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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The June 06 Archive.

June 26: The kids flag football season was over a couple of weeks ago but one of the parents just sent me a picture this evening they had snapped of Keegan while he was making a dash down the field. Its so cute to see the big grin on his face as he was running. The boys really had a great time, and their Dad helped coach the team so they all got to play together. Keegan Donlen football run

June 24th
I think I'm getting into a pattern here. I just realized that the last 3 postings I have done have been started almost exactly at 11:35 pm give or take 1 minute. How strange is that? I usually try to shut down for the night at 10:30 but now that I don't have as much bead time as I do when the kids are in school, the night hours are getting later. That's all good and fine at night but then you wake up and I wonder why I didn't go to bed earlier. I'm sure we have all been there on that thought. Beads are just way too much fun and I gotta have some way to get it all in. As I sit here on the couch with hubby at the other computer trying to earn $ for the kids webkinz pets. Now there is an addiction. Anyone familiar with them? I had never heard of them until last weekend when I was with Joan. Her girls have the pets. It is basically this virtual on-line world for a virtual pet that you take care of and can do all kinds of educational activities to earn virtual $ to buy things for your pets. Joan bought the boys each a pet and we are all hooked! Hubby has been playing tricks on Keegan tonight while he is in bed and has been buying princess girl things to stick in his boy bedroom tonight. We were laughing so hard I was crying imagining how upset Keegan is going to be when he sees this pink princess toilet sitting in his room. It was the cheapest thing we could buy at $375. He only has $1,000 and Randy spent a 1/3 of it on a pink toilet so now he is sitting here playing games trying to earn Keegan's money back. It will be bad enough for him to discover this princess throne in his boy dog's bedroom let alone realizing his money is gone too! What a crack up! Very entertaining and pretty educational at the same time.

I made a few necklaces to match the confetti bracelet that I made below. I love this necklace. It is so bright and fun. It will probably be heading over to the boutique in a few days. I am totally hooked on these big hole flower pendant beads. They take a long time to make but they are so dog gone big and cool!

June 22: Well between a speech appointment and occupational therapy appointment today for Caiden (and a trip to Chucke Cheeses to keep the big boys happy) I managed to get some things updated on the supply page. So many more to add. Anyway.... in the silver link, there are 2 new silver toggles that I'm pretty excited about. They are very nice high quality. I used one of them in the bracelet below. I also managed to get the new orange and fuchsia kit (called tangerines with pink seeds) necklace kit all ready to go and posted on the kit page. I hope to start on the matching bracelet kit tomorrow and have it added to the page in the next day or two. That's all for now:-)

June 19: I couldn't help myself with this bracelet. These pearlized shell beads (I'm not even quite sure what you would call them) are so intriguing to me. I'm sure there are lots of things to do with them. When I find the time, I was thinking they would look cute in a necklace also. Anyway... I had to play with my new beads. We bought these great green turquoise drops and the most beautiful drop dead rose color chalcedony. It is hard to really see them in the photo but they are sweet! The bracelet just got posted for sale in the boutique section.

June 18: 36 more minutes until Father's Day is over. Poor hubby. For his Father's Day weekend he got to stay home and watch the boys while I played! Sounds like they had a fun time though. Went to Six Flags twice in one day!

And what a fun weekend it was. I feel like I was only gone 5 minutes before I returned home. What a whirlwind. Joan and I got up early Sat. and headed for Milwaukee for the Bead Show. It was just as good as I remembered. 360 vendors. I came home with a small bowl of beads and spent a lot of $ in the process. It never ceases to amaze me how little things like beads add up so fast. This year I didn't buy as many Czech beads. I have so many already and my supply page is stocked with all of my favorites. We spent more time and had more interest this year in the semi precious beads. There were so many great beads and it is so overwhelming. You want everything but it just can't be. I came home wishing I would have bought twice as much as I did but I took cash and once it was gone, I knew I needed to stop. The one silver booth from last year had maybe about 1/4 the silver from last year. So nothing good there but I did buy some cool silver toggles to add to the supply page. There isn't tons of silver there. Kind of a bummer. But there were a few booths that had some great artistic silver charms. Not sure what I will do with them yet. I was thinking they would look cute hanging as a dangle off of earrings. There was a lot of cool pearl shell beads in the booths. Must be one of the next new things. I couldn't resist and bought these cool fuchsia pearlized shell beads that has a hole with a round white bead in the middle. They are in the pic below. I'm so drawn to them. They are kind of large. Around 1 1/2" tall. I was thinking they would make a really cool belt but then couldn't resist and started to use a few of them in a bracelet tonight. I'll finish it up tomorrow and put it in the boutique. Anyway.... thought you might enjoy a few pics of beads that I bought. The one thing with the alien is a mouse pad. I needed a new one and this one was so cute. A lot of the stuff I bought was just supplies that needed to be replenished like glass and bead mandrels and Soft flex. Off to bed. I'm tired!:-)

June 16: Since I will be gone over the weekend, all orders placed this afternoon and over the weekend will ship out on Monday. Thanks!

Well.... 2 hours and 10 minutes count down before I leave for the airport for the Bead and Button Show. Yippee!!! I'm getting very excited!!! Have lots to do before I can leave. Like shipping boxes and packing my suitcase. Just got Caiden down for a nap so I can work in full pace now. I hope I don't come back too poor. I don't really need lots of things in particular. I still have a lot of beads that I've bought for the supply page that I haven't even had a chance to list yet. If I find some really cool finds, I will buy them and add them to the supply page for everyone to take a peek. I do remember one silver place that seemed to have some cute toggles from last year, might try to see if they are still there. Anyway..... wish me luck. My good friend Joan is picking me up at the airport and I get to spend the weekend with her. Haven't seen her since last summer so this is a big treat. Our feet were so tired by the end of the day last year. Talk about sensory overload. We were just numb.

June 13: Well if anyone is wondering what 6 and 7 yr olds do when out of school, here is a sample. Mr. Incredible takes on 1/2 Power Ranger guy!

I have some new jewelry that I just added to the boutique. I have a few more bracelets to add. Just need to get the photos ready. I think the earring kits are just about ready to go and I will add those up on the web site shortly. Then comes the tangerine and fuchsia jewelry kits. They are all packaged and ready to go. Thanks Mom! (she is the one that assembled them:-) She is going out of town for 2 weeks so not sure when the matching bracelet/earring kits will be ready. The nerve leaving with unfinished work! :-)

Hubby is having fun with his forum. I'm thinking that he is going to have to add more jewelry/bead topics to get everyone more involved.

Count down until I get to go shopping at Bead and Button is 4 days! Yippee! I can't wait to spend some girlfriend time with my friend Joan.

June 8: Thank you to everyone that has sent encouraging words about Caiden. I really appreciate it. He actually said 2 new words today. I was pretty excited considering he only had a 3 word vocabulary. I think over the past week since we have realized he really does have a problem that we have been more in tune with him. The words weren't super duper clear but it was obvious what he was saying. Sounds like a great step to me!

Here is a pic of the next new necklace kit. I love the design so much that I used the same style as the green with pink envy kits and just swapped out the bead colors. Orange and pink are so popular right now. I'm still working on the earring kits. I have about 1/2 of the directions left to write. All is due time:-)

I made the mistake of casually mentioning to my husband that I wish I had a comments section for customers and visiters about a month ago. So husband the computer geek decided to set up a forum to test and play with. He was going to make me a bead, lampwork, and jewelry forum but I told him there are already plenty of these out there...the last thing the web, and our little beading community needs is another forum about beads... Fine he says, then I'll make a forum about everything else. Next thing I know he has one created and on the net. Don't know how well it will work, don't know how fast it will load for visitors, don't even know if or how long he will keep it going...but its there. Looks like he threw in a small bead section just to make it relevant to my business site, but it looks like he set up the discussions for...well...a bunch of Everything Else. I think he is still working on the user guides but feel free to chat away.
Never mind, he shut it down for now.

June 6th afterthought.... ha... how is that for getting distracted? I came in here to post a pic of the Green With Pink Envy Earring kit and went off in another direction! Anyway... all I have to do is write up the directions and the earring kits will be good to go. I'll post a photo of the new fuchsia and tangerine necklace kit tomorrow. Don't want you to have to read a book today!!

Good grief... could things get any more busy? There are so many things on my plate and I'm trying really hard to balance it all. I always get it all done but some times are more stressful than others. If I only had more time in the day. I know we all say that but it would really help!

Heads up on the extra shiny head pins in the supply page. I have them but right now... I had to bump up to the 2 1/2" length. My supplier is out of stock on the 2" ones and not sure when they will get more in:-( Since these cost more for me, the price will be the same on my web site but the count will go down to 150 per bag. I've only had the chance to try the 2 1/2" on a few beads but they seem a bit more stiff. To balance it out, since they are longer... it does make it easier to grip the wire when wrapping the coil. So if you don't like stiff head pins, I suggest going for the original ones until I can get the other ones back in stock. I can order the 1 1/2" extra shiny ones. Anyone interested in those in the mean time? They would work fine for smaller beads and I'm sure they wouldn't be as stiff.

We are discovering some speech problems with our 2 year old and have been told that he most likely has Apraxia. Which is a neurological disorder that keeps him from speaking. He is very intelligent and understands everything, he just can't say the words. I guess the brain has problems firing the neurons and even though they want to talk and know what they want to say, the words won't come out. I know there are worse things he could have but it is still really sad and I'm trying to cope with the realization. I'm just now coming to terms with the problems he will have in the future because the speech impairment apparently leads to reading/learning problems. With aggressive speech therapy, he will be able to talk but it will be hard for people to understand everything he says. We are still in the discovery process and not sure how severe it will be for him. I'm now in the process trying to get him in speech therapy four days a week and it sounds like this will be a fight. So keep your fingers crossed for us that we can overcome this challenge. The bad part is that I'm so busy now and adding speech therapy 4 days a week is going to put me even further behind. Lampwork orders are probably going to have to take a back seat. I still will be beading of course. I love it too much not to. It is very relaxing and my alone time. I'm just thinking that the turn around time for orders might take longer. Just not sure how my schedule will all pan out. That is why I want more time in the day:-) I know everything will work out. It always does. We are a strong family and have overcome stronger challenges than this. I'm just in the acceptance phase and gearing up for the we will work it all out phase!

June 4: Man, what a weekend. We drove to Kansas City this weekend for my brother-in-law's wedding reception. It was a great weekend and the boys always have a ball staying with their grandparents. Since I was away from the torch, I spent all my spare time getting the new kits ready. Whew! Let me tell ya, it is a lot of working getting them all assembled. But the pink and green necklace and matching bracelet kits are up and available in the supply section under the kits link. (Scroll down the page to see photos of them) I have also designed matching earring kits but ran out of time tonight to get the instructions written. Those will be ready in a few days and then next week the tangerine and fuchsia color necklace and matching bracelet will be ready. Following that week, the blues and green kits will be available. Too much work to get them all ready at one time. I'll post more pics of the new kits soon. BTW... thanks for a great weekend Edna and Ed (yep! that's my parent in law names. Isn't that great?!).

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