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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The March 06 Archive.

March 27, 2006
Well it was a productive day. I've been working on a new kit for the past few weeks now. I finally got it all done today! The kit is posted in the supply section under the kits link. It has a fun lampwork flower bead as a toggle. Here is a photo of it.

The kids' Spring Break is over now. I thought the week would drag by but it seems like they just got off school. I must admit it has been nice not rushing around every morning getting them ready. Summer break will be here soon!

March 26: Happy 2nd bithday Caiden! Well, my baby is growing up. Funny how time flies. We just had a small family party for him. He loves trains and cars or basically anything with wheels. He loves loves loves the train table and watching Thomas the Tank videos. My parents got him the cutest Thomas the Train ride on toy. You push buttons and it sounds the horn, plays the Thomas song, and even makes the chugga sound. Way cool! Well, he decided that he was afraid of it. Terrified of sitting on it. Randy tried picking him and putting him on it, well... you can see how that went over!

March 24: Can you believe it? It is almost time to celebrate!! If all goes well... I will finish up my larger order tonight!! YEA!! I have a few outstanding back orders to fill so give me another week and we will be back in full business. In between it all, I've been trying to fill orders for Hoypoloi. Man, I'm tired but have been having fun. I'm digging the new pendant beads I posted. I'll attach pics of what I made. Fun and funky. Great for jeans. Grab them in Orlando if you want them. That is where they are headed.

On another quick note, we went to go see the Titanic Exhibit here in St. Louis yesterday. It is a traveling exhibit. If you get a chance to see it, jump at it!! It was just incredible. We showed the boys the Titanic Movie the night before (although... half the time it was muted for language and then you have to skip past the naked portrait drawing scene!) It really hit home for the boys. They were so into the exhibit. I was quite impressed with how much they enjoyed it. The exhibit even had a mock make up of the grand staircase and a first class room and third class room. There was a small piece of the hull that you were allowed to touch. That was incredible to be able to actually touch a piece of the Titanic. The artifacts were amazing. They unveiled some new sheet music while we were there and even had champagne bottles that still had champagne inside. There was also a "piece of ice burg" that you could touch in order to get a feel for how cold the water was. It was fun becase they give you a boarding pass with a real passenger's name and background information on it. At the end, you get to check a display to see if you lived or died. My gal had quite a story. She was 2nd class and 19 years old. She was traveling with her former boss at the Candy store where she worked. Her boss was 20 years her senior and left his family for her. They were traveling to America to start a new life. Although she didn't know it at the time, she was pregnant with his baby. Which allowed me to guess correctly that she had survived. Then as an after thought, I looked up her lovers name. Sadly, he perished.

March 21: Looks like a lot of people got snow. We had enough to cover the ground and for the kids to go sledding. It felt so weird, we went to Sam's Club this morning and I bought ferns for the front porch! It was kind of embarressing with all the snow all over but if you don't buy them when you see them, they are gone. Guess we will keep them in the garage and baby them until it is warm enough. Hard to believe that Six Flags will be opening up in 12 days. We live about 10 min away and it a great way to entertain the kids.

I played and made a few pendant beads last night. They are very large. The one in the middle was made off mandrel which means there is no bead hole. I made a glass loop for the attachment. Reminds me of a sunflower. I just strung one up with seed beads and Czech accent bead. I love it. It is gonna be hard to let it go. Cute and simple. I'll share pics soon. I need to send some jewelry to Hoypoloi and am trying to come up with a few different things for them.

March 20: It is snowing! Ugh! Where in the world did this come from? So much for the term Spring Break. I can't even send the kids outside to play. Oh well.... just makes me want to sneak away to a beach somewhere. That thought sounds so refreshing.

I'm just itching to come up with some new designs and play with glass. Not sure what it would be. Don't have any great ideas brewing in my head just this overwhelming urge to create something different. I think I will order some Bullseye glass. I only use Moretti but Bullseye has some other shades of glass. I always stayed away from it because I have to set the temperature different on my kiln and it doesn't mix with Moretti glass. They have different COE's and the glass will crack. Think I will order a sample pack to see what is even available. I haven't been showing any eye candy lately. So here is a pic of a necklace I made. It is fun and fast. I just love the daggers. Especially when these particular ones are all strung together. It really shows off their colors. The thai silver circles are really cool too. I made matching earrings with the silver circles.

March 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you haven't guessed, my hubby is Irish and thus the reason we have 3 sons named Keegan, Connor, and Caiden! The boys started their Spring Break today. So I have over a week to entertain them during the day. They spent the night with my parents last night. I gave mom the job of catching a leprechaun early this morning and swirling him in their milk in order to make it green. The boys are quite intrigued by this idea and last year Keegan was very upset that I didn't get any gold from the leprechaun before I let him go! Mom was going to make them green pancakes but wasn't sure if she would be able to catch a leprechaun so asked me to find one also just in case. It is so quiet here this morning. Just Caiden and me and he will be 2 years old in 9 days!! Wow! Time is going by so fast. I wonder how it happens.

I know you will be surprised to hear that I'm still working on this order. BUT..... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whew!!! It won't be long now. It just seems like time has not been on my side these past few weeks and I haven't been as productive as I really wanted to be. I'll keep you updated. I just want Spring to come and stay but no such luck. It is supposed to be cold and in the low 40's for the next week. Ugh!

March 10: Yea! I'm back and feel normal again. The sun is shining, it is warm and in the mid 60's, spring bulbs are starting to bloom, life is good! Nothing exciting to report. Big birthday party at Chucke Cheese's tonight for a friend of Keegan's. I think we are all going to go and just make a fun night out of it. They recently remodeled the one by our house. It is nice and clean with new games and a great kiddie area for Caiden. Good grief, I can hardly believe it. Caiden will be 2 yrs old in a few weeks. My baby is no longer a baby!! It is fun having him grow up though. He is getting quite a personality and is taking full advantage of the terrible 2's stage already. Off to the grocery store!

March 7: Well, sure enough... I ended up getting sick over the weekend and I'm still battling it. Feel a tad better today but it is still there and now both Caiden and I have developed a nasty cough. Caiden is coming up on being sick 2 weeks straight. Needless to say, I'm pulling my hair out with him. First it was the croup and then the doctor said he must have gotten another virus because now he has had the fever and chills and cough and so on and so on and so on....well, you get the picture. I haven't been able to make near the amount of beads that I normally do so that is throwing the schedule off. I still have lots of emails to answer and I will try to get to those done over the next few days. I have zero fun things to talk about so check back later:-)

March 3: Wish I had some fun and wonderful things to talk about. I'm just living in a germy home with sick people! Caiden has been sick all week and after another trip to the doctor's office, still the report that it is just a virus. I know it is wise to not just give out antibiotics but somehow you feel like you came out empty handed without something! My Mom pointed out that Caiden probably got a sucker. Yep, sure did. But what did I get? Probably a flu virus from all the other germy kids that were in the same office!

I'm still working on this bead order. Getting closer but not ready to open up the order line yet. Probably a few more weeks. I'll keep you updated to let you know for sure.

I still have more beads to add to the supply page but haven't had a chance to do it yet. I guess it all gets done in due time. The clothes folding putter awayer laundry fairy has never shown up so I think I folded about 5 baskets that I had been ignoring!