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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The November 06 Archive.

November 27: We have a winner on the bead contest..... The boys were already at school so I had 2 year old Caiden draw the lucky winner. Drum roll please..... Janie C. you are the winner!!!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks to all that played. The answers are #1) Cozy Cone Motel #2) Bessie -the finest road paving machine ever built! #3) Medicated Bumper Ointment

We will play again in the next few weeks. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a really nice time visiting hubby's p's in Kansas City. Of course I had to go shopping on Friday morning. But dork that I am, got up earlier that I expected. My Mom lives by us and since I'm out of town, we get the ads and figure out what we are going to buy over the phone. I didn't really need anything. The few things I thought of I had her buy for the kiddies. Almost all of my Christmas shopping is done. I couldn't not go shopping on Friday. It is a tradition. It just feels fun to get out in the freenzy. Plus, hubby watches the kiddies for me and I get to escape by myself with no kids tagging along. I can't pass that up!

Well, the clock in our bedroom hadn't had the time turned back yet. I knew that but totally forgot. I woke up at what I thought was 6 am. Got ready and was out the door 15 min later. Randy's mom was up for a second and locked the door behind me. I got in the car and started driving and the radio announced the time as 5:15 a.m. I about fell over! 5:15 A.M. What in the world am I doing up at 5:15 a.m.?!!! Good grief!

I remembered that there were stores open at 5 am. I'm thinking to myself that the front door is locked and I can't go home since everyone is back in bed so off I drive to Circuit City. That was a mistake. I'm not joking when I say that I could hardly find a parking spot!!! I had to walk a mile and while approaching the door, people were saying.... DON'T GO IN THERE! IT'S CRAZY! ALL THE CHEAP STUFF IS GONE! I was walking in with another gal that happened to be right next to me and she talked me into go ahead and going inside. We walked in the door, our mouths dropped, looked at each other and said good luck and went our own way. The lines were so long that it would take over an hour to just check out. I just kind of wandered around in a daze and finally left. There was nothing that I needed so bad to make me stand in the line that long. There is a great huge Target there that has a real grocery store inside and a StarBucks coffee. I think Starbucks had a longer line than the check out lines. I stayed the course and didn't get home until about 11:30 a.m. I ended up at the mall just shopping and browsing in all the stores. Something that I never get to do by myself for as long as I want. It was really quite enjoyable. Mom and I would talk on our cell phones and tell stories while shopping. She was totally cracking up at me for getting up earlier than I thought and thought it even more funny that I couldn't go back because the front door was locked and everyone was sleeping! About 7:30 am she is asking me when I get to go home!? It was a fun day!

November 20: Hey I forgot to mention that I also put together a pack of matching czech beads from the supply page to compliment the lampwork beads for this contest.

I feel like a real wild life rescuer! Okay not really and it was the LAST thing that I wanted but I just couldn't help myself. My Dad has made a really nice water pond this past summer. One of his goldfish was floating at the top and you could tell that he wasn't going to live long. Well, it has gotten really cold these last few weeks and my guess was that the poor guy was freezing to death. So off I go with a zip lock bag and the net to scoop out this fish and bring him home to see if I can get him to warm up and survive. I think he is going to make it. He did a lot of floating upside down and I was 90% sure he was going to die. Yesterday he started doing better and hasn't been doing any upside down floating. The boys kept trying to convince me that he just likes to sleep upside down!!! It has been 3 days and I guess it is time to go buy another fish bowl so I can have my mixing bowl back. The poor guy's fin tips had turned black. I told Dad that he had frost bite and he just started laughing!! I have no desire to have a goldfish but I guess we do now. I just gotta keep him alive until the spring when I can plop him back into the fish pond.

November 15th: Well I guess you guys figured out that hubby went to Brazil for a week. Looks like he had lots of adventures! It was a long week without him here. Especially with a bum tooth! But he is home and things are back to crazy normal. It is cold here in St. Louis and we are supposedly supposed to wake up to 2-3" of snow in the morning. We shall see.

So I think everyone enjoyed the Frosty Bead contest. I must admit it was fun to do. So.... I think I'm set up for the next contest if you are interested. I know everyone hasn't seen this movie yet but the contest is going to involve the Disney/Pixar Cars movie. It will be a great movie to rent over the Thanksgiving break if you haven't seen it yet. It is so cute and you will love it!

The prize involves all the beads in the photo below. The beads are a tad smaller in size than my normal size beads. I went for a fun funky look with them. So just e-mail me with your answers at or click the contact us button on the left side of the page.

Lets have the contest go over the Thanksgiving break and end on Sunday night November 26th. I'll have one of the boys draw the winner the following day.

Questions on the Disney/Pixar Movie Cars Free Beads Contest:

1. In Radiator Springs, What is the name of Sally's Motel?

2. In Radiator Springs, what is the name of the road paver machine that Lightning McQueen used to repave the town road?

3. What product does Lightning McQueen's Sponsor Rust-eze sell?

Remember.... the contest ends on Sunday night November 26th! Good Luck!

November 12th - Randy's Posting..... Whew! Made it home. 9 flights in 6 days. I found a great place to eat in southern-most Brazil, not too far from the Uruguay border. Honey, forget Disney World, next year I'm taking you and the kids to Rio Grande.

There is one flight a day in and out of Rio, its a small prop plane but I think all of us can fit along with our luggage. They have a nice little terminal:
November 10th-Randy
Ha, nothing like hacking my wife's site from rural Brazil. Hi babe! I'm heading home soon. We are taking a boat from Itajai (second from the left) so it may take awhile.

November 9th
Wow! What a week. I think I've watched the Cars movie about 40 times since we bought it on Tuesday. Hmmmmm beware..... I'm thinking I might use questions from this movie for the next contest. I don't know. I'll think about it. I think I like this movie just as much as the boys do. I have spent a small fortune buying all the toys. I just can't help myself!

I'm getting ready to post a necklace and pendant in the boutique. Still working on stringing the bracelet with that weird green yellow color. I call it baby poop. Isn't that terrible? But it looks just like a newborn's poop!

My tooth pain is finally starting to feel better. I still can't bite down on it but I don't have a chronic tooth ache anymore. I will never go back to this Endodontist. He is the worst. Ugh!

BTW, the bronze seed beads are posted on the rounds things page in the supply section.

November 6th: We have a winner!!!! But first of all before I make the announcement I want to give eveyone a heads up on E-mail problems. I'm not sure what is up but I'm not getting ANY e-mails today. If you don't hear back from me... I didn't get the message. I can't figure out what is going on. For orders, I see the transactions on the paypal account so those are all up to date and accounted for. I've sent e-mails to myself from another email address and that those aren't coming through either. Ugh!

So..... until I get this figured out.... if you need to get in touch with me and your emails are getting rejected..... PLEASE e-mail me I know it's a strange email addy. Back when we were still having kiddies... I wanted to have a little girl and name her Violet. So hubby set me up with that e-mail account years ago:-) BTW, after 3 boys... I don't feel the need to have a little girl anymore!! As much as I would LOVE to have one, my life is quite full and satisified with 3 boys:-)

All righty..... drum roll please........:-) The winner is Barbara Bayuk!!! Congratulations Barbara. Looks like Kristin will be making you some jewelry with your new beads? Thanks so much to everyone who played. I really appreciate it!!

Stay tuned in the next week or two for the next contest, I have the beads almost all made for it:-)

One last note.... my tooth is still sore but getting better... it was a horrible painful weekend. But after meeting with the dentist today.... I decided to wait another day before I have him take out the new root canal stuff and redo it. It seems like the antibiotics are working although now that it is night time, the pain is starting to gear up again. I think that's my book for now:-)

November 5th: The contest ends tonight and we will draw the winner tomorrow:-) Stay tuned in the next week or two for details on the next contest. I'm still thinking of ideas!

What a horrid week! I'm still dealing with this terrible tooth ache. I was so ready to strangle my dentist yesterday. The pain has gotten worse and it was to the point that I all I do is walk around holding my mouth!! The endodontist told me on the phone after it took him 1 hour and 45 min to call me back after I left a message with his answering service that he doesn't have office hours on the weekends and there is nothing he can do for me! I told him the antibiotic wasn't working and I could feel that the infection has spread. He seemed clueless but finally agreed to give me a script for a new antibiotic but even then claimed he didn't know what else to give me if the clindimycin wasn't working! Thankfully, I think the new stuff is working and the swelling is starting to go down but I'm still in a lot of pain. What a joke! Let's just say that having a chronic massive tooth ache for 5 days has not made my disposition very pleasant!

November 3: Just a reminder.... the free beads contest ends this Sunday night!!! Scroll down for details.

Ugh.... It has been a painful last few days. Dumb me decided to eat a Milk Dud last week. It pulled a cap off my tooth!!! So off to the dentist I go to have it put back on. After an x-ray he says "Your tooth looks funny and I think the nerve has died so I'm going to send you to a specialist to see if you need a root canal."
So off on Halloween afternoon I go to the specialist. He confirms that yes the nerve has died and it is also infected! It didn't hurt at all and I was thinking it was a good thing I ate that Milk Dud after all. He had numbed me up but I thought it was just to take off the temporary cap. I thought I was just there for a consult! So after about 10 min. of chatting with his assistant I asked what he was going to do today. She says..."Oh...he is going to give you a root canal." I say... me? Right now? On Halloween? Really? Are you sure? So I had a root canal which wasn't bad at all. He worked really fast and it wasn't painful. Of course my mouth is all numbed up for trick or treating but I wasn't in pain. It was just hard to raid the kids treat bags!!
But here I am almost 3 days later and in the worst pain ever. It hurts so bad!!! I couldn't even sleep last night and of course the kiddies get a cranky mother with no patience so I'm hoping it will start to get better instead of worse. They just called me in a script for Vicodin that I took about 30 min ago and still no relief! I tell ya.... what a royal pain. This wasn't in my schedule that's for sure!!!

I do have a few more beads to add to the supply page and I also am going to start selling the bronze color seed beads. I've had a lot of request for them. They are hard to find in the right bronze shade. Even batches that I order will vary in shade even though I've ordered the same beads. I'm excited to say that these bronze seed beads are a FINE color and you will love them. I have both the smaller size 11 and larger Size 8.