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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The May 06 Archive.

May 26: Wow... I've gotten some great response about the new necklace kits. Good news, I made a matching bracelet kit also. Below is a photo of it. I just love these two colors together. The other kits will be orange and fuchsia, and then the other one will be blues with some green and a hint of fuchsia. I still have to design those though. Just waiting for all the beads to be delivered. I'm guessing about 1-2 weeks before they are posted in the supply section.

I'm really popping in here quickly at 10:00 pm on a Friday night to tell everyone that lampwork orders are going to have around a 2 week turn around time. All of a sudden, I have gotten lots of bead orders. I'm very grateful but it does make me a tad nervous when I get more than 2 weeks behind. I just want to make people aware that are planning on placing orders about the time frame.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. We are staying home and just relaxing. Sounds delightful. The boys had a great first day off of school. We spent it with some friends at Six Flags. It is great because they are old enough to go on the rides by themselves. Good thing because I was in no mood to ride Thunder Mountain 3 times and getting soaking wet! Poor Connor. He is really sad that he will no longer have his kindergarten teacher. He was crying when he got off the school bus yesterday. I kept reminding him that he would still see her in the hallways at school but it's just not the same. He asked me this morning how he will still see Miss Dressel when he grows up and is in college. I told him he would have to send her letters. I don't think he will ever forget his kindergarten teacher. My favorite was my second grade teacher Mrs. Schaffer. It seems like everyone has a teacher that was their favorite with fond memories. Here they are yesterday morning.

Keegan Connor Donlen

May 24: Well, I guess this is it. Tomorrow is the last day of school. The boys are just so excited!! I think this will be the Summer of skinned knees for Caiden. He keeps falling outside on the concrete and scratches up his already skinned knees. I'm at the point where I take out a box of tissues to wipe him off!

I have spent the last 3 days designing and getting some new kits ready. I think I'm going to offer at least 2 and probably 3 new necklace kits. I haven't designed them yet but think there will also be matching bracelet kits to follow. So far I only have one all the way made up. I must admit that I'm in love with it. It has been very hard getting large quantities of all the beads I need for the kits. Very frustrating as I have to go and redesign my plans. So these will probably be limited edition kits. Here is a photo of the first necklace kit. Pinks and greens. I need to write up the directions yet and assemble the kits so it will probably be at least a week before it is posted. Just want to give you a teaser. The price will be around $85.00

May 19: Count down until I am home all day with 3 boys in the house for the Summer! 4 more school days! Agh..... how will I survive with 3 balls of energy? I've gotten so used to having the 2 big boys in school all day. If you see any new photos of me with bald spots on my head, you will know why. I'm guessing we will be spending lots of time at the pool and Six Flags. I'm sure my bead productivity will drop so I hope all will bear (yes, bear as in grrrrrrr) with me. The nice thing is that Summers are generally my slow time of year so I'm hoping it will all balance out.

Bad news for hubby though.... there are lots more beads in the ceral bowls. (I know that we don't live in a one room shack and there are other places that I can keep the beads but the kitchen cabinet is just where they end up. Don't ask. I'm just goofy sometimes!) I just couldn't help myself! I took all the money from the orphan beads auction and then some and bought more beads for the supply page. I found some really cool flowers in great colors that you are just gonna dig! I can't wait to play with them myself. I have a bracelet that I have been working on that is going to be so cute and the new pink flowers are an identical match. Now if I can only get photos taken and get them posted. Off to go work. Caiden is down for a late nap. I just spent most of the day over at my Mom's pricing stuff for a garage sale tomorrow. If I had my way.... I would sell every toy in the house. I'm so tired of looking at them all!

May 14: Happy Mother's Days! It certainly was for me. Basically it was a nice relaxing day but mainly a normal Sunday. Yes,very normal...especially if you consider the little Caiden cashew monster pictured below decided to sneak a box of Cheez-its into the dining room and proceded to dump the box out, then ever so thoroughly crushed a large quantity of the orange buggers into a fine crunchy powder. I did a little beading while Caiden took a nap, and cooked out on the grill over at my folks. My wonderful children bought me a some chocolate macadamia nut clusters and a garden hose for my presents...yes, a garden hose. Even better, I was really excited about it! Whoohoo. I had some dumb cheapo hose that was always kinking on me everytime I went to water the ferns, this hose is some special no-kink model. Oh yea, I should also mention the ton's of flowers I got. The boys and my husband spent all day planting them for me.

May 11th
Hola! Still having a great time today but will be heading back shortly. My break has been wonderful and this is one of those rare moments I hooked up to the hotel wireless to check mail and read a few mails. I'll be back up and running in another day or so and I appreciate everyone's patience. Yesterday I literally sat in a beach chair at the foot of the ocean in a complete trance from 9:30am until 5pm watching the waves. Time to head back to the beach while I still have some time to relax. Randy Donlen, Cassie Donlen

May 5, 2006
Just a reminder that the glassbeadle store is closed for one week May 5-13.

If any of you Mothers need a reminder of having a 2yr old, I thought this image would bring back memories. I just went upstairs for a second to grab Caiden some clothes, this is what I saw when I came back. I just had to laugh and thought boy was I lucky the cashews weren't all over the floor!

May 1: Great news! All of the Thai silver on the supply page is back in stock and ready for shipment. Whew! That was a long time to be out of stock. I was gone over the weekend and am trying to catch up on e-mails and fill supply orders today. If you haven't heard from me by this evening, I didn't get your email and please send me another note.
Things are busy as usual around here and I want to make sure that everyone takes note that there will be no supplies or lampwork beads shipped May 6-13. Thanks so much for your patience.
I would love to sit and talk but I need to pack and clean beads so will chat more later:-)

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