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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The June 06 Archive.

Keegan's 8th Birthday

July 28th: Quick update. Silver lentils are back in stock:-)

July 27: p.m. Update, okay turn around times have changed again. It probably won't be the 3 -3 1/2 weeks but I did get an order that is going to take some time to make so it will at least be 2 1/2 weeks. Sorry about that:-)

Well the party was a big success. Keegan had a ball and now they are busy playing with all the new toys. His actual birthday is this Saturday so there will still be more celebrating. They are so cute at this age.
I think I'm finally starting to make ground with orders and turn around time can be dropped down to 2 - 2 1/2 weeks. Maybe shorter but I still need a cushion to work with. Here is a pic of the bracelet kit I was talking about yesterday. It is so pretty in person.
Chocolate Bracelet Kit

July 26: Can I just tell you how excited I am? I found the most incredible chocolate leaf beads!!! They are totally to die for. I'm not a brown person but I have been warming up to the color and these just sent me over the edge. I have 2 styles, one is all milk chocolate and the other one is milk chocolate on one side and then the other side has the green and pink ,iridescent shine on top of the chocolate. It makes you want to drool. So much that I even designed a new bracelet kit to go with the leaves and includes brown base lampwork beads. But I'm still into bright colors so the bracelet also has, greens, blues, and purples and IT IS TO DIE FOR! As usual, I had to order more supplies to make up the kits so just keeping my fingers crossed that everything is in stock. We are getting ready to head out the door in a few minutes for Keegan's birthday party so I will post pics tomorrow. Just wanna give ya a teaser. The leaf beads will be available as soon as I add them to the supply page in a few days.

This is my kind of birthday party. We just show up and I do nothing! It's gonna cost me but life is so busy right now that it is worth the extra change. Instead of running around picking up party supplies, I took the kiddies to the zoo. We had a great time. Caiden loved the train and we had to ride it two times. He can say train now (comes out rain:-) and that is all he said just about the entire time!

July 25th: Can you believe that there are still a few 100,000 homes without power today here in St. Louis? It has been 6 days since the storm came through last week? Crazy! Thankfully we were one of the lucky homes that never lost power. My baby Keegan is turning 8 years old in a few days. His birthday party is tomorrow so there is an wave of excitement starting to build up in the house.

I just put some new jewelry in the boutique (gotta try to raise $ to pay for a birthday party at Chucke Cheese for 17 kids! ha!). Fun darker colors for the Fall although it is whimsical enough to wear all Summer too. I love the color combos and this is one of my favorite sets. Here is a pic of the bracelet.
Two Hearts Bracelet

July 23: We put up Caiden's toddler bed today. It's one we saved from when Keegan and Connor were little and it is the cutest Fire Engine bed. Time flies way too fast! He was quite excited about it. I didn't plan to have him nap in it today but he crawled in and so I said what the heck. He fell asleep in it perfectly but woke up from his nap almost 2 hours early! So instead of being able to make beads all afternoon, I updated the web site. I finally got some of the new flowers added to the supply page. I love these flowers and then I also added a few new lampwork beads to the gallery for ordering. They are on page 7 of the lampwork gallery. Here is a pic of one of them.

Lavender Sage

July 19th: Just popping in for a quick second as we have to leave for Caiden's speech class but wanted to let everyone know that I have all the out of stock spines in the boutique page available again and the pink pearls are back in stock too:-) I keep saying this but I have lots of other fun goodies to add to the supplies. Just gotta find the time to take photos and add them:-) Be back later....

July 16: Wow! Is it hot in St. Louis this week. In the high 90's and it's supposed to be like this all week! I just got done posting a few new jewelry goodies in the boutique. I still have another matching set to post but I need to design the necklace so it will be a few days behind these. Here is a pic of the bracelet. I love the focal bead.

My Secret Garden

July 14: Time is flying by and I can't keep up. Sure wish I didn't need sleep! I think bedtime is my favorite time of the day. Isn't that terrible? The 2" long extra shiny head pins are back in stock. Yea! I updated the supply page so you can now get those instead of the 2 1/2" long ones which were a bit on the stiff side for me. Orders are coming in faster than I can make everything so I wanted to let anyone know that is planning on placing an order that there will be at least a 3 week turn around time. I don't think much longer than that but wanted to be up front with everyone. I'm getting close to the point of trying to hold off on accepting new orders until I can catch up but I think if I just stay on track I will be okay. Once school starts back, I think it will be easier to hold a more steady schedule. At least I'm hoping so. I have Caiden in about 5 appts a week for his speech and then OT and DT. I'm just getting it all scheduled. If thought life was busy before, I think I will really be saying that now! Much better than staying home and being bored. Now that is no fun!

July 11: Hola! Just checking in to let everyone know I'm working diligently on their orders. We are really excited that Caiden is actually beginning to learn some words. He still doesn't really use them much in context of a situation but he is repeating them back to us when we challenge him. That's a big step. He is saying truck, down, wa-wa (water), boat, down, and a some other words now. He's starting to settle in and respond to the speech, motor, and sensory therapy sessions we've pursued. I can't imagine how he would ever learn to talk without the extra work.

I've also been giving him Omega 3 and 6 oil which many parents have reported as giving positive speech results. I think we might be seeing some as well as he went from zero words to half a dozen within a couple of weeks of starting the supplements. This is in line with what other parents have seen as well. My husband and I joked about it a bit before starting him on it as these purported miracle supplements are always advertised on info-radiomercials. We compared it to the Oregano one that cracks us up.

Traveling from KC one Sunday we listened to about 15 minutes of one of these programs where a "Doctor" hosted calls from"listeners" (though never giving an 800 number to call in on). No matter what the listener called in with, stuffy nose, arthritis, flu, gout, liver disease, warts, sprained muscle, poor digestion, acne, one and one...the "doctor" would listen, give his careful and detailed analysis,, then recommended oregano supplements. BUT only his supplements which are tested superior and attributes that you can't get in oregano pills from health stores. He would give an 800 number to order them though. About half the calls were "call-backs" from people offering their testimony on how wonderful the doctor's advise was and the miracle healing they experienced..... so, my husband yells downstairs, "when you order the special Omega 3s, don't forget the oregano!"

July 7th
Happy Friday! Don't ya just love short work weeks? Not a lot of new things going on here. Just wanted to pop in and say that I finally got the tangerine with pink seeds bracelet kit added to the supply page. A step in the right direction! Now that I popped in I suddenly feel really boring! I have been busy busy busy making beads and jewelry. I don't think my Summer orders have slowed down this year. I'm trying hard to keep on top of things. I did make the cutest beads for a bracelet and matching big hole pendant necklace. I'm really wanting to get my hands on them and design them. Hopefully next week. When I do, I'll get them posted in the boutique. I also have a really cute black, greens, and pinks, bracelet and necklace to post. It is more on the whimsical side.

I'm taking some time out to play today. We are meeting friends for a day at the swimming pool. My mom is going to watch Caiden so it really will be a relaxing day not chasing a toddler around!

July 4: Its quite cloudy today so its tough to capture the garden colors, but the flowers are looking great. 4th of July

July 3rd
Happy 4th of July... Looks like it is going to be a hot one here in St. Louis! No big 4th plans. We always go over to my parents house for dinner and to watch the city fireworks from their yard. The city park is very close and it is nice to not have to drive somewhere to see the display. Hubby took the big boys on a canoe trip today. Keegan is so my son! Hubby told me last night that when they were at the store buying supplies, Connor (6yr old) figured out what a canoe was when he saw a photo of one. Keegan (7 yr old) saw the pic of the canoe and got all bummed out. "Ah man.... that is what we are going on tomorrow? I thought we were going to go on one of those fast boats where you can do fun stuff off the back of it and go fast!" Wonder if he will still have fun today. It's pretty hot outside.

I spent some time updating some photos on the gallery pages. In both the bead gallery and the jewelry gallery. There are a few new bead sets that can be ordered. The one on page 1 called craisens is beautiful. Love it! The other ones are pinks and browns on page 6 and another on page 5. Lastly, there are some more flowers and an island hopping set now called sand bucket on page 2of the bead galleries.

I'm still working on the tangerine with pink seeds bracelet earring kits. There just isn't enough time to get it all done. All I need to do is package up the beads for the bracelet kit and it is set to go. Very soon!! I still need to design the blue and green one. The blue that I want to use is a beautiful sapphire blue lentil bead. So pretty and it is a color that I never use. I tried to step outside my comfort zone on this one so hopefully it will turn out the way I want it too:-)