a month but I've been hearing that for at least 3 months. I do have lots of new supply beads to add. Some great new flowers too. I took photos today so hopefully over the next week you will start seeing new beads in the supply page.

Check out the cute beads that my friend Frances ordered. This is about as close as I can get to "earthy". The pink is incredible in person!

Pink Flowers

Oct. 11: You aren't going to believe it! YES, I finally got the Ebay auction ready for my orphan beads!!! It only took me forever to slow down and list it:-) It is set to start I think around 6:30 p.m. Central time tonight. It may not show up for an hour after that but that is a good guesstimate. I'm also including as a bonus in the auction about $100 worth of czech glass beads a few silver toggles, and Thai silver J's from my supply page to use in your jewelry designs. You can click on the photo below for a link to the auction or just type in Ebay's search box Cassie Donlen and the auction will show up after the starting time. Don't forget you won't be able to view it until tonight:-)

I had a great time in Chicago and learned a lot but also came home feeling overwhelmed. There is still a lot of research needed for Apraxia and there is no gold standard for treatment so it is hard to digest and know which treatment methods we should be following. Everyone seems to have their own methods. Including his therapists:-) Caiden is making incredible progress so whatever we are doing it seems to be working.

On a fun note, I did get to spend the night at my friend Joan's on Friday. It was a great fast visit. After the kiddies went to bed we went and hung out in her awesome bead room. Way too much fun and the next thing we knew, it was 11:30 p.m. and we had her sewing machine out and she was making me one of her awesome ribbon belts. Have you seen these? They are soooooo cool and trendy. I went to the workshop with a brand new belt on. Been getting lots of compliments on it too!

Oct. 5: Life is busy as usual. I'm getting ready to run out the door to fly to Chicago for a few days. I'm going to a workshop that is addressing Caiden's Apraxia speech disorder SO.... I will be away from emails and the computer until late Saturday night. Any supply orders placed will ship out on Monday the 9th.

Mom's birthday party was very delightful. We had lots of fun and I think she really enjoyed her big day. Hubby and I had our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday:-) We celebrated by me sneaking down to make beads!!! Too much to do and too little time. We went out to dinner last Sat,. night to celebrate and then we had Mom's nice dinner party at Ruth's Chris on Tuesday night so we kind of celebrated before hand. Anyway.... I gotta run... still have to pack and clean a set of beads to stick in the mail all in the next hour. Go Go Cassie!!!

Oct. 3: HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY MOM! Well this is a special day for my mother. The big 60. She is having a ball and has made big plans for her special day. It will involve family, lots of love and laughter. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother and I thank The Lord for her every day. I honestly don't know how I would have made it so far in life without her love and guidance. Big hugs Mom!!!!! Love ya! BTW, This is a pic of her at Disney World a few weeks ago on our trip. Yep, like the rest of us... she is into the pin trading. We call her Disney Mimi because even though they live in St. Louis, her and Dad have season passes to Disney World and go there at least 3 times a year! (I'm jealous!)

The Birthday Girl!